Saturday, November 06, 2010

Philippine Indonesian Nigerian Volcanoes Get Active

In the Philippenes Sorsogon's Mt Bulusan spewed ash and steam. The ash ejection was observed at 8:11 am on Saturday, with ash clouds drifting over four towns. Although there are no signs of an imminent eruption the volcano continues to vent off steam and ash. Scientists say the hydrothermal disturbance is not expected to result in an eruption.

Eruptions from Indonesia's Mount Merapi are becoming more violent, as scientists warn of a potential mega explosion to come. Geophysicists have become aware of a huge magma resevoir - and are now warning of Merapi's coming mega eruption.

The latest eruption was the biggest so far in the series of ongoing activity, as a new lava dome formed experts are puzzled by the increasing violence of the eruptions. The eruptions Saturday morning (November 6, 2010) was the biggest so far - in over a century - with ash reaching 120 kilometers high.

Mount Merapi Building Up To Another Krakatoa?
A week of ongoing explosive eruptions has "baffled" experts monitoring Merapi because earlier they had predicted that the eruptions following the initial blast last week would ease pressure building up behind a magma dome. Instead the eruptions have intensified. An estimated 50 million cubic meters of volcanic material had been released by 5th of November 2010. NewsTime

On November 3, 2010 Mt Anak Krakatau [Child of Krakatoa] began releasing toxic gases, but an eruption of the volcano is said to be unlikely.

Biu Volcano, Nigeria - Unconfirmed reports from Nigeria were describing the sudden eruption of their only volcano, on November 5, 2010. Nigeria's volcano is located on the Cameroon line in Northeast Nigeria, on a tectonic fault stretching all the way to Sao Tome and Principe, off the West coast of Africa.

Media sources reported tremors shaking the areas were followed by an eruption. The Nigerian media are reporting that the people fleeing the area are cut off after tremors and shaking destroyed roads and bridges. Magma from the eruption has covered the only source of fresh water polluting streams and hand dug wells.

From Volcan-actif "Une éruption serait survenue hier dans la région de Benue, près de la frontière avec le Cameroun. Cette nouvelle est relayée aujourd'hui par plusieurs sites mais le conditionnel est (plus que jamais) de rigueur. J'attend confirmation avant de donner de plus amples précisions... "

An eruption would have occurred yesterday in the Benue region, near the border with Cameroon. This news was relayed today by several sites, but the conditional is (more than ever) practiced. I'm waiting for confirmation before giving more details ...

Biu Volcano - John Seach
10.75 N, 12.00 E
summit elevation 910 m
Volcanic field

Biu Volcano is located in NE Nigeria. The volcanic field sits at the NE end of the Benue trough. The trough is related to the
separation of Africa from South America.

The trough runs from the Niger delta to the Chad basin, and is filled with folded Cretaceous sediments and scarce volcanic rocks with a maximum total thickness of 5500 m. The Benue trough runs parallel to the Cameroon line, which is a tectonic fault stretching from Sao Tome and Principe to Nigeria. Cinder cones and lava flows are located on the Biu Plateau. Eruptions have been dated at 840,000 years ago.