Thursday, December 03, 2015

You Are: Past Present Future

I just returned from a long time-zone journey into the future .. where they understand that the past present and future are one. They teach me that the past and the future are NOW.

Then I get back here and the Masters are waiting for me. They know I love to Time Travel. Like that .. I do not want to call it an escape !! Which is essentially not applied Martial Arts.

When the Art of Time Travel is an ART you can usually turn it around so that it is not an escape .. unless you have ultra diligent Masters who know what you are doing #_# [that really pisses me off]. It is one of my specialities that I have ability to travel into the past or travel into the future.

When dealing with everyday normal human beings this ability is hidden [cloaked] and cannot be challenged because no one knows what you are doing. In general it is not a good idea to tell others what you are doing. But .. when dealing with The Masters ?? that it another story !!

On a human level my tricks are pretty cool .. but on a Masters level my tricks are really not cool .. and I have to learn how to apply higher dimensions geometry and balance. This is why I say to you that: You are past present and future NOW.

I admit I do have a tricky side to me! But at the same time that tricky side gives me a sense of humor and a sense of fun. Like that .. when you are learning you cannot take yourself too seriously. So .. I teach you about the relationship between human dimension and the Masters.

When we are smart we can get away with a LOT on the human dimension.

Even though we are smart we cannot get away with anything on the Masters dimensions... So .. the problems in the physical World are caused by being smart in 3D and being stupid within the spectrum. I will try to explain this in my past to future posts. I was writing Transition Zones posts in November [past] that I will talk about in the future!

I do have the ability to connect past present and future as one.

Of course .. the way we interact with past present future now [as one] is the key.

Let us say that past present future is a triangle [pyramid] .. but there is also trans-dimensional interrelated zones of The Masters that interact with our dimensions. Past present future is like a pyramid within a circle [orb] where the surrounding dimension is greater than the pyramid.

The Masters teach me the surrounding orb [circle] Planet is the NOW .. balance of yin yang. I am in the middle moving through the triangle of past present and future. I am taught by The Masters that past present and future connect only within the NOW.

Due to this I can teach you that NOW connects past present and future.

I have to admit that I love to transit past present and future = I am a Tech Geek. I love nothing more than crossing the dimensions and interfacing with other levels. This is a skill I have .. and was born with. At the same time I have to admit that this is not the highest skill.

In some ways my skill is useless at base levels.

In any given Incarnation I can effortlessly move around the dimensions and time zones without restrictions and I can understand them and what I am doing. This is similar to a computer programmer. I understand the background signatures of realities.

You can imagine my attitude when The Masters tell me off...

It is much more difficult to remain centered .. to remain balanced .. in the NOW. Understanding that the past present and future are NOW. This fact is not easy to understand .. but it is worth your effort and energy to understand lifetime after lifetime.

The various pyramids sit on the surface of the Earth.

The pyramids are past present and future where the Earth [sphere] is NOW.

The sphere [circle] is NOW which is the totality of past present future. So .. we have past present future within the NOW in its entirety beyond time and space .. beyond space and time. That [basically] is who we are. We are past present future NOW .. the pyramid withing the sphere. Without the NOW we do not exist!