Saturday, January 08, 2011

Today Was A Beautiful Day

Today was one of those days you can only dream of .. until it happens ..

Today reminded me that we humans, the state of our minds, who we are and why we are here all contribute to "the weather". Over the last 1,000 years, science has divided everything into dis-associated fragments.

Your 'skeleton' is not only hidden from sight - as it holds up your body; but your bones have their own separate function, blood has its own function, your brain, heart, lungs and kidneys all have their own functions .. but today said: Everything is one, we are part of a whole. The skeleton, brain, arteries, heart and mind are actually one undivided function of the spirit.

When I was born and growing up, there were many days like this. Today was a perfect sky. The blue sky swallowed the 'clouds', allowing nothing to challenge its perfect state of mind. The temperature rose from -5°C to 11°C and by mid afternoon to 13°C making the day even more pleasant.

Long after sunset, with the stars appearing in the sky above, the temperature did not drop - it remained at 13°C as though the winter had never been here and the snow was merely an illusion. But, it was not the temperature and blue sky that made today a beautiful day; it was everything.

Clouds drifted across the sky and melted instantly. The breeze was warm. The blue of the sky was as clear and as beautiful as the days were when Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull erupted. A peace filled the air that nothing could alter.

Today, nature said: Don't listen to what people tell you, just pay attention and observe.

People's minds are clouded by 2012 and fear of ending. But this is not an ending of the world, it is an ending of isolation. Until now humans have gathered in isolation. We live and think according to the separate 'own function' theory that divides bones from flesh, heart from mind, black from white and sky from cosmos. Our thinking is an extravaganza in isolation.

Let's say we begin to experience the ending of two thousand years of separation. Two thousand years of isolation. We have very few friends on this planet. Through our behaviour we have worn down the friendship of the trees, plants, animals, birds, bees fish and insects, rivers, streams and lochs.

Should the isolation fall away from humanity and melt like the heavy snows melted at the approach of the perfect day, then who would suffer from that? Well, entities and astral parasites, lower dimension hook-ins and opportunistic feeders would all suffer .. but would we suffer? Psychic entities feed off fear. Man's friends and allies became the psychic parasites and entities and our enemies became the natural world.

That's self destructive.

So, today was a perfect day .. just like any day in my childhood ..
when they returned.