Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Unique Earth Zones Pathways

Unique Earth Zones
I have been aware of unique Earth Zones from a very early age .. I could see them and was aware of them at the time I began walking _#

Everything we think about Planet Earth is wrong .. our mind view of continents and countries is wrong .. our limited local perspective on this Planet is wrong: Earth is a highly advanced interconnected MATRIX !!

The English word matrix is a derivative of the word mother [origin] or parent stem of plants. If I am correct matrix in traditional Chinese combines to reveal many uses of the word / concept: 子宮 - uterus / womb / matrix .. 矩阵 Jǔzhèn - mathematical [matrix multiplication] 理解矩阵乘法 .. in mathematics the matrix is a complex or real set in a rectangular array.

When people inhabiting Earth have their own greater understanding of electrical current [variations] as electrical charge then the matrix zones of the Planet will become clear. Future understanding of INTERACTIVE electrical charge will revolutionize life and how we live on Earth. Once this has been understood above surface zones can be created in the forms of Floating Platforms.

Now my awareness and understanding of Earth Zones has developed to the extreme.

Countries are not countries .. but they are zones = interactive zones / frequencies / electrical current / advanced electrical charge. In a way the key matrix zones variation is the variation in electrical charge [frequency]. In terms of physical 3D variations in landscape of each structural Earth Zone is formed from the background electrical matrix.

Everything Connects / Reconnects
In terms of landscape electrical matrix charge is the womb.