Thursday, November 19, 2015

Where Are We Going [Eng Sub] S03EP10 - Hunan China

I have been writing two posts in last two weeks .. and by accident I came across Chinese / English Dubbed: Dad, Where Are We Going! Old Town Learning Skills by Hunan TV. The question facing people on Earth is... Where Are WE Going? The progression of this video is a lot of fun. More than that there is a learning skill lesson here for those who take time to watch. If you are not speaking Chinese Mandarin .. you may have to stop the video from time to time to read / understand what the children are saying.

I think these have been a tough two weeks for all of us no matter where we are in the World. The Astrology for October / November 2015 has not been good. I have been working with the Invisible World Guidance and people .. to create balance and a few other things relating to the bigger picture facing Mankind now and in the future. Today watching this video made me laugh .. the illusion of stress was dissolved instantly. Maybe sometimes we all take ourselves too seriously ?? Peace !!