Sunday, June 22, 2014

Planet Earth's Deep Space Mantle

Mantle - something that covers envelops or conceals. Part of Earth between the crust and the core. Protective layer .. mantle .. cloak.

The upper mantle is source of magma / lava. Earth's mantle is said to consist of more than three-quarters of the volume of the Earth.

Related to .. The Masters of Gravity .. I want to go deeper into a totally new perception of the Earth's mantle and inner crust. I see the Planet's inner crust as a mysterious hostile place that supports life on the surface .. but that remains in its own [almost supernatural] dangerous almost primordial deep-space state of being.

To clarify this I have to add that in my view deep space is filled with "water" in forms we currently do not understand .. and that there is water within Plants .. just as there is water within the human body. I also sense that dark matter is related to water in ways we do not yet understand.

As a result of the loss of yin yang balance within the human mind / psyche .. we currently view the processes deep within the Earth as a solid physical material process. From years of personal research and study of the environment [non scientific] I have come to understand that the mantle and deeper mantle of Earth is more closely connected to and associated with its original deep space origins.

Planet Earth's Deep Space Mantle
The Earth's surface supports physical material life in all its forms as we know it today. The way I see it is that deep space primordial forces formed the Suns .. the Planets and the Galaxies. Suns extend primordial chi to the orbiting Planets .. and Planets extend life out to all life forms living and existing on each Planet.

If you are intelligent species .. then you have to expand your intelligence to comprehend and understand the deeper processes within the mantle that allow you to exist and that supports [or destroys] your existence.

Destroys your existence is an interesting concept...

In my own understanding the inner mantle of Earth is a totally untamed hostile environment that is more in balance with its deep space origins than with the apparently more stable surface of the Planet. By this I mean that the inner mantle remains in its deep space primordial state.

In deep space water-gas-clouds that create Planets also form minerals .. diamonds .. DNA .. gold .. silver .. radioactive metals .. bacteria(s) .. fungi .. earth materials .. matter .. all existing of mostly water .. there is energy .. primordial cells .. everything that allows super combinations of different forms of life. All this originates from deep space.

The issue for humans are the volatile process of magma .. water / gas .. lava flow and mixtures of all these elements. What I am trying to convey is that the inner mantle of Planet Earth is more closely aligned with the deep space origins / creation of Earth than anything to do with life on the surface.

Visually .. as an artist .. I can see this process !!

The eruption of Santorini completely destroyed early civilisations before the expansion of Rome. The Roman Empire grew out of the destruction of these early civilisations. In my theory .. areas on Earth that experience less volcanic upheaval have better long-term survival rates as the surrounding landmasses.

In Europe there are active volcanic Calderas similar to Yellowstone !!

Most important of all is that current male [yang] science does not want to be aware of or admit that the Planets deep mantle is more related to its deep space origins than it is to stable continental crust life as we know it! Obviously we live and prosper on the surface of continental crust of Planet Earth. At the same time we are not aware of the hostile volatility of our INNER EARTH.

Volcanic forces that destroyed Pre-Roman civilisations .. could potentially also destroy Western Empires. I do not want to dwell on surface events .. I am more interested in the less understood inner Earth and inner mantle of the Earth.

We live on the surface of the Planet .. but the processes within the Planet are more closely aligned with their deep space origins .. than with the apparent stability we associate today as physical surface existence.

I am trying to say that the forces observed outside the Earth in DEEP SPACE are the same yin yang forces taking place inside the Earth and literally FORMING the physical PLANET we live on !! The hot red blood flowing through the veins of humans is similar to the hot lava flowing though the veins of the Planet.

Inside humans we have water [cool & hot] in combination with the blood .. red [heat] and cool [water]. The physical body absorbs the heat and the cool from the blood in the same way the Earth absorbs the heat and the cool from the "blood of the Planet".

These are dual processes all related to deep space creation of life .. Suns and Planets. Essentially .. you have this untamed primordial deep space dynamic force within Planets and within the Earth that both creates and supports surface life and that also periodically destroys life on the surface of a Planet.

I can see this process .. but i find this very difficult to put into words !!

All the elements and materials deep within the interior of Planets came from and exist in deep space. By this I mean WATER .. MINERALS .. DNA .. ELEMENTS .. BACTERIA .. GOLD .. URANIUM .. SILVER .. DIAMONDS .. FUNGI .. CELLS .. GAS .. ENERGY .. MATTER .. POLARITY FIELDS .. LIFE! The inner outer are ONE .. I don't know how else to explain this !!