Saturday, June 07, 2014

Does Candida Overgrowth Cause Cell Malnutrition?

Candida Albicans is a toxic fungus ..
Candida overgrowth can growth through wall of the intestine entering the body Does Candida spread when beneficial gut probiotics are wiped out ??

In healthy humans Candida remains in a benign state in the gut and intestine .. when the gut is rich in beneficial probiotics. Candida is designed by Nature to become active at the point of biological death .. where fungi .. yeast .. mold and bacteria return the cells to their molecular state. For the physical body that is the end of biological life and cohesive cell reproduction.

On one hand I thought: Does Candida overgrowth cause cellular malnutrition? One could also ask .. does cellular malnutrition cause Candida overgrowth? It is my own opinion that probiotics are essential to tissue .. bone and cellular health throughout the human body.

Having the idea of "cellular malnutrition" as a key factor in disease .. I began to do some searches to see if anyone else goes into this probability. The first thing I found is the article below: ... the restoration of health of malnourished patients in 1953 by Kollath. The article looks scientific .. but it is well worth reading *- )
Definition of Probiotics
The word probiotics was initially used as an antonym of the word antibiotic. It is derived from Greek words pro and biotos and translated as for life. The origin of the first use can be traced back to Kollath (1953), who used it to describe the restoration of the health of malnourished patients by different organic and inorganic supplements. History of Probiotic Research
My own personal research and theories came about the hard way when I suddenly lost my excellent physical health .. and overnight my physical body became a basket case. I could not eat nor digest food [veges] without having severe allergy reactions. For many months I lived only off water and boiled white rice. I could not eat basic herbs to heal myself nor drink herbal tea without experiencing allergy reactions.

I could not sleep peacefully and I was having anxiety attacks that were weather related .. and THAT was the clue where I began to follow the trail down the "rabbit hole". Cool damp moist weather patterns with or without thunderstorms and lightning were my worst experiences. All tendons .. ligaments .. connective tissue and muscles in my body twisted up during the night like a clock .. waking me at certain hours. Sunrise was often the worst of all.

Every tendon and ligament in my hands joints and fingers would shrink and become stiff during certain weather patterns and also during food allergy reactions. I was in my late forties and I was walking like an eighty year old with stiff joints in knees .. hips .. vertebra and shoulders. We walk using our whole body. Doctors told me: You are just going to have to accept it *-)

I love my body so much I was not prepared to "accept" the strange pattern of symptoms and so I set out on an inner journey of research and exploration. The first thing I discovered was that all my weird symptoms were listed on Candida websites... The so-called Candida Diet was not going to help me .. because I could not eat a stalk of organic celery without having severe allergy reactions.

I was 35+ years vegetarian who could no longer eat vegetables cooked or raw. Simply because .. I could not DIGEST food. I had to figure that out for myself. One allergy specialist told me to "learn to live with my food allergies." I decided to IGNORE that ADVICE.

There was one thing I was NOT AFRAID OF .. and that was death.

I said to my body: Okay! We have nothing to lose .. let's go for it !! I began gently with probiotics to see if the strange allergies and symptoms could be reversed. It took 6 moths for me to see major breakthroughs and reversal of most of my physical symptoms and also allergy reactions. I could feel the benefits of probiotics after 3-4 weeks. Most important of all was that I could sleep normally and the anxiety attacks were wiped out.

I discovered through personal observation that toxic mold .. fungus and yeast overgrowth cycles inside the physical cellular structures of the body signaled their presence through changes in the weather. I could not walk through a damp forest in Autumn because the smell of fungi spores twisted all tendons and ligaments in my body so that it was difficult to move or walk.

After a year of taking probiotics daily those reaction no longer took place.

I began to realise that fungi .. yeast and mold had replaced beneficial probiotics throughout my body. Until today science ignore the key factor that beneficial probiotics are present in every cell of the body and are essential to tissue health as well as tendon .. blood .. bone .. muscle .. organ .. tissue and ligament health.

Fungi mold and yeast dehydrate and beneficial probiotics HYDRATE = flexibility = strength.

Of course .. I also researched and used various gentle colon cleanse capsules over 2-3 years and I still use them today .. because I have discovered that a clean colon is essential to HEALTH and also that PREVENTION is better than CURE!

This post is not a "health guide" .. it is simply my own research and experiences!

I personally think that probiotics are the "gold of Nature".

So .. what about the mysterious anxiety attacks? Fungi and mold pee out toxic [waste] substances into the colon .. gut and body tissues. These fungal toxins can be defined as neurotoxins [Mold - The Hidden Dangers] .. this article addresses external sources of mold. The mold has to get inside the body and tissues for it to be dangerous to humans.

In my own case I was experiencing extreme sweat attacks .. especially waking between 02:00 and 04:00 AM. Ringing in the ears .. deteriorating vision .. swollen eyes .. fluid in the ears [because body fluids were trying to eliminate the toxins].

I was experiencing brain fog and spatial neurological reactions. Once I realised it was mold .. yeast and fungal related toxins I became very calm and probiotics did the rest! At the heart of all this also comes the question of cellular malnutrition. How can cells of the body absorb nutrition when they are swamped by neurotoxins from yeast .. mold and microscopic fungi [Candida]? I don't think they can !!

As a result .. in my own experience .. the severe allergy reactions were partly toxic overload as well as severe cellular malnutrition. Chicken or the egg .. which comes first? Perhaps they are related?

Malnutrition [starving cells] will allow toxins to enter the cells more easily and toxins will also create cellular malnutrition as a by-product of their presence. If the bodies cells are malnourished then the physical structure decays! Cohesion of the physical structure cannot be maintained on a cellular level. Are probiotics the key to healthy cellular nutrition?