Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Masters of Gravity

Gravity as a force on its own does not exist! The influence we humans describe as GRAVITY is an event shadow cast by the ONE unified electromagnetic field .. of which water in all its infinite forms is the conductor of quantum field transmissions. There is no such THING as GRAVITY and ANTI-GRAVITY.

These measurements of force are the shadows [effect] of another unseen unified field so powerful and so gentle that it is completely invisible to present day humans. Modern day religions call this unnamed force "God" .. because it effects everything and yet the force eternally maintains BALANCE .. no matter what takes place in the physical environment .. including energy distortions!
- ZenSu

I do not want to address Tesla's mysterious: Dynamic Theory of Gravity in this post .. you can research this for yourselves if you are interested in the hidden dynamics of "gravity" .. Nikola Tesla: Secrets of Electromagnetic Force

I want to go a step beyond the physical concept of GRAVITY to touch on a deeper psychic mind connection to gravity .. being aware that the phenomenon we describe as GRAVITY is a secondary vibration [shadow] sent out as "waves" from an original force that we humans cannot currently see.

Okay! So .. take an earth tremor or an earthquake...

This might not be so easy to understand .. but physical humans feel the secondary force of the tremor or earthquake .. and we do not detect the origin force that sets off the earthquake .. or that sets off the volcanic eruption .. or that is behind the comet .. the meteor .. movement of the asteroids.

Science today tries to measure or detect the comet .. the meteor .. the asteroid .. earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. In the future humans on Earth have the ability to detect the energy wave transition behind the comets .. behind meteors .. behind asteroid impacts .. behind earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

On my way home walking back from town I was searching for this post .. because it comes to me in pictures and images .. and I had a sudden and powerful sense of Déjà Vu. I had seen the current world events and this concept in my mind before. A form of psychic gravity!

My concept of gravity is different than the current scientific paradigm. For example .. we have evidence of giant trees .. giant ferns .. giant dinosaurs .. giant birds .. giant fish and giant humans on Earth at an earlier time. Then there are the theories about what killed the dinosaurs and the giant trees !!

As I see it Earth inhabitants [size] changed due to alterations in the Planet's GRAVITY FIELD(s). You have to understand that we do not yet understand the mechanism [force] we call gravity! Once there was a change in the Earth's gravity field .. as a result .. giant trees and giant everything could not exist within that physical field [dimension].

I am saying it was not an asteroid hitting the Earth or comet impact or meteors that killed the dinosaurs .. as this would also have caused extinction of all species and life on Earth. Just think about that !! But events led to a dramatic change of the internal magnetic field of the Earth .. altering the GRAVITY FIELD.

In other words .. giant birds .. giant dinosaurs .. giant trees .. giant humans and fish could not maintain their physical structures in an environment that altered the quantum magnetic life support fields on this Planet.

Essentially .. changes in gravity killed dinosaurs and giant humans on Earth.

It was a very interesting move in terms of creation! Dinosaurs became lizards and birds. Smaller humans were able to develop further and dominate the surface of the Earth in this environment. If you are scientists ?? Be aware that soil .. microbes and oceans maintain their fertility regardless of giant life forms of smaller life forms.

The Masters of Gravity
What interests me most of all is that none of these changes happened by ACCIDENT. Nothing in this Universe happens by accident. You plant seeds .. grow a garden .. plant flowers and vegetables and the organisation of plant life related to you is your creation / adaptation.

I do not know who the Masters of Gravity are .. but I see their signatures across the whole spectrum of life on Earth. There is compassion .. there is love .. there is also = does this work .. does that work? Like taking care of their living garden(s).

We humans take care of the garden over our lifetime and we share our knowledge with each generation. What if the Masters of Gravity have extended lifetimes beyond our imagination? Even more than the lifespan between humans and ants!

It's like human beings or human consciousness are plants that grows in the Universe. Either the human plant fails and is destroyed or humanity transforms and adapts to the next change in gravity. Changes in gravity can be both physical and spiritual [psyche / mind/ consciousness]. For example .. unseen spirit inhabits physical reality where mind and consciousness manifest like a compass.

Then come Earth Changes = nothing to do with climate change. That is connected to volcanoes and the next 100 years of eruptions altering life on this Planet. For those of you who know what I am talking about .. there is an intelligence involved. Either we work with that intelligence or we work against it.

There are levels of existence where some things cannot be avoided. Humans can search all they want for asteroids in space .. but some events simply cannot be deflected .. and the ancients called this FATE or DESTINY. I feel we are probably headed for a long series of fate changing destiny events. Maybe I am wrong ??

It is possible that civilizations in the future are more closely aligned with the mysterious force behind FATE. Not an impossible computation to achieve! What is the mysterious force behind fate? Just as there is a direct relationship between humans and plants .. there has to be a direct relationship between humans and FATE or DESTINY or the FORCES of DESTINY !!

The answer to this may lie within and not without. I do not think that the answer to this puzzle lies outside ourselves. I think the answer to this puzzle lies within .. that the secret lies within us. Ancient Egypt .. the temple of man .. the inner sanctuary .. inner transformation.

When you meditate and become aware: What holds spirit within the physical body? I do not totally understand this .. but it can be a sort of uncomfortable feeling when you become aware that something holds spirit / consciousness within the physical material body. For example .. try to consciously float out of the physical body .. it is not easy to do!

This phenomenon is also what I mean by GRAVITY .. what holds spirit and consciousness within the physical material form? Also .. what is the relationship between the Earth's gravity field and the development of consciousness? It has to be related to attraction!

I forgot to add .. that I am not so mathematical! But .. all scientists need to do is calculate the physical size of dinosaurs relative to the mass of gravitational field that allows giant trees and giant dinosaurs to exist on Earth. If I was a scientists I would look at bone mass = size / structure and work out fields of gravity from there.