Monday, June 30, 2014

Deeper Illumination of Desire

So many desires ..
all .. extending from one root!

I logged in to Earth Changes to say that I can see "dark matter" .. but that has to wait for the next post .. because for many days an awareness of the nature of desire has been teaching me a lot of new stuff.

I REALLY want to write about DARK MATTER and that is why I am here right now .. [desire !! ] and as I type .. I would rather tell / share my story and recent experiences seeing Dark Matter. In reality it is Dark Waves! You see desire at work .. because I am having trouble moving away from this to look into the nature and illumination of desire.

On a historical level the first distortion that actually led the mind away from moving beyond desire .. [sorry] .. moving THROUGH desire to have the inner energy of a higher resonance is / was the programming of the church that sex is desire [=bad]. In one easy cut you are making sex to be part of a lower aberration within the psyche of man.

Desire to be a political leader or desire to be religious leader is good to go! Desire to design new technology or build the longest bridge in the world is good to go! Desire to fly into space is good to go.

Earth humans no longer understand the ART of DESIRE !! Energy frequencies !!

I just read that NASA claim to have picked up a mysterious X-ray signal that they believe could signature the presence of dark matter millions of light years away from Earth! On a fundamental level it is all "desire".

Desire [when balanced] is an essential part of the normal functioning of all physical life forms. Bees and butterflies desire to find pollen. Predatory birds desire to swoop down and make a catch. Octopus have developed various defense mechanisms reflecting a desire to protect themselves from being a tasty meal for other discerning ocean predators.

Those are just a few examples of the natural symbiotic energy of desire.

Where does the distortion come from in human beings? Well .. you can use gasoline in a vehicle used to transport essential supplies to people in a disaster area and help them survive. You can also use gasoline in vehicles that kill people in times of war and regional conflicts. Are you still with me?

The last part I wrote is essentially the whole essence of this insight into desire...

Deeper Illumination of Desire
There are a number of people on this Planet [men and women] who are mindlessly swimming in dangerous waters .. because they are totally disconnected from their own deeper inner awareness and understanding of the nature of desire. I would rather talk about Dark Matter and Dark Waves ~?~

The danger of desire comes from the associated reactions in humans that are similar to mind altering energies or energy levels. It is ENERGY that affects the receptors in the human mind-body [alchemy] .. out of which arise various levels of experiences and reactions.

Desire may be the natural force [fuel] that lifts the booster into space .. but it is the nature of the vehicle that determines if the function and movements are peaceful and enlightened or destructive !! Anyone can take that last sentence and figure out the dynamics of their own incarnation and where do they really want to PUT THEIR ENERGIES !! In this life !!

What is the nature of the DEEPER ILLUMINATION of DESIRE?

Desire is not sex! If one does not understand this basic fact then stick with what you have and enjoy the view from the booster rocket going into orbit = the orbit of your own life = lifetime after lifetime. Desire is energy of transformation and energy of INITIATION. Read Doris Lessing's: Shikasta Series .. Canopus In Argos .. there is a LOT of information in there.

Human beings live their whole lives at the passage entrance .. playing with themselves.

Sexual life-force is not desire! The key sexual creative life-force is BEYOND DESIRE. Sexual life force is beyond the speed of light. It is beyond the physical sciences. You can say: Prana .. Chi .. Qi .. Jing .. Orgone .. Orgon Energy .. it is all the same. The only question is in-balance or out-of-balance?

To have the inner energy field and focus of Initiation .. to move through or go beyond the lower level of desire .. the material world .. desire for power .. ego self .. desire for success! Very few people are aware there is the pleasure and the pain as one educating force. Both are there to educate and enlighten! The problem is that people with strong desire get stuck at the lower most basic levels.

You can have INCARNATION into physical world life and you can have INCARNATION into lower or higher energy fields within that physical life that you live .. lifetime after lifetime. Our spirits are born into the physical 3D world and at some early stage we get lazy and decide: Let's put this situation onto AUTO-PILOT and enjoy the ride whatever it may be...

What if you woke up one day out of a dream where you experienced the deeper illumination of desire? The foundation for chaos in the world today is not MONEY or RESOURCES .. that can be shared and worked out in mutually beneficial ways. Co-operation is the key to success. The problem facing humans is desire.

In this respect I mean to say that MONEY and RESOURCES are the physical metallic booster rockets carrying the trade and the loads for exchange. The energy boosting the rockets is energy of desire. It is the same with money and exchange of resources and wealth. I am now going to redefine WEALTH !!

What is true wealth? Love .. happiness .. sharing .. peace .. harmony.

Is powerful creative sexual life-force the dark matter behind our existence?

In that respect DESIRE is the visible light spectrum / waves revealing an invisible signature of a deeper underlying force within the human form and at the core of the human psyche. In a sense fundamental sexual life-force is a bridge between incarnate spirit and physical material existence. One's own relationship with DESIRE reveals the nature of the INCARNATE SPIRIT PSYCHE RELATIONSHIP.


I may be wrong ?? But .. I am trying to say that all the energy going into distortion of politics and the banking systems .. struggles in society with the associated suffering and loss .. these are all symptoms of the unseen and unrecognised desire to complete the essential INITIATION of SPIRIT incarnate within physical 3D material existence.

I would expect that within the next 100 to 300 years this small seed of a tiny insight into the true nature of desire will grow and expand the sharing of a greater understanding of the hidden nature of mankind. What I just wrote is a continuation of the work of Wilhelm Reich and the unknown Masters of Energy. What do I known? I just listen and write it down...

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Planet Earth's Deep Space Mantle

Mantle - something that covers envelops or conceals. Part of Earth between the crust and the core. Protective layer .. mantle .. cloak.

The upper mantle is source of magma / lava. Earth's mantle is said to consist of more than three-quarters of the volume of the Earth.

Related to .. The Masters of Gravity .. I want to go deeper into a totally new perception of the Earth's mantle and inner crust. I see the Planet's inner crust as a mysterious hostile place that supports life on the surface .. but that remains in its own [almost supernatural] dangerous almost primordial deep-space state of being.

To clarify this I have to add that in my view deep space is filled with "water" in forms we currently do not understand .. and that there is water within Plants .. just as there is water within the human body. I also sense that dark matter is related to water in ways we do not yet understand.

As a result of the loss of yin yang balance within the human mind / psyche .. we currently view the processes deep within the Earth as a solid physical material process. From years of personal research and study of the environment [non scientific] I have come to understand that the mantle and deeper mantle of Earth is more closely connected to and associated with its original deep space origins.

Planet Earth's Deep Space Mantle
The Earth's surface supports physical material life in all its forms as we know it today. The way I see it is that deep space primordial forces formed the Suns .. the Planets and the Galaxies. Suns extend primordial chi to the orbiting Planets .. and Planets extend life out to all life forms living and existing on each Planet.

If you are intelligent species .. then you have to expand your intelligence to comprehend and understand the deeper processes within the mantle that allow you to exist and that supports [or destroys] your existence.

Destroys your existence is an interesting concept...

In my own understanding the inner mantle of Earth is a totally untamed hostile environment that is more in balance with its deep space origins than with the apparently more stable surface of the Planet. By this I mean that the inner mantle remains in its deep space primordial state.

In deep space water-gas-clouds that create Planets also form minerals .. diamonds .. DNA .. gold .. silver .. radioactive metals .. bacteria(s) .. fungi .. earth materials .. matter .. all existing of mostly water .. there is energy .. primordial cells .. everything that allows super combinations of different forms of life. All this originates from deep space.

The issue for humans are the volatile process of magma .. water / gas .. lava flow and mixtures of all these elements. What I am trying to convey is that the inner mantle of Planet Earth is more closely aligned with the deep space origins / creation of Earth than anything to do with life on the surface.

Visually .. as an artist .. I can see this process !!

The eruption of Santorini completely destroyed early civilisations before the expansion of Rome. The Roman Empire grew out of the destruction of these early civilisations. In my theory .. areas on Earth that experience less volcanic upheaval have better long-term survival rates as the surrounding landmasses.

In Europe there are active volcanic Calderas similar to Yellowstone !!

Most important of all is that current male [yang] science does not want to be aware of or admit that the Planets deep mantle is more related to its deep space origins than it is to stable continental crust life as we know it! Obviously we live and prosper on the surface of continental crust of Planet Earth. At the same time we are not aware of the hostile volatility of our INNER EARTH.

Volcanic forces that destroyed Pre-Roman civilisations .. could potentially also destroy Western Empires. I do not want to dwell on surface events .. I am more interested in the less understood inner Earth and inner mantle of the Earth.

We live on the surface of the Planet .. but the processes within the Planet are more closely aligned with their deep space origins .. than with the apparent stability we associate today as physical surface existence.

I am trying to say that the forces observed outside the Earth in DEEP SPACE are the same yin yang forces taking place inside the Earth and literally FORMING the physical PLANET we live on !! The hot red blood flowing through the veins of humans is similar to the hot lava flowing though the veins of the Planet.

Inside humans we have water [cool & hot] in combination with the blood .. red [heat] and cool [water]. The physical body absorbs the heat and the cool from the blood in the same way the Earth absorbs the heat and the cool from the "blood of the Planet".

These are dual processes all related to deep space creation of life .. Suns and Planets. Essentially .. you have this untamed primordial deep space dynamic force within Planets and within the Earth that both creates and supports surface life and that also periodically destroys life on the surface of a Planet.

I can see this process .. but i find this very difficult to put into words !!

All the elements and materials deep within the interior of Planets came from and exist in deep space. By this I mean WATER .. MINERALS .. DNA .. ELEMENTS .. BACTERIA .. GOLD .. URANIUM .. SILVER .. DIAMONDS .. FUNGI .. CELLS .. GAS .. ENERGY .. MATTER .. POLARITY FIELDS .. LIFE! The inner outer are ONE .. I don't know how else to explain this !!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Masters of Gravity

Gravity as a force on its own does not exist! The influence we humans describe as GRAVITY is an event shadow cast by the ONE unified electromagnetic field .. of which water in all its infinite forms is the conductor of quantum field transmissions. There is no such THING as GRAVITY and ANTI-GRAVITY.

These measurements of force are the shadows [effect] of another unseen unified field so powerful and so gentle that it is completely invisible to present day humans. Modern day religions call this unnamed force "God" .. because it effects everything and yet the force eternally maintains BALANCE .. no matter what takes place in the physical environment .. including energy distortions!
- ZenSu

I do not want to address Tesla's mysterious: Dynamic Theory of Gravity in this post .. you can research this for yourselves if you are interested in the hidden dynamics of "gravity" .. Nikola Tesla: Secrets of Electromagnetic Force

I want to go a step beyond the physical concept of GRAVITY to touch on a deeper psychic mind connection to gravity .. being aware that the phenomenon we describe as GRAVITY is a secondary vibration [shadow] sent out as "waves" from an original force that we humans cannot currently see.

Okay! So .. take an earth tremor or an earthquake...

This might not be so easy to understand .. but physical humans feel the secondary force of the tremor or earthquake .. and we do not detect the origin force that sets off the earthquake .. or that sets off the volcanic eruption .. or that is behind the comet .. the meteor .. movement of the asteroids.

Science today tries to measure or detect the comet .. the meteor .. the asteroid .. earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. In the future humans on Earth have the ability to detect the energy wave transition behind the comets .. behind meteors .. behind asteroid impacts .. behind earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

On my way home walking back from town I was searching for this post .. because it comes to me in pictures and images .. and I had a sudden and powerful sense of Déjà Vu. I had seen the current world events and this concept in my mind before. A form of psychic gravity!

My concept of gravity is different than the current scientific paradigm. For example .. we have evidence of giant trees .. giant ferns .. giant dinosaurs .. giant birds .. giant fish and giant humans on Earth at an earlier time. Then there are the theories about what killed the dinosaurs and the giant trees !!

As I see it Earth inhabitants [size] changed due to alterations in the Planet's GRAVITY FIELD(s). You have to understand that we do not yet understand the mechanism [force] we call gravity! Once there was a change in the Earth's gravity field .. as a result .. giant trees and giant everything could not exist within that physical field [dimension].

I am saying it was not an asteroid hitting the Earth or comet impact or meteors that killed the dinosaurs .. as this would also have caused extinction of all species and life on Earth. Just think about that !! But events led to a dramatic change of the internal magnetic field of the Earth .. altering the GRAVITY FIELD.

In other words .. giant birds .. giant dinosaurs .. giant trees .. giant humans and fish could not maintain their physical structures in an environment that altered the quantum magnetic life support fields on this Planet.

Essentially .. changes in gravity killed dinosaurs and giant humans on Earth.

It was a very interesting move in terms of creation! Dinosaurs became lizards and birds. Smaller humans were able to develop further and dominate the surface of the Earth in this environment. If you are scientists ?? Be aware that soil .. microbes and oceans maintain their fertility regardless of giant life forms of smaller life forms.

The Masters of Gravity
What interests me most of all is that none of these changes happened by ACCIDENT. Nothing in this Universe happens by accident. You plant seeds .. grow a garden .. plant flowers and vegetables and the organisation of plant life related to you is your creation / adaptation.

I do not know who the Masters of Gravity are .. but I see their signatures across the whole spectrum of life on Earth. There is compassion .. there is love .. there is also = does this work .. does that work? Like taking care of their living garden(s).

We humans take care of the garden over our lifetime and we share our knowledge with each generation. What if the Masters of Gravity have extended lifetimes beyond our imagination? Even more than the lifespan between humans and ants!

It's like human beings or human consciousness are plants that grows in the Universe. Either the human plant fails and is destroyed or humanity transforms and adapts to the next change in gravity. Changes in gravity can be both physical and spiritual [psyche / mind/ consciousness]. For example .. unseen spirit inhabits physical reality where mind and consciousness manifest like a compass.

Then come Earth Changes = nothing to do with climate change. That is connected to volcanoes and the next 100 years of eruptions altering life on this Planet. For those of you who know what I am talking about .. there is an intelligence involved. Either we work with that intelligence or we work against it.

There are levels of existence where some things cannot be avoided. Humans can search all they want for asteroids in space .. but some events simply cannot be deflected .. and the ancients called this FATE or DESTINY. I feel we are probably headed for a long series of fate changing destiny events. Maybe I am wrong ??

It is possible that civilizations in the future are more closely aligned with the mysterious force behind FATE. Not an impossible computation to achieve! What is the mysterious force behind fate? Just as there is a direct relationship between humans and plants .. there has to be a direct relationship between humans and FATE or DESTINY or the FORCES of DESTINY !!

The answer to this may lie within and not without. I do not think that the answer to this puzzle lies outside ourselves. I think the answer to this puzzle lies within .. that the secret lies within us. Ancient Egypt .. the temple of man .. the inner sanctuary .. inner transformation.

When you meditate and become aware: What holds spirit within the physical body? I do not totally understand this .. but it can be a sort of uncomfortable feeling when you become aware that something holds spirit / consciousness within the physical material body. For example .. try to consciously float out of the physical body .. it is not easy to do!

This phenomenon is also what I mean by GRAVITY .. what holds spirit and consciousness within the physical material form? Also .. what is the relationship between the Earth's gravity field and the development of consciousness? It has to be related to attraction!

I forgot to add .. that I am not so mathematical! But .. all scientists need to do is calculate the physical size of dinosaurs relative to the mass of gravitational field that allows giant trees and giant dinosaurs to exist on Earth. If I was a scientists I would look at bone mass = size / structure and work out fields of gravity from there.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Alchemy of Human Instestines

Working Alchemy: The Miracle of Miso
Our life blood begins in our small intestine (called the cauldron by the Chinese), where we cook/transmute food into blood. The intestines are, in fact, our ancient brain; they actually make neurotransmitters just as our brain's neocortex does. Virtually all cases of learning disabilities and attention deficit challenges involve intestinal imbalances and inappropriate food choices. Miso's alchemical gift nourishes this ancient brain and cauldron of our life.

I recently began to experiment with new variation of colon cleanse. I have experimented with various colon cleanse for the past 18 years. I began with Ann Wigmore wheatgrass enemas .. I have tried colonics .. I used weekly water enemas to clean my colon .. you name it .. I have tried it !!

At first I would learn and follow colon cleanse programs created by other people.

This worked for me to some extent .. but I noticed that each colon cleanse program have their own restricted knowledge and principles. Ann Wigmore wheatgrass .. Hulda Clark parasite cleanse .. colonics .. Robert Gray Intestinal Cleansing Program. Over 18 years I have done them all. Vegan .. fruit juice diet .. wheatgrass .. vegetable juices .. fasting .. and they all exclude probiotics !!

You may say that probiotics exist in fresh juices .. wheatgrass juice .. living foods and so on! I am not so sure about that one .. as I did all these "healthy" diets for 18 years and yet at some point I still had a serious and severe health crisis which was Candida fungal overgrowth and mold / yeast colon issues. In my own personal view it is possible that fruit juices and vegetable juices also help to increase Candida Albicans in the gut (in certain conditions).

Out of love of my body and with no alternatives left to me I began to design my own personal colon detox program and probiotic nutrition program. It was all or nothing for me. In this personal process I discovered that long term gentle colon cleanse and long term rehabilitation of gut probiotics were central to my physical mental and psychic health.

The key word is: GENTLE .. not too fast and not too slow.

I am deeply grateful to my body .. who patiently co-operated with 18 years of experiments and kept me alive no matter what. I think we should always be deeply grateful to the physical body .. who keeps us alive [no matter what]. The physical body is the Master Alchemist and we are the students!

I discovered in my own research that the key word is GENTLE detox.

Gentle nutrition .. gentle detox .. gentle probiotic nutrition .. gentle exercise .. gentle meditation .. love of the psyche .. love of the mind .. love of the physical organism .. love of the emotions and love of the self.

If your colon makes you a challenge .. then it challenges the mind .. the hormones .. the psyche .. the blood .. the glands .. the muscles .. organs and tendons. It also challenges incarnate spirit. In general maybe 60 percent nutritional health is food and 40 percent of nutritional health is colon cleanse.

I have to add in 2014 my own philosophy is 60 percent colon health detox and 40 percent food nutrition. I discovered for myself that when I gently cleans the colon and gut and add probiotics into the gut .. that I can healthily exist on 40 percent vegetable food nutrition. But .. that is my own personal experience.

In the modern world everything is fast fast - cure the illness - cure the sickness - cure the overweight .. cure the underweight. Hurry up .. make it in two weeks .. four weeks is slow .. eight weeks is impossible .. do you get what I mean ??

I healed probably ten years of unseen health problems in very slow six months .. one year .. two year .. three year .. four year gentle progressive natural reversal and regeneration of systemic and endemic long term health issue that include chronic absorption of environmental chemicals .. toxins .. mold bacterial and fungal contaminants .. loss of essential probiotics as well as associated degeneration of the tissues.

Alchemy of Human Instestine
The human gut .. the human colon .. the human intestine is probably the least understood organ in the body today. No one is taught to clean their colon... We tend to ignore the gut and intestine unless related diseases are discovered. But since I was a child I always had gut .. stomach and digestive related problems!

Truth .. hidden in the darkness can be a blessing!

I love my body so much that I began to research for myself and discover my own gentle colon cleanse and nutrition for the gut. I personally discovered 60 percent gut/colon detox and cleanse .. 40 percent food nutrition and add to that the mysterious and essential living probiotics.

Pasturized sauerkraut .. yogurt and kefir are not living probiotics !!

Our chemistry over the past 60 years has so completely destroyed natural probiotics in the environment .. in the plants .. water and in the soil .. that human condition is reflecting this planetary degenration back into the human body and back into the human environment.

If we continue in this way humans on Earth will soon be extinct !!

Saturday, June 07, 2014

Does Candida Overgrowth Cause Cell Malnutrition?

Candida Albicans is a toxic fungus ..
Candida overgrowth can growth through wall of the intestine entering the body Does Candida spread when beneficial gut probiotics are wiped out ??

In healthy humans Candida remains in a benign state in the gut and intestine .. when the gut is rich in beneficial probiotics. Candida is designed by Nature to become active at the point of biological death .. where fungi .. yeast .. mold and bacteria return the cells to their molecular state. For the physical body that is the end of biological life and cohesive cell reproduction.

On one hand I thought: Does Candida overgrowth cause cellular malnutrition? One could also ask .. does cellular malnutrition cause Candida overgrowth? It is my own opinion that probiotics are essential to tissue .. bone and cellular health throughout the human body.

Having the idea of "cellular malnutrition" as a key factor in disease .. I began to do some searches to see if anyone else goes into this probability. The first thing I found is the article below: ... the restoration of health of malnourished patients in 1953 by Kollath. The article looks scientific .. but it is well worth reading *- )
Definition of Probiotics
The word probiotics was initially used as an antonym of the word antibiotic. It is derived from Greek words pro and biotos and translated as for life. The origin of the first use can be traced back to Kollath (1953), who used it to describe the restoration of the health of malnourished patients by different organic and inorganic supplements. History of Probiotic Research
My own personal research and theories came about the hard way when I suddenly lost my excellent physical health .. and overnight my physical body became a basket case. I could not eat nor digest food [veges] without having severe allergy reactions. For many months I lived only off water and boiled white rice. I could not eat basic herbs to heal myself nor drink herbal tea without experiencing allergy reactions.

I could not sleep peacefully and I was having anxiety attacks that were weather related .. and THAT was the clue where I began to follow the trail down the "rabbit hole". Cool damp moist weather patterns with or without thunderstorms and lightning were my worst experiences. All tendons .. ligaments .. connective tissue and muscles in my body twisted up during the night like a clock .. waking me at certain hours. Sunrise was often the worst of all.

Every tendon and ligament in my hands joints and fingers would shrink and become stiff during certain weather patterns and also during food allergy reactions. I was in my late forties and I was walking like an eighty year old with stiff joints in knees .. hips .. vertebra and shoulders. We walk using our whole body. Doctors told me: You are just going to have to accept it *-)

I love my body so much I was not prepared to "accept" the strange pattern of symptoms and so I set out on an inner journey of research and exploration. The first thing I discovered was that all my weird symptoms were listed on Candida websites... The so-called Candida Diet was not going to help me .. because I could not eat a stalk of organic celery without having severe allergy reactions.

I was 35+ years vegetarian who could no longer eat vegetables cooked or raw. Simply because .. I could not DIGEST food. I had to figure that out for myself. One allergy specialist told me to "learn to live with my food allergies." I decided to IGNORE that ADVICE.

There was one thing I was NOT AFRAID OF .. and that was death.

I said to my body: Okay! We have nothing to lose .. let's go for it !! I began gently with probiotics to see if the strange allergies and symptoms could be reversed. It took 6 moths for me to see major breakthroughs and reversal of most of my physical symptoms and also allergy reactions. I could feel the benefits of probiotics after 3-4 weeks. Most important of all was that I could sleep normally and the anxiety attacks were wiped out.

I discovered through personal observation that toxic mold .. fungus and yeast overgrowth cycles inside the physical cellular structures of the body signaled their presence through changes in the weather. I could not walk through a damp forest in Autumn because the smell of fungi spores twisted all tendons and ligaments in my body so that it was difficult to move or walk.

After a year of taking probiotics daily those reaction no longer took place.

I began to realise that fungi .. yeast and mold had replaced beneficial probiotics throughout my body. Until today science ignore the key factor that beneficial probiotics are present in every cell of the body and are essential to tissue health as well as tendon .. blood .. bone .. muscle .. organ .. tissue and ligament health.

Fungi mold and yeast dehydrate and beneficial probiotics HYDRATE = flexibility = strength.

Of course .. I also researched and used various gentle colon cleanse capsules over 2-3 years and I still use them today .. because I have discovered that a clean colon is essential to HEALTH and also that PREVENTION is better than CURE!

This post is not a "health guide" .. it is simply my own research and experiences!

I personally think that probiotics are the "gold of Nature".

So .. what about the mysterious anxiety attacks? Fungi and mold pee out toxic [waste] substances into the colon .. gut and body tissues. These fungal toxins can be defined as neurotoxins [Mold - The Hidden Dangers] .. this article addresses external sources of mold. The mold has to get inside the body and tissues for it to be dangerous to humans.

In my own case I was experiencing extreme sweat attacks .. especially waking between 02:00 and 04:00 AM. Ringing in the ears .. deteriorating vision .. swollen eyes .. fluid in the ears [because body fluids were trying to eliminate the toxins].

I was experiencing brain fog and spatial neurological reactions. Once I realised it was mold .. yeast and fungal related toxins I became very calm and probiotics did the rest! At the heart of all this also comes the question of cellular malnutrition. How can cells of the body absorb nutrition when they are swamped by neurotoxins from yeast .. mold and microscopic fungi [Candida]? I don't think they can !!

As a result .. in my own experience .. the severe allergy reactions were partly toxic overload as well as severe cellular malnutrition. Chicken or the egg .. which comes first? Perhaps they are related?

Malnutrition [starving cells] will allow toxins to enter the cells more easily and toxins will also create cellular malnutrition as a by-product of their presence. If the bodies cells are malnourished then the physical structure decays! Cohesion of the physical structure cannot be maintained on a cellular level. Are probiotics the key to healthy cellular nutrition?

Friday, June 06, 2014

Dark Field Psyche Within Man

Did you see that? ... See what ???
It was like a dark mirror !! Almost like a black hole just ahead ...
No! But .. I saw a white rabbit suddenly disappear!

During the First World war a German called Karl Schwarzschild apparently formed a theory: Schwarzschild was describing a singularity, a region of infinite spacetime curvature that is postulated to lie within what has more recently been termed a black hole. [Schwarzschild means BLACK SHIELD] *-)

Einstein never accepted this black hole theory .. for some reason!

I am sorry .. of course BLACK HOLES do not exist .. never have existed and never will exist. This is probably a secret code for the Black Sun .. which does exist. I am not talking about a religious philosophical concept dug out of the depths of primitive human mind.

There is yin and there is yang .. there is dark and there is light. Yin supports yang and yang supports yin .. light supports dark and dark supports light. This is a natural phenomenon of Nature. There is no need to fear the darkness and there is no need to fear the light.

As above so below!

The human eye is designed to relate to visible light .. and the darkness is not visible to the human eye. Humans rely on a light source to perceive and understand physical and psychological reality. When the human is deprived of a light source the mind can deteriorate into severe depression. It appears that visible light is a major source of physical and mental nutrition for humans on Earth.

Dark Field Psyche In Man
Why do humans have stories about a white rabbit disappearing down a black hole? Here is a funny explanation from .. I like it .. it is kind of fun! It is almost like darkness is the sleeping world and light is the physical waking world. How do the two worlds connect as yin and yang ??

When I say "dark field psyche" .. I do not mean negative = dark or that dark = negative. The dark field is a psychic mirror. The Third-Eye sees what is within the dark field.

People imagine darkness is negative and oppressive .. and light is positive and empowering. The problem with that theory is that humans live mostly in THE LIGHT and depend on light to function .. and yet .. humans are currently the most destructive species on Earth ...

When I was a young child I entered a situation where I experienced Universal deep space darkness .. like that the dark Universe was the protective womb of Stars and Planets. I saw inside this Universal dark deep space an even darker MIRROR .. it looked like a DARK SHIELD.

My psyche looked into this dark mirror without light and I saw myself as I am.

I did not see some beautiful angel of light .. I saw myself as I am.

For some strange reason I somehow had the inner strength to face MYSELF as I am and not be distracted .. and look directly at myself without being afraid or running away. I was prepared to face myself. There was no fear. I would say all the chaos in the world is created from incarnate spirit beings who cannot bear to face who they are NOW.

The dark field psyche in man is not an oppressive force .. it is a force to enlighten the psyche of Planet bound humans. Out of the darkness comes the light and out of the light comes the darkness. Yin and yang .. they are one and part of the same Universal life force.

Why is the human iris apparently a dark hole? A dark field?

Why is the human iris blacker than black? Into that dark field the light enters and you can see the world around you. How can the human eye see light within darkness? But .. if you look at your eyes in the mirror you see a dark circle or a dark shield at the center of your eyes.

Your iris is as dark as the Universe and yet you observe light though this portal entering your mind. I don't want to psych anyone out .. but how much LIGHT is inside your brain ?? The human brain is inside a skull [a cave] and there is no light within the skull... Does that make sense?

I assess that the human brain is using dark field technology to observe life !!

When we take this to the next level .. micro dark fields exist within the planetary environment and within the physical human form. I assess that we are made equally of light and dark particles. The only problem is that humans can detect the light particles and they have lost the ability to detect the dark particles.

Micro dark fields are part of the psyche of man.
This is where I get to the MIRROR.

Not only do humans not SEE themselves as they are .. but humans do not WANT to see themselves reflected in the DARK MIRROR of the PSYCHE. We want to focus on the superficial thought-ego reflected through visual light and we want to hide the deeper psyche in some dark pool.

The yin and the yang - light and dark - positive and negative are ONE ...