Thursday, November 19, 2015

Where Are We Going [Eng Sub] S03EP10 - Hunan China

I have been writing two posts in last two weeks .. and by accident I came across Chinese / English Dubbed: Dad, Where Are We Going! Old Town Learning Skills by Hunan TV. The question facing people on Earth is... Where Are WE Going? The progression of this video is a lot of fun. More than that there is a learning skill lesson here for those who take time to watch. If you are not speaking Chinese Mandarin .. you may have to stop the video from time to time to read / understand what the children are saying.

I think these have been a tough two weeks for all of us no matter where we are in the World. The Astrology for October / November 2015 has not been good. I have been working with the Invisible World Guidance and people .. to create balance and a few other things relating to the bigger picture facing Mankind now and in the future. Today watching this video made me laugh .. the illusion of stress was dissolved instantly. Maybe sometimes we all take ourselves too seriously ?? Peace !!

Sunday, November 01, 2015

Demons of Power: Their Karma

I came back from the future .. and thought (at first) that I was dreaming. This was all a bad dream .. happening in my mind while I sleep peacefully in the place I came from. I remember falling asleep .. way back. I knew not to use the historical research portal before going to bed. Now it's all around me and I cannot wake up where I'm supposed to be. That was how it seemed at the time. Observing the ancient Tibetan demons protecting power through their Karma. That was the key to understanding our historical research of Earth's past.

"Power is everywhere .. it is all around you." they said.

We were gathered in an oval flat dome of ambient light on the Astral planes. The walls of the circular dome were real structural walls created out of combining layers of light frequencies woven into a plasma like fabric. There were seven layers to the Astral planes and the domes could visit each layer.

Viewing areas similar to windows would appear on the walls of the domed shaped craft and those inside could observe the process of each Astral layer they were shown. Only the most advanced teachers could interact with the seven Astral layers. Everyone else could observe learn and understand.

So .. who were the teachers?

Then there were the physical Earth layers where spirit beings would reincarnate from the Astral Worlds to the physical material worlds. The physical Earth layers were multiple timelines similar to and reflecting [associated with] the seven Astral layers. What appeared to be physical time dimensions were [in reality] .. layers of consciousness.

One had to have a strong heart to accompany the Teachers of the Domes of Light into physical realms interactions. The heart is the key to consciousness .. awareness .. strength .. the way of balance. The power of balancing yin and yang .. the yielding and the penetrating force lies foremost in the heart.

We were taught: Pushing pushing pushing or yielding yielding yielding are without balance. Both the soft and hard power had to be in harmony like the heavens [Galaxy]. The Sun and Planets neither yield nor resist .. they do both. In this way the origins of power is never revealed nor obvious .. but it is both gentle and hard.

When the Masters of Reality saw that the nature of humans was to desire and be addicted to power .. they set the Demons of Karma into the stream of power to protect power and to protect the balance of power .. so that humans could not destroy the layers of reality that includes all creatures plants and trees.

The teachers were beyond compassion but they taught us compassion [Inner AIKIDO] to protect ourselves. Without discipline and containment all problems and emotions are in turmoil.

Demons of Power: Their Karma
Power is really everywhere at all levels somewhat like the air we breathe. The air we breathe has many layers and is part of many strata around Earth. All layers of the strata combine to make the air that we breathe. In reality we are all breathing the various powers of the strata in a form that does not overwhelm us and does not kill us.

If you travel to the highest strata of power you cannot breathe that air. All living creatures plants and trees share [breathe] the air that is created by The Alchemist: Planet Earth. In the same way power is everywhere and everyone on Earth interacts with power in some way.

Power at every level is dangerous and requires discipline and respect. All people high and low experience power struggles: Attachment .. I WANT .. sorrows .. fear .. anger .. desires .. seeking various kinds of security. It does not matter what level one interacts on the key is INNER DISCIPLINE.

Essentially all humans on Earth are directly interacting face to face with power mirrored back to them on all levels and it is the same power. People think they have a relationship with forces outside themselves when really they are having relationship with forces inside themselves.

Power interacts with us directly .. not indirectly.

Throughout history there are groups who attempt to use power [wield power] in various ways .. but do not seem to realise or understand the price they will pay. Playing with power gives them a high and they become addicted .. which is simply another form of attachment.

There comes a point where power becomes Karma.

The Demons of Karma are similar to building houses of the self and one day that house is gone .. it no longer exists .. the power is gone. You just stand there naked helpless and you are looking at a blank screen. This is why in ancient times the Sages cultivated discipline and respect.

The Sages were fortunate: They knew they were looking into the Mirror of Life.

The Masters knew they were looking at themselves and life was a mirror that interacts with us directly. The Masters said: Let us teach this to the rest of mankind as this is the most important and valuable thing we have found.

There is nothing on the physical material levels of Earth existence that is designed to deal with issues of power. The safety key is inherent within power itself = mystery of Karma. Certain forces may appear like Demons because that is how they are designed to be when dealing with various levels of existence.

True power protects itself by simply disappearing.

When a riverbed dries up there is no more water. When the air becomes too thin there is no more air to breathe. The same principles apply to power .. that is an interactive force designed to allow us to climb to highest levels. How do you climb to the highest levels? The power relationship is within.

It does not matter what you want in life the whole relationship is inside with yourself. Ancient Martial Arts knew this and that is why so many of the Masters became Monks .. that is obvious .. just follow The Path. It is easier to learn the physical Martial Arts than it is to learn the Inner Martial Arts and become a True Master. The same power that teaches the Masters is teaching us. Just think about that and become ENLIGHTENED.