Tuesday, September 29, 2015


In the last post I was talking about not wanting the responsibility of certain kind of mass psychic tsunami .. but I think responsibility is the wrong word. This drawing is more accurate presentation.

I dream of three tsunamis in my life: As a child I had dreams of tsunamis so big they covered mountains. A few years ago I had a dream that I was in an alternative Indonesia similar to this Timeline. That tsunami flooded into a narrow mountain inlet and everyone just swim in the water like dolphins.

Before the Blood Moon Eclipse I had a dream I was on a seashore where I saw the ocean suddenly leave [sucked out so fast] and people shouted run run .. and I ran [in the dream] .. just as suddenly the water came flooding back into the shore. It was so devastating .. then I woke up.

What do I mean to say about responsibility?

Responsibility is something different than corporations and banks and institutions who are bigger than their ability to balance and grow in natural ways. One personal example: When I interact with Invisible Worlds only a small number of beings teach me at one time even though those beings are very powerful. Much more powerful than humans.

In a way I am talking about a man-made tsunami of power .. where the power effect is more dangerous and destructive than the people who attempt to manage or control the power. When you have a seemingly powerful organisation .. you think that the individuals are in control or manage this excessive power.

They have no control.

When the overpowering wave hits back on excessive mass power no one understands the natural laws of balance and harmony. To understand those laws you would have to observe mountains or 2000 year old trees. To make this clear .. imagine what would happen if a tree grew so high and so gigantic that the tree ended up in space. It is not going to happen!

In my last post I said things the wrong way round. I am the way I am because I TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for who I am. This means I wish to follow the natural laws of Nature and the laws of the Universe: Harmony and balance. One has to observe Nature to really understand what I am trying to convey.

Awareness Is Key To Harmony & Balance
The drawing I made shows in more depth beyond anything I can write in words. The drawing looks so simple .. but in reality the pictogram is VERY COMPLEX. Simply .. to develop this part of your brain all you have to do [is very simple] is to look at Nature in a relaxed way.

Observe the Nature around you without thought or reaction.

I give you an example .. when I go into town I pay attention to the trees and also to the tiny weeds growing micro between the cracks of concrete. I watch the pigeons and the small sparrows. No one looks at or pays attention to the little sparrows. If you pay attention you see amazing things. They eat tiny grass seeds.

There are so many variations for people to be aware in a silent non-rational way. Just silent mind. To be aware of and observe light and color .. texture [concrete / walls] .. the flow of people .. sound .. atmosphere .. air flows. I tried to show this in my drawing. The inner awareness within man.

Human mind is born into physical incarnation lifetime after lifetime. This means the incarnate ability to deal with "choice" .. or to understand that there is awareness beyond choice. People who cheat and lie think they have a choice = seeking personal advantage. Beyond choice is the power of AWARENESS.

The bigger you are the less you see in life ...

How can responsibility extend beyond the harmonic field? To understand this you have to consider how Nature works. What is the harmonic field of nutrients or bacteria? What is the harmonic field of a tree or a mountain. There is the harmonic field of the Earth. There is also the harmonic field of the Sun.

The harmonic field of the Sun nourishes all Solar System Planets.

Humans are not the Sun .. humans are smaller than trees! This means understanding the power and ability given to humans just like the nature of abilities given to plants and animals. Be aware that plants and animals nourish humans! How can you feel superior to any life source that you depend on to nourish you?

My Encounter With The Bird
I came out of my apartment into the hallway [I always use peripheral vision] .. and I saw a large energy field object from the corner of my eye. The energy field was magnified and moving some distance from me.

The tiny bird trapped inside the hallway was a tufted titmouse [I had to research that one]. The tiny bird immediately caught my field of vision like a magnified holographic computer screen [out of nowhere].

This bird was over in the corner of the hallway with its head tucked into the wing. When I tried to pick it up the bird was so fast it flew up to the window frame and held onto the frame. How did that bird so perfectly fly and in a nano-second hold onto the inner glass edge of the window?

I tried again and the tiny bird moved quickly out of my reach.

If I did not have INTELLIGENT CO-OPERATION at this point I could not have caught the bird to take it outside. I looked at the tiny bird and the tiny bird looked at me. I seriously needed the bird's co-operation. I talked to the bird but at the same time I was aware of a super beyond speed-of-light brain to brain communication.

This is what I mean: BEYOND CHOICE.

I became a passenger in my own mind and body. The bird allowed my hands to take it down from the frame and carry it downstairs and outside to the grass where I could let it fly away. I tried to show this deeper process in the drawing. I was observing a larger deeper process of which I was a small part of that process.

Earth humans are the tiny small bird in the hands of AWARENESS.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Protective Field: Inner Mind Harmony

The mind incarnates lifetime after lifetime ...

I drew this picture / pictograph many weeks ago .. but I did not know what words to write and in which way to write the words.

Using language can or must also be an art form .. not only a means of ego-self expression.

Ego self can use language to promote its own internal [self] agendas associated with its internal self-image. Why do we seek to influence other? This is the root nature of ego self To manipulate is a symptom of the insecure structure of self-image in its most primitive state.

How The Mind Incarnates
People say the spirit or soul reincarnates in physical material dimensions to learn [about itself] and intensify its own true nature. The people get drawn to identity of self-power .. which is itself a form of fear.

You have to look at this phenomenon like yin / yang where there is desire for power manifest in self that has a hidden element like a seed waiting to germinate. This is how the balance of events was designed.

Physical life in all its levels [where there is no high and low] is basically an INITIATION. Physical life is designed as SELF-INITIATION. Essentially one initiates oneself at all levels of self awareness throughout each journey of physical incarnation.

This is why I am happy for small number of people to be interested to read what I write on my Blogs .. because I do not really want the attention or the responsibility beyond genuine interest. If my friends get sick I feel the responsibility: What if I cannot help them?

Actually .. that feeling is essential to find the sensitivity to help people.

When I was experiencing problems with digestion and colon and leaky gut that no professional doctor was aware of or understood anything to do with the complex symptoms. All the specialist doctors KNEW the answers or non-answers to symptoms they essentially did not understand.

Those who KNOW .. they tell you to ACCEPT that you have symptoms you are NEVER going to cure because it is part of life and aging. Like blistering allergy reactions on the surface of the skin that allergy specialists describe as: You now have to learn to live with it #_#

THAT is an INSULT to my body and body intelligence !!

When you know all the set answers .. you actually know NOTHING! The point I am trying to get to is that it is the MIND that incarnates lifetime after lifetime. The mind inhabits the physical body .. and the journey begins from there.

The mind is also in itself a vehicle for some kind of spirit pilot.

So .. you have the physical body [the vehicle] .. you have the mind [hard drive / software] .. you could say the mind is the Operating System. Then you have the third factor: The pilot. Going back it is important to understand that the MIND is a key fundamental aspect of each incarnation.

In a way you could say that the level of internal Operating System [the mind] depends on ones level of INITIATION or AWARENESS. I have to write about this in more detail .. but the SPIRIT has to work with each level of Mind / Operating System that it is capable of using.

The key System Interface is AWARENESS.

Contained within the GRATITUDE drawing is the imbalance we have in the World on Earth today. On one level people who make decisions [are drawn to power] generally use the tactic of bullying and mobbing. This behavior is rooted in fear.

The small number of people who have the deepest [hidden] fear drive associated people into that same state through bullying [mind control] .. and they together direct this force at anyone who challenges them or threatens their power base [their inherent behavior patterns].

That is how they do business on all levels of society.

The essential problem is that the general base awareness in general create this ego-based fear-based shared state of mind = this is actually a DOOR of INITIATION to be passed through and to be overcome using the inner mind resources of AWARENESS.

The negative mind control pyramid [I did not draw it too well] actually rebounds the negativity in a triangular vortex back to the source of that mindset. When you are using that mindset .. you are not going to get anywhere. All you are going to get is the triple density [karmically] rebounding back.

How Gratitude Protects The Mind
I have been in situations of my life that have not been funny... Occasions where I had no money and no food. One was caused by illegal activity of banking institutions that I was lucky to survive. I was really pissed off and in a negative state of mind.

When the Guidance said to me: Be GRATEFUL #_+ I was totally stunned and could not believe what I was hearing! After having a five minute hissy fit .. I decided to try to BE GRATEFUL. I admit it was [at first] not easy to do. When you are in a crisis .. being grateful is not the FIRST thing that comes to mind!

This phenomenon is shown in the drawing .. gratitude / self-awareness .. and it works. This is where the incarnate mind [Operating System] comes into effect. You can get angry .. you can get sorrows or fear. You can also bring peace to the mind that is much more effective.

People who are selfish .. working for ego-self .. cannot bring this peace to the mind. This is what I mean by INITIATION. Gratitude demands a total change of the state of the incarnate mind and an upgrade of the inner Operating System.

I put off writing this post for a number of weeks .. as I was not sure how to share this with people. Two really strange things happened today [I have to film the Eclipse of the Moon later]. I had to save a tiny bird trapped in the hall .. that is a story all on its own .. and later someone stopped me thinking I was a famous personality [seriously].

These experiences were two opposites that led to me finally writing this post.

One the tiny bird level I had to situate my internal energy to convince the bird I was not a threat. That bird was so fast I could not catch it in my hands to take it outside to bird safety land. A few minutes later probably the same energy cause the human reaction of: ARE YOU SOMEBODY FAMOUS / KNOWN.

Do you understand the different reactions of the tiny bird and the human ??

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Our Intelligent Gut

I once had an experience of an extreme higher intelligence awareness deep within the gut [colon]. At the center of your gut you have the navel [where the child's umbilical cord was attached to the womb]. That is the point where the growing baby is attached to the placenta.

As the fetus grows it is the placenta that provides oxygen water and nutrients. The placenta also transfers fecal waste produced by the baby out into the mother's body to be safely excreted. Let's call that process: An Intelligent system.
First I have to say: I was [from childhood] lactose intolerant. I was forced to drink milk at home and at school .. as a result I had endless tonsillitis [throat infections] and that era of scientific experimentation removed my tonsils. Removing my tonsils [at an early age] did not stop the endless throat infections #_#

Once I reached an age where I had more control over what i ate and drank I [me on my own] resolved the throat infections by not drinking any milk .. eating no cheese and not using butter. I hated the taste of milk! Was that my body warning me of something real? Another taste I hated was all the sugary drinks. The surrounding school culture was drinking the coke I was not drinking.

The earliest age I remember going out into the garden talking to tall spirit beings [who looked like ancient Greek Masters clothed in long radiant robes of intelligent light] was the age of five. These beings would talk to me telepathically .. well not exactly. It is not really telepathy. It is something else of an advanced intelligence beyond time.

These beings did not want me drinking all the sugary drinks .. and they did not want me drinking milk. My family accepted me not drinking Da'Coke .. but they did not accept me not drinking Da'Milk .. but I knew I was drinking some dirty tasting sh#t [that is my own personal experience].

Having regained my health by balancing Candida in my gut [using probiotics] .. I began to make my own Kefir using milk Kefir grains. The grains digest the lactose while producing a fermented live probiotic drink. This is why lactose intolerant people can drink Kefir. Kefir speaks the probiotic language in the gut.

Our Intelligent Gut System
At seven weeks after conception the human embryo shows clear signs of the growing intestinal tract and at eight weeks peristalsis begins in the embryo's large intestine [continuing throughout life].

Peristalsis is a smooth pattern of contractions [waves] that move food through the intestines. Gut peristaltic waves begin in the esophagus and travel the whole length of the gut [through the large intestine] pushing matter into the rectum and out of the body.
The Mother's body is feeding the fetus digested food [through the placenta barrier] .. and yet the developing gut of the child growing in the womb is passing waste out into the Mother's body to be excreted again by the Mother. The Mother's body has already digested the food into a form that helps the fetus grow inside the womb.

The fetus is producing and excreting waste.

My theory of: The Intelligent Gut System is that the body is not producing and excreting "waste". This is a revolutionary concept of the gut [intelligence]. You could call it: Intelligent waste. The body [Nature] is creating a highly versatile bio-product in harmony with the organic material principles of the Planet.

The intelligent gut process begins with the fetus and this intelligent gut process continues until death [of the physical organism]. It is important to understand that the gut - through the process of digestion - creates a complex bio-substance [science calls WASTE] designed to continue the life process in the soil and water.

The Future Is My Teacher
I can tell you what they do in the future. The future do Alchemy and not science. They create products [bio-degradable] based on the chemistry of the gut / colon. First they studied the chemistry [biology] of the gut and how it processes matter. That is a really complex process we do not understand today.

People in the future replicate that gut intelligence process to build materials that later break down or that can be broken down in Nature. The key point I want to make about the gut intelligence is how science today claims to produce BIO-DEGRADABLE plastic. It is a total joke...

You see .. your own intelligent gut puts enzymes and other compounds into the fecal matter passed by the colon. Which means the fecal matter only breaks down in Nature because of the Intelligent Alchemical Compounds added by your intelligent colon !!

Today's science tell you that the colon digests food and creates waste .. and later Nature breaks down that waste into biological parts. I am saying .. why is the whole gut so large? Why does the digestion process take such a long journey? The answer is .. because the gut is designed to perform and create Alchemical changes on digested matter along the way TO MAKE IT USEFUL.

You really are PART OF NATURE !!

Your gut is really a highly advanced .. highly intelligent .. super designed Alchemical [biological] unit working in the same way as the rich soil of the Planet. It is the exact same process .. it is just happening inside your gut. The gut is so highly advanced it can even analyse and add complex compounds to highly processed industry food to make it planetary bio-digestible.

Your brain is connected to your gut >_+

We have scientifically passed through a time where the elite of the elite in medicine are BRAIN SURGEONS. In the not too distant future the elite of a new alchemy of understanding and practice are: Colon / gut doctors. In the future they are not called doctors.
Word origin: doctor c.1300, "Church father," from O.Fr. doctour, from M.L. doctor "religious teacher, adviser, scholar," from L. doctor "teacher," from doct- stem of docere "to show, teach,"
This is difficult to translate .. in their future world they are: Harmonizers .. who fine-tune the intelligent Alchemical process that defines the building and re-transformation of matter.

They help people organize optimum healthy gut / colon balance.

What can I do today to help organize my own healthy gut balance? Well .. I have always been alone and on my own with that question [outside of the researchers and innovators who were also on their own. That's cool .. it is better than being part of the de-harmonized food herd.

What did I do to start working with my own colon? I started realizing the intelligence is in the colon and the love is in the colon. Basically .. because .. when I got sick my gut / colon did everything to keep some level of harmony within the body. I owe it to my gut that I am alive today.

The teacher is within us.

I got carried away .. the most important thing I wanted to write about is the Peristaltic Wave [probably as important as your heartbeat]. Basically .. no peristaltic wave no life! The peristaltic wave travels the length of the gut from the tongue .. through the stomach and intestines to the rectum. That's the basis of your digestive system.

Why would a fetus have a peristaltic wave process?

I did not say what I wanted to say when I began this post .. and so I am going to have to come back to this again in later posts. All I can say is: TAKE CARE OF YOUR GUT. From my own personal perspective the gut is as important as my heartbeat [to my health]. When my gut got really sick with Candida overgrowth and leaky gut .. my heartbeat was dynamically irregular and dynamically scary. I also go into that later. For me personally the two are connected...