Thursday, December 02, 2010

The Roulette Wheel of Debt...

This is a very good report from Monty Guild and well worth reading carefully and in depth. However, I slightly disagree with the 'Market Watcher' comment about a strong Germany, Sweden and Holland supporting their weaker sister nations in the EU... "We believe that the banks from the responsible European countries such as Germany, Sweden, and Holland are undoubtedly holding debt of Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, etc., often because they were pressured by their own politicians to support their sister nations in the EU."

I am not an 'economist' :) .. but I studied economics and I understand their perspective.. Only, I see things in a different light - one my Celtic ancestors revealed to me as a child. It has to do with the 'strong' and the 'weak'. Basically, my way of seeing relates to our common shared environment.

When you share resources such as the Earth's planetary resources and a large part of the planetary species are 'weak', then there are no 'strong' as in Germany, Sweden and Holland. In our present culture the strong are simply better at hiding their debts than the weak. The strong lenders are better poker players than the weak. They finance their lending from thin air and demand 'assets' and 'resources' back to pay off the 'debt'. They are just better players...

In a Celtic society the strong extend their benefits and stability to all nations in order to expand the solid base of their strength and share it. But in today's world being strong is simply how good you are at destabilising others. This is our world in 2010 and has been this way since the Roman Empire.

The market does not have answers for the types of crisis we are facing as a planetary society. It is not the market that will bring us out of this. The market is a tool, like a computer.. and the mind of the humans behind the computers have to radically change.

Humans use computers like clubs.. the mon(k)ey has a long bone in its hand and it hits the other mon(k)eys to gain dominance. This is how we are using computers today. It is a 'club'. And we do this, because the human animal does not understand the ability and capacity of its own mind. So, how is it going to understand a computer?

I was taught that the strong make the weak strong.. that is why they are strong. They are not afraid when others grow and develop. They know that their development lies in the shared strength of all. Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Spain and France are on this planet with everyone else sharing a planetary wealth given to us from the Earth and from the Sun. This is why our ancient ancestors honoured the Sun and respected the Earth.

If we do not acknowledge the Sun as a giver of life and the Earth as a provider of all our needs, that means we are weak.. and weakness means seeking advantage, putting others at a disadvantage and seeking control of the Earth's resources. Every country is doing that, because no one respects that the planet gives us our wealth.

In the culture of a planetary society there is a need for population balance so that the people living on the planet can share the resources and be strong together. We are heading for food shortages, because human beings are living outside the laws of nature.. the laws of balance.

We are currently a world in chaos, because we do not know how to live in balance. If we would live in balance weak and strong would not be an issue in this world...

Our shared view is too mono-simplistic. The number one fact is that the tools we have now face us with the fact that humans are a planetary species. Then add to that the birds, animals, rivers, oceans, trees, fish, insects, plants, reptiles, micro fauna and the Earth itself.

Nothing lives in isolation.. that is our strength!