Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Internet Time Travelers From 2044

Can you listen forward in time or does the information come back to you from the future? Chicken or the egg? Future or the past? Who knows? If the human soul is a time traveler then the future and the past are one - divided only by the illusion of time and space...

It was 2044 - but the people - the surfers of the world wide web were more advanced than we are today in 2010. Looking back in time they did not surf the world wide web.. they observed reality surfing the Cosmic Web.. of which we are a small chicken-egg lying in a nest [a quantum nest].

Observing the end of 2010, future web surfers were surfing a long series of past historical events [similar to slamming the brakes on ice], that had been seeking to artificially shape the future of the Internet.. The Register: UN committee could hand governments internet; It News: UN talks on Internet Regulation labelled "offensive" - US Congresswoman offers resolution: Hands off the internet!; The New American: UN Seek Global Internet Regime; Review Online: Protect The Internet...

Of course, the future Cosmic Web Surfers from 2044 [twenty forty-four] were free to look back in time and view the Earth's history, because there were no restrictions in their future, at that time... for them!

So, what happened?

If you look back from the future, what you see across the Ages of mankind is much much more than any kind of 2010 leak(s) [if you know what I mean].. There is reality, what is, the fact as it is and truth. Today we can attempt to paint the truth this colour or that colour, camouflage it and distort it; alter it or hide it from sight - but the truth is the truth no matter what we try to do with it.

Truth comes from the heart. You see it and you know it. You may turn away from the truth; but that is your problem. In the future they inwardly do not have those problems, which frees them to explore far beyond the world we know today.

It is like standing on the shore and looking out to sea, where you see ships sailing beyond the horizon. Very soon those ships disappear from sight. They have gone to a place far beyond the shores you stand on now.

Human beings have been doing this kind of 'beyond-the-horizon' navigation since the beginning. This is what the human species were born to do. Eagles have wings, dolphins swim in the oceans, horses run wild across the plains and trees bear the fruits of the earth.. and humans have a spirit too '.)

The Cosmic Web time travelers looked back at the egg that gave birth to their civilization and to their freedom. If they can look back, can we look forward? If you look into the future and see yourself.. who is the architect of your existence?

All this went far beyond the struggles of human beings on Earth and who controls the Internet.. It all went to the heart of the architecture of the human being and the human mind. If the planetary species of man is designed to be free.. having the wings to fly and the dynamics of a dolphin in water.. the endurance of a horse and the fruits of the tree of life.. what a marvelous thing that is!

If the many coloured and varied species of mankind on Earth was designed to be free, to search, explore and navigate the oceans of life - then who is the architect of that species? Is the signature of the architect seeded within the human race?

In the end, future time travelers from 2144 [twenty one forty-four] taught their nest-egg in 2044 how to surf the Cosmic Web. They looked back in time and it opened their eye(s).. and so 2011? Let's roll ..