Monday, January 24, 2011

The Future For Europe's PIGS

This post has been fermenting in my mind since way back in 2010, when Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain became know worldwide as the PIGS of Europe. I was born with a natural awareness of my ancient Pictish / Celtic ancestors, an artistic, creative warrior culture. The original Celtic genetics think differently than modern man, where the so-called 'PIGS' of Europe were once part of a large cultural heritage stretching from Portugal to Greece and from Spain to Ireland.

We live in a clever world of manipulation and deception where words are used to form images (pictograms) in your mind / the human mind. The abbreviation PIGS was used by the media, and whoever is controlling them, to send a picture into your mind of farmed 'pigs'. Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain are ready for 'slaughter' .. they are greedy - sloppy - fat animals who give nothing and eat the scraps of the prosperous EU members .. REALLY!!?

In my analysis the first thing that came to mind is that the countries appeared to fail one-by -one (if failure is the right word) as GIPS - First, Greece, then Ireland, Portugal, Spain. So, where did the pictogram players get the word PIGS from? But let us stick with the PIGS pictogram and give it a new meaning!

Picturesque In Great Surroundings
Because I see things differently than the modern brain, it came to me that Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain have something that money cannot buy. They have beauty and the value of nature that cannot be bought or paid for. In reality, they have something of more value to humanity than all the printed paper Euros and Fiat Dollars currencies in this world.

Greece, Ireland, Portugal and Spain have something society today does not value. We live in a world of 3D physical resources, mining, production, 3D physical trade, value of technology, producing energy, of oil, gas and what people can produce to become rich.

We do not yet live in a world where the resources come second to: Picturesque In Great Surroundings .. where peace of mind, beauty, dynamic surroundings and the value of NOT PRODUCING are worth more than the EU PIGS who work to produce and export all the worlds fire/metal and steel technologies.

In 2011 - human society is still driven by the forces of fire and metal at the cost of beauty, peace and balance. Trees, water and valuable natural resources are sacrificed to feed the fires of the metal society. Metal 'hardness' killing power and fire destruction power.

"Together, my lord Sauron, we shall rule this Middle-earth. The old world will burn in the fires of industry. Forests will fall. A new order will rise. We will drive the machine of war with the sword and the spear and the iron fist of the orc." - Tolkien, Lord of The Rings

Observing this, it occurred to me that Greece, Ireland, Portugal and Spain have resources that are not valued by a world that worships the metal and fire, the tools man produces at the cost of even more valuable resources people today have become blind to, in their greed for the technological power of metal and fire (energy).

A knife or a sword is a form of technology!!

The ancient Gauls, the Picts and the Celts of Europe knew the true value of the land. They knew the value of water, food and natural surroundings. In today's world it is inconceivable that the people of Greece, Ireland, Spain and Portugal will outlive the guy with his handphone typing the latest PIGS market manipulations into the electronic system. But they have land, water and the courage to prevail - while the guy with the phone has 'investments' '-)

Pigs are actually very clean creatures. These animals are very particular about what they eat. It is human farmers who force pigs to live in filthy conditions and to eat garbage slop poured into a slough. Go research the wild pigs [wildschwein] - the wild boar.

Ancient Ireland
"After about 9000 BC, the climate again warmed, the juniper spread, and the birch appeared in large numbers for the first time. Pine, elm and other forest trees also appeared, and Ireland began a long-term process of forestation. Other plants and animals crossed the land bridges as well. Red deer, wild boar... took up residence.

"One of the oldest and best documented sites of early human habitation on Ireland is Mount Sandel, County Derry, investigated by Peter Woodman in the 1970s. The excavations uncovered hearths and postholes from early Mesolithic dwellings. Radiocarbon dates show the site was occupied about 7000 - 6500 bc. Early Mesolithic people mainly used small flint blades called microliths, many of which have been found in the area around the site. In the absence of large animals at this period in Ireland these Mesolithic people appear to have relied upon a diet of wild boar, birds, fish and hazelnuts." Ancient Ireland

Uniformity does not create an environment where a species can develop to its highest level(s). Diversity and originality is the force that creates enlightenment of the species in all its variety. However, variety and diversity does not mean conflict and war. Conflict arises when one dominant species wishes to force other species to follow its patterns.