Saturday, January 29, 2011

Volcanic Aerosols & Changes In Gravity

The sky today is so clear, so blue and so clean as it was in my childhood (back in Sparta) - only kidding! The sky is so blue that I wonder if microscopic aerosol particles from volcanic ash clean the upper atmosphere? At least activate something in the atmosphere.

I imagine that as the tiny nano particles from the erupting volcanoes are spread high into the atmosphere we cannot see them; but we can see their effects. Would the particles reflect light in a different way, would they alter the refraction of light or gravity? I mean alter how light, electricity, magnetism and gravity flow on nano levels so subtle we probably would not realise or be able to measure it.

It is now 13:44 in the afternoon and at around 13:00, with the sun behind me so that I could not see it from the corner of my eye .. the sunlight was bending in a way that is difficult to describe. The light was not blinding, but the light was different. One would have to observe light like an artist or a painter, to pay attention and watch how light behaves.

Apart from the fact that the sky is so clean, the refraction of light and the brightness of the Sun is just different. Then it occurred to me that if light is bending more powerfully then that would explain the early Arctic sunrise in Greenland after the long winter night.

If what I am seeing is correct and sunlight is bending in a new way here on Earth, does that mean gravity is bending the light in a new way? Did highly advanced ancient civilisations know this change in light was coming? Did they know that at a certain point in the Sun's orbit around the center of the Galaxy that light would behave differently?

On a structural level the Earth is made of light, creating a framework to support many levels of magnetic fields all the way up to matter. At the same time matter is also a magnetic field. This whole reality must be various density levels of magnetic fields.

We assume light has to come directly from the Sun; but what if light from the center of the Galaxy lights up the Sun? I mean that the Sun converts light from the center of the Galaxy into a visible light spectrum. Our eyes cannot see the light streaming from the center of the Galaxy (or it would blind us). The Sun is a converter. It does not produce light, it converts it.

My theory is that the Sun no more creates light than a light bulb. The energy that lights up the Sun comes from a central energy source (center of the Galaxy) - and that central energy source is split into the physical spectrum by all the Suns in the Galaxy. That is why light does not fill space.

It is not that light does not fill space; but that our senses are designed not to see the source light that is filling space and that charges up the Galaxy. Our senses are designed to only see the light converted by the local Sun (as is common for all planetary species).

If my observations are accurate there is a change in the bending of light reaching the Earth from the Sun. That would either mean a change in gravity or a change in the Earth/Sun's magnetic current. I am not a physicist and so I don't understand gravity.

Who knows? Maybe we are going through a massive time warp and we don't know it?