Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Matrix War Cycles 1810 or Was That 2010?

Little boys like playing with fire and bigger little-boys like playing with missiles and Nuclear shrooms .. so back down the line in 1810 (just in case you missed it - that was 200 years ago) there were the Napoleonic Wars. The only things to have changed in that time is Napoleon shot his shroom-bombs using a cannon and today men use advanced explosive technology, computer guided missiles, atomic missiles and ?? it is not that much different.

The problem is your mind.. or the lack of one. Mankind just loves the Matrix.. the drama.. the insecurity.. the explosiveness.. the repetition.. Just keep repeating the same pattern over and over again like a bad B rate movie. Let's call it "The 100 Year Dementia Wars". Maybe it is not every 100 years, but that sounds like a good title.

Oh! Sorry! Did I make you aware you are repeating yourself?
How rude of me '-)

The Napoleonic Wars are significant to today due to the technical developments in armed combat and Napoleon's military strategy. One of the major components in Napoleon's arsenal of weaponry was heavy artillery fire with 8 to 12 pound cannons. These heavy artillery cannons were used in the American Civil War 1861 to 1865, and so nothing much changed military style between 1799 and 1865.. men were using swords, muskets, cannons and cavalry.

I seriously wonder.. is there some Matrix ghostwriter feeding humans the script over thousands of years? If so, then the writer has dementia and I think the dementia is getting worse.

From 1810 to 1812 Europe entered the Anglo-Swedish wars.. where Sweden attempted to partner with Napoleon. Are these Trade Wars? Sorry! Stupid question! Looking way back then, France and England were at war and by 1810 Sweden decided to align themselves with France.. the whole point being that England was Sweden's biggest trading partner.. Ooops! There is that 'Trade' word again! Funny!

A European 1810 - 1812 sea/naval conflict-of-interest unfolded.. maybe similar to the North and South Korean November 2010 conflict of interest with China on one side and America on the other. In 1810 English ships were allowed to use Swedish ports.. and dominant France did not like that agreement and so they put pressure on Sweden to send the English packing.

Trade power struggles from 1799 to 1815 were known as the Napoleonic Wars, the Anglo Swedish Wars and the 1807-1812 Anglo Russian Wars.. So, maybe I am wrong but this is a kind of similar behaviour in 2010.. archaic - isn't it!

Why do humans have to use killing and explosives, brute force and destruction to carve their way ahead? Then they repeat the same pattern of conflict over and over again as though the human mind is incapable of learning.

It is senile to imagine that North Korea is behind the latest November attacks on South Korea. Exchange France and England for China and America.. In 1810 it was France and England at war and in 2010 we face Geo-political trade wars between America and China. Played out on the Matrix chess board with a new kind of king and queen who can blow up the whole board with one nuclear detonation.

We trade across the seas.. that is obvious. China does not want the U.S. military sailing around in its waters. To imagine that North or South Korea has any power in this situation is insane. The North is controlled by China and the South is controlled by American interests. The two parties cannot agree and so a slowly evolving military conflict is creating tension.

If a planetary species does not evolve spiritually, then it resorts to 3D trade wars and struggle for 3D physical ownership of resources. Thousands of years ago the trade routes would be guarded by swords and today the trade routes are guarded by heavy duty nuclear weapons. How stupid!

It is obvious that over the next thousand years Asia (China and India) will dominate world trade and rapidly expand. These cycles are beyond 3D physical reality. From 2011 to 2111 there will be a long term change in the energies of growth from the material dominance of the Western Roman Empire to the beginning of a new Eastern Cycle.

No amount of atomic or any other kind of bombs will change that fact.

Of course, if you control trade routes and the new kid in town starts to take over, then ... things can get tough. But if you use your intelligence and look back over hundreds of years, perhaps you can move beyond the stuck-in-the-mud patterns of behaviour.

If the Western mind would transform - it would transform the planet..

Sunday, November 21, 2010

New Madrid Earthquakes December 1811

Continuing my personal understanding of stress zones and times of year and a cultural awareness of how the orbit of the Earth, the Moon and seasons put stress on tectonic 'hot zones'.. then a big one is about due around the New Madrid fault line system, covering the area from Missouri to Arkansas. Geologists claim that magnitude 7.5 or larger shakes through this area every 200 to 300 years. The last massive upheaval in this large fault system were the 1811/1812 New Madrid earthquakes.

In my view this is similar to the pattern I see in the November 2004 Grimsvötn Sumatra Cycle, in which from November 1st to December 26, 2004 volcanoes in Iceland and areas in Sumatra became active resulting in a really massive earthquake and Indian Ocean tsunami.

This behaviour repeated itself in November 2010 where volcanic and tectonic activity began suddenly with signs of activity in Indonesia and Iceland, once again with a tsunami. I wonder is it possible that we really do not understand what actually generates tsunamis? The minds of those studying this phenomenon are too narrow. The mind focuses on one small point.. oh, the Earth shook here.. no this has nothing to do with the shaking anywhere else.

Just go ask the Earth!

Not only is the Earth's continental activity related; but earthquakes are related to each other in cycles that last hundreds of years and even thousands of years. Only the human being refuses to see or acknowledge this relationship.

New Madrid Earthquake December 1811
The New Madrid fault line system covers a vast area including Charleston, Missouri, and Cairo, Illinois, through New Madrid and down to Marked Tree, Arkansas. New Madrid Preparedness

Every eighteen months this fault releases a magnitude 4.0+ tremor, the last one being a magnitude 4.3 tremor known as the 1996 Thanksgiving quake .. a coincidence that this took place in November. On Saturday 20th of November 2010 a magnitude 4.2 earthquake rattled Northern Arkansas .. around Full Moon again in November!

Devastating New Madrid quakes, when they happen, cover a larger ground area than Californian earthquakes. The New Madrid earthquakes of 1811-1812 took place in the December-January Earth's orbit danger zone...

On December 16, 1811, the 400 residents of New Madrid, Missouri, were shaken out of their beds at two in the morning by a violent earthquake. Huge cracks split the ground. The waters of the Mississippi rose and fell like a great tide. Giant waves rose up and swept north, giving the impression that the river was actually flowing backwards.

These earthquakes were a series of over 2000 shocks in five months, five of which were 8.0 or more in magnitude. On December 16, 1811 the New Madrid Seismic Zone experienced two earthquakes with approximate magnitudes of 8.0. Two more high magnitude quakes followed on 23rd of January and on February 7 1812.

Retired Geologist Jack Reed suggests that the New Madrid Fault is related to ongoing evolution in the Gulf of Mexico. Is it possible the gas and oil are bubbling out from the seabed because some cosmic impact whacked in creating the Gulf of Mexico and vertically sheering the land off the coast of what is now the west coast of Florida?

The volcanoes, the oil and the gas down there below the seabed are rebuilding the crustal layer over?? millions of years. If you cut yourself the human volcanic blood clots and hardens to close the wound and the cells rebuild the inner and outer layers of skin tissue repairing the damage. The Earth is more complex and heals over generations we cannot imagine. My own question is, did the impact run a crack up through to Canada - part of which is called the New Madrid Fault?

On Monday, December 16, 1811 at 2:30 A.M. the Earth shook...

In the south of Canada, in the villages of the Iroquois, Ottawa, Chippewa and Huron, it came as a deep and terrifying rumble. Creek banks caved in and huge trees toppled in a continuous crash of snapping branches. In all of the Great Lakes, but especially Lake Michigan and Lake Erie, the waters danced and great waves broke erratically on the shores, though there was no wind.

In the western plains, there was a fierce grinding sound and a shuddering, which jarred the bones and set teeth on edge. Earthen vessels split apart and great herds of bison staggered to their feet and stampeded in abject panic.

To the south and west, tremendous boulders broke loose on hills and cut swaths through the trees and brush to the bottoms. Rapidly running streams stopped and eddied, and some of them abruptly went dry and the fish that had lived in them flopped away their lives on the muddy or rocky beds.

To the south, whole forests fell in incredible tangles. New streams sprang up where none had been before. In the Upper Creek village of Tuckabatchee, every dwelling shuddered and shook, and then collapsed upon itself and its inhabitants. To the south and east, palm trees lashed about like whips, and lakes emptied of their waters, while ponds appeared in huge declivities which suddenly dented the surface of the earth.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Fukuoka - The One Straw Revolution

"Man's time and nature's time are completely different... There is no time nor space! Man does not know anything about time, the universe." - Masanobu Fukuoka

Before there was permaculture there was Masanobu Fukuoka, author of The One Straw Revolution. He said, "My ultimate dream is to sow seeds in the desert. To revegetate the deserts is to sow seed in people's hearts. The greening of the desert means sowing seeds in people's hearts and creating a green paradise of peace on earth."

He is the unrecognized father of no-till gardening and modern permaculture, the man whose methods of working with nature have been adapted without giving credit to its origins, (as is typical of Western man). I read Fukuoka's One Straw Revolution in 1978/88 and it revolutionized my thinking. I was able to apply his insights to the cultivation of the human mind ..

Fukuoka in Greece Part 1 - Fukuoka in Greece Part 2

Agricultura Natural - Masanobu Fukuoka

Video sobre el creador de la agricultura natural, Masanobu Fukuoka

Nacido el 2/2/1913, agricultor y microbiólogo japonés, autor de los libros Revolución de un rastrojo y La Senda Natural del Cultivo, en los que presenta sus propuestas para una forma de agricultura que es llamada agricultura natural o el método Fukuoka.

Masanobu Fukuoka, born February 2, 1913, author of The One-Straw Revolution, The Road Back to Nature and The Natural Way Of Farming, is one of the pioneers of no-till grain cultivation. His system is referred to as "natural farming", Fukuoka Farming, or the Fukuoka Method.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Volcano Whisperer(s)

Indonesia's appointed 'Mystical Keeper of The Volcano', Mbah Maridjan, had defied government orders to evacuate his home as Mount Merapi burst to life. Keeper Maridjan’s charred body was later found in the ruins of his home, prostrated, forehead to the floor, in a position of prayer. People with him also died as they tried to convince him to leave...

Published in the New York Times, an article about Mbah Maridjan - Volcano Keeper Becomes a Lightning Rod in Indonesia .. attempted to deal with issues people all over the world are wondering about. Issues of the unknown and the human beings relationship with the unknown.

Having observed the chatter and discussions about the Volcano Keeper's death, it occurred to me that there is an aspect to this story that materialists cannot understand .. and 'death' is a real problem for the material mind.

An earthquake can tear apart a village and it can also tear apart a city. A volcano eruption can cover a town or village in lava or ash and it can also cover a city in ash and totally disrupt the lives of all communities downwind of the ash clouds.

Let us wander on another trail far off the beaten track to observe the landscape beyond science and beyond logic, because science and logic do not have all the answers .. '.)

No one talks about (or understands) the people's love for the volcano .. those who are afraid of physical death live in perpetual fear .. and that covers the 'majority' of people on Earth today. We who enter physical existence are born to die and yet we fear death!

Perhaps Indonesia's Volcano Whisperer did not fear death .. and even worse than that .. perhaps he loved the volcano more than he loved life.

Hundred's of ordinary Indonesian farmers died since Merapi's eruptions began, because they returned to feed their cattle .. they also died returning to the place they loved. From a Celtic perspective their MINDS as well as their hearts were part of the land and part of the volcano.

Science will never be able to analyse, categorize nor explain 'love'. Only love can understand love... only truth can understand truth... these are simple concepts as old as mankind. The people who died returning to their land were genetically part of the volcano, their physical bodies were (over generations) affected by the volcano .. these people are a part of the volcano. Perhaps most important of all is that those who returned were not AFRAID of the volcano .. even when it was erupting.

To a human planetary species in 2010, who live to consume the planet at all costs and who see the Earth's resources as a commodity .. to buy and sell .. the people who breathe the essence of the land they live in and who love the Earth as their own children... Those people are seen as something to be moved out of the way.

What is a 'city' but an artificial environment? How many people die each day of 'city life'? How many die of air pollution in cities or from water pollution and from the cars and the hectic way of life? How many more people die each day killed by the city or town they live in? Which is more dangerous, a volcano or a city? Personally, I consider cities and city life more dangerous than a volcano, because a human being can die a natural death or a human being can die before they are dead. Which would you prefer?

No one can comment on or even pretend to judge the so-called stupid people who died in Indonesia because they did not listen to warnings to stay away from the evacuation areas .. because unless you have walked in their shoes .. you don't know what you are talking about.

Volcanoes are strange creatures .. they dramatically breathe both life and death into the Earth.

Volcanoes send essential nutrients, minerals, particles and electro-magnetic ions into the atmosphere of our world .. particles essential to life. They breathe life around the planet as they destroy life closest to them. They feed and enrich the soil. The lava and ash first destroy and then breed new life into the land.

The most difficult to understand for the material mind is the 'initiation' of the spirit that is beyond physical 3D reality. The strange and unseen world where the physical, charred body of Indonesia's Volcano Whisperer is left bowed to the ground as though in prayer, while his spirit becomes part of the spirit of the volcano.

To understand this one would have to have the eyes of spirit open and be aware of death while alive or understand my Celtic Saying: "Never criticize the death of another until you have died yourself."

Keywords: Socrates - The Cave dwellers

Friday, November 12, 2010

Volcanic Eruption Benue State Nigeria

Official Volcanic activity reporting sites and world media ignore the volcanic eruptions at Abelakpam Mountain in Mkomon District of Kwande, Nigeria.

The Nigerian Government are ignoring the eruption that took place around November 4 in Benue State .. official global volcanism programs are not reporting the recent seismic and volcanic activity in the region of the Biu Volcano, Nigeria. I find this hard to believe .. because, if a volcano erupted on Mars it would be headline news around the world .. Newsweek, Discovery TV, National Geographic, CNN ..

In the rush to ignore this event everyone is missing the most significant fact, and that is the TIMING of the eruption in the middle of nowhere, in the mountains of Nigeria. This eruption happened at a time when Indonesia was exploding, Iceland was rumbling as Grimsvötn began melting tons of ice after the Mentawai tsunami and as Mt. Bulusan in the Philippines began to spew steam and ash. Therefore, it is tectonically relevant that tremors and an eruption also followed in Benue State.

MakurdiThe Conference of Nigeria Political Parties (CNPP), Benue State chapter, has condemned the lukewarm attitude of the Benue State government to the volcanic eruptions at Abelakpam Mountain in Mkomon District of Kwande Local Government Area, saying it shows lack of value for human lives.

Last week's volcanic eruption in the Mkomoh District of Kwande Local Government Area of Benue State, which claimed one life, has, indeed, sent warning signs to the government and people of the state, as there are still areas in the state prone to future volcanic disturbances.

Kwande Volcanic Eruption: 11 November, 2010 - Residents of Makurdi are now living in fear following reports of uncommon happenings at the mountainous Mkomon community in Kwande Local Government Area of Benue State where a volcanic eruption claimed two lives while property worth millions of Naira have also been destroyed.

The latest incident in Mkomon is the fourth in the series of eruptions in the rather forgotten community some six hours drive from Makurdi most of which is done by motorcycle popularly known as Okada. The first eruption in the community occurred as far back as 26 years ago in 1984 followed by others in 2005 and 2009.

Unfortunately nothing was done by way of an indepth study to pre-empt further occurrence until the latest incident. But unlike the case a few days ago, the earlier eruptions recorded in the mountainous community did little or no damage at all to inhabitants of the area that also borders Cameroun Republic.

The community of predominantly farmers consisting of Ityuluv-Niev, Injor Niev-ya and Iwa Niev-ya natives has been devastated and cut off from the rest of the world, no thanks to a volcanic eruption that was preceded by heavy tremor that saw rocks crashing down from the hill and destroying farmlands and houses in its wake.

Narrating their ordeal to newsmen who thronged the community to see things for themselves, the kindred head of Mkomon, Chief Gabriel Aja, explained that on November 4, 2010, the entire district was terrified by a heavy vibration never experienced before.

Chief Aja who conducted journalists many kilometres around the disaster sites also grieved over the loss of his 30-year-old nephew, Mr. Shaaka Aja, who died in the incident alongside a teenager. He said: "We could do nothing but just leave our fate to God", adding that the magma emitted from the eruption has not only polluted their only source of potable water, the KIPAM Stream, but that crops and houses worth several millions of Naira have also been destroyed.

Chief Aja's tale was also corroborated by a former chairman of Kwande local government, Akombo Ande Akombo, who lamented the neglect of the people by the State government in spite of repeated eruptions in the community.

Meanwhile, a geologist with the University of Agriculture, Mr. Abagyegh Ingyorokogh, has described the emissions at Abelakpa Mountain as a "function of geological forces" within the earth crust where magma substances boil, thereby forcing the earth to crack.

Mr. Ingyorokogh further said the magma could travel a long distance and cause great havoc depending on the space of the crack on the mountain which is occasioned by tensional forces under the earth.

The geologist who suggested that an indepth scientific research be carried out around the mountain to determine the level of volcanic threat to the lives of the people, called on the Federal Government to construct protective demarcation lines around the mountain and also evacuate the people from any looming future occurrence.

Also commenting on the incident, an environmentalist, Mr. Hyacinth Vaatyough, with Environmental Space Agency, Abuja said it was a volcanic slide, warning the people against drinking water, including rain water, likely to have been contaminated by the magma.

Meanwhile, as the community continue to live in fear of the unknown they have also made a passionate appeal to the state and federal governments to come to their rescue since the only available bridge in the community had been cut into pieces and water gushing from the eruption sight has also flooded parts of the community.

Monday, November 08, 2010

Indonesian Minister: Tsunami Eruption Act of God

This is a 2010 comment from the Indonesian Jakarta Post correcting the inhuman statement/claims of the Indonesian Government's "Technology Minister", Tifatul Sembiring who claims that MORAL DEPRAVITY caused the Mentawai tsunami and the Mount Merapi eruptions .. and this retarded guy is the so-called Technology Minister .. unbelievable ..'.)

Mythical perceptions of nature and survival
Al Makin, Yogyakarta | Mon, 11/08/2010 9:56 AM | Opinion

Keep in mind that the victims of natural disasters in Indonesia, such as the floods in Wasior, Papua, the tsunami in Mentawai, West Sumatra, and the volcanic eruption of Mount Merapi in Central Java, were not sinful people. They did nothing wrong. Nor did they commit adultery or any other evil deeds. These disasters were not God’s punishment.

Thus, insensitive remarks made by Tifatul Sembiring, the current communications and information Technology Minister, are absolutely unsympathetic. He said moral “depravity and decadence” had led to the natural catastrophes. This is simply a delusion.

Once again, the victims, like all Indonesians, are innocent people, but were plagued by misery, and because of this we have to extend our hands to help them. Condolences should be conveyed. Those who were drowned in the flood, swept by away by mountain-like waves, and burned by hot lava and ash were not punished because of their wrongdoings.

Remember that the most devastating disaster in the country’s history was the tsunami that hit Aceh five years ago. But that happened neither because the people were rebellious to the central government in Jakarta nor because they failed to enact Sharia law as they do now. In this case, religious norms and ethics are not the root causes.

It is true that certain natural catastrophes, such as global warming and flooding in Jakarta, were the consequences of mischievous human behavior. Man has somehow contributed to these miseries. We mankind are not committed enough to keep the balance of our ecosystem.

We have cut down too many trees in the forest, burned too much fuel, produced too vast a quantity of greenhouses gases, and failed to manage our cities wisely. We, mankind, are responsible for the destruction of some parts of this earth. Nature has been treated unfairly.

Nevertheless, natural disasters are often uncontrollable. It is beyond the ability of humans to avoid them. Scriptures and old chronicles — in their own ways — recorded the impacts of nature’s cruelty on human cultures and civilizations.

Noah and his people were confronted with a great flood — a story preserved and reenacted several times in the Babylonian texts, Sumerian texts, the Bible, the Koran and other Mediterranean traditions.

Furthermore, the Bible and the Koran also record the accounts of tribes, people, and villages destroyed by earthquakes, heavy rain, fire and plagues. As described in many science books, natural disasters and global climate change led to the extinction of the dinosaurs.

Just over a thousand years ago, the volcanic rage of Mount Merapi forced the old Javanese Kingdom to move from Central Java to East Java. Borobudur Temple, which stands as a testament to the ancient Javanese architecture, was buried by the volcano. An earthquake devastated Prambanan and other nearby temples many times.

From ancient times to present day, man has always faced nature’s wrath — a challenge that has stimulated man’s curiosity (from time to time) to further investigate the true forces of nature.

We Indonesians, surrounded by oceans and active volcanoes on the Ring of Fire should learn more lessons from nature. We should be able to differentiate between scientific explanations and mythical belief, so that preventive action can be taken.

Mbah Marijan, who was believed to be the spiritual guardian of Mount Merapi as entrusted by the Sultan of Yogyakarta, did not heed warnings from geologists that the mountain was ready to erupt. By staying put in his house on the slopes of the mountain he lost his life. Hot ash killed him.

His sad ending was not the result of his sins. But rather his mythical belief was the root cause of the grief. However, Mbah Marijan — like those who were hit by the tsunami in Mentawai, drowned by floods in Wasior and the two good men who tried to rescue him but instead died by his side — were innocent, not adulterous as theorized by Tifatul.

Mythical and religious perspectives, which can easily be distorted by preachers and politicians to make people afraid, still dominate our perception of nature. For the sake of our survival, warnings based on scientific observations and research should be heeded. Or else, Indonesians, like dinosaurs, will vanish.

The writer is a lecturer at the Sunan Kalijaga State Islamic University, Yogyakarta.

The Indonesian Government, struggling to get emergency supplies to those affected by the latest earthquake announced earlier this month plans to spend 100 Trillion Rp to upgrade their military. The defense minister said that 16.8 billion Rp would be needed for military upgrade over the next five years.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Volcanoes Can Take One by Surprise

(almost the) 2010 Place of the Year

By Jan Zalasiewicz

Volcanoes can take one by surprise. That was the case with Mount St. Helens, that famously erupted sideways rather than upwards, and it was certainly so, two millennia back, when sleeping Vesuvius awoke to bury Pompeii and many of its citizens. Eyjafjallajokull may not have been quite so dramatic, but its effects, in tearing a large hole in our complex and delicate network of global airline communication, certainly rippled around the world.

To a geologist, the presence of a volcano on Iceland isn’t at all surprising. After all, Iceland is literally, and continuously, splitting apart, as this island sits exactly on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. That mighty planet-sized fracture is continuously oozing magma, as the Americas pull ever farther apart – by a couple of centimeters a year, maintained for over a hundred million years – from Africa and Europe.

What raised a few eyebrows, though (mine, for sure) was the sheer filthiness of the eruption, and the amount of ash that it hurled high into the atmosphere, to the alarm of airline companies just about everywhere. For volcanoes that sit astride mid-ocean ridges are by nature generally placid by nature. For sure, they produce what seem like spectacular firework displays for the TV cameras, and flowing lava can, here and there, play merry hell with real estate values.

This is nothing, though, compared to the paroxysmal eruptions – Krakatoa, Pinatubo and the like – that occur in those parts of the world where tectonic plates are colliding. The violence of such cataclysms can destroy a whole country (and even Krakatoa was small compared to the great eruptions of the deep geological past). So why was Eyjafjallajokull trying to behave like one of the bad boys?

One answer is ice. Lying far north, Iceland is a land not just of volcanoes but of glaciers too – one of which lies on top of Eyjafjallajokull. As the uprushing magma came into contact with this, the ice flashed into steam, the expansion of which added quite a bit of oomph to the eruption. The lava, in turn, rapidly chilled by the ice, solidified quickly as it emerged, the thermal stresses shattering it into countless tiny fragments. This produced lots of ash, to be carried high into the atmosphere in the steam-driven (turbo-charged, if you like) eruption plume. It’s a bit (only a bit, mind) like putting a lot of wet wood and leaves on to a bonfire. This was one smoky volcano, and it seriously annoyed the neighbours.

Volcanic ash, of course, is feared by airline pilots, and justifiably so. One of the scariest experiences in all of flight history took place in 1982 when a British Airways Boeing 747, carrying 263 people, flew into an ash cloud from an erupting Indonesian volcano, Mount Galunggung. Ash particles entered the jet engines, melted against the hot metal, and, in effect, clogged them with reconstituted magma. All four engines failed, and the airplane, now completely without power, began to plunge towards the Indian Ocean.

The pilots kept their nerve, and prepared to ditch into the sea, while at the same time trying to restart the engines. The attempts failed until, when just a few thousand meters above the sea, the engines – amazingly – coughed back into life. They were able to fly to Jakarta, and landed safely (though not without difficulty, as the windscreen was almost opaque through being sandblasted by the sharp ash particles).

They had been saved by the same phenomenon that made Eyjafjallajokull such a disruptive volcano: thermal shock. As the stricken airplane descended, the cold air rushing through the lifeless engines chilled the molten ash, freezing it into solid volcanic glass. The chilling was fast enough for thermal stresses to shatter this glass, causing enough of it to break off to allow the engines to re-start. It was a lucky squeak.

That was learning through experience, and it is not the kind of experience that anyone would like to repeat. Hence the caution over Eyjafjallajokull, and the determination to learn from the less dangerous form of experience that can be achieved by good, thoughtful science. Thus, can one specify just what levels of ash in the sky are dangerous? For that, of course, one needs to know as much as possible about the complex paths the ash particles take through the atmosphere, and how they are affected by the forces – turbulence, gravity, electrostatic effects – that act upon them.

One needs to understand the volcanoes better, too. Sitting next to Eyjafjallajokull is Katla. This is a bigger and potentially more threatening volcano that has, in the past, tended to erupt not long after its small and unpronounceable cousin. Will it do so again?

It’s a never-ending story, trying to understand this Earth of ours better, so that we can live more securely and happily upon it. What is certain, though, is that the surprises won’t stop. We’d better get used to that.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Philippine Indonesian Nigerian Volcanoes Get Active

In the Philippenes Sorsogon's Mt Bulusan spewed ash and steam. The ash ejection was observed at 8:11 am on Saturday, with ash clouds drifting over four towns. Although there are no signs of an imminent eruption the volcano continues to vent off steam and ash. Scientists say the hydrothermal disturbance is not expected to result in an eruption.

Eruptions from Indonesia's Mount Merapi are becoming more violent, as scientists warn of a potential mega explosion to come. Geophysicists have become aware of a huge magma resevoir - and are now warning of Merapi's coming mega eruption.

The latest eruption was the biggest so far in the series of ongoing activity, as a new lava dome formed experts are puzzled by the increasing violence of the eruptions. The eruptions Saturday morning (November 6, 2010) was the biggest so far - in over a century - with ash reaching 120 kilometers high.

Mount Merapi Building Up To Another Krakatoa?
A week of ongoing explosive eruptions has "baffled" experts monitoring Merapi because earlier they had predicted that the eruptions following the initial blast last week would ease pressure building up behind a magma dome. Instead the eruptions have intensified. An estimated 50 million cubic meters of volcanic material had been released by 5th of November 2010. NewsTime

On November 3, 2010 Mt Anak Krakatau [Child of Krakatoa] began releasing toxic gases, but an eruption of the volcano is said to be unlikely.

Biu Volcano, Nigeria - Unconfirmed reports from Nigeria were describing the sudden eruption of their only volcano, on November 5, 2010. Nigeria's volcano is located on the Cameroon line in Northeast Nigeria, on a tectonic fault stretching all the way to Sao Tome and Principe, off the West coast of Africa.

Media sources reported tremors shaking the areas were followed by an eruption. The Nigerian media are reporting that the people fleeing the area are cut off after tremors and shaking destroyed roads and bridges. Magma from the eruption has covered the only source of fresh water polluting streams and hand dug wells.

From Volcan-actif "Une éruption serait survenue hier dans la région de Benue, près de la frontière avec le Cameroun. Cette nouvelle est relayée aujourd'hui par plusieurs sites mais le conditionnel est (plus que jamais) de rigueur. J'attend confirmation avant de donner de plus amples précisions... "

An eruption would have occurred yesterday in the Benue region, near the border with Cameroon. This news was relayed today by several sites, but the conditional is (more than ever) practiced. I'm waiting for confirmation before giving more details ...

Biu Volcano - John Seach
10.75 N, 12.00 E
summit elevation 910 m
Volcanic field

Biu Volcano is located in NE Nigeria. The volcanic field sits at the NE end of the Benue trough. The trough is related to the
separation of Africa from South America.

The trough runs from the Niger delta to the Chad basin, and is filled with folded Cretaceous sediments and scarce volcanic rocks with a maximum total thickness of 5500 m. The Benue trough runs parallel to the Cameroon line, which is a tectonic fault stretching from Sao Tome and Principe to Nigeria. Cinder cones and lava flows are located on the Biu Plateau. Eruptions have been dated at 840,000 years ago.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Grimsvötn Iceland 2004 Indian Ocean Quake Tsunami

In ancient times of the Vikings, Celts and the Gauls November, December to January were considered times of potential disaster. They had good reason to know that these three months could bring catastrophic change, because the times they lived in were a lot more unstable.

Our ancestors had knowledge and experience we have lost, because like Industrial Hemp fibers their knowledge was outlawed .. their knowledge was criminalized as being 'against God'. At that time suppression came from the laws of a single growing religious dominance spreading out across Europe.

In a rapidly changing world the people who knew what they knew were called 'pagans', ignorant and misguided. Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions became 'the will of God' rather than an astronomical event.

For at least the last thousands years humans experienced relatively calm temperate climates, less devastating earthquakes than those experienced in the distant past and less devastating volcanic eruptions than our early ancestors experienced. Gradually, people were told that their early ancestors were primitive, superstitious, pagan-god worshipers who knew nothing about the world they lived in.

Yet, all around Europe very ancient standing stones, dolmens and stonehenges mirror star alignments, marking the rising and the setting of the sun and cycles of the moon .. these are Archeoastronomy sites (many were destroyed), and they show another clue to the knowledge of our forefathers than told to us by ?? whoever made up the crap people are taught today.

It appears that the world is once more entering a long cycle of chaotic upheaval and sudden change, as was experienced by our early ancestors. If I am correct, then it would be a good idea to rediscover the ancient Archeo-astronomy and apply it to our experience, rather than become frozen with fear.

For example, if you knew that certain Earth Sun positions, at certain times of the year would increase the potential for devastating earthquakes and serious volcanic eruptions .. then that knowledge would become part of how you deal with the situation. It may even become part of how you prepare.

Thank you to the website for triggering this realization. As I was reading the wealth of information they have gathered together, suddenly everything fell into place ..

Grimsvötn Iceland 2004 Indian Ocean Quake Tsunami
Iceland, November 2004 - Grimsvötn suddenly erupted .. The eruption started at the subglacial Grimsvotn volcano in the Vatnajokull ice cap on November 1st - with eruptions lasting five days.

Grimsvötn is considered Iceland's most active volcano, which will erupt once or twice every ten to fifteen years. The eruptions are not massive - nothing like Eyjafjallajokull and certainly not as dangerous as Katla. Grimsvötn could be viewed as an early-warning ..

Sumatra - December 26, 2004 .. an undersea megathrust earthquake struck the Indian Ocean. The magnitude 9.3 quake triggered a massive wave whose devasting tsunami killed tens of thousands of coastal dwellers in eleven countries bordering the Indian Ocean.

Apparently, these events were unrelated. Scientists claimed they were too far apart in terms of physical location and timing of activity to have any connection. Grimsvötn, Iceland erupts November 1, 2004 .. Sumatra in the Indian Ocean experiences an earthquake December 26, 2004 .. How can those events be related?

Stop and look at what is happening in 2010 and you may begin to see the relationship. The two areas once again show signs of activity in November; but it is the other way round and the events are closer together. This is why I suspect tilt of the Earth (season) as well as the position of the Earth and the Sun [perhaps the moon also].

We are looking again at 'quake tsunami' in Indonesia as Grimsvötn begins to show signs of activity in Iceland. On October 25, 2010 a magnitude 7.7 earthquake rattled the coast of Indonesia setting off a localised tsunami, while on October 25, 2010 Indonesia's Mount Merapi volcano erupts violently, has continued to erupt and is still erupting as I write. This is the 11th day of eruptions as significant earthquakes continue to rattle Indonesian waters with a magnitude 6.0 on November 3 and a magnitude 5.4 on November 4, 2010.

In Iceland around October 31, 2010 there have been indications that Grimsvötn volcano was becoming active again since its last eruptions in November 2004. Rivers show signs that ice is melting as a magnitude 3.0 earthquake wakens Grimsvötn .. 3 days later a magnitude 3.0 earthquake registered at Iceland's Katla volcano.

Here are two regions of the world showing signs of activity in November .. again .. so there has to be a relationship. That relationship is the hidden third factor. I think our early ancestors knew the 'third factor'. This is related to astronomical and Earth magnetic cycles as well as Sun magnetic cycles. Activity in Indonesia and activity in Iceland are not unrelated, because a third unseen principle is affecting these two locations beginning October/November.

This does not mean that every November-January period will bring catastrophic change or devastation. This does not mean that Grimsvötn in Iceland will erupt followed by some kind of earthquake or tsunami or disaster around the world by December/January. This simply means that here is a pattern, playing itself out in seasonal = astronomical cycles.

It means that understanding the pattern allows us to deal with the effects in a different way. Everything in this universe is related and we are a part of that relationship.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Earthquakes Serbia Turkey Indonesia Katla

A magnitude 6.0 earthquake struck off the coast of eastern Indonesia today. Western Turkey, was shaken by a 5.3 quake as a magnitude 5.6 earthquake partly destroyed buildings in Kraljevo, Serbia. Mount Merapi, Indonesia erupted violently as the strong earthquake shook the eastern side of the Islands off Papua province, setting off what has been the biggest eruption so far from the continually active Merapi volcano.

Iceland's biggest volcano, Katla added a magnitude 3.0 earthquake to the chorus of activity reverberating around the planet. An earthquake near iceland's biggest volcano Katla, has set off fears of an imminent eruption. Don't hold your breath, but Grímsvötn woke up Katla.

Grímsvötn awakens .. Usually in Iceland when the rivers start rising along with tremors that are unusual and a bit of flooding soon after a volcano erupts. This time it is Iceland's Grímsvötn, the volcano has not erupted but the other signs that something is happening shows. A few days ago the rivers started to flood, raising river levels in the area by around 30cm. Specifically one river in Gigja.

Glacier Melt In Iceland Hints At Volcanic Activity - RedOrbit

As we are seeing increasing volcanic activity - earthquake and tsunami scientists in Iceland began noticing signs of glacial melt around the sleeping Grímsvötn ===>

Scientists said Monday that torrents of water are pouring from a glacier that sits on Iceland's most active volcano, which indicates that the mountain is growing hotter and may be erupting soon.

University of Iceland geophysicist Pall Einarsson told the Associated Press (AP) on Monday that the flood which started Thursday at the Grimsvotn volcano is similar to the one in 2004 that lasted five days and ended with an eruption that disrupted European air traffic.

Not many people have picked up on this (as I write), but a few good sources are reporting on this hardly noticed - pretty serious - unfolding of events. The Iceland Review help us with an explanation of a 'Jökulhlaup' .. I think it's a sort of glacial hiccup .. What is a "Jökulhlaup"?

An earthquake of magnitude 3.0 on the Richter scale occurred underneath the Grímsfjall mountain in Vatnajökull on the night before first indications of the jökulhlaup were observed. [Read the article cos it is very informative. Thank you people of Iceland]

I gather that around October 31 a magnitude 3.0 earthquake woke up Grímsfjall mountain in Vatnajökull, and has since been answered by Katla with a magnitude 3.0 earthquake, 3 days later .. yes things are heating up on planet Earth. The Iceland Review inform us that Grímsvötn, a very active volcano that last erupted after the flood in November 2004, is now being closely monitored for an eruption.

ICELAND – AND THE rest of Europe – are on volcanic/ash cloud watch again. When meltwater began flooding from the glacial lake in the crater of Grimsvotn volcano on Iceland’s biggest glacier Vatnajokull yesterday, geological officials began to fear it might be about to erupt. [this article has some very pretty pictures]

Everyone is talking about either Grimsvötn volcano erupting or Katla volcano erupting .. but what if both of them erupt? Here is a good volcano updating site on the ongoing changes, Vulkaner. It seems that Grimsvötn likes to waken up in November, which is kind of interesting. I wonder if it could also be related to the seasonal positions of the Earth and the Sun. [ How silly of me '.) ]

Keywords: Grímsfjall - Vatnajökull - Grimsvotn - Katla - Jökulhlaup - Merapi - eruptions

Monday, November 01, 2010

Ancestors From The Future

1.11.2010 .. Our ancestors knew something basic about the Earth's frequencies during the seasons, during the equinoxes and especially at times of the solstice. Unseen and barely detectable frequency doors open and close at key time all over the planet as the cycles of the Moon plays its part in the process I call Astrological Geometry.

Over the last few years there has been a trend of portraying Samdain (Halloween) as a primitive Celtic ritual where ghosts and spirits of the dead pass through our physical 3D world on their way to who knows where. And this fairy-tale is created by a system that has spent the last 200 years sabotaging research into unseen dimensions through ridicule and destroying the lives of those who would dare attempt to go against the Roman Saturnian state and religious laws.

That same system-in-denial feeds global society mentally diminished stories and cultural archeological non-facts making the unseen worlds appear to be a psychological fantasy, in which adults play out that fantasy in a child-like idiotic manner. This is what you are fed and all of you eat it up like la-la-land addicts.

I don't know if any of you have read Frank Herbert's Dune? But there was an interesting concept in Dune and Dune Messiah where the spice addicted fortunetellers and oracle diviners were clouding the 'future' with their readings. My own impression of Dune is that Paul Muad'Dib (Dune's central character) had become the spice. Meaning that he could see the many paths of the future .. those that would lead to the end of mankind and those that led to a world one could live in.

As a 'seer' I can tell you that the whole idiotic psychological behavior of masses of people on key planetary-cycles distorts FOR THEM the whole meaning and potential transformation within those cycles. The truth is that no one today knows what the Celts did at those times, because there is no real account of their culture other than what the Romans wrote. I think the Romans are still writing the scripts for the media and the politicians today.

Coming back from the future, what would you hear, see or feel if you were silent and in tune?

Don't think that your(our) future is an accidental occurrence where the driver is sitting in the past looking out ahead and making all the decisions. The so-called future also comes to us from those who walk ahead.

We are attached to the mothers of the future though an umbilical cord woven from cycles. There are some pretty bad future(s) out there and a few dead-ends .. but something unique inside the minds of the people incarnate on the planet now makes the decision which future and which cycle becomes our reality.

It is not THOUGHT that connects you to the future, it is who you ARE that connects.

All the planetary transition cycles operating now until 2015 will create a non-matrix buzz within the Earth humanoid species. Imagine that your soul goes around and around the 26,000 year cycles (and more) repeating the same over and over again until something changes.

That change is not the isolated individual, it is a deeper change of all the spirits incarnate who work together whether they know it or not. It is an energetic change that triggers a psychological change within the brain.

We do not lift out of this ignorance alone.

Parents of the future give birth to our transformation through linking with us in the same way we link with and remove a child or an animal from a refuge. This is why it is very important that we do not leave people to needlessly suffer, the way the people have been left to die after the latest Indonesian tsunami.

There is incredible selfishness, greed and cruelty on this world; but if we (all of us) refuse this cruelty with our minds - it cannot hold us down and continue to feed from us. This is a bit like Bleache's Orihime Inoue's "Santen Kesshun I reject" defensive technique.

We are currently in an extremely violent outwardly aggressive male attack planetary society. That is not the energy of the future. We do not need to attack, we need to defend. And the ways we need to defend are extraordinary. For example, a future aircraft defends itself with a field and not with direct attack. Nicola Tesla already devised plans for extraordinary defense. When your defense is highly advanced you do not need to attack.

Celtic Ancestors Holes have opened in the skies of Earth and too many spirits are greedy to be born into physical reality. Spirits are flooding into the physical Earth, overwhelming the silence of the spirit Earth. The balance between birth and sustainability has been broken.

Mother Earth is aware of the holes in the sky and is aware of the increasing flood of human spirits breaking the balance between physical Earth and spirit Earth. If this would continue, everyone would die. There is a purpose to life on Earth beyond the physical. That purpose would also be lost.

Many of the changes Mother Earth will make will be slow, over thousands of years, to stop the flow of death and to heal and regrow the force of life. Human beings will be challenged to adapt and change. The ongoing Earthchanges will re-educate man to re-discover his place on the Earth. How mankind responds to the challenges will define the future.