Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Matrix War Cycles 1810 or Was That 2010?

Little boys like playing with fire and bigger little-boys like playing with missiles and Nuclear shrooms .. so back down the line in 1810 (just in case you missed it - that was 200 years ago) there were the Napoleonic Wars. The only things to have changed in that time is Napoleon shot his shroom-bombs using a cannon and today men use advanced explosive technology, computer guided missiles, atomic missiles and ?? it is not that much different.

The problem is your mind.. or the lack of one. Mankind just loves the Matrix.. the drama.. the insecurity.. the explosiveness.. the repetition.. Just keep repeating the same pattern over and over again like a bad B rate movie. Let's call it "The 100 Year Dementia Wars". Maybe it is not every 100 years, but that sounds like a good title.

Oh! Sorry! Did I make you aware you are repeating yourself?
How rude of me '-)

The Napoleonic Wars are significant to today due to the technical developments in armed combat and Napoleon's military strategy. One of the major components in Napoleon's arsenal of weaponry was heavy artillery fire with 8 to 12 pound cannons. These heavy artillery cannons were used in the American Civil War 1861 to 1865, and so nothing much changed military style between 1799 and 1865.. men were using swords, muskets, cannons and cavalry.

I seriously wonder.. is there some Matrix ghostwriter feeding humans the script over thousands of years? If so, then the writer has dementia and I think the dementia is getting worse.

From 1810 to 1812 Europe entered the Anglo-Swedish wars.. where Sweden attempted to partner with Napoleon. Are these Trade Wars? Sorry! Stupid question! Looking way back then, France and England were at war and by 1810 Sweden decided to align themselves with France.. the whole point being that England was Sweden's biggest trading partner.. Ooops! There is that 'Trade' word again! Funny!

A European 1810 - 1812 sea/naval conflict-of-interest unfolded.. maybe similar to the North and South Korean November 2010 conflict of interest with China on one side and America on the other. In 1810 English ships were allowed to use Swedish ports.. and dominant France did not like that agreement and so they put pressure on Sweden to send the English packing.

Trade power struggles from 1799 to 1815 were known as the Napoleonic Wars, the Anglo Swedish Wars and the 1807-1812 Anglo Russian Wars.. So, maybe I am wrong but this is a kind of similar behaviour in 2010.. archaic - isn't it!

Why do humans have to use killing and explosives, brute force and destruction to carve their way ahead? Then they repeat the same pattern of conflict over and over again as though the human mind is incapable of learning.

It is senile to imagine that North Korea is behind the latest November attacks on South Korea. Exchange France and England for China and America.. In 1810 it was France and England at war and in 2010 we face Geo-political trade wars between America and China. Played out on the Matrix chess board with a new kind of king and queen who can blow up the whole board with one nuclear detonation.

We trade across the seas.. that is obvious. China does not want the U.S. military sailing around in its waters. To imagine that North or South Korea has any power in this situation is insane. The North is controlled by China and the South is controlled by American interests. The two parties cannot agree and so a slowly evolving military conflict is creating tension.

If a planetary species does not evolve spiritually, then it resorts to 3D trade wars and struggle for 3D physical ownership of resources. Thousands of years ago the trade routes would be guarded by swords and today the trade routes are guarded by heavy duty nuclear weapons. How stupid!

It is obvious that over the next thousand years Asia (China and India) will dominate world trade and rapidly expand. These cycles are beyond 3D physical reality. From 2011 to 2111 there will be a long term change in the energies of growth from the material dominance of the Western Roman Empire to the beginning of a new Eastern Cycle.

No amount of atomic or any other kind of bombs will change that fact.

Of course, if you control trade routes and the new kid in town starts to take over, then ... things can get tough. But if you use your intelligence and look back over hundreds of years, perhaps you can move beyond the stuck-in-the-mud patterns of behaviour.

If the Western mind would transform - it would transform the planet..