Friday, May 28, 2010

Strange Fog - Twelve Thousand Saiga Antelopes Dead

Saiga Antelopes Dying In Western Kazakhstan

On May 20, 2010 about 1200 corpses of antelopes were found in the Western Kazakhstan Oblast, AMI Novosti-Kazakhstan reports with the reference to press-service of Ministry of Agriculture. . . . Earlier the emergency ministry reported the death of about 200 saigas.

. . . The inspectors affirm that on May 15-17 they observed some "strangely grey fog" in the above-mentioned area, although the weather was clear.

"The external examination of the dead bodies revealed the abdominal distention, foam and diarrhea. The dead bodies were delivered to the laboratory", the message specifies. Wildlife Disease News (May 24)

Central Asian News: On May 20, 2010 about 1200 corpses of antelopes were found in the Western Kazakhstan Oblast, AMI Novosti-Kazakhstan reports with the reference to press-service of Ministry of Agriculture. At the same time, this message has not been posted at the ministry website – perhaps, the press-service prefers the targeted spread of information instead of reaching wider audience.

Earlier the emergency ministry reported the death of about 200 saigas. According to the Western Kazakhstan Oblast state inspection forest and hunting department, on May 18 about 100 dead bodies of saigas were found in the area of Karaoba, Janibek, Talovka settlements.

The specially established committee started the investigation of the matter on May 20. It revealed over 1000 dead bodies (mainly female saiga) in the Janibek district.

The inspectors affirm that on May 15-17 they observed some "strangely grey fog" in the above-mentioned area, although the weather was clear. "The external examination of the dead bodies revealed the abdominal distention, foam and diarrhea. The dead bodies were delivered to the laboratory", the message specifies.

The Prosecutor General’s office, the ministries of internal affairs, defense, environmental protection, education and science, Western Kazakhstan Oblast Akimat all are informed about the accident.

In the last 20 years the saiga population in Kazakhstan shrank by 24.7 times. In 2009 there were about 81 thousand saigas versus about 1 million in 2000, Kazakhstan Today reports. On the other hand, it was reported in February of 2010 that thanks to the appropriate measures the number of saigas is gradually growing. According to Kazinform, the number of saigas in Kazakhstan increased from 21 000 to 81 000 during 2003-2009.

There are three types of saiga population in Kazakhstan: Betpakdol (domestic population that never left Kazakshtan), Ural (Western Kazakhstan Oblast, occasionally visiting Russian territory) and Ustyurt (Aktobe Oblast, migrating to Uzbekistan in the winter).

The dead bodies of the saiga were the part of Ural population (prior to the accident there were about 26.6 thousand of them). Saiga is listed in the International Red book.

AFP AFP: Mystery Disease Kills Rare Kazakh Antelopes
BBC Mystery Mass Antelope Deaths Kazakhstan


December 1952: Thousands of Londoners were killed when a toxic fog descended on the English capital. The fog, carrying a deadly mixture of dense coal smoke, literally poisoned the populace and is still considered one of the deadliest environmental incidents on record. The black fog was so thick that some reported they could not even see their feet as they walked the London streets. The lethal fog lasted from December 5 to the 9th, and in the end as many as 12,000 were dead from its effects. [Earth Mysteries]

Life On Planet earth? Is Not What It Seems!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

For the Future of Our Planet

Mankind - the hu-mans on planet Earth are spirit (limitless) merged with physical matter (limited) .. this implies that free-floating spirits - with intelligence - can navigate and apply the laws of mysterious cosmos to experiencing (navigate through) matter = physical density. Light transformed to matter = enlightenment of (base)matter.

I carefully watched a YouTube Videoby Dr. Albert Bartlett on the issue of: Exponential Growth .. implying on a Mathematical level that human society is out-of-balance, and in crisis, with a series of choices ahead as to how mankind on planet Earth will return to 'balance'.

One thing I have to say, having observed the self-centered yammering of Media controlled websites on the state of the Euro and other issues relating to panic of the global international (bankrupt) finance industry - who are seeking to make profits on casino-debt-government roulette .. that is to say, these people have no idea how beneficial this "timeline" is for mankind.

The finance-casino addicts are so greedy and so selfish that they have lost their humanity. The April 14, 2010 Eyjafjallajökull volcanic eruptions were mild compared to what could have happened. On other timelines those eruptions wiped out two-thirds of Europe. Humans on Earth in 2010 - this timeline - have been given a "breathing-space". We really have nothing to complain about .. the Icelandic eruptions have been mild in comparison to what they could have been.

If the Eyjafjallajökull volcanic eruptions had been more violent, over a longer period, extending the spread of heavy volcanic ash-dust across Europe and setting off the Katla volcano (in April/May of 2010) the whole world from America to China would feel the consequences. No part of the planet would escape the economic turmoil this would cause.

I seriously doubt that the financially-retarded (immersed-in-greed) 'traders' and 'institutions' deserve to be part of a world in transition .. something has tipped the balance in our favour - even as the service-to-self mob grasp at their Hedge-fund-casino straws.

For many years I have observed - through the eyes of a small town - whether it is viable to continue endlessly with unrestricted growth in all areas of human development. For the "growth-development" crowd the Earth and all space are an asset for expansion of capital, and the way this works is: every square meter of space in an equity expansion area generates SHORT TERM economic profit. Built up areas begin to decay as the 'developers' look for space elsewhere.

Pay attention to your surroundings! It may not benefit your current relationship with the insane society we live in - but on a Soul level it will make a difference to who you are and to your 'future'. We share this planet with animals, birds, insects and plants ..

A small town is a place where natural space exists, in which birds can feed - grass and plants can grow. A town grows and becomes a city when the 'space' is used as an economic growth asset in which trees are cut down, the space is built on (developed) and where the local birds and animals must struggle to survive in ever decreasing circles. Who are we and what have we become, if we continually degrade nature at the expense of 'growth', 'development funds' and expansion?

Pay attention to how small birds, trees, plants, grass, insects and animals use the natural space to exist in towns and cities. People do not watch nor pay attention to nature. A small green area beside a road can be the place where local birds feed. Take that away and you take away their feeding ground. Even worse - these birds, animals and insects have existed in these local areas longer than mankind... what are we doing to life on this planet?

Should You Store Food?

I came across this website by 'accident' - Why Store Food? .. but finding the site relates in some way to my last post .. Part of the reason I was doing my own 'self-sustaining' research on my preferred - Probiotic Cleaning Post - is because we depend so much on =PRODUCTS= and I was seriously thinking how can we change this? Especially when it comes to cleaning products and hygiene for the home. I was thinking what would I do if I had to rely on my own initiative?

If anyone has used Kefir grains, they will know that the Kefir grains grow faster than you can deal with them. In this way the probiotics taught me that in nature organic forms digest organic forms. Fungus digests decaying matter and obviously returns it to its molecular state, and probiotics keep fungus and mold in their place (they are life-defenders). Perhaps where there are no probiotics (the key micro-biological signature of healthy living matter) there is the signature for the breakdown of 'dead' physical matter and fungus grows.

With probiotics i don't have to scrub and scrape to clean - the little-biotics eat (digest) mold, bacteria, fungus and chalk .. which means that chalk grows from a bacteria or it is another form of 'fungus'. This means that stone, rock, crystal and minerals have formed from unseen micro-bacteria, yeasts, fungi and other micro building-blocks we don't yet have names for '-)

Should You Store food?
I am fortunate! I can live from cooked lentils (Dhal) and rice. I am vegetarian - no I don't eat fish - and many years ago I taught myself to live on a simple level. One can grow seeds and sprouts in containers [Living Food Lifestyle - Ann Wimgore], or sprouted grains can be pounded in a mortar and either eaten or dried and stored as breads. So, the real problem in an 'emergency' are HABITS .. restrictions on patterns of what we are used to.

For thousands of years our ancestors and forefathers stored food. The native Americans dried and stored food, especially for scouting, hunting and travel. I would camp in the Scottish Highlands, where villages and communities would have to store food, because in winter heavy snowfall and ice can completely cut off villages and farmers. Only recently do individual families and communities neglect to store dried food. Do the research .. storing food for potential hardship has been the backbone of human communities across time.

Did Neanderthal people store food? "Neanderthals used their Homes, Food, Clothing, and Tools and Weapons to survive in the wild Environment they lived in. These early men built permanent homes, to shelter from the long, harsh winter of the Ice Age. In the summer, they followed the herds, and lived in tents and caves... They also ate fish and seemed to have an ample supply of freshly caught game. There lives were not a constant struggle for survival because they were such good hunters. They learned to organize hunts and to cure and store food for the long winter."

Most probably human ingenuity is related to the ability to store food, store resources and preempt drought, hardship, disruption of food-gathering and hunting, avoidance of starvation when crops fail. Isn't this what the ancient Egyptian storehouses were all about? Therefore, this tendency is a natural human asset. It is also the ability to have an understanding of the 'basics' .. what you need rather than what you think you need (or want).

You and/or your community can grow and store your own food ..

Monday, May 17, 2010

Probiotic Home Cleaning: End of Chemical Products

I see 2010 as the beginning of the end of the chemical world .. '-)

By this I mean the end of all the perfumes and chemical cleaners (bio-included), all the scrub-and-buy short life cleaning fluids and abrasives that don't work .. so you go out and buy more. The whole system is set up to sell people something that really does not work, so that you buy more products (nature-bio-cleaners included).

I never really understood why I hate cleaning. Apart from the the sick-in-the-stomach reaction the body gets using any commercial cleaning fluids and abrasives - nature-products included - while you scrub and scrub - but get nowhere .. and the next day you have to scrub again - and get nowhere .. as you breathe in more cleaning fluid fumes (biological included) .. and where cleaning your home makes you feel sick!

For many years I used only the Dr. Hulda Clark protocols of cleaning with vinegar and Sodium Bicarbonate, and yet still I have to scrub and scrub and get nowhere (and I have to breathe in the vinegar fumes). It is the same thing with abrasive powders, creams and biological cleaning fluids .. they all have the same effect = yeugh!

Then, to make matters worse, I noticed a gradual and increasing growth of mold, fungus and slime over the last 10 years. So, from 2000 to 2010 slimy mold and fungus (apparently being transported through the water supply) has become a never-to-be-defeated presence in the home.

I came to the point that I was searching for mold/fungus destroying liquids, while my body was signalling that even the so-called natural cleaners are ???? what words can one use for lung and glandular dislike of these cleaners? Where bio-cleaners stink although they claim: "no-perfumes-added."

By accident, I discovered my own natural solution to this cleaning problem, and this caused me to understand the mess we humans have created for ourselves on every level - from our own lives to the pollution of fresh water and sea water.

Probiotic Home Cleaning
I was using and researching the use of live Kefir grains and their health benefits, when I ordered some tiny little Tibetan Kefir grains and noticed that within weeks these tiny little grains had grown - and were continuing to grow and expand at uncontrollable rates. So, I split the Kefir grains into two sealed glasses, and they began producing more Kefir than I could drink.

Then I got the idea that these live Kefir probiotics could perhaps be the answer to the mold, slime and fungus that nothing else could defeat. So, I watered down the excess kefir with water and I applied this slimy-watery experiment to the kitchen and the bathroom.

To my surprise - the experiment worked.

Not only was I able to easily clean away all kitchen and bathroom surfaces with ease (the next day), but the probiotic water digested everything with no smells and nothing to inhale. This is a living science. One would have to test it out and experiment. However, the implications for water and ending chemical pollution are promising.

If live probiotics can digest and transform mold, slime, bacteria and fungus without the acid smell of chemicals, chemical perfumes - or essential oil perfumes - then perhaps they can also balance our water from acidic to alkali ..

The reason I say that 2010 is the beginning of the end of the chemical world, is because I saw for myself how effortlessly the Kefir probiotic water digested the kitchen and bathroom cleaning issues we have to face every day. This made me realize that the attack-and-kill hard abrasive (but get nowhere) methods we use are totally out of sync with NATURE.

People are being sold 'cleaning products' to sell products - and not to clean or get the job done for longer than it takes you go out and buy the next bottle of cleaner. Maybe that is why I always hated cleaning - until I found an ally in probotic bacteria.

Added Research: Aggie's probiotic Cleaner

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Eyjafjallajökull - Which Way The Winds Blow

As "experts" claim the eruptions from Eyjafjallajökull, Iceland will not affect global climate or weather .. and there is talk of an "International Relief Flight Center" from Spain (because the theory goes that Icelands volcanic eruptions over the centuries have not crossed Spain), the most recent dust and ash cloud steaming from the eruption on Thursday and Friday shut down flights from Spain, South of France, Portugal and Ireland.

Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull volcano bulging slightly - The Eyjafjallajökull volcano is starting to bulge out, or experience "significant changes in horizontal movement," according to volcanologists at the Icelandic Meteorological Office and the Institute of Earth Sciences at the University of Iceland. Between 20 and 30 earthquakes have been picked up beneath the ice cap since Monday, at between one and 15 miles deep. This increased seismicity "suggests that new material is intruding from deep below Eyjafjallajökull and latest GPS-observations suggest inflation,"

With increasing earthquakes and lava flow new eruptions are being predicted, and this activity could continue for a year or longer. I don't know who the media's "experts" are or what planet they live on, but it seems absurd to claim that volcanic ash emissions will not alter or affect the weather. Just as it was absurd to assume the ash would not reach Spain, when in reality it depends which way the winds blow. On Saturday, 19 Spanish airports were closed, as ash-dust from the latest eruptions drifted over their airspace.

From what I observe it is obvious that volcanic dust has electromagnetic properties and affects the weather in ways we humans do not completely understand. These are not just "dust-particles" floating around and getting in the way of planes and plans. I am guessing '-) .. these particles have to be charged, and so they must alter the electrical charge of the atmosphere .. surely? So, I did a search .. and it seems that on small and large scales (depending on the size and duration of the eruptions) volcanic activity DOES affect climate!

Nano- and microscale particles and global electromagnetic resonances in the Earth-ionosphere cavity; Besedina and Popel stated: "The presence of dust particles in the atmosphere also influences the annual average temperature near the Earth's surface. For instance, violent volcanic eruptions are accompanied by an appreciable decrease in the annual average temperature."

You would have to take time to read this for yourselves: "The formation and propagation of volcanic clouds can be accompanied by intense electrical processes... Electrical processes in volcanic clouds are very similar to those in thunderclouds..." [Yu. N. Besedina and S. I. Popel; Institute of Geosphere Dynamics, Russian Academy of Sciences - April 5, 2006]

I would surmise that 2010 could be cooler, if the volcanic dust interacts with the atmosphere in such a way as to stimulating electrical flow, cloud formation - perhaps heavy rainfall and storms/thunderstorms. Surely, atmospheric storms, winds, rainfall are all electrical flow? These are currents - flow - movement.

As Spain has suffered severe drought over the past years, will the activities of Eyjafjallajökull bring much needed rain to drought areas? Will the Iceland volcanic eruptions bring a climatic adjustment across Europe? I don't know, but I find it interesting. I would imagine the volcanic relationship to the Earth's atmosphere is so dynamic and yet to subtle that it would be difficult to say which process created which condition.

NASA write that: Large-scale volcanic activity may last only a few days, but the massive outpouring of gases and ash can influence climate patterns for years.

When people get annoyed that they cannot do business-as-usual and get on a plane .. What if the eruptions bring much needed rain to the surface of the planet? After the April 14 volcanic eruptions skies over Europe were clear as overall humidity rapidly decreased and temperatures rose dramatically .. clouds did not form for weeks and there was certainly no rainfall. However, the Earth is a living master alchemist - and as volcanic ash-dust mixes with air-flow, then low pressure is added, then humidity increases, wind direction changes, clouds form and rain falls .. or there can be heavy downpour and flooding. No matter what, we need fresh water from rain.

People forget that the earth is 97% salt water and 3% fresh water - H2O - and so how many of us ask why is it that land animals cannot drink the water in the seas and oceans? The human body is about 70 percent water, and human tears are salty :o) .. and yet humans cannot drink salty sea water, and if seawater invades fertile land plants and trees cannot grow on that land. well, the fact is volcanoes also send water out into the atmosphere! [Volcanoes & Water * Water Vapor In Magma]

Keywords: Seawater Greenhouse - Sea Water & Human Survival - Salinity - Andalucia's Biggest Secrets