Saturday, November 13, 2010

Volcano Whisperer(s)

Indonesia's appointed 'Mystical Keeper of The Volcano', Mbah Maridjan, had defied government orders to evacuate his home as Mount Merapi burst to life. Keeper Maridjan’s charred body was later found in the ruins of his home, prostrated, forehead to the floor, in a position of prayer. People with him also died as they tried to convince him to leave...

Published in the New York Times, an article about Mbah Maridjan - Volcano Keeper Becomes a Lightning Rod in Indonesia .. attempted to deal with issues people all over the world are wondering about. Issues of the unknown and the human beings relationship with the unknown.

Having observed the chatter and discussions about the Volcano Keeper's death, it occurred to me that there is an aspect to this story that materialists cannot understand .. and 'death' is a real problem for the material mind.

An earthquake can tear apart a village and it can also tear apart a city. A volcano eruption can cover a town or village in lava or ash and it can also cover a city in ash and totally disrupt the lives of all communities downwind of the ash clouds.

Let us wander on another trail far off the beaten track to observe the landscape beyond science and beyond logic, because science and logic do not have all the answers .. '.)

No one talks about (or understands) the people's love for the volcano .. those who are afraid of physical death live in perpetual fear .. and that covers the 'majority' of people on Earth today. We who enter physical existence are born to die and yet we fear death!

Perhaps Indonesia's Volcano Whisperer did not fear death .. and even worse than that .. perhaps he loved the volcano more than he loved life.

Hundred's of ordinary Indonesian farmers died since Merapi's eruptions began, because they returned to feed their cattle .. they also died returning to the place they loved. From a Celtic perspective their MINDS as well as their hearts were part of the land and part of the volcano.

Science will never be able to analyse, categorize nor explain 'love'. Only love can understand love... only truth can understand truth... these are simple concepts as old as mankind. The people who died returning to their land were genetically part of the volcano, their physical bodies were (over generations) affected by the volcano .. these people are a part of the volcano. Perhaps most important of all is that those who returned were not AFRAID of the volcano .. even when it was erupting.

To a human planetary species in 2010, who live to consume the planet at all costs and who see the Earth's resources as a commodity .. to buy and sell .. the people who breathe the essence of the land they live in and who love the Earth as their own children... Those people are seen as something to be moved out of the way.

What is a 'city' but an artificial environment? How many people die each day of 'city life'? How many die of air pollution in cities or from water pollution and from the cars and the hectic way of life? How many more people die each day killed by the city or town they live in? Which is more dangerous, a volcano or a city? Personally, I consider cities and city life more dangerous than a volcano, because a human being can die a natural death or a human being can die before they are dead. Which would you prefer?

No one can comment on or even pretend to judge the so-called stupid people who died in Indonesia because they did not listen to warnings to stay away from the evacuation areas .. because unless you have walked in their shoes .. you don't know what you are talking about.

Volcanoes are strange creatures .. they dramatically breathe both life and death into the Earth.

Volcanoes send essential nutrients, minerals, particles and electro-magnetic ions into the atmosphere of our world .. particles essential to life. They breathe life around the planet as they destroy life closest to them. They feed and enrich the soil. The lava and ash first destroy and then breed new life into the land.

The most difficult to understand for the material mind is the 'initiation' of the spirit that is beyond physical 3D reality. The strange and unseen world where the physical, charred body of Indonesia's Volcano Whisperer is left bowed to the ground as though in prayer, while his spirit becomes part of the spirit of the volcano.

To understand this one would have to have the eyes of spirit open and be aware of death while alive or understand my Celtic Saying: "Never criticize the death of another until you have died yourself."

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