Sunday, June 15, 2014

Alchemy of Human Instestines

Working Alchemy: The Miracle of Miso
Our life blood begins in our small intestine (called the cauldron by the Chinese), where we cook/transmute food into blood. The intestines are, in fact, our ancient brain; they actually make neurotransmitters just as our brain's neocortex does. Virtually all cases of learning disabilities and attention deficit challenges involve intestinal imbalances and inappropriate food choices. Miso's alchemical gift nourishes this ancient brain and cauldron of our life.

I recently began to experiment with new variation of colon cleanse. I have experimented with various colon cleanse for the past 18 years. I began with Ann Wigmore wheatgrass enemas .. I have tried colonics .. I used weekly water enemas to clean my colon .. you name it .. I have tried it !!

At first I would learn and follow colon cleanse programs created by other people.

This worked for me to some extent .. but I noticed that each colon cleanse program have their own restricted knowledge and principles. Ann Wigmore wheatgrass .. Hulda Clark parasite cleanse .. colonics .. Robert Gray Intestinal Cleansing Program. Over 18 years I have done them all. Vegan .. fruit juice diet .. wheatgrass .. vegetable juices .. fasting .. and they all exclude probiotics !!

You may say that probiotics exist in fresh juices .. wheatgrass juice .. living foods and so on! I am not so sure about that one .. as I did all these "healthy" diets for 18 years and yet at some point I still had a serious and severe health crisis which was Candida fungal overgrowth and mold / yeast colon issues. In my own personal view it is possible that fruit juices and vegetable juices also help to increase Candida Albicans in the gut (in certain conditions).

Out of love of my body and with no alternatives left to me I began to design my own personal colon detox program and probiotic nutrition program. It was all or nothing for me. In this personal process I discovered that long term gentle colon cleanse and long term rehabilitation of gut probiotics were central to my physical mental and psychic health.

The key word is: GENTLE .. not too fast and not too slow.

I am deeply grateful to my body .. who patiently co-operated with 18 years of experiments and kept me alive no matter what. I think we should always be deeply grateful to the physical body .. who keeps us alive [no matter what]. The physical body is the Master Alchemist and we are the students!

I discovered in my own research that the key word is GENTLE detox.

Gentle nutrition .. gentle detox .. gentle probiotic nutrition .. gentle exercise .. gentle meditation .. love of the psyche .. love of the mind .. love of the physical organism .. love of the emotions and love of the self.

If your colon makes you a challenge .. then it challenges the mind .. the hormones .. the psyche .. the blood .. the glands .. the muscles .. organs and tendons. It also challenges incarnate spirit. In general maybe 60 percent nutritional health is food and 40 percent of nutritional health is colon cleanse.

I have to add in 2014 my own philosophy is 60 percent colon health detox and 40 percent food nutrition. I discovered for myself that when I gently cleans the colon and gut and add probiotics into the gut .. that I can healthily exist on 40 percent vegetable food nutrition. But .. that is my own personal experience.

In the modern world everything is fast fast - cure the illness - cure the sickness - cure the overweight .. cure the underweight. Hurry up .. make it in two weeks .. four weeks is slow .. eight weeks is impossible .. do you get what I mean ??

I healed probably ten years of unseen health problems in very slow six months .. one year .. two year .. three year .. four year gentle progressive natural reversal and regeneration of systemic and endemic long term health issue that include chronic absorption of environmental chemicals .. toxins .. mold bacterial and fungal contaminants .. loss of essential probiotics as well as associated degeneration of the tissues.

Alchemy of Human Instestine
The human gut .. the human colon .. the human intestine is probably the least understood organ in the body today. No one is taught to clean their colon... We tend to ignore the gut and intestine unless related diseases are discovered. But since I was a child I always had gut .. stomach and digestive related problems!

Truth .. hidden in the darkness can be a blessing!

I love my body so much that I began to research for myself and discover my own gentle colon cleanse and nutrition for the gut. I personally discovered 60 percent gut/colon detox and cleanse .. 40 percent food nutrition and add to that the mysterious and essential living probiotics.

Pasturized sauerkraut .. yogurt and kefir are not living probiotics !!

Our chemistry over the past 60 years has so completely destroyed natural probiotics in the environment .. in the plants .. water and in the soil .. that human condition is reflecting this planetary degenration back into the human body and back into the human environment.

If we continue in this way humans on Earth will soon be extinct !!