Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Unique Earth Zones Pathways

Unique Earth Zones
I have been aware of unique Earth Zones from a very early age .. I could see them and was aware of them at the time I began walking _#

Everything we think about Planet Earth is wrong .. our mind view of continents and countries is wrong .. our limited local perspective on this Planet is wrong: Earth is a highly advanced interconnected MATRIX !!

The English word matrix is a derivative of the word mother [origin] or parent stem of plants. If I am correct matrix in traditional Chinese combines to reveal many uses of the word / concept: 子宮 - uterus / womb / matrix .. 矩阵 Jǔzhèn - mathematical [matrix multiplication] 理解矩阵乘法 .. in mathematics the matrix is a complex or real set in a rectangular array.

When people inhabiting Earth have their own greater understanding of electrical current [variations] as electrical charge then the matrix zones of the Planet will become clear. Future understanding of INTERACTIVE electrical charge will revolutionize life and how we live on Earth. Once this has been understood above surface zones can be created in the forms of Floating Platforms.

Now my awareness and understanding of Earth Zones has developed to the extreme.

Countries are not countries .. but they are zones = interactive zones / frequencies / electrical current / advanced electrical charge. In a way the key matrix zones variation is the variation in electrical charge [frequency]. In terms of physical 3D variations in landscape of each structural Earth Zone is formed from the background electrical matrix.

Everything Connects / Reconnects
In terms of landscape electrical matrix charge is the womb.

Thursday, July 06, 2017

Incarnation Spirit Pathways

Incarnation Pathways
One of the first things I wanted to know when I arrived on Earth was: Where do I come from? What is my origin? As I could see and talk to the Invisible Masters I was [from an early age] giving them a hard time to answer this question for me .. which they never did.

Part of the reason is you do not get an answer until it is relevant.

Relevance is incredibly important on this Planet for all of us incarnate inhabitants .. and is in accordance with how Galaxies Suns Planets & Nature interact. There is no irrelevant interaction in Nature. It is all relevant. That is the secret to life = you have to work out the relevance for yourself.

I was smart enough to figure out the background philosophy [code] hidden within the operating structure of space time reality and I saw that it worked .. so I trusted it [like a guidance or higher intelligence]. We humans have a big issue with trust .. which is all about control. The one thing that will make your life worth living is: TRUST _#

This trust is really silent awareness / observation without thought [as the controller of linear time]. You want to know or understand something and you patiently follow the path [that you created for yourself in your desire to know]. This path of awareness is following principles of Ancient Martial Arts = the various disciplines all follow the same unified principle.

Incarnation Cycles
Through the dimensions dream I was shown or became aware of the mysterious process of Incarnation Cycles. We are not all the same .. but we share the same Planet. This seems to be the point of Earth at this period in space time. Maybe it has to do with the long term consequences of the struggles and the wars taking place in this Galaxy.

Prior to Atlantis Lemuria & Mu different Earth Colonies co-operated peacefully even though they did not like each other = read Doris Lessing Shikasta Series. Then there were a series of catastrophic disasters that take place on Earth in long and short term cycles.

The different ET groups abandoned their colonies mostly due to the high levels of destruction across the Planet and they did not want to start again and rebuild everything. The worst part was that most of it ended up under water and the alignments were all messed up. So .. it was easier to leave than rebuild.

THIS is NOT where we are from _#

In the dream I was working with the higher dimensions .. and they showed me the origins of the problems we face and where the solutions come from. It is easier to look at the drawing and figure it out for yourself. I was shown visually = it was not described to me in words.

On the other dimension related to this dimension the people incarnate on the Planet dealing with the situation were SPECIFICALLY incarnate as teams .. incarnate spirit teams who are designed to deal with things like this. These spirit incarnations are trained or have a special interest and ability to go in and deal with catastrophe.

1. We incarnate in teams
2. We have special skills and interests
3. We know what we are doing

Different Spirit Worlds have different PATHWAYS onto the Planet. The key to this is within the genes and specifically the DNA and there is also a spirit DNA beyond the mundane physical. Everything we think we know about birth & death is wrong .. because we lose touch with our origins.

The origins are where we actually come from BEFORE physical mundane life incarnation. Highly ordered Incarnation Cycles exist in the same way Planets orbit the Suns. There is no accident or incidental appearance of a life spirit in any Incarnation Cycle.

That is truly mind blowing if you consider the implications for all humans!

Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Dimensions Interact & Are Related In Space Time

Dream As Seen From Above
The dream was mid-June around the Summer Solstice .. but it took me until now to understand the dimensions of the dream and what I was shown or what I was seeing.

The people who survived appeared to be like us [in this dimension] but they are only similar and are not us [now in this time scale / zone] .. they were very similar.

Dimensions Related In Space Time
I was shown from above changes in continental landscapes and then I was taken to ground level where I met and talked with the young people who were left after a series of changes changed land & sea configurations.

There were no Governments and no military .. in a situation where the very young and old apparently had not survived. This was a situation where a reduced population of people in their teens to maybe late 20's were working together and co-operating on a local / regional / landmass scale.

You may ask where do they get the transport and electrical power .. but it appeared that someone from "outside" was helping them in the time period it would take them to establish a stable planetary community.

In the dream it was clear I was being shown an alternate reality [dimensions] and not the projected future of this current zone we inhabit today. At the same time there are similarities between the two dimensions.

We inhabit different frequency bands in the same space time continuum.

They affect us and we affect them in different ways: Where land to water ratios are the primary influence factors across all similar dimensions. One example is the land & sea mass is a basic Operating System on which various layers or dimensional frequencies interact.

In eras where valley rifts expand and break apart this activity affects different [similar] dimensions each on their own space time level. This activity has already affected other dimensions and will - at some point - affect this dimension.

In terms of Plate Tectonic Theory: Divergent Boundaries [Rift Valleys] can take millions of years to split [move apart] as sea floor spread occurs. According to Immanuel Velikovsky [Ages of Chaos] catastrophic change is sudden and affects whole Planet in cycles over specific time periods.

The Message
Do not fear .. change happens !! If all the giant trees that had once lived still grew on the Earth ?? New trees could not grow and our world as we know it today could not exist. Move your minds out of the fear of "survival". Special Incarnate Spirits whose position it is to go through this period of change and establish a New World exist for that purpose.

Change happens for a reason ...
Change is necessary ...

Individual survival is not an issue .. but it is about the survival of dimensions and their inhabiting cultures. Where cultures have to change to synchronize with [adapt to] the Living Operating System of the inhabited Planets.

To eternal spirits personal survival is not an issue.

Catastrophic cycles are also Nature's way of cleaning out negative energies that tend to form around a Planet over long and stable growth cycles. Similar to physical trash psychic energetic trash can become stagnant energy and need to be cleaned out [like unblocking a sewage pipe].

It is sort of like "The Cleaner" in BLEACH Manga Series that runs through the in-between-worlds and cleans out any residual energies caught in that region. Every now and then Planet's energies have to get a thorough clean out too.

The fundamental force affecting physical matter is ENERGY also in the form of ELECTRICAL CHARGE _#

Learn about and teach yourself the fundamentals of electricity .. electrical current .. electro-magnetic energy fields and electrical charge. That is what the young people I met in the dream were doing. Practical understanding of the world we inhabit and how we can unitize this current for the benefit of humanity.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Higher Consciousness Inhabit Hybrid Environments

Higher Consciousness designed for Hybrid Environments
I have to come back to this later .. but for now I will make notes on the development of hybrid environments designed by higher intelligence beings throughout the Galaxy .. in the Universe and on other Dimensions.

What is being shown [or the genetic insights lighting up this world now] is that mankind is going through a fundamental change that will alter and define the next 1000 years on Earth.

Now .. GENETICS are not what science has described over the last 100+ years. The Ancients knew more and understood more about the genetic operating systems of living biological 3D life forms than science knows today.

The key to this "Insight Revolution" or revolutionary insight are the Tech Geeks .. of which I am one of them. Not exactly anyone inside the system making a lot of money ad having the big egos. Tech Geeks are people who learn for themselves [for the love of learning] .. and they are the true innovators.

I am talking about Tech ARTISTS !!

Nikola Tesla is the father of the Tech Geeks and he said: "The present is theirs; the future, for which I really worked, is mine.”

The genetic light frequency is coded as electrical current / electric fields giving charge to a highly complex and highly intelligent living operating system. The genes are a potentially multi dimension operating system that allows incarnate beings to seamlessly interact with and navigate space time as physical entities.

The whole point is that higher intelligence beings are DESIGNED to innovate design and create [build] their own hybrid environments .. which is also part of Nature [that is difficult to explain in simple terms]. The laws of Nature are obviously encoded into the operating system genetics of higher consciousness life forms.

The understanding and application of these laws take a different form than animals birds insects and trees .. plants or sea creatures. All creatures of Earth live naturally on the Planet = the Planet itself is their home.

These creatures live in their own skin adapting to weather .. shifts in climate .. living in all varieties of conditions without the need for shoes / jackets / fire [heating] / energy supplies / air-conditioning / clothes / houses and so on _#

It seems higher life forms are naturally designed to be more refined ?? sophisticated ?? and are vulnerable in terms of out in the open survival without using an energy source and needing sophisticated shelters and complex forms of transportation.

It is obvious that higher consciousness life forms are DESIGNED to have the ability to build and inhabit their own hybrid environments within which they are able to live and function. If anyone has ever had to spend even one night outside with no shelter and insufficient clothing for rain / cold / wind .. it becomes clear that in this respect we are vastly inferior to our animal brothers and sisters.

One night at the edge of a forest with only a sleeping bag and no tent to cover / insulate can be a funny experience seeing rabbits .. deer .. hares .. mice .. owls exist in their mysterious world where you are a stranger.

The issue is: When you do not know who you are .. where you come from and why you are the way you are the future has no meaning other than an insecure fight to exist in a hostile environment. Technically it does not matter if the shelter is a mud hut or a palace .. it is the same principle.

Cultures need to construct hybrid environments [shelters] that adapt to the climate cycles. These shelters are technology and shared technological abilities where variations in building all make use of the same mathematical principles and structural laws.

In the same way cats know how to hunt and birds know how to build nests .. humans have the motivation and skills to develop and build hybrid environments encoded within their genes - where the genes are a complex electrical current based intelligent living operating system.

I take this a step further as I observe past present future to understand that the ability to design and create [as well as inhabit] hybrid environments emerges from a much deeper genetic code where humans themselves are designed to live in hybrid environments not the open surface of a Planet.

We develop hybrid environments that we were designed to adapt to and inhabit.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Secrets of The Tendons [Electric Field Resonance]

You may be aware of your muscles? Bones? The bodies key organs?
Perhaps the most underestimated are your tendons ...
You possibly know nothing about the Meridians?
And even less about the tendons ??

I am going to begin by saying that from what I observe .. the human body is not well suited to being adapted to Earth field and Earth climate. Zecharia Sitchin wrote that the first "modern" humans were called ADAPTA. In my mind this implies some humanoid form was ADAPTED to inhabit Planet Earth [for whatever reasons].

The basis for my observations are ELECTRICAL CURRENT RESOLUTION within and around the human body. All creatures of the Earth adapt very well to living on the surface of the Planet or living in the lakes .. rivers and oceans. Animals will either heal themselves quickly or die [without problems]. Humans do not heal well and struggle to die naturally.

These problems humans have are not only fear .. but much more complex = electrical field incompatibility with the planetary electrical field resonance. The human energy field is fundamentally a refined hybrid that is ultimately not suited to the Earth environment.
Secrets of The Tendons
As I outlined in the last Post: Tendons Muscles Ligaments Mind .. out of necessity [or because I use my mind] .. I was able to affect the healing of the body with my mind / psyche / intent. With injured main tendon behind the outside knee and across the toes of the same foot: I was able to easily go up and down 100 stairs 3 to 4 times a day with very little pain.

How did I do it?

The key creative tool is my mind ... but I have to add that if I have muscle / tendon / joint injury then high quality New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel extract over weeks and months removes inflammation and repairs tissue damage [as it is a nutrient food]. Turmeric powder under healing clay and a plastic bag is the number one for tendon / joint & muscle injury.

So? What about the mind _#

That part is difficult because it is not thought .. but is outside the thought part area of the brain. There are big parts of the human brain where thought cannot go / travel to / see / be aware of / know / explain or describe.

Probably 98 percent of the human brain is dark to thought.

I try to see for days how do I explain this to people? If I can do it .. you can too! The first is that the mind is everywhere in the body and not just in the brain. What you think is the brain is actually in your foot. Meditation is the best way to figure that one out.

Then there are the Meridians [the electrical chi force] .. and it is possible that tendons and ligaments play a key role in the chi flow throughout the body. I was able to [with my mind] alter the chi flow in no-time. Thought [ego self] is knowledge .. is time .. is measurement. The most powerful aspect of your brain = most of its surface .. is outside of time.

When you injure yourself the aspect of time is thought [experience] saying: This will take time to heal. If an individual suddenly heals then this is called a miracle or is supernatural occurrence. This is why I say the human resonance field is not suited to living on the surface of this Planet.

The human electrical field resonance is compromised.

Maybe similar to Doris Lessing's: Shikasta Canopus In Argos .. it is probably that humans on Earth were adapted from humanoids on other Planets and it is possible adapted from The Watchers who orbited the Earth living in hybrid environments.

If the human resonance field is compromised then the human mind is compromised. One practical way to alter this is to synchronize electrical resonance directly with the Qi Energy Field of Earth = the light. The Watchers were hybrids designed to interact with light fields on orbiting platforms that took energy from the Sun.

This is probably why there is general obsession with THE LIGHT as savior of mankind and the SUN _+

There is some truth to it .. all be it hidden .. and this is probably the success to human semi-adaptation to life on Earth. Using meditation or Chi practices it is possible to shift the internal frequency of the human resonance field to synchronize with the Electrical Sun Matrix that is activated by the Sun in the Planets of the Solar System. You can also call it the Energy Sun Matrix.

If your ancestors could do this then you probably inherited the ability by default.

It is like inheriting a horse from your fathers ..
you still have to learn to ride it.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Tendons Muscles Ligaments Mind

Can past life awareness guide us?
Is time an illusion?
Shifting sands ...

Most serious tendon / ligaments / muscle injuries are active sport gardening mountain type events .. where demanding or extreme activities [like snowboarding] can result in twisted or torn muscles and tendons. It does not take a microsecond to unfold .. but can take days weeks or months to repair.

Does the human mind play a key role in strengthening or slowing down tendon muscle and ligament healing and repair? Is it possible how we think and feel about injury can affect the way the body responds? Is the mind actually inside each tendon .. rather than isolated inside the skull / inside the brain ??
Tendons Muscles Ligaments Mind
We mostly live out or lives within our brain / cerebral experience [dimension].

That is where we live and experience life .. until something goes wrong #_# and if pain is involved? We feel INCONVENIENCED! The pain slows us down and draws us away from the auto-pilot lifestyle [as in - physical body is unconscious vehicle].

I think people love their cars .. iPhones .. iTablets .. computers and devices more than their body. Then suddenly the shifting sands of our lives delivers a dimension [to teach us] that can either transform or take us down.

The way I apply myself [since I was a small child] is: iNavigate using my own iNcarnations GPS System .. not only to know where I am in space-time .. but to be strong and not take anything for granted.

The way I do it is to really know myself .. or have a relationship with myself .. this includes the intelligence of the physical body. Integrated with the mind [psyche] is the Operating System of the body / mind. This is our incarnate iNavigate - through life - Intelligent Operating System.

As I was planting a micro food garden I twisted around and tore muscles and tendons in my leg catching myself off balance. Tendons and ligament injuries usually take a lot longer to heal than muscle injuries. The fact is I do not have time to heal as I am doing a lot of things that have to be done.

Knowing all the blah blah about physical time space and human limitations .. I decided not to limit myself and work to use all my potential. The pain aspect of torn muscles is easy = use cayenne pepper patches on the key areas.

I realized the body shifts focus in relation to the Earth's orbit and time of day. It is a geomagnetic shift as well as yin yang magnetic polarity.
The Amazing Secret of The Masters of The Far East
"Man is a magnet. Every magnet has two poles. The positive or North pole, and the negative or South pole... The Earth is one big magnet...

Every form of disease brings about a disturbance in the balance between the flow of the right and left nostril. The cure lies in restoring the balance." - Perara & Haanel
The point I am trying to make is this: I was able to change how my body works through my mind [how my psyche works]. I used an ancient technique no longer used today = combining mind [psyche] past-future lives awareness [dimensions] with body [physical reality] all together as ONE.

The Mind of Plants: Turmeric
To try help you understand what I was able to do [with no training] = I pulled it out of the invisible Ether / Aether now .. *_* ... One side of the body was slightly injured .. but we forget that both sides of the body seamlessly interact [AS ONE]. Meaning that a few hours later I experienced a paranormal type reaction on the right side of the body muscles tendons ligaments.

I will talk about the paranormal later .. but not in this post!

What I am about to share deals with the paranormal without direct confrontation. With no visual bruising swelling or injury the tendons spread out pain like a Chinese or Japanese fan. At first I got scared and then my mind changed and got strong.

The fact is we are totally fragmented individuals .. and we have to change!

First my mind formed a new resolve and then The Invisible Masters told me off and reminded me that I have inner knowing from ancient times: Atlantis .. Zen .. Martial Arts .. Shaolin. The Masters basically kicked my #ss and told me to make use of that resource NOW.

I have to go into this later .. but basically I was able to do things that no one has taught me in this life. The turmeric poultice and the mind of the plants was part of this inner strong psyche [shift].

The pain in the tendons of the foot was so bad I could not walk. I put raw grated potato into a plastic bag onto my foot [held in place with a sock] .. and added a tablespoon of turmeric powder.

I woke up with no pain / no injury and a yellow turmeric coloured foot. It was as if the injury was an illusion. I did a lot more than that .. but I have to go into this later. I have to add that turmeric does heal muscle / tendon injury including pain.

What I really want to get to is THE MIND ...

I think this ability is long lost and is returning to this Planet now in this cycle / in this era. We are entering a totally new Aquarius Tech cycle that has nothing to do with [stupid] robots and artificial non-intelligence. Jiddu Krishnamurti said [warned] that the technology being created is NOT INTELLIGENCE.

I used intelligence to heal my injuries and a MACHINE / DROID cannot [can never] do this. More than this the idiots are not creating intelligence inside machines .. they are reproducing MECHANICAL THOUGH = linear mechanical petty mathematical measurement / knowledge.

The new Aquarius Cycle is beyond anything you see today.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

iPersonally Do Not Exist

Cross Currents
It took me fifty years to figure this one out .. but you do not have to reinvent the light bulb. You see .. people are born into various cross currents of human consciousness they inherit at birth.

To avoid drowning in those cross currents the first thing the mind does is to form iPersonality .. ego-self .. a sense of inner connection through the skill of Mind Art. We draw and develop a sense of self and impose it on the background of cross currents.

Inventing The Light Bulb
The light bulb is interesting. That was the easy part .. to invent a vessel that could emanate light. A technical unit that could replace candle light and gas light. The difficult part was what Nikola Tesla was able to do. That is .. light up the light bulb.

But .. not only light up the light bulb! You can do that with a battery for one or two seconds. Tesla's skill was to design and build a system that could keep the light bulb lit up at will. Switch it on at any time .. and the light bulb switches on. The key being .. and STAYS lit.

Tesla created the system everyone uses today.

Tesla was actually working on his own to create a non central unit utilizing the electrical current of the Planet [free energy] to allow people to have access to energy without wires and without a power station. That project was called: The Wardenclyffe Tower.

Free Energy [iFree Energy]
Just there in the title alone you have the whole light bulb as it exists. The light bulb is simply a way to focus light and control emanations of light for use by man.

iCould as easily use the equation: iFree Light.

iFree Energy
I am also showing the relation of the Art Mind to understanding and inner awareness. I drew this quite some time ago and I did not really understand rationally.

iUnderstood non-rationally.

Sexual Qi = life force is the non-centralized free energy where linear thought [knowledge] and the creation of iEgo Self is the centralized contained energy.

As in the Daoist Traditions [they were much brighter than we are today] .. Sexual Qi is the life force at birth which energizes everything: The mind .. immune system .. ability to walk .. eat .. sleep .. meditate. It's the free energy.

It is very important to cultivate Sexual Qi discipline in the right way .. also because here is the MIRROR. There is very mysterious side where there is the unseen [undetected] energy in which we see ourselves.

Most important for now is: iPersonally do not exist!

This is a very subtle .. very powerful self-realization [if I can put it that way ??] .. which is to realize oneself. Anyone can switch on the light but not everyone can see. I go into this later as it is not as difficult as it may seem.

It is really not so difficult at all.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Born From Spirit Dimensions iNavigate

iNavigate Earth = We are all born from Spirit Dimensions ..
so we are all visitors to this Planet where MIND is COMPASS

iNavigate Earth = Mind Is Compass
We get born into physical duality on Earth .. and told that the moment we are born our spirit is automatically cut off from all the dimensions #_#

It is important to realize this is not possible as the spirit is woven into the eternal fabric of life. There has to be a connection or the physical body cannot exist.

So .. incarnate spirit navigates through life experiences using its connection to unseen spirit dimensions. We are not cut off .. it is exactly the opposite. Mechanical THOUGHT [knowledge system] is not connected to the dimensions. Incarnate spirit never loses that connection.

We are born into physical existence from the spirit dimensions and we return to the spirit dimensions when the physical journey ends. This does not mean that while we are on Earth we lost the CONNECTION !!

The fall of Atlantis was when the Earth was entering a declining cycle.

Over the last 2,000 to 3,000 years Earth humans began to form their primary experience on the Planet as a development of PERSONALITY. Now .. I saw this as a kid = I REALLY saw it .. and to be honest I thought I had made a big mistake coming down here.

A lot of spirit beings will not incarnate on Earth because they see it as a mad house .. that is not a joke. Inexperienced spirit incarnations can go mad down here and become something they do not want to be. That is those spirit beings who want to help people on Earth to move to a higher dimension!

When born on Earth during the descending period the primary energy of the mind [= your navigation system] was directed into development of personality [with all its consequences].

So .. what is the alternative ??

The alternative is racing towards you faster than the speed of light. You see .. although we inhabit physical dimension 3D duality: Birth/death .. light/dark .. fast/slow .. heat/cold .. the unseen dimensions still surround us and effect us.

Some call this supernatural .. others may call it paranormal .. but the unseen dimensions are beyond anything we can describe in terms of physical understanding of reality. We are currently inside an Inner Dimensions Shift from the descending current to the ascending current.

There are people on Planet Earth who have not formed a personality as their primary experience. I did not form a personality .. although you may think that this is not possible. Being entertaining or having a sense of humor is stronger and more powerful when one does not form A PERSONALITY.

Because .. you are putting yourself in a cage #_#

I knew what I was doing because I was born aware of past life experiences / development .. the problem is I use those words but it is not exactly PAST lives. It is a living fabric. It is the web of life where past and future do not exist. I was born aware of this force of which we are a part.

During the 2,000 to 3,000 descending cycle and influence of the lower dimensions it was trendy to form a personality and experience life through that development. The truth is BEHIND that personality image is YOU = the REAL you.

Let me try and show you this somehow! Whatever force created physical dimensions .. physical Universe .. all the Suns and Planets and physical life experience? The creation of physical dimensions is not such a big deal. The real difficult part is the creation of spirits inhabiting the spirit worlds and dimensions.

You might be amazed at the development of the light bulb? But .. I am amazed at what lights the light bulb. I hope that makes sense !! The light bulb is the easy part. What creates the energy that lights the light bulb ?? Energy is the difficult part #_#

Your development of a personality in the years after you are born is the light bulb.

The deeper real true you ?? Is the more advanced spirit [energy] being [force] ...

Saturday, April 22, 2017

iAm Not Supposed To Be Here .. Or Maybe iAm ??

iShould not be here .. or maybe iShould be here?
Maybe iLet you decide what is true ...

This is a funny story .. well .. iThink it is a funny story. It depends on your perspective and on how you look at life from where you stand now. We take life for granted [at least most of the time]. There are people here on Earth who are not supposed to be here .. and you understand the true nature of reality when you understand why we are here in the first place = iN-first-place / first place !!
iAries = iShould Have Been Taurus #_#
I was born four weeks early .. my birth was scheduled to be end of April and I unexpectedly kicked myself out end of March. That was how it was explained to me later as to how I was born: I kicked myself out-of-the-blue with no warning and in a very quick birth I was born .. or landed on Earth.

I know all this .. it was no surprise to me .. because I know things. All you people on this Planet .. are not supposed to know things like what the womb really is and what takes place there .. and you are not supposed to know anything responsible about how you got born.

Birth is on "autopilot" mode and is not a singular act of iRespond = responsibility.

But .. what if birth is iNavigate where you are the pilot undertaking a spiritual journey?
That puts a whole new light on your birth !! Don't you think ??

Wow! Just think that you actually know what you are doing #_#

Aladdin Cat Should Not Be Here!
Aladdin bad cat faced some issues after the kittens were born on a farm .. semi wild but bred by the farmer because the cats catch a lot of mice. For his own reasons the farmer drowned the litter of kittens pretty much as soon as they were born.

Aladdin lost all his brothers and sisters .. but for some reason the mother cat was able to save this one little kitten who later became a family house cat .. with friends who found out what had taken place and they adopted him once he was old enough to leave the mother cat.

The mother cat took Aladdin and hid him in some grass in a field where the farmer later realized the cat's unusual behavior and brought them back to the farm. If all these strange events had not happened we would not have Aladdin bossing everyone around .. Biting The Cameras !!
I am trying to show that what SHOULD BE is an illusion and there only exists: WHAT IS.

To be honest I just laugh at stuff when I hear it .. because I was born aware of many lives. I was aware I have been on Planets before [many times] and I was aware that my home is not here [on Earth]. So .. when I was told the strange story of my birth? Well .. my reactions was:
So what ?? Is That So!

I know who I am .. and I was born knowing who I am .. so I do not rely on outside sources for validation. I simply am who I am [at any given moment in space time]. So .. the funny story is sort of similar to Aladdin cat in that during early pregnancy my mother got under-the-counter "mixture" that causes a fetus to be aborted. This was at a time when this activity was illegal .. and that fetus was me *_*

The really funny part is that as a result my mother almost died ...

I was okay because something very powerful protected me .. but after taking the herbs my mother got very very sick and drinking the -mixture- had a very bad effect on her .. so bad she wished she had never taken this action. That is a strange kind of instant Karma where you do something stupid and it backfires and you abort yourself.

It was like .. either I am born or both of us would die in that moment.

The reason I say this is because there are special people on Earth who technically [for various reasons] should not be here .. but they are here = doing the work. These people apply extra effort to make up for all the people on Earth who do not do the inner work and who take life for granted.

Because .. life is very special = it will not always be so easy to be born as it is now.

I used my Shaolin past lives skills to kick myself out and land on Planet Earth as an Aries at the time I knew I had to be born. The fact that we are born is WHAT IS = REALITY. Everything else is an illusion .. shadows cast upon the mind. What SHOULD BE is an illusion [what iShould be].

When I was told all this stuff as a kid .. I was very calm .. and I thought [I did not say] .. that this was a really stupid thing to do = you could have died. Why did I not obsess over my own life and form a complicated trauma to add to all the other traumas people create in their indulgent minds? You have to have a sense of humor +_+
I tell you funny story to show you much bigger reality = the story is a distraction .. the bigger reality is opposite what you are taught from the time you are born. You are taught Physical [PHYSICAL] when the reality is that the mind [THE MIND] is the dominant factor in all Earth experience #_# DUH ??
YOUR mind is the most important factor in all life experience !!

It is very simple to do = DO NOT INDULGE IN TRAUMA ...

It takes inner DISCIPLINE .. and you do have to step up and take control of the Inner Mind Navigation System your spirit is born into. And .. I will try to go into this in more detail .. but really this is a self-discipline = iTeachMyself JOURNEY between you and the Invisible Masters.

If you just want to have fun on this Planet ??
'_# Good luck #_'

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Masters of Dragon Qi

You Are Your Own Master!
I woke up with this yin yang design .. I have to work more on this one .. which shows the orbit of the Qi.

In the dream I was aware that there is no variation in Ying Yang Qi or the underlying principle of universal balance [on Earth or across Galaxies].

The same principles are inside you.

Variations occur depending on how each individual incarnation interacts with the Qi Orbs [that are a gift at birth]. There are no fundamental variations in source Qi .. as strong Qi / weak Qi variations occur when humans interact with this life source.

Really it is the other way round: Qi interacts with us depending on our nature.

Qi is essentially a big Ocean where we humans learn to swim [interact]. Planet Earth is a training for souls where 3D existence is simply a Notebook. Humans are not training for more powerful better 3D material experience [skills]. Humans are developing the spirit.

Just as your body gets strong when you swim every day .. the spirit finds timeless value in the experience of physical material existence. Ending of life in material existence is only ending of the body .. it is not ending of the incarnate spirit.

The systems humans create will always fail because intelligence is the Operating System of the Universe. In other words the energy already exists to support human intelligence. All we need to do is interact with universal consciousness.

The living fabric that creates higher culture already exists on the Planet.
This is THE most important part where meditation is not a religious experience but is an inner tool of self discipline and connector to Universal Intelligence.

Energy Flow Is The Key
Mysterious Invisible Guides never taught me HOW to use energy .. they taught me how NOT to use it. Higher awareness is self-discipline.

In this Roman World you are trained to think that money power and wealth are the key things you want to strive for [any way you can get it]. Which is a total illusion.

The Key to life is your own Qi.

Really what you want to do is create order inside yourself rather than seek to impose order on the people around you. Because everything you do requires energy until the day you leave Earth.
Okay .. so .. what I am talking about ??

Jealousy .. cruelty .. comparison of yourself to others [which is really none of your business] .. all this is an internal waste of energy. Don't worry that people attack you or go out of their way to make you small = that is THEIR problem not your's .. #_#

What you have to do is to bring your own house in order! The Inner Temple of Man!

Because all those emotions we tend to indulge in cost us a LOT of ENERGY = draining our life force and disconnecting us from intelligence. You need Qi life force to connect to Universal Intelligence and be the one you came here to be.

If you consider your attitudes .. behavior and emotions to be like a currency you are using up in your lifetime called Gold [Chi energy] .. and every little petty issue you have is draining that currency [emptying the Qi account of its inherited resources]. I guess you would teach yourself to be a little careful ??

To learn this lesson I had the best teacher in life = my dad. He was Cancer / Gemini cusp born on the Summer Solstice .. and he protected himself using a highly complex [very sophisticated] intellectual / emotional put down that crushed people. In straight language he could use language to put people down in very nefarious ways.

Being a smart Aries I picked up this pattern as a young kid and could actually throw it back at him .. and I was very good at it. I was very young .. but I had the mind of an adult [I understood things most people never figure out in a lifetime]. This made me a dangerous person on this Earth = misbehaving.

The tall Invisible Guides called me out into the garden one afternoon and they had a talk with me. I call them Invisible Guides because most people cannot see them .. but I could see them. These beings really told me off and kicked my #ss. They told me in very simple terms: YOU do not behave like this !! Well .. why not ??

The price we pay is that we destroy ourselves .. we hurt ourselves .. we damage our inner Chi inheritance .. we lose energy and we destroy the sensitivity of the mind .. that is also a gift from life when we incarnate. Is that a big enough price to pay ...

For sure [right now] you can do whatever you want down here on this Planet and behave any way you want: BUT there is a price to pay. I realized at an early age it is complete waste of a life to destroy Inner Qi. I am not saying the work I did on myself was easy to do by any means .. but at least I was aware that OUTSIDE was not my problem.

Actually .. by not attacking you .. I am protecting myself.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Yin Yang Qi Art: Most Precious Gift

Yin Yang Qi ART: Most Precious Gift
I am going to begin at the end of the story as this makes more sense to tell it this way than begin at the beginning .. #_#

You have a BIG FIELD to tell a small story.

In the early hours of this morning [March 27] I have two dreams. I wake up twice between 3 / 4 in the morning where I wake up and fall asleep.

The dream is the same dream [location situation experience] as it was originally. I am reverse engineering the dream woven into our 3D reality [past present and future]. The drawing is a visual representation of the Yin Yang spheres.

I had been watching HunanTV The Singer 2017 that I will show later .. where I was shown: It is not what YOU do alone .. but reality is also what others do. This is a form of intelligent adaptation where others respond to the Yin Yang Qi Art [spheres] and this internal adaptation creates what is.

I dream that I am in Hunan China [I am not sure] at an ancient site or interconnected dimension. Maybe I am the only Celtic person and maybe everyone else was Chinese. You may think this would be obvious .. but it is not !!

This was a small number of artists .. naturally interacting with another dimension in this 3D dimension .. where each person was holding a Dragon Orb. These were the same as yin yang orbs Dragons hold in eastern works of art. The orbs fit the hand perfectly and all appeared to be the same size and the same dimension.

The Yin Yang orbs seemed to be made of wood [not a wood that is on this Earth today] .. and they were carved as a perfect Yin Yang configuration. The only problem for us to understand is they were ALIVE. Living Qi force energy form.

Each artist had one of these Qi gifts.

The yin yang Qi does not belong to the incarnate being .. but it is a gift from some mysterious source. It is up to each person how they deal with and interact with this gift. Although the size of the orbs are the same .. the Yin Yang Qi [energy] levels are different.

It is not about SIZE .. but about the FOCUS #_#

An artist whose Qi seems to be very small and insignificant can have a profound effect simply because mega size is not the issue on Planet Earth .. but application [inner amplification and focus is KEY [Qi] .. if you know what I mean ??

In the dream the artists were striving to be the best .. it was a pretty complex dream .. but I was not striving to improve. In the dream I was studying the material energy Qi orb [of unknown origin] .. and that is the only clue I am going to give you ...

I have been watching the Hunan TV - I Am A Singer for some time [you do not have to speak Chinese to understand] .. and the two Chinese singers below were perhaps the least extrovert and the most shy. What you see below is how they pulled out that inner Yin Yang Qi Art from the soul.

Of course Dimash is Dimash .. whose skill and vocal register is beyond exception .. 我是歌手官方频道 I AM A SINGER .. but that is not the point! In the dream each Yin Yang Qi Art Gift is one part of the whole. It is about the universal ONENESS of unique Qi life force.

The Singer 2017 Hunan TV Semi Final

The Singer 2017 - Sandy Lam

Culture is also unique and part of the human experience on Earth. These two singers suddenly instinctively connected with an ancient heritage that existed across Asia long before Europe ever existed. The Chinese [for thousands of years] combined music with dance and drama as a way of telling a deeper story.

It is not entertainment .. it is a form of story telling or inner activation.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Irish Proverb Quote! Author Is A Woman from Texas!

Just to make everyone else look stupid #_# .. the so-called Nigerian Poet is a Nigerian Scam as the true author of the St.Patrick's Day Inspiration is JoAnne Tuttle from a book of inspirational poems published in 2010 and 2012 by Publisher iUniverse: Crystal Inspirations by JoAnne Tuttle

Friendship's Motivator Crystal Inspirations is an inspirational poem written by JoAnne Tuttle .. born 1934 in Fort Worth Texas.

She worked for twenty years as an Administrative Services Officer for the University of Texas Health Science Center at Dallas, Southwestern Medical School (UTHSCD), retiring in 1994.

She married Emery Tuttle in 1971, attesting he is her soul-mate and her inspiration for adventure. She loves to travel, claiming "adventure" is her middle-name.

In 2001, at age 67, JoAnne attained her private pilot's license; three years after her husband Emery acquired his license at age 76. Emery was a WWII pilot, but had not flown in over 50 years and had to start fresh. Since obtaining their licenses, they have traveled the U.S. together in their single-engine-home-built RV-6A plane. Adventure is their cup of tea.

They designed and built their home at Cedar Creek Lake in 1991, and have enjoyed many projects and adventures together over the years. They are active in their church and community and their life's statement continues to be - "It's not over 'til it's over" ...

JoAnne has always written poetry, but only in past few years did she collect her poems from old envelopes, notebooks and scrap paper to compile them into a book. In 2010 her collection of inspirational poems were published by iUniverse publishers and republished in 2012.

In Chinese Rooster Year the Internet has turned into a brood of cackling hens +_+
As always .. apply Zen Martial Arts and observe your own balance inwardly .. silently ..

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

iHuman iCreate iFuture ..

iHuman -> iCreate -> iFuture
As you see things are getting a bit techi .. but it is a learning curve .. #_#

On my iTwitter notepad #iZenTzu I have been working on a new i-Intelligence as: New Aquarius*Tech.

It is NEW because it is forever new! Universal Nature!

iHuman iCreate iFuture .. is not ideological .. is not political .. is not religion .. has no centralized structure .. has no method .. no system .. as INtelligence is its own Master. It is mediation beyond the self [thought ego] beyond the me that is a living self-created understanding unique to each incarnate being.

Living Self-Intelligent System
Intelligence is ART and thought is not intelligence. Thought is memory and system of measurement. Nature .. Universe .. is not thought.

Here you see Nature at work .. defining unique art .. natural intelligence and love. Intelligence is love. Nature is our teacher.

What has this to do with meditation?

I was working until this morning understanding i-Intelligence through art [the oldest part of the brain/mind]. Art is the most direct form of intelligence that includes: Cooking .. building .. drawing .. meditation .. all forms of Kung Fu!

This morning I thought: How can I create a visual picture that shows that intelligence is alive in Nature that has nothing to do with thought? How can I show this? How can I draw this? How can I show people in one image what I see with my heart?

You can see it right there in front of you: iCarrot

I wanted to find a way to show people fundamental principle behind intelligent meditation that is real and alive and is not some inward discipline or self-isolation .. but is the way it happens to me that Invisible Worlds taught me all my life!

Life really has a sense of humor .. and Invisible Worlds laugh at me all the time .. especially when they catch me in that moment where I see what appears in the mirror of life. I ca see them now as I write this .. when those beings saw me turn my head and look right at the bunch of carrots.

A lot of you may not understand the JOKE #_# .. but in that moment I turned .. it was like I had found a major vein of gold embedded in the clay of our current reality. Because our World is currently devoid of INTELLIGENCE .. O N L Y .. because we do not decisively interact with the UNKNOWN.
There is no love without intelligence ..
.. there is no intelligence without love.

I am going to try and show it to you in technical terms that are very valid and very real .. and dynamic. I forgot my quest to find a way to show people what I am talking about when I say: iIntelligence iHuman iCreate iFuture Now.

Meditation is living phenomenon like plants growing from soil. Intelligence is the soil from which the living meditation grows. You [the human being] are in contact with the soil that is intelligence [when you meditate]. You are not in isolation. The roots of the plant become the soil. The roots are not separate from the soil.

iCarrot grew long before I had my 13 of March quest. The carrot was picked from the earth before I had in my mind the quest to show what I am trying to convey to people. Then iCarrot has to end up in the store I get my vegetables from .. and no one else buys it .. everyone ignores it.

Then I have to walk into the store and see those carrots that reveal the intelligent living technology system that seamlessly interacts with all of life and humans. For sure the carrots were on top of the pile and no one could miss it .. the hidden design of nature that is love.

You have to invest in your own intelligence. This is not a financial investment. This is an investment from the heart. There are small number of people on Earth who help feed and support their human family .. but these people do what they do because they give an investment from the heart!

My heart sees faster than the mind or the eyes. The heart is faster than the speed of light [although the speed of light is variable and not constant nor fixed]. My heart sees the quest and then is understood by my mind. The heart teaches the mind. The heart is GPS navigation system of the mind.

When I see the sign .. it is always immediately the heart and then the mind / the eye. The heart guides the mind using intelligence. For this reason I say that there cannot be love without intelligence nor intelligence without love.

The Aquarius Cycle hybrid electrical current energy field system for which humans were created has returned to Earth. The installations have rebooted into a new energy phase. The original installations that were built to directly interact with hybrid humans.

We depend on those systems because humans are very vulnerable and not as robust as animals and birds. For this reason humans tend to be aggressive and afraid when left in a hostile environment that is not suited to their nature. Those energies have re-entered the physical Earth sphere and the rest is up to us ...

Does intelligent mankind also reboot to the original system +_#

Wednesday, March 08, 2017

The Atlantis Principles: Dimensions Orbital Influence

Dimensions Orbit Cycles
Earth dimension is a very tiny new dimension that is INFLUENCED and CHANGED as it interacts with larger dimensions.

Earth hosts multiple mirrored dimensions like layers of onion skins. An ancient source dimension gave birth to the tiny Earth related dimensions.

This Earth related dimension [similar to a clock] orbits 12 other much larger dimensions .. and over thousands of years cycles is influenced by the larger [creator source] origin / birth dimensions.

This is a very slow process and does not happen overnight. Catastrophic change does take place and dimension related incarnations do arrive immediately [faster than space time] .. the interchange process is seamless. This is where dimensions are incarnation points for spirit where physical matter is not the primary force.

The last shift saw the catastrophic fall of Atlantis .. before that were cycles of Mu and Lemuria .. later we entered a lower fallen cycle where the influencing dimension initiated a fall into darkness. The facts are this is a learning process and it is a test to see if the small dimension falls apart and destroys itself or self-germinates into unique sovereign dimension.

Let's just say the Earth dimension potentially sweeps in and out of influence of 12 other dimension cycles. Within that orbit the Earth dimension interacts with two other similar dimensions. The triangle is three small interacting dimensions that may merge into one.

The Atlantis Principles
On the Atlantic Coast looking out to the Bahamas and Bimini [triangle] three dolphins suddenly put their heads out of the deep coastal water and one of them [maybe all of them] sent out sonic vocalization that I heard.

Humans can actively hear sonic vocalization. The three dolphins kept their heads above the water looking at me and then in the same moment they all dived. I have to admit I was stunned !!

Dolphins vocalization spins like a spiral vortex. The sounds rotate pretty fast and pretty powerful. Due to some sonar capability they knew I was quietly standing right at the edge watching the ocean. Like old friends who somehow recognize you they came right up out of the water and said: Hi .. how are things ??

For sure you feel the sonic sound with the body as it hits you like a wave. I actually HEARD the very precise highly complex vocal range of sounds. They do not just send out one tonal range .. dolphins express multiple ranges in highly sophisticated ways.

Humans and dolphins were communicating before the fall of Atlantis Mu Lemuria.

At some point you are going to see a new humanity communicating on those frequencies again where seeing and hearing are unified into one seamless process. Considering how dumb humans became it is amazing the Earth survived.

Atlantis .. Mu and Lemuria are not PLACES as such .. they are PRINCIPLES. They are inter-dimensional principles or influences that design physical time space. Humans have no control over this process. Humans have to adapt to this process.

The Masters of Change are highly advanced beings or creators who guide dimensions [Planets] through key fundamental changes in cycles. It really is the most sophisticated universal living technology one could ever imagine. They make sure physical reality does not fall apart due to the stress transitions phase.

For sure continents are going to undergo dramatic and devastating change. No one can change this or modify this natural phenomeon. It has happened many times before and it is happening again. What incarnate spirits can do is work with inner space-time travelling spirit self.

This cycle is giving birth to a totally new inter-dimensional being .. and as Colonel Philip Corso asked: Are YOU up to it? He did not mean physically up to it .. he meant is Incarnate Spirit up to inhabiting a new world: "It's a new World .. if you can take it ..."

Monday, March 06, 2017

Sky Oceans: Electrically Charge Weather Phenomenon

I was watching flooding across Southern California with significant mudslides. Road safety construction and safety guys were commenting: "It always mud slides at this point on the road in extreme heavy rain."

Why do mudslides like particular spots in particular area?
The standard answer is water flow .. or is the answer electrical current flow?

Sky Oceans Electrical Charge
Here is my drawing showing Sky Oceans .. and this is a new theory in electrically charged flow patterns in charge of atmospheric air [sky] currents.

It is a Unified Earth Theory where the unifying code is electrical current flow. The flow can be called Chi or Qi .. but this is not some mysterious mystical energy .. it is real.

Water is like cold fire. Water and fire powerfully cancel each other out because they are primary forces with one original source. The source split itself .. as this physical dimension is based on duality. Although they appear to be split into opposing forces they interact because they are fundamentally the same force.

Male and female appear different .. but according to yin / yang you have male within female [principles] and female within male [principles]. In the same fashion you have fire within water and water within fire.

On Earth dominant atmospheric principles are air mixed with water. Their combined and flawless interactions is one fundamental source: Electric current flow. Everything on this planet including mountains and rivers are connected electrically.

Humans use fire / heat / combustion for energy living on a Planet of water that contains unique electrical charge. Anyone observing nature might conclude that the Planet's nature would guide beings to figure out ways to live in harmony with the World they inhabit [even if they are originally hybrid humanoids that got stuck on Earth].

I have studied many philosophies saying: We must love the Earth .. we must live in harmony. The truth is all cultures [even when they try to live in balance] have had a heavy footprint on the surface of the Planet and its natural environment.

Humans across the Planet just hunt down everything and eat it .. then they say: This is our natural culture. Then we have to build shelters .. that leaves another BIG footprint. I say that humans are other world hybrids because people do not connect with the Planet's own nature.

People do not see the great atmospheric ocean currents in the sky. We are too intellectual. Everything gets divided into fragments. Nothing is whole. In Shikasta Doris Lessing wrote that key ancient structures were designed to create harmonic fields that Earth human inhabitants were comfortable with.

Those harmonic structures got torn apart and destroyed and the human mind fell into an internally disruptive state .. sort of like an Operating System without Intelligent Guidance System. Zen and Chi Masters attempted to create an internal harmonic of the mind / within the mind.

The Atmospheric Oceans drawing I have posted is a big thing .. because those changes [those change cycles] are what will define our future on Earth. I saw this "Atmospheric River" rubbish .. and are people really so stupid ?? I would laugh if this was not so serious ...

Earth humans would be lucky if this was only a river above their heads .. but it is a f#cking BIG OCEAN. The water and humidity is pro-human friendly only because of electrical magnetic current variations. A change in the Solar charge of Earth's atmosphere could release catastrophic rain storms .. as the Sun's Solar charge regulates atmospheric density.

It is quite the joke that experts try to theorize all water on Planet Earth came from comets #_# .. and why not from the Sun that has so so much more water than tiny little comets ?? Not past tense either !! Let's say electrically charged water comes directly from the Sun.

What would an asteroid or comet hitting Earth's Oceans do that could be so devastating to life on the Planet? It would change [long term] the water vapor ratio between the Oceans and the Sky. It would fundamentally displacing high volumes of water [vapor] .. and it has to go somewhere.

What do you think the Great Flood was ??

We all assume it was giant waves that covered the Earth like a tsunami. I have another theory that is probably more down to Earth and more realistic: It was non stop torrential rain that affected most of the Planet at one time.

You would not need to have a giant wave of water covering the Earth .. all you would need is non-stop heavy rain and that would be what I call Sky Floods. Simple flood rain is enough to totally disrupt human society when it is heavy enough and seems never ending.

Those are caused by long term mega flood cycles.

Friday, March 03, 2017

Human Psyche Electrical Current Charge

Psyche Field Frequency
The mind is the whole operating field within and around the body. Incarnate spirit is the Master of this system.

MASTER can have many meanings: Strong healthy and dominant does not mean that the living incarnation is operating a good system field. Being sick experiencing compassion does not mean the living incarnation is operating a bad system field.

I woke up seeing the finished drawing pictograph as IMAGINATION.

It is more powerful .. because I wanted to change some of the colors & was told NO !!

The earlier posted line drawing already had a lot of depth meaning and movement .. but the colors I use convey much deeper meaning and message that can be very subtle. I prefer to understand it on its own levels and not translate this into linear thought.

What I can share is how this effected me ...

I get all sorts of connections to the dimensions that interact with us directly and also interact with this Planet in this dimension as a whole. It is very simple to do and does not take up any of your TIME .. *_#

It is called Walking Meditation that I do all my life. But .. why do I do this walking meditation? Well .. I do not think about it .. I just do it. If I am walking .. it is just part of me! Today I find out why I do this walking meditation ...

Everything Is One Inside The Body
Your psyche affects the electrical frequency of the organs glands blood in the body through gratitude and love making the frequency of the organs happy .. the glands happy .. the blood happy. If I do this when I am sitting = I get bored.

All the organs and glands and blood come alive when we walk. That is a good time to create timeless energy / timeless youth. In the past and in the future humans die healthy .. so you don't have to get sick. The time comes = you leave your body. It is very simple.

You see the colors I use in the pictograph totally changes the depth and the meaning plus perspective of the original drawing. Well .. it is the same with your blood glands organs in the body. The organs are just a line drawing until you give them color frequency current flow and [psyche] electrical charge.

Until you do this you are just walking around your whole life ..
.. like a line drawing ..

You [incarnate spirit] .. has to add energy and charge .. add a bit of color .. divine interaction [as YOU are the Master] .. it teaches you to have compassion and the compassion begins WITHIN. I know! We think compassion is pouring [flooding] out like water down a spillway and out into life and the community.
As you may have seen ?? too much flow can damage the spillway beyond repair and work its way back to eventually undermine the origin source and spill out all the waters that existed to give life = compassion.
Where did this come from and where did I learn this?

I finished my drawing and I walked into town to apply the new frequency current the drawing had expanded in my mind / brain. I was applying the five organs awareness and electric current charge .. charging the glands .. charging the blood .. and working with the organs.

Then I could see / feel the dimensions. I / we exist simultaneously on other dimensions. They are similar to Earth .. some more advanced .. some less advanced. I am doing this walking meditation and inter connected dimensions appear. You have to understand I do not want to have this experience.

My reaction is: Hey! Guys! I am doing my work .. let's meet another time !!

It does not go away and the dimensions become part of my walking meditation .. and then I see its origin: It is a long time ago in an area of China .. before the warring states. In the mountains there was a temple complex for Walking Monks.

I think this branch spread to .. became or influenced Zen Masters in Japan.

They learn this powerful meditation as they walk .. and then they leave the temple and they are the meditation as they walk. Their initiation as monks was to walk [become the meditation] and teach. They do not seek to teach. They walk to meditate to become the meditation and natural flow of river is that people drink the water when they discover the river.

In our philosophy at that time .. giving love giving compassion out-out-out .. is really like a dam. Very simple .. it is the I / ME giving the compassion flowing out to the people who are suffering drought in the same way a dam gives out the water to the drought plains below.

In one cycle comes a big flood of compassion [source current] and the dam breaks.

Our Masters at that time taught us: No .. you just walk and the flow will regulate itself. You focus on yourself and the rest will happen naturally. It is all Nature. You walk and you become part of the flow. That is what we did.

This effects each unique incarnation in different ways. I am good with dimensions & space-time. I am good with time travel. Other people are good at other things. This is the problem of looking outside and wanting something. You want something .. you do not know yourself.

At that time the monks wore robes to signal that they were walking monks. They had no money. That they can defend themselves. Usually this was enough to stop bandits and criminals from attacking them and trying to steal from them.

It was also to show their character and pass on the teachings.

Once you apply this the meditation has its own roadmap current flow. Once you enter the current the electrical field flow will adjust itself and clean up a few blocks. A lot of other stuff can happen. This is not going to transit a new current overnight. Yes it does .. but no it doesn't.

Enlightenment is the whole field and is not up there in the physical brain ...

If you look carefully the activity is taking place down in the body and the mind is silent. There is not a lot of activity in the mind. The Earth connection is very important. In the distant past we could get all our work done in the temple: Cleaning .. growing food .. in the kitchen .. trading for rice and always apply our walking meditation [that only made us stronger].

Thursday, March 02, 2017

Healing Mind Vocalization: Chi Electric Current Frequencies

Mind Vocalization = Imagination

THis one drawing pictograph shows you everything you have to know to heal yourself.

I deliberately scanned the raw unfinished sketch for this post .. because YOU fill in the colors .. the frequencies. It is - after all - your body & your mind .. alone ..

Even with the basic plan sketch there is a lot going on that gives you an idea or understanding of what I am about to share with you now.

A lifetime .. many lifetimes of self learning past present and future
In the ZenTzu pictograph the Celtic / Iberic massive megalithic stones [dolmen stones] are also the lungs. If you are very smart you begin to figure out why I draw the lungs as megalithic stones with the Celtic / Iberic spirals ...

If I tell you it is just words = in one brain out the other side #_#

When you figure it out for yourself .. not in one day .. then something takes place that no one on this Earth can give you. You understand? You give it to yourself [very important]. The deities would love to give you all the knowledge and inner enlightenment .. but it is not possible.

Mind Vocalization:
Chi Electric Current Frequencies
Why mind vocalization? How does mind vocalization [like dolphin frequency] affect the physical body? You are doing it all the time and you do not know it!

Not only are you thinking all the time [unless you go beyond thought] .. but those thoughts have their own sonic vocal frequencies that affect the mind .. hormones .. cells .. blood .. organs of the body.

Really you are silently singing to yourself awake and asleep .. and this is an inner whale sound vocalization that no one can physically hear. I know .. you think [or were taught to think] that you are talking to yourself in words when you think #_+

The fact is behind the superficial word you are singing to yourself ...

Just like the drawing is basic ..
this post is basic rough dolmen stones stuck on the landscape.

Your mind is a sub vocal [sonic] vocalization .. your thoughts and emotions are sounds [sonic vocalizations]. The brain and the physical body is L I S T E N I N G to YOU = the INCARNATE spirit [as it was designed to do].

If you do not feel good or you get sick .. what do you do ??
Oh! I feel so bad .. I am sick .. I don't feel good .. I am scared +_+

The brain and physical body [cells] are listening to this = to serve you [as it was designed to do]. The brain gets the message: He signals to be sick / she signals to be sick. That is how the system was designed. It listens to you and it gives you what you ask for.

Healing Mind Vocalization: Chi Electric Current Frequencies .. is when you make the decision to stop living on this Planet switched to auto-pilot and you teach yourself how to fly this INCARNATION rather than be a victim to your own "stupidity".

Some time ago when I got sick = gut colon candida parasite system degeneration .. I had to figure out for myself everything because no one has walked this path in our "modern" way of living. A very long time ago our highly advanced ancestors knew this very simple truth.

Chi Electric Current Frequencies .. are incredibly complex energy vocalization electric current paths within the body that effect who we are and who we are to be. In the drawing .. where do you see the focus?

You have to imagine healing .. strength .. harmony .. who you really are .. and the brain / mind / body will respond to this [as it was designed to do]. I make the drawing to show you that you SEE YOURSELF .. using imagination .. that is same as drawing a picture or any kind of ART.

Jiddu Krishnamurti often said to artists: You give everything to your art and you destroy yourself .. you destroy the body. Very few understood what he meant. Of course .. you have to have the insight and understanding for yourself. No one can give you that!
Really it is very simple .. and not complex .. and this is why I scanned the basic line drawing to convey how simple it is. It is very powerful and very simple. Maybe too simple for people today who do not go to the basics within themselves.

The basic simple truth [although it is also highly complex] goes straight to the heart.

Of course .. Invisible Guides teach me to apply imagination to see myself in balance .. to send harmonic to the physical brain and the cells of the body [the intelligent DNA and cells] .. but I had to apply it or it would not make sense *_*

It is very simple .. you have to apply it and tech yourself. I mean teach yourself ...

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Death +_+ Is The Biggest Conspiracy!

Ancient*Futures: Is Death The Biggest Conspiracy?

In the video you see a visit to an ancient site that is much older than people realize. At the time a friend was dying [the physical body was dying] .. and I had an experience where there was other dimension beings type meeting in the garden with us humans. These beings decided it was time for the spirit to return to their original dimension.

A round portal opened and they all walked through .. disappeared .. the portal closed and we found out that each human incarnation also has an ELEMENTAL. The elemental is an intelligent operating system that allows spirit incarnations to navigate time and space reality.

Death Is The Biggest Conspiracy
The invisible worlds guided us to go to this ancient INSTALLATION where we had no clue about what was there. In the video you see the statue that is claimed to be the God Asklepios: Healer and bringer of the dead back to life.

Around the Planet - as we now enter a new phase - these ancient installations are rebooting [like an advanced living intelligent Operating System]. The first conspiracy is that everyone has been conditioned or programmed to believe that all these ancient locations are dead places dedicated to the gods.

Nothing could be further from the truth ...

The beings depicted are not gods .. they are UNIVERSAL PRINCIPLES. It is all a code [more advanced than computer code] .. using avatar / symbols to connect and activate nodes. There was no malicious design intended .. it is humans who have become malicious .. but that is THEIR problem!

Researchers identify Zeus as Planet Jupiter and Hades as Planet Pluto .. I think Earth was Asklepios ?? am not sure .. but all I know is the bolt(s) of lightning from the Planet Jupiter were hitting Earth probably when the new Sun was born. Zeus [Jupiter] was kicked out as Father of the Gods [Planets] .. as the new Father [The Sun] took its place.

What I was shown after the visit is that bolts of lightning from Jupiter struck Earth .. destroying a highly advanced civilization on the Planet and Asklepios bringing the dead back to life is related to re-incarnation. I imagine the higher re-incarnation order of Earth got damaged or destroyed ?? As for the anger of Hades / Pluto .. the Planet was pushed out from an inner orbit to an outer orbit by Earth.

This all comes into my mind after visiting the installation #_#

Art Is The Unknown [Death]
This is a photograph I took working to heal [save someone's life] .. where I can see death and I can see the invisible worlds of spirit. It helps you to see what death looks like through the eyes of a Seer .. Artist & Healer.

This image was taken at the time period I became aware the incarnate spirit has walked out of the body .. left the Earth cycle and was escorted to another dimension [their original dimension]. Revealing that DEATH is not at all what we think it is!

When spirits die the compassion they feel that is the illusion sadness of the Earth [relating to the damaged intelligence of Asklepios] .. is that people do not see beyond their ego conditioning of the tiny little thought program of limited experience and limited knowledge.

Of course .. THOUGHT [which is time] is afraid of death .. because thought dies when the spirit incarnation leaves the body and the physical brain and body no longer function. Each time physical body ends the limited [time restricted] petty little individual ME thought program comes to an end.

Thought [ego] experiences death together with the ending of the physical material body.

What is The Biggest Conspiracy?
Over the last 2,000 years since the death of Atlantis [Asklepios] the human mind has lost its original way [intelligent navigation systems] .. and lives in FEAR of DEATH .. that is a TOTAL ILLUSION .. because you cannot understand life without understanding death. Duality is balance yin / Yang principles: Life is death and death is life!

When spirit incarnates [occupies] physical space-time life and death are ONE...

That which is born dies .. that which dies is born. The beginning and the end are one. These are not just WORDS .. there is fundamental reality beyond the words. The word is just a sign post guiding the traveler to go to the actual location and find out the TRUTH for themselves.

I show you birth-death-rebirth principle: I was born with a passion for discipline of Martial Arts .. but I don't want to hit anyone or defeat anyone .. I just have this passion. This was a time when there was no Kung Fu influence in Scotland .. but it was in my blood .. and the blood travels through the heart!

The only Martial Arts film I ever saw in my life [until 2011 videos on the Internet] .. was the original [black & white] Japanese: Seven Samurai with subtitles. That film blew my mind .. but other than this there was no TV .. no films .. no outside influence.
BIRTH = I was very young and we do not have much money .. but I save up to buy Gichin Funakoshi - Karate-Do Kyohan that had just been published in English [so I was around 15 / 16 years old]. I studied this book every day and would go out into the garden bare foot even in Winter [even in frost and snow] and teach myself as I was obsessed .. that this was my life.

DEATH = The ancient Invisible Guides came to me and asked me to change my development of Karate-Do Kyohan from the physical training to inner teachings training ... and I died in that moment ... I was devastated. Even as I write this I have tears in my eyes. The reason is .. I was not going to survive in this Earth environment with physical Martial Arts skills .. but I was going to survive [the future] with deeper more ancient unseen hidden skills .. so physical aspect dies.

REBIRTH = No! It does not die .. the INITIATION [Guidance] gives birth to a new unique manifestation. I am forced to draw on much older incarnations more important to this life experience. It demands that I go deeper. It demands that I apply awareness and skills that do not exist in this common World [today]. Because .. we all have to live in this common World conditioned by the fallen Roman Empire who turned against principles of TRUTH...

But .. why do you believe the lies and illusions that deny UNIVERSAL PRINCIPLES of TRUTH that are designed / encoded inside the genes of all humans ?? The genes that are your Intelligent Operating Systems ?? You see .. All this realization comes out of the death [transformation] of one human being who leaves Earth at this time.

Because .. everyone is crying and suffering and thinking only of themselves .. because of FEAR of DEATH. Because personal and collective FEAR is the darkness not death. The petty little ego [thought] is terrified of death = ending. Not only ending of the physical body .. but any kind of ending of its patterns and attachments.

That conditioning did not exist inside me at 15 years old .. because I did not allow it to condition my unique incarnation. I challenge the programming of the ego / the petty self. I did not argue with the Guidance of the Invisible Worlds when they challenged me to change as I KNOW the TRUTH when I hear it!

Why can you not see that fear is like a drug that distorts the mind? Why can you not see that suffering is like a drug that distorts the mind? Through good fortune we were guided and came upon an ancient installation that taught these fundamental principles way back long before the Romans and Greek Civilizations.

There is a lot more to come and we are still working on this project.

We currently have Mercury in Pisces [February 25 - March 13] where I have ?? Mercury in Aries [my birth sign] .. I know nothing about Astrology .. but I suspect that our birth aspects also interact with the cycle of aspects. All this passion to ask these questions is my Mercury in Aries talking to Mercury in Pisces #_# .. if that makes sense ??

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Five Elements Eclipse Extreme Weather Cycles

Three 144 Year Five Elements Cycles
Chinese Fire Rooster 1717
Chinese Metal Rooster 1861
Chinese Fire Rooster 2017

300 year great storm cycle: 1717 - 2017

Five Elements Solar Eclipse Cycles
22 April 1716 Total Solar Eclipse
15 October 1716 Annular Solar Eclipse
The Great Snow of 1717 - was a series of extreme snow storms that covered New England and New York between February 27 and March 17. The Winter prior to these great storms had been the worst in memory .. in December 1716 snow had fallen to the depth of 5 feet.
Two Solar eclipses at the beginning and end of 1716 with a series of volcanic eruptions from Mount Kirishima Japan / Kelud in Indonesia / Taal Volcano Philippines.

As I wrote in February 14 post: Five Elements Natural Flood Cycles
The December 1717 Christmas Flood [Holland] - 14,000 people drowned

11 January 1861 Annular Solar Eclipse
31 December 1861 Total Solar Eclipse
Chinese Metal Rooster 144 Years later: After after two exceptionally dry decades California experienced the worst Central Valley Flood from December 1861 to January 1862 - The Great California Flood.
Two Solar eclipses beginning and end of 1861 with no significant volcanic activity powerful enough to blame for the mass flooding. This is why I call them NATURAL CYCLES .. because Planet Earth follows intelligent but complex balance cycles.

26 February 2017 "Ring of Fire" Solar Eclipse
21 August 2017 Total Solar Eclipse
From 1717 to 2017 is a 300 year Five Elements - Chinese Fire Rooster Cycle. After significant drought cycle affecting California State an unusual mass water event took place where incredible storms quickly filled all the dams to full capacity. Resulting in the Oroville dam crisis of Jan / Feb 2017 that is ongoing.
Two Total Solar eclipses beginning and end of 2017 .. the Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse happened today [26 February] and there have been no significant eruptions to blame for the mass flooding and storms hitting California.

Earth*Tech Geek
I am simply making a historical and structural technical analysis based on my own research and life long observations. Tech*geeks are not "experts" they are just Geeks! That is another word for natural observers ... and wot-do-eye observe?

The February 26 2017 Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse was in Pisces .. and that governs water and weather! Being an Eclipse of such long duration means that the effects could continue for years. Full Solar Eclipse cycles do have long term effects regardless.

It's all about water .. and I have said in the past: Water has variations in weight / heaviness according to the Sun Cycles [Solar Cycles]. According to my own observations .. as of January 2017 we are currently in a heavy water cycle = natural heavy deep low lying fog / mist as well as the associated pollution.

Heavy water is [in my mind] associated with high winds .. water and wind are like two intertwining Sky Dragons or as I call this phenomenon: Sky Ocean Currents / Atmospheric Ocean Currents. The relationships between water and wind is electrical [current] flow.

In terms of California today you have a number of changes to the natural landscape that did not exist 144 & 300 years ago. The most recent changes to the mountain valley are 50 year old dams. Technically 50 years are at their capacity and the mass water catchments and snow are at the top of their physical capacity.

The weight of the water trapped behind the dams did not exist in 1861 / 1862. This vast weight of water is not only captured as snow in the high mountain ranges .. or filling the rivers .. the water behind the dams is soaking out into the surrounding landscape that is not naturally designed to hold or be under the weight of those water levels.

These are just basic structural and geological problems to think about.

The dams in California were not designed to deal with the levels of water flowing to overcapacity they have today. For sure humans only experience heavy water cycles every 144 to 300 years .. this current situation is not in the current human radar of expectations [experience].

Technically .. if California had experienced high rain fall levels each year the dams would have been built differently. Unfortunately the dams were constructed for a dry desert / drought climate [experience]. No one thinks about it until the longer cycle high rainfall / floods come as are happening now.

A number of factors are going to influence what happens next: Two Solar Eclipses in 2017 .. with the first Eclipse creating its effects today [February 26]. That weight of water behind multiple dams is an unknown for these types of weather cycle patterns.

We are talking dams filled to full capacity with the storm season having only begun that can continue until March / April. Two Total Solar Eclipses in 2017 .. leaving the increased potential for more heavy storms in Dec 2017 - Jan / Feb 2018.

Then there is the snow melt crisis that has set off mass flooding of the valley in the past. This is not only about rain fall levels. The biggest danger could be warmer air melting the snow real fast. That water flow from the mountains could overwhelm the structures of dams downstream.

The other unknown is the earthquake effect of dams on the surrounding geology as the water from the dams soaks into the ground structure. It is called: Reservoir Induced Seismicity or Dam Induced Seismicity. Extra water pressure in the micro-cracks and fissures in the ground under or nearby have the potential to trigger seismic activity.

That part is currently a big unknown as these dams have never had to face 144 or 300 storm / heavy water climate cycle as they are only 50 years old. The depth and volume of water can play a role in triggering earthquakes. I would also add that it depends on the geological structure of the area.

The type of rock .. the rock soil strata .. the electrical signatures of the rock .. brittle or hard? Then it also depends on the water and gas chambers deep under the earth [including lava] that can get displaced. Once you get into the geological layers things get really complex. This is more complex than the human body ...

There are multi complex layers effecting the next immediate 13 months .. due to the influences of the two powerful Solar Eclipses within 2017 .. adding to the 144 year cycle and the 300 year cycle. We live in a multi complex multi layered reality of which I have only talked about geology .. I have not yet touched upon the supernatural and paranormal = the unknown factor that also plays a part in WHAT IS.