Saturday, January 29, 2011

Volcanic Aerosols & Changes In Gravity

The sky today is so clear, so blue and so clean as it was in my childhood (back in Sparta) - only kidding! The sky is so blue that I wonder if microscopic aerosol particles from volcanic ash clean the upper atmosphere? At least activate something in the atmosphere.

I imagine that as the tiny nano particles from the erupting volcanoes are spread high into the atmosphere we cannot see them; but we can see their effects. Would the particles reflect light in a different way, would they alter the refraction of light or gravity? I mean alter how light, electricity, magnetism and gravity flow on nano levels so subtle we probably would not realise or be able to measure it.

It is now 13:44 in the afternoon and at around 13:00, with the sun behind me so that I could not see it from the corner of my eye .. the sunlight was bending in a way that is difficult to describe. The light was not blinding, but the light was different. One would have to observe light like an artist or a painter, to pay attention and watch how light behaves.

Apart from the fact that the sky is so clean, the refraction of light and the brightness of the Sun is just different. Then it occurred to me that if light is bending more powerfully then that would explain the early Arctic sunrise in Greenland after the long winter night.

If what I am seeing is correct and sunlight is bending in a new way here on Earth, does that mean gravity is bending the light in a new way? Did highly advanced ancient civilisations know this change in light was coming? Did they know that at a certain point in the Sun's orbit around the center of the Galaxy that light would behave differently?

On a structural level the Earth is made of light, creating a framework to support many levels of magnetic fields all the way up to matter. At the same time matter is also a magnetic field. This whole reality must be various density levels of magnetic fields.

We assume light has to come directly from the Sun; but what if light from the center of the Galaxy lights up the Sun? I mean that the Sun converts light from the center of the Galaxy into a visible light spectrum. Our eyes cannot see the light streaming from the center of the Galaxy (or it would blind us). The Sun is a converter. It does not produce light, it converts it.

My theory is that the Sun no more creates light than a light bulb. The energy that lights up the Sun comes from a central energy source (center of the Galaxy) - and that central energy source is split into the physical spectrum by all the Suns in the Galaxy. That is why light does not fill space.

It is not that light does not fill space; but that our senses are designed not to see the source light that is filling space and that charges up the Galaxy. Our senses are designed to only see the light converted by the local Sun (as is common for all planetary species).

If my observations are accurate there is a change in the bending of light reaching the Earth from the Sun. That would either mean a change in gravity or a change in the Earth/Sun's magnetic current. I am not a physicist and so I don't understand gravity.

Who knows? Maybe we are going through a massive time warp and we don't know it?

Friday, January 28, 2011

Not Yellowstone! Anak Krakatau Explodes!

While the cerebral web indulges in media games of an imminent eruption of a super volcano at Yellowstone, Anak Krakatau in Indonesia erupts explosively sending impressive ash clouds high into the skies. While in Japan (not yellowstone) one of Mount Kirishima's many calderas erupted prompting 2 kilometer evacuations of the area around the volcano.

The explosive eruption of volcanic gas from Anak Krakatau (near Jakarta) were joined by explosions at Mount Bromo, Indonesia (South of Jakarta) - to be joined by powerful eruptions at Mount Kirishima, Japan.
[BigThink on the Yellowstone Travesty]

Inflations of the ground above the caldera at Yellowstone do not signal that a so-called "super eruption" is imminent, nor that an eruption at Yellowstone will destroy the United States. It is almost like these people have a 'death wish'.

In real time, on the other side of the world, three volcanoes are erupting along the Pacific Ring of Fire. A chorus of volcanic eruptions inside the Ring of Fire would be more dangerous than an eruption at Yellowstone.

In the last few days two serious volcanoes have exploded inside the Java Trench and one serious volcano has exploded on the Ryukyu Trench. These ongoing ash explosions together with other volcanic activity this year will effect the world's weather for years to come.

It may be that much needed rain will fall in areas that have been suffering from years of drought. It may be that too much rain will fall creating more devastating floods. These eruptions are not a short attention span event and lets get on with our lives. These eruptions are geo-landscaping the planet we live on.

I don't think any of this will be an overnight change. This volcanic geo-engineering is going to last the next 100 years as 'extinct' volcanoes come back to life... But that is what they are there for. Extinct volcanoes become active over life spans we cannot imagine. We are living on a planet that undergoes significant change over long era cycles.

The challenge to us humans is to become aware of those cycles and adapt. Over the next two hundred years humans are going to see incredible changes on this planet. Those coming changes are not 'bad', they simply are what they are - and we are going to have to change our lifestyles accordingly.

It is not usual for people today to see large increases in long term powerful volcanic eruptions. So, people are reacting to these changes with the mind of the past. The good thing is that serious study of 'Volcanology' will now increase exponentially as their skills will be called on as part of a larger cultural adaptation.

Be happy that Yellowstone has not erupted and hope it stays that way. Until now the stress factor is not on the Yellowstone Caldera; but is on the Pacific Ring of Fire. Do your own research and find out what is really happening to the planet you live on.

Mount Kirishima generally produces level 2 explosions [Volcanic Explosivity Index (VEI)], the last level 2 activity was February 13, 1959 with significant activity. However, in 1716 and again in 1717 the volcano produced Level 3 activity - and in 788 AD the volcano produced level 4 activity.

The most interesting challenge facing society now is the disruption to air traffic. Most headlines around level 1 or level 2 ash explosions are concerned with flight cancellations. In the 1950's there was not the high level of air traffic that we have today. Both Japan's Kirishima eruption and Indonesia's Bromo ash explosions have caused extensive flight disruption and flight cancellations, creating no-fly zones while shutting down airports.

Do you want to see what a level 8 Super Volcanic Explosivity Index looks like? It's called: Glencoe, Scotland .. hahahahaha .. I don't think we will be seeing one of those for a while!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Home Made Yeast Water Kefir Bread

I recently started making a 'quick bread' that I don't knead. When the dough is more elastic it kneads itself through digestion. I am not really a 'bread maker', I am more an alchemist. I always have to see what happens when I mix things a certain way or I add something to the dough. Experimenting with bread baking does not always work out. I have witnessed some spectacular disasters. However, the water kefir dough experiment did work out.

If you want to make a quick loaf of bread then the way you mix the ingredients is as important to the process as what you add to the dough. Rather than the cups of flour measured into a bowl, raise the yeast and add the yeast mixture to the flour method... I added a good amount of warm water to the empty mixing bowl (with a little sugar added) and left the yeast to rise.

After that I don't measure out how much flour to add. Once the yeast has risen I add enough flour to soak up the water leaving an elastic dough that cannot be kneaded by hand. If too much flour is added and the dough becomes dry and knead-able then this method wont work without kneading. To make good bread a firm dry dough has to be kneaded to get air into the mixture.

I add and stir the flour into the watery yeast in the mixing bowl and I keep adding flour and stirring the mixture until I have a sticky but firm dough. For those who like cups and measurements just use your favorite bread recipe but do not add so much flour that the dough becomes firm and dry.

As I was stirring I added some water kefir that I make using 'Kefir Water Crystals'. You don't need to add much water kefir (or milk kefir) - just add 'some', like two tablespoons and keep stirring until everything is mixed together. Oh! I add salt when I add the flour.

Cover the bowl with a towel and let the dough rise at least once, allowing the yeast to turn the mixture into a stick mass. That can take anything from ten minutes to half an hour depending on the temperature of the room.

Once the dough has risen mix it down with a mixing spoon (preferably not metal) and beat the mixture until the dough forms into a tight ball. You can add some olive oil to make the mixture easier to beat. You are beating air into the soft dough with a mixing spoon rather than kneading the dough. Using a little olive oil makes the dough less sticky.

I allow the dough mixture to rise two or three times, each time beating the dough down into a tight ball before I add the dough to the baking tin. Then I let the bread prove in a warm oven before turning the oven to 200°C (400°F) to bake the bread once the dough has risen inside the baking tin.

What I find really amazing is how adding the water kefir to the dough mixture changed the bread. I don't think one should add too much kefir or it will overtake the taste of the dough. I added only a small amount of water kefir and it totally changed the texture of the bread.

Once left in the baking tin to rise the dough was elastic enough to hold its own form. When water kefir is not added to the mixture the dough usually spreads all over the baking tin as it rises. This water kefir dough also rose differently than a normal yeast only dough.

This is not a crusty bread. After baking the crust remained elastic. The baked bread dough also remained elastic and soft but firm. The finished bread does not have a 'kefir' taste. The texture of the bread is altered by adding the water kefir to the dough mixture.

Adding home made water kefir ferment to the bread dough mixture significantly alters the yeast rising and digestion process. I usually allow the bread dough to rise three times, mixing it back down each time over forty minutes as the kefir dough rises pretty fast (much faster than usual with yeast bread).

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

China Plan Mega City In Flood Risk Zone

China (developers) have announced plans to create the world's biggest city by expanding nine cities at the mouth of the Pearl River Delta, in South China. That's a great idea and later Australia can help China relocate the 42 million people and help rebuild if the predicted rise in sea level unfolds.

The Sea Level Rise Explorer shows the problematic of building in coastal areas vulnerable to changes in weather cycles, changes in water levels (flooding) or sudden changes in sea level (including tsunamis). Hong Kong and China's Pearl River Delta could face increasing risk of flooding following an overall trend that has seen an increase in heavy rain storms over the past 10 years.

I don't call it 'global warming'. I see a long term trend of climate instability due to large swings in fluctuation through layers of the Earth's magnetic field. Imagine many layers of magnetic density layered like strata. Those ribbons of varying magnetic density undulate and flow together like sea currents. There you have a pictograph of the serpents of the skies battling each other.

During times of extreme magnetic flux the undulating fields can drop down suddenly causing a heavy water deluge to flood key areas all at once. I imagine that key river delta areas also draw the water to them, so there is a magnetic interaction between the atmospheric layers and the magnetic flux of the land.

The developers of the Pearl River delta are planning a mega city population of around 42 million people. The Delta region is an economically rich area. They produce mega wealth for China. But take time to look at the map. Dongguan to the East, Guangzhou to the North, Jiangmen and Zhongshan to the South all have below sea level elevations [up to 10 below sea level if I am correct].

World's River Deltas Sinking Due To Human Activity: A new study led by the University of Colorado at Boulder indicates most of the world's low-lying river deltas are sinking from human activity, making them increasingly vulnerable to flooding from rivers and ocean storms and putting tens of millions of people at risk. Science Daily

This 2009 study was reported in China, "Three river delta areas sinking".

Humans get great benefits, increased economic benefits, from their use of river, coastal and delta areas. We also tend to forget that the Earth has its own long term cycles for maintaining life, of which we are largely unaware. It is not an 'accident' that such an abundance of life exists on this planet. The Earth actively maintains the bio-systems that supports an incredible diversity of species on this planet.

The announcement to create a mega city of 42 million people in such a vulnerable area is not only a question of the future potential for catastrophic floods; but the disruption of the fragile bio-mechanism that is the life-blood of the River Delta area itself. The 16,000 square mile urban mega city will cover an area twice the size of Wales. Do human beings really have to go down that road?

Monday, January 24, 2011

The Future For Europe's PIGS

This post has been fermenting in my mind since way back in 2010, when Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain became know worldwide as the PIGS of Europe. I was born with a natural awareness of my ancient Pictish / Celtic ancestors, an artistic, creative warrior culture. The original Celtic genetics think differently than modern man, where the so-called 'PIGS' of Europe were once part of a large cultural heritage stretching from Portugal to Greece and from Spain to Ireland.

We live in a clever world of manipulation and deception where words are used to form images (pictograms) in your mind / the human mind. The abbreviation PIGS was used by the media, and whoever is controlling them, to send a picture into your mind of farmed 'pigs'. Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain are ready for 'slaughter' .. they are greedy - sloppy - fat animals who give nothing and eat the scraps of the prosperous EU members .. REALLY!!?

In my analysis the first thing that came to mind is that the countries appeared to fail one-by -one (if failure is the right word) as GIPS - First, Greece, then Ireland, Portugal, Spain. So, where did the pictogram players get the word PIGS from? But let us stick with the PIGS pictogram and give it a new meaning!

Picturesque In Great Surroundings
Because I see things differently than the modern brain, it came to me that Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain have something that money cannot buy. They have beauty and the value of nature that cannot be bought or paid for. In reality, they have something of more value to humanity than all the printed paper Euros and Fiat Dollars currencies in this world.

Greece, Ireland, Portugal and Spain have something society today does not value. We live in a world of 3D physical resources, mining, production, 3D physical trade, value of technology, producing energy, of oil, gas and what people can produce to become rich.

We do not yet live in a world where the resources come second to: Picturesque In Great Surroundings .. where peace of mind, beauty, dynamic surroundings and the value of NOT PRODUCING are worth more than the EU PIGS who work to produce and export all the worlds fire/metal and steel technologies.

In 2011 - human society is still driven by the forces of fire and metal at the cost of beauty, peace and balance. Trees, water and valuable natural resources are sacrificed to feed the fires of the metal society. Metal 'hardness' killing power and fire destruction power.

"Together, my lord Sauron, we shall rule this Middle-earth. The old world will burn in the fires of industry. Forests will fall. A new order will rise. We will drive the machine of war with the sword and the spear and the iron fist of the orc." - Tolkien, Lord of The Rings

Observing this, it occurred to me that Greece, Ireland, Portugal and Spain have resources that are not valued by a world that worships the metal and fire, the tools man produces at the cost of even more valuable resources people today have become blind to, in their greed for the technological power of metal and fire (energy).

A knife or a sword is a form of technology!!

The ancient Gauls, the Picts and the Celts of Europe knew the true value of the land. They knew the value of water, food and natural surroundings. In today's world it is inconceivable that the people of Greece, Ireland, Spain and Portugal will outlive the guy with his handphone typing the latest PIGS market manipulations into the electronic system. But they have land, water and the courage to prevail - while the guy with the phone has 'investments' '-)

Pigs are actually very clean creatures. These animals are very particular about what they eat. It is human farmers who force pigs to live in filthy conditions and to eat garbage slop poured into a slough. Go research the wild pigs [wildschwein] - the wild boar.

Ancient Ireland
"After about 9000 BC, the climate again warmed, the juniper spread, and the birch appeared in large numbers for the first time. Pine, elm and other forest trees also appeared, and Ireland began a long-term process of forestation. Other plants and animals crossed the land bridges as well. Red deer, wild boar... took up residence.

"One of the oldest and best documented sites of early human habitation on Ireland is Mount Sandel, County Derry, investigated by Peter Woodman in the 1970s. The excavations uncovered hearths and postholes from early Mesolithic dwellings. Radiocarbon dates show the site was occupied about 7000 - 6500 bc. Early Mesolithic people mainly used small flint blades called microliths, many of which have been found in the area around the site. In the absence of large animals at this period in Ireland these Mesolithic people appear to have relied upon a diet of wild boar, birds, fish and hazelnuts." Ancient Ireland

Uniformity does not create an environment where a species can develop to its highest level(s). Diversity and originality is the force that creates enlightenment of the species in all its variety. However, variety and diversity does not mean conflict and war. Conflict arises when one dominant species wishes to force other species to follow its patterns.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Brazil Mudslides Deforestation Building On Flood Zones

In 1816 the Swiss representative of the Canton Fribourg established a colony in an area of Brazil that greatly resembled their geographic mountain homeland, Nova Friburgo. Around one hundred Swiss families inhabited the area and by 1820 the population had grown to 200. Today the population of flood damaged Friburgo is 178,102 people.

Teresópolis, Brazil was once the home for a group of indigenous people. By 1855 the village had a population of 2,000 people. Today the flood prone mountainous area has a population of 150,921 people inhabiting vulnerable land comprising of thin layers of earth on solid rock.

Increasing urbanisation of the area has added to the high rate of deforestation across known 'flood zones'. In heavy rains the water flows fast and unrestricted due to the loss of trees and natural vegetation. By the time the flood waters torrent down the vertical cliffs they carry with them what is left of the fragile topsoil.

You can see with your own eyes the ongoing destruction of forest and natural vegetation if you go to Google Maps, Brazil (satellite): Teresópolis or Nova Friburgo. You have to take time and really look at the surrounding urban spread, deforestation, habitat destruction and the extending roads obviously planning future building on unstable land prone to future mudslides and flooding.

Unrestricted Building In Flood Areas
"The death toll has been aggravated by the failure of municipal governments in the region to control where residents – particularly poorer ones – build their homes. Many neighbourhoods affected were built without planning permission in areas that authorities labelled zones at risk from flooding and mudslides. Experts have warned for years that the deforestation that comes with creeping informal urbanisation is weakening hillsides in areas prone to heavy rains, raising the risk of mudslides. Rio’s governor Sérgio Cabral said a failure to implement planning regulations in areas at risk from flooding meant the disaster was a chronicle of a tragedy foretold. " The Irish Times

The Economist have a very good article on the Brazil floods:
After The Flood - Why did so many die?
"For two centuries the mountains behind Rio de Janeiro have been the perfect Brazilian getaway. Pedro II, a 19th-century emperor, would decamp there with his court to escape Rio’s sweltering summer heat. More recently Rio’s rich have done the same, carving weekend palaces from the sheer granite walls and dense forests shouldering towns with noble names like Petrópolis, Teresópolis and Nova Friburgo. Settled by German and Swiss immigrants, these once-quaint villages of gingerbread architecture have turned into bustling cities. Now they are a shambles."

Deforestation In Brazil Worsen Flooding
"It is important to better understand the risks to people and infrastructure in watershed areas, especially where ecosystems are degraded, contributing to the powerful effect of flooding." ClimateVoices

Monday, January 17, 2011

Artic Sun Rises Two Days Early In Greenland

The smallest observations can reveal the biggest changes ...

If you are a keen observer of nature then you will know that we don't yet know why the Arctic Sunrise observed from Ilulissat, Greenland appeared two days earlier than is usually observed by the people living there.

The people of Greenland's most westerly town, Ilulissat usually see the long Arctic night end each year on January 13 with the first sight of the rising Sun. However, the long Arctic night ended two days early with the Sun rising on January 11, 2011 [1.11.11].

I think there is something synchronistic about our Earth.. perhaps nature has a strange attractions to elevens? Does this mean the people of Greenland will greet the first Sunlight after the long Arctic night on January 11th from now on? I guess we will find out as the years pass through the mysterious oceans of cosmic time and space...

The writes that: Inhabitants from the area appeared worried when witnessing the strange phenomenon. "The sun is not supposed to be here until January 13th, something isn’t right," a 74 year old local reported to KBR radio.

The Sun traditionally rises over Greenland's, Ilulissat, on January 13, ending a month-and-a-half of winter darkness. For the first time in history the Sunlight was creeping above the horizon two days early.

Scientists claim it was an optical illusion, that Greenland is sinking or that the ice caps have melted allowing the Sun to appear early. But for those people who observe Nature and pay attention to the world around them, this event signifies a dramatic change - no matter what kind of explanation is thrown at you.

Is this a sign of a shift in the Earth's axis or have the glaciers melted, lowering the horizon? I was just thinking that a shift in the Earth's axis may also be responsible for melting glaciers .. haha!

A German speaking site from Austria headlines: Sonne ging zwei Tage zu früh auf - - The Sun Rises Two Days Early. Then they list: There is no change to the Earth's rotation, the horizon sinks, the glaciers melt - record temperatures in Greenland December, 2010.

In Greenland December 25, 2010 the temperature was 3°C+ while the rest of Europe was freezing in one of the coldest winters to hit South of the Viking Isle... They usually have minus 19°C to minus 27°C in Greenland around December 24/25.

Astronomy sites are stoic in their insistence that the constellations have not shifted their positions relative to the Earth and so no shift of the planet's axis has taken place. But, my observations are - look how fast everyone is to jump in with their rational explanation when really no one knows what is taking place.

We humans have lost our sense of wonder - we have all the answers and that is what makes us happy: rational, linear, logical reasoning. Early in the morning, as the sun is rising on the horizon, I often see magpies, doves, blue tits, blackbirds and crows sitting on the topmost branches of the trees experiencing the sunrise. Human beings have lost that appreciation.

Perhaps 'not knowing' is a vital trigger to knowing.

Perhaps 'knowing' is the seed that germinates out of 'not knowing'. Perhaps the roots of knowing, where you get most of your answers, enter the quantum space of 'not knowing' - the ground of being that nourishes the tree of knowledge.

There is a mysterious landscape ahead of us. We live in a vast sea of cosmos, out of which mysteries create paths and ways to explore to which there is probably no end. The birds don't ask why the Sun rises early - they adapt.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Earth's Magnetic Field: Etna Erupts Queensland Floods

On Wednesday 12 January, 2011 Mount Etna in Sicily erupted with its first lava flow, turning the night sky a spectacular red. On the other side of the world in Queensland, Australia flooding spread into Brisbane after completely submerging the town of Toowoomba. Experts say that the La Nina effect is the cause of Australia's severe flooding. Changes in La Nina also affects California, Brazil, Philippines and Sri Lanka.

The headlines are: Queensland flooding linked to La Nina phenomenon. I read statements such as, the current La Nina weather phenomenon is the strongest in the world to date .. duh! How can that be when historically Queensland has experienced higher levels of flooding than the current levels.

People did not always have cameras and people could not always fly over and look down from the air. In 1606 a Dutch Captain first met with Indigenous inhabitants of Australia and Merchant ships were sailing there until 1770. By 1791, on behalf of the King of England, colonization began to push beyond the trading agreements the visiting ships had with the local Indigenous People. Only recently, over the last few years, have we begun to observe weather events from Satellites and using Remote Sensing Technologies. We don't really know the long term cycle of flooding patterns - not only in Australia but across the planet.

The only feature that has changed dramatically is the rapidly growing urbanization of those areas. It could be that the flooded areas have a long term pattern of severe flooding as part of the Earth's natural life giving bio-cycle. Perhaps we have to recognize when we are sitting on the 'hot spots'.

The Earth provides water and everything associated with life. The Earth provided you (the observer) with a body that you can use to explore life on this planet. If you stop to think about it you are made from the Earth - she gave you (clothed you) in a body, your own little biosphere. The Earth gives you stone and wood to build your shelters and our plant and animal brothers and sisters provide clothing and protection for our feet.

Unfortunately, we have become a very myopic society. Not only short sighted in terms of vision, but extremely short sighted in our thinking. How can La Nina alone cause everything we are seeing? Humans have such a disjointed way of looking at the world. The only missing link that the Earth did not provide is intelligence. It seems we have to bring that with us or create our own wealth of intelligence through interactions with the Earth.

Earth's Magnetic Field
We have the ability to view the whole activity of Planet Earth and the Sun from satellites orbiting high in the Earth's atmosphere. But human intelligence, when it is functioning, is connected to the Earth, the oceans, the atmosphere and the magnetic field.

Water responds to a magnetic field and so does magma. La Nina is probably a larger visible response to the Earth's magnetism. So, my Unified Field Theory is that everything we are seeing on the Earth is a unified response to a Unified Field. Magma and water are magnetic - they both respond to magnetic fluctuations.

I think there are layers of magnetic field density that define the different functions of the Earth's atmosphere from ground level and below ground level, to the point where our atmosphere touches space. In my mind fluctuations in the magnetic field would control the water levels and the magma levels.

I have been studying this for months, observing many pieces of the puzzle to see what happens. Let's say since the Eyjafjallajokull eruptions on Iceland in April 2010 the magma levels and the water levels have been rising all over the Earth.

I think these floods and the magma activation are following the flow of energy along the invisible dragon lines, the magnetic arteries of the Earth. I feel that there is an unseen levitation factor to the water (level) being lifted and sustained as part of feeding the flooded areas.

If I am correct and the dragon lines change, it will alter the ecology of many areas around the planet. Dry areas may see long term flooding or rain will come to arid areas not used to such large amounts of water. The dragon energy lines do not have to change direction, they can also change in intensity. A low field can become highly charged and a high field can drop to a low charge. That alone will alter the local climate.

In my Unified Field Theory La Nina is not the cause; but is a visible aspect of the background force simultaneously moving all weather behaviour throughout the planet. La Nina may be the 'hearts pump' - but what is pumping the heart? Magnetism!

If you lookout over the ocean or a large lake you can feel the intensity of the magnetic field from that body of water. In that respect I wonder is the shock wave of a Tsunami a powerful release of magnetic force as the water rides on the rolling magnetism?

If you look at the powerful swirling movements of fast flowing water it seems like the physical embodiment of magnetic current. So, there is magnetism and it's physical embodiment (water), and together they give birth to and maintain life.

Even in a desert, nothing survives without water.

Current theories of volcanism explain that magma pushes up and drives out of the Earth with explosive force (pressure). The key word is 'push'. I don't think so. If you watch carefully the ash seems to be sucked out as though it is effortlessly dancing up to meet another force. The hot fiery magma flow splutters and dances as though responding to a lighter than air unseen force. The magnetic vortex above the volcano pulls the magma up. It's a magnetic key.

La Nina is not a cause, it is an indicator. La Nina is like a ships navigation compass. It reveals changes in magnetic flux. By the time the volcanoes erupt or the rivers flood, we don't see it coming because we are not understanding the local magnetic artery. The ley lines and dragon lines were known to our ancestors, some mapped out on the surface of the Earth and others under the sea. They could map the current flow (energy) inside the crust of the Earth. Depending on how the current changes, water could return to the driest places on Earth.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Northern Australia In 2030

Ach! So! Other people think like me °^° ...

Northern Australia In 2030
Sustainable Development of Northern Australia
Land and Water Task Force
It is the year 2030 and the world's population is approaching 9 billion. While Australia's population has increased by only 8 million in the past 20 years, nearly 6 billion people live in neighboring Asian and South Pacific nations...

...While Indigenous people make up less than 3 percent of Australia's population in 2030, they compromise nearly 50 percent of the population in Northern Australia. In some areas, such as the Kimberley, Indigenous people represent nearly 60 percent of the population.

This PDF is about resource management, water resources and water management and stewardship of the land you live on. The question is should/do/can local people and local Indigenous populations landscape the environment and manage the resources? Why not!

The premise is that planning institutions thousands of miles away do not and cannot understand the local environment and its needs. The land is not only a 'resource' it is a dynamic living phenomenon. Something people have to get to know when they live in an area. For example, you need to know where to build and where not to build and in what style you have to build in order to adapt to the land and climate.

I was researching the history of Queensland floods and I came across the "Waters Futures Forum" .. Northern Australia Indigenous Land and Sea Management Alliance - NAILSMA

There are some interesting PDF files online, with a wealth of information and relevant proposals. It seems to be a question of regional management of resources and local knowledge of the area.

So What? People of The Eora Nation
In that country on the edge of Kakadu where the great rivers of the north make their way from the majestic Arnhemland escarpment across vast flood plains and on into the Arafura Sea, Aboriginal people are seeking to play their role in the sustaining of the resources that have been entrusted to them from their fathers and mothers and those before them.

Terra Nullius: Land Belonging To No One
In the context of Aboriginal people and government interaction assimilation is aimed at achieving the original colonial dream and assertion that Australia was terra nullius – land belonging to no one...

As a result Indigenous Australians have found themselves standing alongside a group of almost equally politically excluded Australians; those living in the Northern half of the Nation who are non-Indigenous but who have chosen to contribute to the future of the Nation by working for the development and sustaining of our deserts, our northern coastal regions and the pastoral regions of the Northern Territory, Western and South Australia and Queensland.

Recent amalgamations of Shires in Queensland and the creation of local government entities in the Northern Territory has seen the erosion of Aboriginal peoples capacity, in those regions, to have a say in the management of their communities to the same extent that they had hitherto enjoyed.

People in remote Australia, covering most of our continental land mass have found themselves more than ever subject to the decision making processes and priorities of governments authority in southern cities, far removed from the reality of the lives of those in the bush. We require regional empowerment as part of good governance of our regions and resources, especially water.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Next 111 Years of Transformation

I could not resist to write this 111 year post on the 11.1.2011 .. A hundred and eleven years from January 2011 to January 2111 (+11), which reminds me of Bilbo Baggins eleventy first birthday, in Tolkien's, Lord of The Rings. "Bilbo was going to be eleventy-one, 111, a rather curious number, and a very respectable age for a hobbit..."

I was thinking about the changes we are seeing across planet Earth, changes that were common for our ancestors as civilisations were altered or completely wiped out by "Earth Changes". Human beings have been adapting to the rapid fluctuations in our changing Earth since the beginning.

There are gigantic stone megaliths and complex structures under coastal waters, lying at the edge of the most vulnerable placement for human society. Nothing can beat living by the sea or at the edge of a great river; but in times such as these the beauty and the vast resources are offset by the dangers.

Over the last hundred years towns and cities have expanded without restriction due to a long period of climate stability. Sure, there were floods - but nothing like we are seeing today, covering such large areas. The 2010 floods in Pakistan and the January 2011 floods in Australia are unprecedented in our time .. but that does not mean they are not common occurrences over longer periods in the Earth's reproductive cycle.

Reproductive cycle is an important concept in understand the devastation. Tsunamis, flooding, mudslides, hurricanes, flash floods, inundation of floodplains are a necessary part of the reproduction of life on this planet. Water is life. Planet Earth is continually reproducing life. Another way to put it is the planet creates life giving cycles for all its inhabitants.

What could happen in the next one hundred and eleven years?

The recent floods across Queensland, Australia have replenished vital river systems and water resevoirs. For the first time in ten years dams stricken by drought are filled to overflowing. Much needed water has returned to an area suffering from a deadly drought. It may also be that the climate patterns shift water to drought areas over longer periods, rather than just a flash flood.

I think the next 111 years will determine the new climate. It seems the Earth is shifting into and will settle into a new weather pattern. One hundred years to the Earth is similar to the life cycle of human blood cells. Once created, red blood cells will circulate for 120 days before they are broken down and recycled. As the Earth's circulatory system is a lot larger, the effects of change can be devastating - especially when alterations continue over longer periods.

The current populations and the rapid expansion of towns and cities on every continent were founded on a stable period in the Earth's climate history. The only force down here that rules man is the Earth itself. No other creature holds us in check. We rule and dominate all other life forms on this planet, including trees, plants and rivers (humans build large dams).

We are living in a dangerous but interesting period. Could it be that dry regions receive more rain or will they become dryer as predicted by many studies? Right now it seems that we are all experiencing a period of massive fluctuation. Many areas across our planet are drying up; but perhaps this is part of the magnetic fluctuations that normally hold together and direct the world's weather systems.

I think there is no doubt that the Earth is going to reduce the human population over the next fifty to one hundred years. If the flooding continues with coastal inundations, volcanic eruptions and severe weather patterns (over longer periods), man will lose the food stability he relies on to sustain current levels of population growth.

I don't know if you ever followed a dry river bed, but all along the dry river one finds signs of earlier human habitation. Old broken roads and abandoned trails, skeletons of houses sticking out of the earth or the faint ghost presence of a time long past. As bad as the flooding may seem a big 'dry out' would be worse.

Well off the current human radar is the rapidly migrating magnetic north pole. Who knows? The changes in magnetic north may be part of the fluctuating weather patterns we are experiencing all over the planet.

Human as well as animal populations have no alternative but to adapt.

Over the past two hundred years humans built their wealth from a long term climate stability that allowed unrestricted mining, oil extraction and food production. If we had anti-gravity the network could cope with severe weather. With severe flooding of road networks and the material destruction of roads and bridges, damage and rebuilding leaves us vulnerable in extreme severe weather conditions.

Over the next 111 years human society will probably evolve to utilize anti-gravity technology in a rapidly changing physical environment. In terms of the ecological biosphere we depend on for everything we have, it is human populations and their unrestricted urban spread who have stressed out those borderland areas, such as coastal and floodplains.

Few people stop to think how much damage we do to the environment, which is a lot more damage than a flood. Humans are an incredibly environmentally destructive species and the only one who can keep us in our place is the Earth with the full power of nature. The alternative would be to live in balance with nature and respect the force that feeds us. I think we are intelligent enough to balance our lives with self-discipline and co-operation rather than reliance on primitive brute-force.

Don't chop the forests down - plant more trees
I see a future culture where planting trees is seen as having lived a valuable life and each person on the planet has planted at least one tree in their lifetime. A child is born and a tree is planted. The child is 11 years old and the child plants 11 trees .. or whole communities go out and plant a forest together .. 2011 signals: The return of the trees.

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Today Was A Beautiful Day

Today was one of those days you can only dream of .. until it happens ..

Today reminded me that we humans, the state of our minds, who we are and why we are here all contribute to "the weather". Over the last 1,000 years, science has divided everything into dis-associated fragments.

Your 'skeleton' is not only hidden from sight - as it holds up your body; but your bones have their own separate function, blood has its own function, your brain, heart, lungs and kidneys all have their own functions .. but today said: Everything is one, we are part of a whole. The skeleton, brain, arteries, heart and mind are actually one undivided function of the spirit.

When I was born and growing up, there were many days like this. Today was a perfect sky. The blue sky swallowed the 'clouds', allowing nothing to challenge its perfect state of mind. The temperature rose from -5°C to 11°C and by mid afternoon to 13°C making the day even more pleasant.

Long after sunset, with the stars appearing in the sky above, the temperature did not drop - it remained at 13°C as though the winter had never been here and the snow was merely an illusion. But, it was not the temperature and blue sky that made today a beautiful day; it was everything.

Clouds drifted across the sky and melted instantly. The breeze was warm. The blue of the sky was as clear and as beautiful as the days were when Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull erupted. A peace filled the air that nothing could alter.

Today, nature said: Don't listen to what people tell you, just pay attention and observe.

People's minds are clouded by 2012 and fear of ending. But this is not an ending of the world, it is an ending of isolation. Until now humans have gathered in isolation. We live and think according to the separate 'own function' theory that divides bones from flesh, heart from mind, black from white and sky from cosmos. Our thinking is an extravaganza in isolation.

Let's say we begin to experience the ending of two thousand years of separation. Two thousand years of isolation. We have very few friends on this planet. Through our behaviour we have worn down the friendship of the trees, plants, animals, birds, bees fish and insects, rivers, streams and lochs.

Should the isolation fall away from humanity and melt like the heavy snows melted at the approach of the perfect day, then who would suffer from that? Well, entities and astral parasites, lower dimension hook-ins and opportunistic feeders would all suffer .. but would we suffer? Psychic entities feed off fear. Man's friends and allies became the psychic parasites and entities and our enemies became the natural world.

That's self destructive.

So, today was a perfect day .. just like any day in my childhood ..
when they returned.

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Cyberspace Generated Financial Flood Plains

This has to be evidence of the ghost in the machine... I was reading the 'Crop Circles' in Cyberspace article @ the Fortean Times. It occurred to me that these electronic financial 'flash flood' crashes are artificially creating crisis-cyberspace-patterns (out of greed).

The financial trading programs are designed to maximise the profits of their masters any way they can. One could imagine they manufacture financial drought/flood disasters across the market plains as assets are automatically bought and sold at subatomic speed. Researchers are discovering that trading programs are creating their own patterns, as described in the article by Ian Simmons about the trading patterns identified by software engineer Jeffrey Donovan.

Of course, once you release them - these electronic rivers of 'information' are a law unto themselves. Just stop and look at the real world consequences of this kind of trading behaviour dominated by machines... Peoples lives and estates can end up under water or suffering severe drought where they lose everything. The consequences could backfire to destroy the companies and institutions using these system trading options, destroying those who use them.

Crop circles are based on a high level of art, balance and magnetic sacred geometry. So, perhaps it is possible to create this kind of harmonic pattern in trading circles - rather than random forms of chaos. For this to happen the human mind would have to stop lying and cheating out of greed and selfishness. Values would have to deny beggar-thy-neighbour policies in favour of planetary co-operation. Perhaps a 'Heart Crop Circle' will appear in a field in 2011 and show us the way...

Ian Simmons 'Crop Circles' in Cyberspace : Most intriguing, though, is the idea that no one is responsible – that instead, the systems are doing it for themselves. The financial markets’ digital systems are now so complex, and the number of organisations using bespoke trading bots so huge, that the interaction between the programs could well be generating emergent phenomena spontaneously.

That is, these patterns are just weird side effects that come about in much the same way that fract­als come about as a result of chaotic phenomena, emerging fully formed from the ether with no design or overall purpose. But they are nonetheless there, asking for quotes and behaving in ways that every so often have an influence on trading. New behaviours could be evolving from the combination of, and interaction between, the behaviours that the programmers intended.

The question remains, though: how long has this been going on? After all, no one thought to look before May of this year. There already seems to be a huge amount of this kind of activity taking place, and as the markets increase in size and complexity, how will the behaviour of these patterns, now dubbed ‘Algorithmic Crop Circles’, develop? And what will the outcome be? Will they eventually disrupt electronic trading to the point where it is no longer viable? Will they remain creatures of the financial undergrowth, lurking out of sight and rarely interacting with the real world? Or perhaps the rolling financial crisis will eventually render them extinct?

It’s not often you get a completely new phenomenon emerging, and I wouldn’t say that the financial markets are the first place I’d have looked for one. It’ll be interesting to see how this one shapes up.

Queensland Houses Built On Flood Plains

Nature is nature and human stupidity is human stupidity ..

Queensland, Australia is under water as I write. The media extravaganza sell this flood as an abnormal, unimaginable catastrophic visitation of Noah's Flood. Rivers swollen with rain spread across dry plains, and people react as though this has happened for the first time in the entire history of the planet...

The first clue in my research was a comment about the old style historical Queensland houses built on stilts .. wait a minute! Traditional early style Queensland houses were built on stilts? Why would the early Queenslanders build their houses on stilts? Because of flooding?

I am interested in ancient archeology, especially the stilt houses of the early Celtic people in Europe. Some Celtic cultures built houses on stilts at the edge of lakes (or lochs), which may suggest that changes in water levels (floods) took place over short periods at that time. Perhaps the early Celts were used to seeing sudden changes in water levels, flooding, swelling lakes and rivers.

In a dry climate like Australia where droughts can be severe, increases in rainfall would create sensational flooding, especially across the flood plains. To meet increasing demand for housing development, the urbanization of flood plains is irresponsible. When the floods arrive, it creates social and economic problems that dwarf the short-term profits made from building across the vulnerable flood plains.

I took my research in the direction of historical Queensland stilt houses. A building style that has now been eclipsed by modern on-the-ground bungalows and houses.

Many older-style houses up on stilts are taking the current floods in their stride. This is the practical and sensible design approach of our parents and grandparents who knew there would be no one coming to save them in a "Big Wet".

Our mothers and grandmothers knew how to plan ahead, keeping a watchful eye on unseasonal wet weather from August to November (which is precisely what we have had up here) and stocking up. In those days it was powdered milk, tea, sugar, flour and preserved fruit and meat, and a stockpile on high and dry land of cut timber for the stove.

If you read this article, take some time to read the comments:
Joe - Don't stop with those areas under water at the moment. Have a look at the rapid development around Cairns and Townsville and other tropical areas over the last 20 years. Plenty of slab floored little boxes with bugger all eaves in NSW/Victorian brick veneer style being built. Many of which must be uninsurable for flood events. The houses don't need to be on 2 metre stumps - but certainly need to be elevated and not built on the floodplain.

Max - what about those QLD pollies wittering hilariously about the "Biblical" proportions of these floods?

is this to distract from the culpability of town planners who've failed to adequately ensure that property is appropriate for flood plain areas?

there's something really suspect about this whole flood thing. but we won't have local and State politicians doing anything other than trying to look good with their pious pronouncements about poor victims.
the victims were victims long before the first drop of rain fell.

"Biblical proportions floods"? "Historical floods"? Well, why does it have a name? The "big wet" .. doesn't that mean periodical big floods? Maybe the people of Queensland should begin a massive tree planting program as loss of tree coverage adds to the free flow of the water during the flooding cycle.

How much of this "disaster" was created by human stupidity?

I mean, stupidity of not paying attention to nature and living according to natures rules. If an area is prone to serious flooding cycles then is that where you build ground level housing?

Rivers flood periodically in order to replenish the richness of life all along the river. The water is feeding the land. Otherwise, without water nothing can survive. Then the land would be like the Sahara desert.

The January 2011 floods in Queensland [Fitzroy river] have not hit earlier severe flood levels as seen in 1991 (9.3 meters) and even higher in 1918 .. the Brisbane river in South Queensland rose to the highest known levels to date, while in 1893 a sequence of floods over three weeks saw the highest recorded flood levels in Brisbane. The Fitzroy river in Rockhampton rose to 9.2 and by January 4, 2011 the level of the river was 8.4 meters (still below the 1991 flood levels) .. the 1918 flood level rose 10.11 meters.

If these floods are the political/media... "biblical floods", what would the politicians and media have said in 1918? End of the world??? But we are still here! The shock has not been the flood levels; but the larger area being flooded all at once and all together. But maybe we humans should realise that planet Earth (nature) knows what she is doing. It is possible that these greater cycles of flooding, covering larger areas, do take place and it may get worse. Maybe you should ask the Native Indigenous People of Australia '.)

Natural Flooding: Floods in Australia range from localised flash flooding as a result of thunderstorms, to more widespread flooding following heavy rain over the catchment areas of river systems. Flooding is also a regular seasonal phenomenon in Northern Australia.

Australian towns were built on floodplains despite warnings from local Aborigines. Nyngan (meaning flood in its local Aboriginal language) was severely flooded on 23 April 1990.

Bernadette George, an urban planner writes: "It's a pity that over the past decade in particular, some councils and communities have chosen to ignore the numerous lessons of the past three to 50 years about where not to build.

If you must build houses here, councils should insist they be on stilts."

Wise Use of Flood Plains

Sustainable Water Projects In Europe
Water and floodplain problems - Our management of water is becoming increasingly complex. Past practices have resulted in the disconnection of rivers from floodplains – with a resultant loss in biodiversity and a requirement for complex, expensive and sometimes damaging flood defense schemes. Many of our current demands are incompatible with each other. For example, we want functioning floodplains for flood management and important biodiversity, but people want to live by rivers and we need space to build houses to account for changing demographics.

Intensive agricultural practices can have detrimental impacts on water quality, quantity, and levels that damage aquatic habitats. Water companies and authorities, and thus consumers and taxpayers, must pay to clean up water, that a subsidy or bad practice has polluted. In many countries, the bureaucracy around water management is complex and convoluted. Different aspects of water are managed separately – for example, agriculture, land use planning, water abstraction, water quality, flood management, drought management, and portable water may all be managed in different ways with conflicting objectives and different spatial and temporal scales.

Reconnecting rivers with their floodplains:
Nature Conservancy Council - Allowing periodic flooding of floodplains leads to healthier rivers, lands, and estuaries. Increasingly, techniques are being used to manage flood risks more effectively than rigid use of dams and levees. These techniques include setting levees back from river banks, changing the characteristics of buildings and roads, and protecting floodplain lands through purchase or easements. Examples of relevant projects include the Conservancy’s work on the Yangtze River in China and the Mississippi River in the US.

China's Yangtze: A River Under Threat
A River Under Threat - Originating high on the Tibetan Plateau, the magnificent Yangtze, the third longest river in the world, descends rapidly, stretching almost 4,000 miles as it surges through mountain valleys, cuts through limestone gorges and winds past lowlands to empty into the ocean at the port of Shanghai. As China’s economy rapidly expands, the health of the Yangtze River deteriorates, imperiling extraordinary aquatic species like the finless porpoise, Chinese alligator, sturgeon and paddlefish, as well as the health and safety of the people living near and dependent on the river. This system suffers from numerous threats, including:
  • Catastrophic Floods
  • Deforestation
  • Pollution
  • Sedimentation
  • Wetlands Destruction
  • Global Climate Change
  • Altered Water Flows

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Bird Brain Teachings 2011

Many of us are experiencing a very cold winter, with freezing conditions, ice and snow beginning early in November 2010 - and that is difficult for the birds. So, I began feeding the birds early in November - just putting seeds out on the windowsill, to feed our bird brain cousins.

Now, I personally think that humans are closer to birds and dinosaurs than monkeys. We don't like to spend most of our lives jumping around trees, we love to fly. Humans don't have wings; but they want to fly. Is it possible we can build flying objects and know how to navigate them because we have a bird brain more suitable to flying?

My theory is that Quetzalcoatl - the winged serpent - also had a bird brain.

When you feed the birds, is it all food-for-free and they have nothing to teach you? In Japan, the Zen Masters valued teachings of nature above all material wealth. In Zen, the teachings are the wealth.

Stupid me .. when I put seeds out for the small birds - I thought I was doing just that: Putting out seeds for our feathered friends. It's simple? Right? Nothing in nature is that simple!

Bird Brain Teachings 2011
Teachings you gather for yourself have more nutritional value than anything I write...

For the first three cold weeks only the small European blackbirds, blue tits and other little tiny birds were eating the seeds on the windowsill. They taught me to put out seeds at night before I sleep, because they start searching for food long before sunrise.

I found out that the small birds and the blackbirds have a way of telling each other what they find and they have a different pitch to tell me there are no more seeds on the windowsill. My bird brain could understand the difference. I knew when they were talking to each other and when they were telling me all the seeds were gone.

Then came the pigeons (only three pigeons), who would clear up everything in one go. That bothered me - cos the little birds did not have a chance. The pigeons obviously saw the little birds coming to pick up seeds, where they could just about land on the ledge and ate everything as if there was no tomorrow.

I wanted to chase the pigeons away; but something said to me:
"Just wait! Don't interfere!"

That was when the bird brain teachings really began to show me about myself and about the world around me...

The blackbirds got really upset about the pigeon raids and they complained in their high pitched pulse language each time the pigeons descended to eat everything. I found it very hard not to interfere - but that is what Zen is all about... observing 'what is'.

When we interfere in certain situations, we impose our authority on the world. I discovered the difference between 'direct action' (that comes from the heart where you know you have to help), and interference. This is subtle; but there is a big difference between the two.

I stepped back from the window and observed 'what is' - between the pigeons, the seeds and the little birds. The pigeons reacted (at first) like there was not going to be any other food - they ate everything, just like humans. When they realised food was there for all the birds each day their behaviour changed and they began to step back and share.

During the first three weeks all the little birds shared and took what they needed over longer periods of time. The pigeons took everything in one sitting. It was the smaller birds who taught the pigeons to share and not be so greedy.

The smaller birds had a pitch and tone language for the pigeons when they were eating all the seeds, and the pigeons listened and began to share. I watched the pigeons take on the same rhythm as the smaller birds. They would come and take a little amount of seeds on many short span visits throughout the day. Once the pigeons agreed to sharing the high pitched complaining of the smaller birds stopped.

On its own, nature regulated the sharing. The only creature living outside of that natural regulation is the human species. We don't play by the rules - we are not listening to the warning complaints of our plant and animal brothers and sisters. Everything listens to everything else, but we humans are not listening to anything but our own wants and desires.

I think the Bird Brain Teachings for 2011 are telling us that we have to start listening and we have to start sharing in a balanced way...

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Mt Etna Awakens With Strombian Explosions

It was an educated guess when I wrote in December:
Mount Etna is overdue for an eruption if the earlier pattern of Vulcanology is anything to go by. Preceding patterns of Etna's eruptions listed on the USGS 'Global Volcanism Program' site, reveals the last activity was in May 2008: "6-km-long lava flow; ash emissions; 13 May 2008 opening of a new eruptive fissure". The last 2 year no-activity phase was 1972-1973, after which Etna began a lengthy but gentle series of activity until May 2008:
12/1971 (CSLP 33-71)
Periodic explosions from La Voragine crater
02/1974 (CSLP 20-74)
W-flank eruption rapidly builds cone; explosions and lava flows

Erik Klemetti @ reported that .. Etna has also greeted the new year with some new strombolian explosions and impressive fountaining early Monday morning (1/3).

If I were a Vulcan(spock)ologist that would fascinate me... I mean, how is it that volcanoes have patterns of behaviour? What is behind this? Where do volcanoes get their timing from? What does this tell us about the Earth we live on?

The Italian National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology reported Monday that Mount Etna has once again become active - erupting large amounts of ash and rocks. The eruption at Mount Etna is accompanied by the ejection of volcanic ‘bombs’ (large stones) with large amounts of ash in the area southeast of the crater on Monday night.

Mount Etna is Europe’s highest and most active volcano. Etna’s most powerful recorded eruption was in 1669, when explosions destroyed part of the summit and lava flows from a fissure on the volcano’s flank reached the sea and the town of Catania, more than ten miles away.

An interesting fact: In 122 BC, when an explosive eruption rained so much ash and lapilli onto the town of Catania that many of its buildings were destroyed by roof collapses, the town’s inhabitants were exempted from paying taxes to Rome for ten years.

Is Etna long overdue for a big one?

Are the big volcanoes on Earth the prime tension joints whose activity is designed to take the stress and release it, because they are big enough and strong enough to do the job? Recently (and not unrelated), a giant solar explosion spread across an entire hemisphere of the sun's surface caused NASA to reconsider the sun's activity.

NASA Science News released: Global Eruption Rocks the Sun.
Dec. 13, 2010: On August 1, 2010, an entire hemisphere of the sun erupted. Filaments of magnetism snapped and exploded, shock waves raced across the stellar surface, billion-ton clouds of hot gas billowed into space. Astronomers knew they had witnessed something big.
It was so big, it may have shattered old ideas about solar activity.

It would have to be the same for the Earth .. I mean that the whole planet is affected by large movements in the planet's core magnetism that all at once alter the continental plates, weather streams, magma, volcanic activity (or create a decrease in activity).

We could probably better understand this observing how the outer planets of our Solar System react. Perhaps they are mirrors, to help us better understand our own world. I find it hard to understand why scientists divide local tectonic and volcanism into tiny areas unrelated to the whole and imagine that activity in one area is not related to activity elsewhere on the Earth.

I don't know why; but I have this feeling that the Earth's volcanoes have an important role to play in the restructuring of the planet and restructuring the future. Volcanoes play a much bigger long term role in altering societies than we realise. Not only on the surface of the planet (above sea level), as I am sure underwater volcanoes are just as relevant.

Lava flows from a volcano can be catastrophic for the people and the land around the base of the volcano; but as years pass and the lava cools that land becomes highly fertile. The cooling volcanic soil is rich in nutrients and is of high value to farming communities. In those first moments a volcano can destroy lives, livestock, farmland and homes - but later the process of that eruption create life and is a source of wealth for people in the future.

Volcanoes are almost Zen like, with the breath of death and life contained in one event.