Monday, June 30, 2014

Deeper Illumination of Desire

So many desires ..
all .. extending from one root!

I logged in to Earth Changes to say that I can see "dark matter" .. but that has to wait for the next post .. because for many days an awareness of the nature of desire has been teaching me a lot of new stuff.

I REALLY want to write about DARK MATTER and that is why I am here right now .. [desire !! ] and as I type .. I would rather tell / share my story and recent experiences seeing Dark Matter. In reality it is Dark Waves! You see desire at work .. because I am having trouble moving away from this to look into the nature and illumination of desire.

On a historical level the first distortion that actually led the mind away from moving beyond desire .. [sorry] .. moving THROUGH desire to have the inner energy of a higher resonance is / was the programming of the church that sex is desire [=bad]. In one easy cut you are making sex to be part of a lower aberration within the psyche of man.

Desire to be a political leader or desire to be religious leader is good to go! Desire to design new technology or build the longest bridge in the world is good to go! Desire to fly into space is good to go.

Earth humans no longer understand the ART of DESIRE !! Energy frequencies !!

I just read that NASA claim to have picked up a mysterious X-ray signal that they believe could signature the presence of dark matter millions of light years away from Earth! On a fundamental level it is all "desire".

Desire [when balanced] is an essential part of the normal functioning of all physical life forms. Bees and butterflies desire to find pollen. Predatory birds desire to swoop down and make a catch. Octopus have developed various defense mechanisms reflecting a desire to protect themselves from being a tasty meal for other discerning ocean predators.

Those are just a few examples of the natural symbiotic energy of desire.

Where does the distortion come from in human beings? Well .. you can use gasoline in a vehicle used to transport essential supplies to people in a disaster area and help them survive. You can also use gasoline in vehicles that kill people in times of war and regional conflicts. Are you still with me?

The last part I wrote is essentially the whole essence of this insight into desire...

Deeper Illumination of Desire
There are a number of people on this Planet [men and women] who are mindlessly swimming in dangerous waters .. because they are totally disconnected from their own deeper inner awareness and understanding of the nature of desire. I would rather talk about Dark Matter and Dark Waves ~?~

The danger of desire comes from the associated reactions in humans that are similar to mind altering energies or energy levels. It is ENERGY that affects the receptors in the human mind-body [alchemy] .. out of which arise various levels of experiences and reactions.

Desire may be the natural force [fuel] that lifts the booster into space .. but it is the nature of the vehicle that determines if the function and movements are peaceful and enlightened or destructive !! Anyone can take that last sentence and figure out the dynamics of their own incarnation and where do they really want to PUT THEIR ENERGIES !! In this life !!

What is the nature of the DEEPER ILLUMINATION of DESIRE?

Desire is not sex! If one does not understand this basic fact then stick with what you have and enjoy the view from the booster rocket going into orbit = the orbit of your own life = lifetime after lifetime. Desire is energy of transformation and energy of INITIATION. Read Doris Lessing's: Shikasta Series .. Canopus In Argos .. there is a LOT of information in there.

Human beings live their whole lives at the passage entrance .. playing with themselves.

Sexual life-force is not desire! The key sexual creative life-force is BEYOND DESIRE. Sexual life force is beyond the speed of light. It is beyond the physical sciences. You can say: Prana .. Chi .. Qi .. Jing .. Orgone .. Orgon Energy .. it is all the same. The only question is in-balance or out-of-balance?

To have the inner energy field and focus of Initiation .. to move through or go beyond the lower level of desire .. the material world .. desire for power .. ego self .. desire for success! Very few people are aware there is the pleasure and the pain as one educating force. Both are there to educate and enlighten! The problem is that people with strong desire get stuck at the lower most basic levels.

You can have INCARNATION into physical world life and you can have INCARNATION into lower or higher energy fields within that physical life that you live .. lifetime after lifetime. Our spirits are born into the physical 3D world and at some early stage we get lazy and decide: Let's put this situation onto AUTO-PILOT and enjoy the ride whatever it may be...

What if you woke up one day out of a dream where you experienced the deeper illumination of desire? The foundation for chaos in the world today is not MONEY or RESOURCES .. that can be shared and worked out in mutually beneficial ways. Co-operation is the key to success. The problem facing humans is desire.

In this respect I mean to say that MONEY and RESOURCES are the physical metallic booster rockets carrying the trade and the loads for exchange. The energy boosting the rockets is energy of desire. It is the same with money and exchange of resources and wealth. I am now going to redefine WEALTH !!

What is true wealth? Love .. happiness .. sharing .. peace .. harmony.

Is powerful creative sexual life-force the dark matter behind our existence?

In that respect DESIRE is the visible light spectrum / waves revealing an invisible signature of a deeper underlying force within the human form and at the core of the human psyche. In a sense fundamental sexual life-force is a bridge between incarnate spirit and physical material existence. One's own relationship with DESIRE reveals the nature of the INCARNATE SPIRIT PSYCHE RELATIONSHIP.


I may be wrong ?? But .. I am trying to say that all the energy going into distortion of politics and the banking systems .. struggles in society with the associated suffering and loss .. these are all symptoms of the unseen and unrecognised desire to complete the essential INITIATION of SPIRIT incarnate within physical 3D material existence.

I would expect that within the next 100 to 300 years this small seed of a tiny insight into the true nature of desire will grow and expand the sharing of a greater understanding of the hidden nature of mankind. What I just wrote is a continuation of the work of Wilhelm Reich and the unknown Masters of Energy. What do I known? I just listen and write it down...