Friday, May 31, 2013

Dark Matter Is Water

In the future .. I know I am right!

Now and then I watch research type conference videos on the Universe and Dark Matter...

I have to admit that I quickly get bored... and as a result my own imagination kicks in and I find myself imagining the origins of life and the dynamics of the Universe. I write this to encourage you to trust your own dynamic imagination and to go ahead and probe the mysteries of life around you on every level !!

Dark matter is water .. although this water is in forms that we humans currently do not recognise.

Humans need water for just about everything they do on Earth... Water is essential to the functions and the operation of nuclear power stations as well as being essential to all of life on this planet [including your Internet Access]. How does a dynamic and explosive energetic Universe keep cool? It has to be water!

We have here the most ancient force of male [fire] and female [water] as revealed in all the ancient art and hieroglyphs of the pre-modern world we know today. Yin and yang .. everything in balance .. earth and stone .. metal and wood .. fire, air and water. The signature of water is written everywhere around you. Its signature is so subtle you do not see it.

The current "metal male" .. being born of fire and explosive energy .. does not want to relate to nor address the power of water [feminine] in the Universe. Even the metal male has 77% water in his brain. However, there are also too many females on this Earth who manifest the psyche of the herd = the aggressive metal-male.

Over the last 2,000 years the female has become heavy-metal-masculine energy. Out of balance the heavy metal male seeks his / her own satisfaction .. survival .. pleasures .. desires.

Dark Matter Is Water
I look into a deep dark pool and I see myself!
We live in a Universe of reflections. If you look into glass mirror or into a pool of water you see reflections of the world around you as well as yourself. Why does a glass mirror look similar to the surface of a pool of water .. water laying on the path ahead of you .. rain water lying on the concrete sidewalk?

Since I was a little kid I always look into pools of water. I look into the reflections on the surface of lakes, reflections on the surface or rivers, pools, rain water on the surface of roads and muddy pathways. I also look into the reflections of stars above our heads.

At night, after the Sun goes down, the Moon will reflect onto a pond of water, onto a flowing river, onto the surface of the sea or on a pool of water at the side of the road. The Moon will also reflect onto your skin [which contains water] and will also reflect into your eyes... Onto the lens of your camera...

We look up at the night sky and all the stars above .. reflected in dark waters!!

The human brain is currently said to be 77-78% water. Based on this [as above so below], I would imagine that 80% of the Universe is some form of water .. many forms / layers of interacting water. Water being related to consciousness, reflection, light, energy, interaction and instant communication .. moving faster than the known speed of light.

Faster Than The Speed of Light
Moving faster than the known speed of light.
The key words here are: Moving and known! Einstein fooled the world with the theory that NOTHING [no-thing] exceeds the speed of light. Einstein also said, "Imagination is more important than knowledge." Therefore if I can imagine faster than the speed of light .. which is true? The knowledge that nothing exceeds the speed of light or my imagination that this knowledge is extremely limited and lacking fundamental understanding?

The first key point is the known speed of light based on current scientific knowledge, and the second key point is moving. Nothing can move faster than light. That code is easy to break: No-thing = nothing moves faster than the known speed of light. For example, instant communication between energy particles on opposite sides of the Earth. Water is key to this invisible field. Instant contact with no physical time involved .. the connection that bonds and hold matter together.

The next factor to understand is that faster than the calculated speed of light is not "movement". Well, it is not movement as we know it, and this is where imagination comes in. Imagination is the field beyond "knowledge", beyond movement. Imagination only becomes confined [restricted] when we manifest imagination within the physical dimensions.

For example, Nikola Tesla imagined in detail all the working parts of his inventions. Yet, Tesla had to build those electronic coils, lamps, crystal oscillators inside the restricted physical world he inhabited at the time. You have this restriction when imagination becomes physical / knowledge .. one aspect being the materials available to you.

Above and beyond these restrictions at any point in time, water is a constant. The field of water in the entire Universe is the background operating system in which life functions, exists and survives. If Tesla is born 300 years in the future, he would have technically advanced materials to work with [based on development of his work and influence in the early 1900s], where the materials change but water is a fundamental constant.

My current theory is that water [unknown forms of water] are a constant [are present] on all the dimensions. Let's say there are 13 dimensions that we know of in this current 3D state. The fundamental factor allowing contact, communication and travel between the dimensions would be water. I would say water carrying sound and light. In that sense water is related to gravity or water is gravity.

Imagine wireless telecommunications or Internet connection to your computer. What contains those wireless energy signals? What stops the signals being just out of control and unreadable? In other words, what stops the signals entering into a state of total chaos? Water is the key to that question. We all live in an invisible highly structured environment. A structure so profoundly simple it allows for life in all its forms throughout the entire Universe.

That structure is water. We do not really understand true nature of water.

This field allows all things to exist and is so subtle it does not interfere in their unique and individual existence. For example, you exist! You share a world filled with great variety of life. Then there is the Sun and all the Planets. You also share space in a Galaxy, sharing space in a Universe of Nebula, Black Holes, Neutron Stars, Moons, Comets, Asteroids...

A primordial force or field maintains discipline and order in what would be potential exploding chaos. Why do deep space gas clouds hold form? It is the same force behind the existence and geometry of those deep space gas clouds as it behind the ordered transportation [communication] of a WiFi signal.

I do not yet have a telescope to look at the stars... But when I look into a pool of water at night I can see the stars reflected in those dark pools.

See Hill & Cox: Faster Than Light Travel

Friday, May 24, 2013

Moon Planets Eruptions & Earthquakes

Mag 8.3 24-May-2013 05:44:49 LAT 54.87 LON 153.33 Sea of Okhotsk
Mag 7.4 23-May-2013 17:19:04 LAT -23.02 LON -177.11 South of Fiji Islands

The last 8.0 quake in the same area of the Sea of Okhotsk was in 1902:
MAG 8.0 June-11-1902 05:?? LAT 50.00 LON 148.00 Mag 8.0 Sea of Okhotsk
USGS: Magnitude 8 & Greater Since 1900

I am just going to list all the research I have done. I do not understand all of it .. enough to bring together a cohesive theory. I just don't like numbers and I am not an Astrologer. I have visual capacity to see PATTERNS and understand those mind visual patterns. For example, I recall patterns of eruptions, locations and patterns of earthquakes. That is why I can then research deeper into those areas .. those connected areas. Someone else [out there] has to understand the numbers and alignments...

Moon Planets Eruptions & Earthquakes
June 11, 1902 8.0 Sea of Okhotsk, Russia.
Night Sky Planets: June 11, 1902

May 24, 2013 8.3 Sea of Okhotsk, Russia.
Night Sky Planets: May 24, 2013

Venus Jupiter Mercury Conjunction May 25-29, 2013
The Full Moon on May 25, 2013 coincides with the end of May Venus, Jupiter, Mercury Conjunction. From Saturday 25 until Wednesday 29, 2013 Venus, Jupiter & Mercury are in Conjunction.
Are large earthquakes and major eruptions more likely at times of a Full Moon or New Moon? Studies suggest that during times of high earth and ocean tides, such as during times of full or new moon, earthquakes are more likely on shallow thrust faults near the edges of continents and in (underwater) subduction zones.

I just note down my thoughts from my visual recall and visual awareness. For example, do earthquakes have "memories"? Do eruptions have "memories"? One can exchange the word memory for cycles or patterns.

The reason I use the word memory, is because there is something real taking place that is more like a memory rather than a cycle. If some mathematical genius could visualize [chart] the geometry of these connected events. Wow!!

May 25, 2013 Full Moon .. [May 24-25 Lunar Eclipse]
May 24, 2013 Magnitude 8.3 earthquake: Sea of Okhotsk.

June 12, 1902 First Quarter Moon ..
June 11, 1902 Magnitude 8.0 earthquake earthquake: Sea of Okhotsk.

Theory: Alaska volcanic pressure cycles / events / activity also play a part.

Magnitude 8.0 Sea of Okhotsk, June 11, 1902 ...
Alaska Volcanic eruption - Mount Redoubt: January 18, 1902
[Full Moon January 24, 1902]

Alaska Volcanic eruption - Mount Redoubt: June 21, 1902
[Full Moon June 21, 1902]

Sea of Okhotsk Earthquakes: 8.0 1902 - 8.3 2013
In my opinion both the 1902 and the 2013 8.0 & 8.3 Sea of Okhotsk earthquakes reveal a pattern worth more study and understanding. Both earthquakes are significant and seem to show signs of quake cycles.

Do earthquakes have memory patterns .. as well as relationship to Moon and planetary cycles .. as well as observed tectonic pressure revealing a relationship between Alaska and the "Okhotsk Plate"? In my view, yes !!

Those plates are part of the Japan / Fukushima "corner". The Okhotsk Plate is a tectonic plate covering the Sea of Okhotsk, the Kamchatka Peninsula, Sakhalin Island, Tōhoku and Hokkaidō, Japan.

I am really not convinced that the so-called tectonic plates are colliding .. but that there is potential that these energy lines expand and contract - like breath of the Earth. Solar Flares send energy that is absorbed by the Earth and this energy can also cause 3D physical expansion or contraction as the energy is absorbed.

The reason I factor in Alaska [volcanic eruptions], is because of the probable tectonic relationship between volcanoes [tectonic pressure] in Alaska and movement of the tectonic plates in the Sea of Okhotsk.

Examples of this can be seen in the 1902 volcanic eruptions in Alaska and the 1902 Magnitude 8.0 Sea of Okhotsk quake. Hundred years later [2013] we see renewed volcanic activity in Alaska prior to the May 24, 2013 Magnitude 8.3 Sea of Okhotsk quake.

The in-your-face CLUE are the MAG8+ quakes + look at LAT/LON locations.
MAG 8.3 Sea of Okhotsk - LAT 54.87 LON 153.33 [2013]
MAG 8.0 Sea of Okhotsk - LAT 50.00 LON 148.00 [1902]

That data alone is TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE .. Right !!

In 2013, 111 years after the 1902 Magnitude 8.0 Sea of Okhotsk quake in the exact location there is Magnitude 8 quake !!

Comet Elenin to Comet ISON
I am swimming in uncharted waters here! The next research aspect for 1902 / 2013 was comets...

Now this does make some sense to me, as I have this H20 space water theory including the Sun, Galaxies, Asteroids, Comets and everything else out there. When I visually [in my mind] bring comets into the 1902/2013 magnitude 8+ Sea of Okhotsk earthquakes...

At that point we are talking powerful energy waves generated like ripples in deep space water environment. The water in deep space is not like that water on earth. I surmise there are MANY kinds of water. In a way the variety is as on Earth. Water can be atmospheric, clouds, vapor, streams, rivers, lakes and seas. Water can be salty or fresh. Water can be ice. There are forms of water in volcanic eruptions. There is the water in your body, that makes up your blood.

The Sun, Solar Flares, Planets, Asteroids and Comets are all making synchronistic waves in deep space. These are "energy" waves; but they are also 3D waves in the form of displacement of "water". Theoretically, you have physical and energy (gravity) reacting to movement. Take a bowl of jelly and wobble it .. it is like that .. it is like quantum mass movement.

The comets are fire (energy / gravity) and water combined (ice). The comets act like deep space volcanoes. A volcanic eruption on Earth ejects water .. or one could say that the water within an eruption carries elements into the lower and higher atmosphere(s). The comets eject fire and water into a deep space watery ocean of what to us is unrecognised form of water. Creating waves, creating pressure waves, creating powerful energy displacement (gravity).

on March 8, 2011, Comet C/2010 X1(Elenin) formed an alignment with the Earth and Mercury, 3 days before the devastating Japan magnitude 9 earthquake and tsunami. See: Planetary Alignments with Comet Elenin Causing Big Earthquakes

This is a very beautiful presentation on: Comet ISON 2013

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Spirit Human Mind Connection

Our spirit journey is navigating the pathless path

So! Why are we here .. on Earth? Who are we? Who are you?

Long before any of the world religions Buddha taught the "Pathless Path"... Sounds rather strange! How can a path be pathless? In a way the pathless path is signature within the mind, within the human consciousness and within the human brain as defined by the heart. Some say the heart is the seat of the soul. No one knows what the soul is. No one knows what the heart is...

Long before human beings exist on Earth birds migrate .. dinosaurs probably migrated .. fish shoals migrate .. antelope and bison migrate and dolphins .. whales migrate. But be aware !! Plants migrate .. mushrooms [fungi] migrate .. grass migrates .. seeds migrate .. ants / insects migrate.

Birds and animals eat plants, insects and seeds .. they migrate .. and where do the birds and migratory animals plant the seeds and spores ?? In the same way it is the same for humans. On a biological level .. on a physical level .. this is the Pathless Path!

In a similar way: What is the seed of consciousness? What is the seed of life? What is the seed [origins] of your existence? What is the seed [origins] of spirit .. life .. the universe .. cosmos? Why is migration such a powerful force? Comets migrate, carrying primordial life across the mysterious depths of space / time.

In terms of migration the concept of "mind connection" has similar signature to plants, animals, birds.

If you take time to think about migrations of whales, dolphins, fish, insects, animals and birds [including humans] .. then the unseen dynamics of the Pathless Path become partially visible to our minds. In a similar way, I include the heart beating as an unseen signature of the Pathless Path.

The heart beats, and we know it not! The heart beats .. leading us moment by moment through life, and we know it not. The beating of the heart has its own intelligence, and we know it not. When the body is sick .. the beating of the heart changes .. and our rational-logical mind does not understand.

In a way, the heart is a signature of the "Pathless Path".

Spirit Human Mind Connection
The moment any being is born, energy already exists. We are born into an energetic environment the ancients called Prana or Chi [Qi]. So, what is born? If energy already exists and physical matter already exists. What is born into energy and matter .. into physical existence?

Spirit - the human mind connection - is born into an environment of energy [1st] and into physical 3D material environment [2nd]. However, the mysterious and elusive signature guiding our consciousness are feelings, emotions, sensations, as well as the unknown. Just stop and think about it... We are born with a feeling .. a sense of the UNKNOWN !!

What is your primary impulse?

If you ask me that question .. my primary impulse is based on feelings .. on sensation. I feel [sensation / touch / emotion] .. I see .. I hear .. I smell .. I sense. My primary impulse [guidance] is based on my inner feelings .. where my spirit and mind connect. I am inwardly self-aware .. until something [extra-ordinary] happens to challenge that egocentric awareness.

When I observe my own self-contained 3D awareness .. feelings implode. There is no path .. there is no way ahead. I am self-isolated and all I know is that I have to survive .. I have to exist. No matter what! Until a deeper .. more gentle awareness manifests .. way deep down.

We may call this deeper awareness, a past life... But! I don't think so!

How deep do the feelings go? Are the feelings part of a more profound migratory process that is so subtle we do not see it? Is that the Buddha's "Pathless Path". The way that leads us and yet is not "known"? How many of us trust the UNKNOWN? If you have a void right in front of you .. will you step into the void?

At the same time, the moment of physical death and the moment of physical birth does not allow any of us the privileged of choice! It seems that there is a mysterious connection between spirit, mind and matter outside of our control. In a way, "demanding" our respect.

Yet, this mysterious force [awareness] is very gentle, loving and caring. We humans do so many bad things to the Planet we live on .. and we continue to exist even as we break the laws of Nature. That is the Pathless Path... Each human walks the path of their own existence within a universal continuum.

I feel that the moment when spirit connects deeply with the mind / consciousness and physical 3D existence, there is the unfolding of the Pathless Path. The path is ahead of us just as it is inside of us. The path connects spirit .. energy .. mind .. consciousness .. heart and physical material existence as one unified whole.

Fragmentation creates the path of chaos.

Humans are fragmented .. seeking only service-to-self .. afraid .. in conflict .. divided .. alone !!

The beauty of life is that the way ahead .. the guiding signature and our own inner navigation lies within us. Just as the heart beating, knows from its own intelligence how to alter its frequency resonance .. the inner mind / intelligence knows how to navigate physical space-time.

I think that the problem is: We are not paying attention.

The spirit - mind - heart connection is very important... Do not be influenced by the corruption of the current outer [transitory] human psyche and its 3D manifestations. Always align to your own inner signature / navigation .. as though you are an experienced time traveller, who knows and understands "The Pathless Path" of human existence.

Imagination plays a key role in healthy mind and peace of heart!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Using Brain In Different Ways

Do not be afraid to use brain in different ways...

In real life, when you meet someone who uses their brain in a different ways... It often comes as a shock !! This is what most people call "paranormal" or "extraordinary" presence. Well! The presence is not extra-ordinary in terms of Universal mind...

Unique and powerful mind presence is only extra-ordinary in terms of day to day base-metal life on Earth, as people perceive reality through low frequency consciousness vibration.

I give you a simple example !!

How many people observe, pay attention to or watch .. be aware of .. small birds? Birds are everywhere .. existing all over the Earth. How many people look at a small little bird as they walk though their physical world? I personally do pay attention to the many birds all around me and I watch the birds flying in the air each day !!

I pay attention to birds in same way as though I am seeing a UFO crossing the skies ... as something unusual ... something unique ... something totally new = do not let your "mind" grow old! Be aware! Pay attention!

Using Brain In Different Ways
What does watching birds have to do with using the brain in a different way? Simply, awareness .. observation .. is at the heart of the transformation of human mind. Not only of the human mind .. but also consciousness.

Brain is the 3D computer system of the SPIRIT using energy [Chi / Prana] as connection between spirit and matter. Energy / Chi .. is the matter .. anti-matter interface between spirit [consciousness] and physical material 3D reality.

Energy exists = activates both spirit world(s) and physical material 3D world(s). Also, energy relates to all 12 dimensions that we know of. The only thing that changes is the FREQUENCY of the energy! Energy is more dense on the 1st dimension and is more refined on the 12th dimension. The 12th dimension can observe and understand the 1st dimension; but the 1st dimension cannot observe nor understand the 2nd to the 12th dimension.

Extraordinary use of 3Dimensional mind has to come from the 4th dimension all the way to the 12th dimensions, interacting with our current reality. In other words, using the brain in different and unique way(s) .. connects us to other dimensions .. to other realities.

Our 3D world cosmos .. water .. air .. plants .. birds .. are also connected to the 12 dimensions. Where each layer or frequency supports all the other layers within a broader inter-dimensional system.

Awareness [consciousness] is the key to navigating and understanding this unique and complex Operating System. For example, you are usually not aware of the heart beating or of the movement of tiny blood vessels, of your glandular system... You are not aware of the movement of water in your body... Movement of the microscopic layers than allow you to physically inhabit Planet Earth.

If you meditate, you are aware !!

Using the brain in a different way is totally personal to a unique manifestation of one's own spirit inside physical 3D reality. Each person uniquely experiences life in their own way. Each spirit uniquely manifests awareness in their own way. Cosmos is a dynamic, living Open Source .. Intelligent Operating System.

Observing Nature You Observe Yourself
You pay attention to and observe the path in front of you. Observing the ground you walk on. Seeing the micro-plants growing in the cracks of the path as you migrate physically from location to location within this mysterious time-space. You are aware of the birds, plants, insects and light that exists all around you. Already, your mind has changed!

You look at the bird and the bird looks at you .. compassion is realised .. your life is transformed. The moment you look into the birds eyes, you become the bird looking at you! You are looking at yourself!

Self-Transforming Universe
We live in a transforming and transformational Universe, where the transforming energy [force] is SPIRIT .. consciousness .. awareness .. attention .. seeing .. compassion and inner connection to an original source.

Original source cannot be corrupted. It is like the power behind matter, the power behind mind, the power behind spirit .. the consciousness simultaneously inhabiting all layers of reality.

When you are aware .. the awareness transforms your mind.
Do not seek to transform others .. transform your own mind.
Use your brain in a different way ...

Monday, May 13, 2013

The Law of Plants

The "Law of Plants" is founded on genetic diversity.

Federation of Sovereign Europe
- May 13, 2113

History of The European Freedom Constitution

Q: Looking back historically to that era, it seems hard to believe that people at that time in Europe would try to reduce the genetic diversity of plants, their food source.

A: Well, ultimately .. it was good for Europe. When power is focused predominantly in the hands of a few there will always be a re-set.

Q: You say this was a good thing, ultimately?

A: Historically, yes! As this led to the formation of our Federation.

Q: Really, that sounds quite funny in retrospect, that plant seeds led to the foundation of our current Freedom Constitution.

A: Yes! Indeed!

Q: SOS! Save Our Seeds! Was the call at that time.

A: The Federation of Sovereign Europe and our present European Freedom Constitution, could accurately be said to have arisen from the: Save Our Seeds movement, which began in earnest around May, 2013.

A: The seeds saved us!

A: That is correct. Historically, plants and humans evolved together and have a powerful relationship. This natural and mutually beneficial relationship was behind the development and survival of Europe over thousands of years.

Q: The entire world! However, this unique relationship was to become a "superior genetics" power struggle by the early 21st Century.

A: Going back in time to that era, it appears that small and powerful corporate interests were easily able to make use of the chronic political desire to govern and regulate everything. Human populations were highly regulated at that time, and the obsession grew to regulating seeds and plant growth, plant DNA and genetics, as well as controlling genetic adaptation.

Q Yes, it sounds like the "perfect human", the "perfect plant"...

A Exactly!

Q: At that time they missed the point entirely...

A: Yes! That so-called cultural "perfection" is the seed of genetic diversity and natural adaptation. Not only for life on Earth; but for life in the Universe. They did not understand that the natural and diverse inbuilt adaptation mechanism is the key to sustaining life.

Q: It seems they simply saw this natural genetic adaptation signature as a means to take control of the plants, animals and themselves.

A: Life was viewed as a mechanical compound, they were "alchemists" without heart.

Q: Your understanding, is that this perversion of the human plant, seed relationship led to the later foundation of a Sovereign Europe!

A: Once that point was reached, there was nowhere else to go but down. So, people at that time had nothing to lose. Humans are designed to gather and plant seeds. The plant human relationship is not an accident.

Q: You are saying this is not a relationship by chance; but by design.

A: That was exactly our research. Human relationship to seeds, plant cultivation and to plants in general is as powerful as human to human relationship. It is a basic survival instinct; but it is more than a survival instinct.

Q: You say in your book that this relationship also has powerful spiritual connections.

A: Yes, that is what we found.

Q: I want to go back to Europe, because of the Freedom Constitution.

A: The European Federation, Freedom Constitution also germinated from a powerful spiritual seed - if I can put it that way.

Q: Spiritual seed?

A: Yes! Awareness, self-responsibility .. and also love .. unrestricted connection with the Earth. Spiritual diversity.

Q: In a way the sense of "danger" became stronger as more and more petty restrictions were placed on the actions of sovereign individuals.

A: This was the initial base collective awakening across Europe, that led to the need and the demand for our current: "Freedom Constitution". The desire to preserve and protect the actions of sovereign individuals within the larger body of a Sovereign Federal Europe.

Q: The choking point was Corporate and Institutional greed?

A: In essence, by 2013, greed and corruption was at its highest point ...

Q: Reading your book, it seems that Corporate and Institutional service-only-to-self environment at that time, led to greater and greater control of all and any human activity.

A: Corporations embedded in a bad relationship with Government's "King Canute" psychosis and desire for control.

Q: You mentioned that earlier in the book, King Canute .. Cnut The Great .. commanding the ocean's currents and tides to advance no further.

A: This was due to my own sense of humor in seeing the equally comical attempts by EU bureaucrats to command the genetic diversity of seeds and plants to advance no further [whispers] except under their control.

Q: In a similar way, we know today that this failed.

A: But at the time, back in 2013, these people were deluded enough to believe that they had this power.

Q: In hindsight, it is quite frightening to think that such people would control and direct legislation.

A: [Laughter]

Q: The law of Plants! You write: The "Law of Plants" is founded on genetic diversity. Would you say the same applies to the future of The Federation of Sovereign Europe, today?

A: Historically, this was and is the genius behind the writing of the European Freedom Constitution or what we know today as "The Freedom Constitution". These men and women, who together gave birth to a foundation for a genetically diverse Europe philosophy, were able to encode the laws of Nature .. the Laws of plants .. into their Constitution.

Q: You say the seeds of our sovereign freedom today came from a deeper understanding of natural genetic adaptation?

A: Indeed! If you look at the development of humankind over the last few thousand years, plants gave humans the freedom to move around and develop. The freedom of migration opened up all the possibilities that our ancestral human families turned to their cultural advantage as well as survival. Plants, seeds and open source genetic diversity, adaptation and survival made our advancement possible.

Q: Ultimately, sovereign freedom is part of this Planetary Open Source Genetic Diversity?

A: Freedom is diversity!

Q: An amazing book... I certainly enjoyed this talk with you. Thank you so much.

A: Thank you!

Open Source Time Travel 2013 Copyright, Earth-Changes 11: The Law of Plants

EU Plant Reproduction "Martial Law"

...The Green Revolution was a brilliant Rockefeller family scheme to develop a globalized agribusiness which they then could monopolize just as they had done in the world oil industry beginning a half century before. As Henry Kissinger declared in the 1970’s, 'If you control the oil you control the country; if you control food, you control the population.' - Doomsday Seed Vault

EUROPEAN BREAKING NEWS! "Dangers of Plant Genetic Diversity... "

Plant Reproductive Martial Law Declared Across Europe !!
Yes! You heard it right - and you heard it here first: PLANT REPRODUCTIVE MARTIAL LAW! In an effort to save the lives of billions of European Union Proletariat, the EU Commission is urgently at work to pass the much needed:
EU Plant Reproductive Martial Material Law

Yes! You read correctly! Plant Reproductive Martial Law, declared in Europe...
The European Commission is about to pass a horrible law called the Plant Reproductive Material Law. The law will create a new European Union bureaucracy named the Plant Variety Agency and it will put this bureaucracy in charge of approving virtually all plants and seeds.

Plant reproductive martial law ?? Are you serious ??

MARTIAL: warlike, from Latin martialis "of Mars or war," from Mars (Martis), Roman god of war - Related: Martially. Martial law, military rule over civilians [or plants and their genetic materials]. LAW: O.E. lagu law, ordinance, rule, regulation; district governed by the same laws, from Old Norse *lagu law, plural of lag "layer, measure, stroke," literally "something laid down or fixed," from Proto-Germanic *lagan - to put, to lay [down].

Are you stupid !!! Don't you know .. these natural and diverse "plant reproductive materials" are a danger to mankind, are a danger to the function of society! We have to control them at any costs .. no matter what it takes .. no matter how many of us die in this war against the "natural diversity of plant genetics".

Anyone who who grows their own plants from non-regulated seeds would be considered criminals under this law.

Wow! Are your SERIOUS !!

Listen to me, My Brother, you don't know the dangers of the natural diversity of plants and their seeds. A danger so great that all Governments and European Commissions keep secret. This is a danger beyond Area 51 and UFOs .. a danger so great that all Multi-National Corporations battle against it 24/24, day-in-day-out .. never giving up in their attempt to eradicate and control these out of control Seeds of Natural Diversity.

But! Hey! Plants seeds are just seeds! Right!

My friend! Are you totally nuts?
Have you not heard of the EUs Seeds Commandments?

Duh! No! Sorry, I have not...

1. I am your God, brought to you out of the land of EU, the house of slavery.
2. You shall have no other seeds gods before me.
3. You shall not take the ruler-ship of the EU your God in vain [disobey].
4. You shall not steal corporate patented seeds.
5. You shall not steal corporate [your neighbor's] seed-patents.
6. You shall not covet corporate owned genetic diversity [plant reproduction].

Hold on a minute! Seeds [plant seeds] have been seeding themselves throughout existence and long before humans colonized Planet Earth. Right! Plants and seeds existed before mankind. The plants did fine on their own .. without human interference .. right !!

Yes! But, we humans are superior to plants! Right!

I'm sorry! Don't we humans and animals depend on plants, grass, trees, fungi, herbs, seaweed, cultivated vegetables ??

DEPEND ?? What do you mean ??

As soon as you break "the laws of nature", you will discover first-hand what it means to depend on NATURE !! The natural diversity of plant life supports the existence of 3D physical existence: animal, bird, human and fish. Control the seeds and you control base physical reality.

To what end ??
No! Not the end .. it is the beginning ...

Simply, protect the genetic diversity of seeds at their origins!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Event Dreams

Dreams can radically alter the mind / brain ...
But, who is the dreamer? Who is dreaming?

I am not a scientist .. and the only research / test subject I have is myself !!

I would like to blur the event boundaries of how we define "dreams"... The whole cognitive process within humans interacts with reality like a dream process. By this, I mean that the mind interacts with 3D reality in an elastic way. The mind can move at any point in time across the four directions [North, South, East, West] mentally, emotionally.

The human mind can also instantly assess non-physical events in the same way with infinite speed = faster than the speed of thought. In this way .. if you carefully observe your own mind .. we simultaneously interact with many layers of reality instantly. Only, when rational thought comes in does time exist [psychologically].

Event dreams are ongoing. There is no rational time involved, only movement.

Event dreams are both shared as well as occurring on personal levels.

This now gets complex !! When we fall asleep and experience a dream, we are reversed .. like anti-matter. We experience ourselves within the dream / the mind. When we waken out of the dream we experience the dream [mind] within 3D reality. However, it seems there is a point where the two realities co-exist as one.

Fluid Psychic Interface
We humans live with our minds [the mind] throughout our entire lives .. and yet .. how many of us ever take time to observe, understand or explore the processes of our own mind? I do not mean "psychology" .. I mean hands on observation? More closely, Zen Master - where we are an undivided part of reality.

How familiar are you with your own mind?

When one takes time to observe the processes of the mind and how mind interacts with 3D reality .. it becomes clear that the mind is acting like water !! The mind is fluid .. it is difficult to contain .. it seems to wander off into its own little world of imagination from time to time.

The mind is aware of things far beyond our thoughts. One simple example of this: Go for a walk and using also periphery vision observe the path you walk on. Just watch every detail of the path and see how long you can keep the mind on that level (or those levels) of observation. The moment you do not try to force the mind .. but you just observe the mind .. you discover that it is fluid.

Fluid Dreams
When I fall asleep .. I have often tried to observe that moment where I fall asleep. I watch and watch - trying to capture that moment and I waken up in the early hours of the morning! Oh! When did I fall asleep? I try to go back and recollect that moment. The last thing I recall is trying to observe the moment I fall asleep.

The interesting thing is that the sleep is unusually deep .. as a result.

All I know for sure, is that I fall into sleep and I fall into dreams like a fish in water. The whole process of sleep and falling asleep is fluid, buoyant, liquid, permeable, expansive and has a sense of great depth. But, what about when we are awake? I think the big problem humans have today is that they have a sense that dreaming while asleep and sleeping while awake are two totally separate processes.

There is only one problem that few of us think of: It is the same mind. One's mind experiencing the dream is the same mind experiencing 3D reality. It is not what we experience; but HOW we experience that is important.

We waken up and come back onto the land [our physical life] and unobserved - by us - the fluid mind is still active. The dream is alive within us at all times. Imagination is always active !! Imagination does not go to sleep !!

When we humans experience events, each one of us views the 3D event [interaction] through a fluid process of imagination. We each imagine: What does he / she this event mean? Rational thought tells us that consciousness is linear, logical, realistic, 3D process and not some "silly process" of imagination. However, we are IMAGINING = "What is this... "

The dream never ends...

Success is not about controlling reality. Success is about navigation. How we navigate. Origin: 1325–75; Middle English succeden [Latin succēdere to go (from) under, follow, prosper] suc- + cēdere to go.

Hard metal cannot overcome water. Thought cannot overcome fluid consciousness. The one thing no one is taught in this 3D world we currently inhabit is how to navigate through life. It is hit and miss whether you figure it out or not. The art of navigation. The art of living.

There is one other important factor in learning to navigate and that factor is YOU. The one thing you have in life is yourself. This is the one factor we are told "scientifically" not to rely on... It is too "subjective". Right ??

How do you know how to dream when you get down to this planet? How does your mind know how to dream and how to interact with this reality? The fluid mind orientates itself inwardly, psyche, according to the four directions [North, South, East, West]. The four directions are not only physical compass.

The Psychic Event
The psychic event is the least understood exprience on our world.

The human psyche interacts seamlessly with 3D physical reality. The psyche is DESIGNED to seamlessly interact with physical reality. Our minds are designed to interact with matter.

Physical matter is designed to interact with our minds!

Events in themselves are not key to our life experience ...
The key is state of our own mind(s).

The path .. the way ahead .. lies within.

The path is all around you every step that you take.

When you dream you enter the path on a much more fundamental level, where dreams can alter process of the mind. When we are awake the path is ahead of us in many guises; but when we sleep we are within the path. Metamorphosis. Transformation. Illumination. Migration.

Migratory birds fly from one continent to another .. in same fashion the human mind migrates. Transforms. Migration of psyche is a tranformational life altering process.

Monday, May 06, 2013

Event Synchronicity ...

We are all part of an undivided whole.

Following from my last post .. Humans Inside Events Inside Humans .. it is important that people begin to realise and also understand the way humans are designed to interact with the unknown (the unified field), as the unknown interacts with us on a person to person basis as well as on a planetary basis.

For example, I recently woke out of a very clear and lucid dream [and no - I am not a Mason] .. where in the dream I was standing in a desert at the edge of a pristine river. All along the river's edge tall reeds were growing. Slightly behind my right shoulder stood an Egyptian deity that I understood as a representation of Thoth. The deity was holding a long thin staff.

I was looking straight ahead at the river and the tall reeds, with my left foot forward .. when a large green scarab flew out of the reeds and landed on my left leg above the knee. I then tried to get the scarab off my leg and it bit me with its pincers, just above the left knee. That is when I woke up out of the dream.

Event Synchronicity
On the same day as the dream .. that I found totally amazing .. I walked into town to buy some vegetables and when I left the house there was no scarab in the outside hall. When I came back (maybe half an hour later), I arrived at the door to my apartment where I see a large insect crawling across the floor just outside my door.

I crouch down to look closer at the insect and I see a large shiny bright green scarab beetle that is not common to this area.

Sure, we have little dark green dung beetles that crawl across the forest floor .. but I have never seen a large bright green scarab beetle in this location until that moment. Obviously, I got the beetle into a glass and put it back outside into nature. It was a real physical scarab beetle.

Event synchronicity? Just think of the timing of the events. To leave the apartment and to return exactly in the moment that the scarab beetle [identical to the one in my dream] is crawling across the hallway right in front of my door. Some of you may think, so what's the point? How does this effect us? What difference does it make?

The event changed my life. It brought a deeper and fundamental awareness into my life. This is something like a living Spiritual Technology that upgrades the inner psychic operating system of a human being. We work and work on ourselves as we live on this Planet, and suddenly paranormal events emerge from the background field that seem to bring together all the inner work that we do.

It is as though the Earth is a school of the Universe .. where we humans [children of the Earth] learn to interact with the paranormal field as we inhabit physical 3D bodies. We are living within and physically inhabiting a PARANORMAL WORLD that appears to be physical .. but in reality is a highly psychic reality.

Unfortunately, paranormal is something to fear .. something to be afraid of .. something dark that is "going to get you", unless you protect yourself and stay well away from its influence. Nothing could be further from the truth. For thousands of years the current Catholic [conservative] paradigm has programmed the human mind to be afraid of "the paranormal" / the unknown...

The problem resulting from this human fear of the unknown .. fear of the extra-ordinary .. is that humans become isolated, self-centered, irresponsible, insecure, living only for themselves on a Planet that is their "enemy". Living without guidance. The Earth is not a school .. it's a prison? Right? We are all trapped down here in such an unpleasant world. Such a dangerous world.

Outside of that human fear the whole living psychic interactive field is operating .. day and night .. 24/24 .. like a heart beating. The heart of a baby begins beating inside the womb and does not stop beating until the last day of a beings life. You run, climb or walk too much and the muscles in your legs begin to tire and get sore. The heart never tires .. its beating is so subtle that we live our lives day to day and are rarely aware of the beating of the heart.

In a similar way the interactive field is all around us and we are mostly unaware of its presence. Just think of the power it takes to maintain the whole Universe or even just to maintain this Planet .. and yet do you feel under pressure of a power so vast that it maintains the orbits of Planets?

The power of the heart is so great that it maintains the physical organism throughout its entire life .. and this is the same phenomenon that is so unobtrusive and is all around us .. that maintains the living systems of continents, trees, plants, animals, birds, Suns, Planets, Galaxies ... and you !!

You Are What You Think
One of the first things I was taught, by this strange background field [guidance] is that when we think we do not see and when we see we do not think. Walking along the road, humans mainly think [we are lost in thought] .. the thoughts just run like a radio talking to itself with no one listening.

Some people become aware of their thoughts .. the noise .. the chatter .. and they ask: How can I switch off these thoughts that keep running through my head. Then there are all kinds of methods that thought creates to stop thought .. to stop the noise. This guidance said to me... it is very simple! Pay attention, be aware, look at the world around you .. when you pay attention are you thinking?

I soon discovered that when I am aware, looking at the trees, the buildings, the plants growing in the cracks of the road .. thought ends. But, when I am lost in thought minutes go by and I am not seeing .. I am thinking. Therefore, thought is a product of our lack of awareness. It's like, either you fly the aircraft yourself or you switch the controls onto auto-pilot. The self .. ego .. the me .. is thought [auto-pilot].

We are born .. we just switch on the auto-pilot and breeze though life, unaware.

Why do we rely so heavily on institutions? Because, all the religious dogma is thought. Auto-pilot.

Naturally, the enemy of thought .. of ego-self .. is the UNKNOWN. The so-called paranormal .. the mystery! Which, thousands of years ago was the guiding principle behind "religion" or spiritual awareness. The ego-self is not bad .. it simply is what it is = incredibly limited, restricted, serving itself. In ancient times the ego-self was simply the auto-pilot that could not see reality .. that could not interact with spirit reality.

Take a moment to try and imagine "The Unknown"...

The moment you try to imagine the unknown thought freezes .. it stops! That is the unknown. Then extend that moment! We try to imagine the unknown, thought freezes and then we immediately being to think: What was that? Why can I not imagine something unknown? We rarely extend the moment and just stay with the unknown. Be aware! Pay attention!

The next time you are walking along the path look at the world around you and pay attention to what happens to the mind .. what happens to thought. When you look at a beautiful painting and you use your eyes, your whole mind, are you thinking in that moment? When you start to think many thoughts, do you see what is in front of you?

We humans are no longer interacting with events.

When you look beyond the concrete, beyond the grass at the side of the road, beyond the buildings nearby, the trees in a forest, at the path of a river or the tides of an ocean .. when you look beyond the beautiful painting in front of you .. you suddenly become aware that something is also aware of you. Something is watching you...

That is the moment of love. That is when love touches you. True awareness.

Sunday, May 05, 2013

Humans Inside Events Inside Humans

What is Synchronicity?

The term synchronicity is coined by Jung to express a concept that belongs to him. It is about a causal connection of two or more psycho-physic phenomena.

This concept was inspired by a patient's case that was in a situation of impasse in treatment. Her exaggerate rationalism (animus inflation) was holding her back from assimilating unconscious materials. One night, the patient dreamt a golden scarab - cetonia aurata. The next day, during the psychotherapy session, a real insect this time, hit against the Jung's cabinet window. Jung caught it and discovered surprisingly that it was a golden scarab; a very rare presence for that climate.

The unknown is interacting with us and we are interacting with the unknown... through EVENTS.
Synchronicity is the experience of two or more events that are apparently unrelated and are unlikely to occur together by chance, yet the two apparently unrelated events create an experience of connecting and occurring together in a way that is meaningful to the observer.

2013 The Year of The Water Snake
I have never been so aware of the psychic effects / manifestations within the Chinese geomantic sciences / alchemy behind the cycles of what could be called "the collective psyche of mankind". This year is blowing my mind in terms of awareness, observation and a deeper understanding .. far beyond the events we now see unfolding in the world.

I am just going to explain this in my own words...

Since my last post on April 8th .. Europe Is The Sum of Its Parts .. I have been observing and watching with no overview of the chaos I see present in this world. Therefore, I have been very quiet and with tremendous inner energy only of observing (like a snake). I have been watching myself even as I observe the world around me.

I have this visual artistic mind, where I understand things in terms of a visual Spiritual Mandala. One aspect is that usually I see events from above, like an eagle .. and now I see events from ground level, like a snake.

This does not mean restricted awareness, as the snake has been a symbol for higher-awareness and deeper alchemy for over thousands of years. For me, this change in inner perception translates to deeper understanding and a withdrawal from the mundane physical world. For example, I can see that we humans are ONE HUMANITY regardless of state of mind of each individual human.

Translated, this means that each faction and each opposing segment with their own personal, political and spiritual ideology .. opposing and struggling against each other is a complete and total illusion in terms of the totality of the unified human MIND. What I mean by that is, we all are part of and are connected to the Operating System of the human consciousness as a complete whole.

Whether we like it or not we humans = all of us .. are all on the same boat .. sharing the same Planet Earth .. sharing the same resources and needs .. sharing the same physical / spirit journey. You see the two opposites of the selfish and the greedy versus those who work for the balance of greater compassion and equality (sharing). The fact is, that the service-to-self greedy humans are part of the undivided whole.

Humans Inside Events Inside Humans
Now we come to "synchronicity" and the strange world of physical man (matter) interconnected to the mysterious .. the unknown .. some primordial force that has existed long before physical humans came to Planet Earth. Basically, we are spirit (life) inside physical matter (human body) experiencing a journey currently on Earth. The physical human is PSYCHE / MIND interacting with REALITY.

The human body is like a living biological computer, where the incarnate spirit is the mind (intelligence) using the interactive physical computer. The spirit fits into the body in the same way a pilot fits into the cockpit of a flying machine. The physical body is the vehicle, the spirit is the incarnate pilot .. and the Operating System is the psychic interface navigated through the mind / psyche.

Some individuals use their physical incarnation to take out others and fly around like fighter pilots ready to kill, while other individuals use their physical incarnation to rescue, protect or aid others. The way I see it right now .. most humans do not get off the ground .. we have very few pilots in the air. Too many people are grounded .. perhaps out of fear ?? Perhaps also out of selfishness or lack of spiritual strength / confidence.

Here, we have this totally incredible life .. spirit-beings [energy] incarnate within neat fitting physical bodies, to experience virtual reality on Earth .. and the majority of humans do not have any idea of who they are .. why they are here .. and what an extraordinary gift life is = not to be wasted nor corrupted.

We human beings experience events outside our control [humans inside events] .. but at the same time - in the same moment - the events are simultaneously inside the humans [psyche]. For example, you may surf the Internet / the Web (external) .. but your relationship to the Internet is INTERNAL !!

How do you react to what you see and read? You react internally !!

In a similar and more complex way human beings are connected to LIFE .. where life means = the Planet, resources, food, air, water, nature, physical location, family, friends, animals, birds, trees, plants, weeds .. and also how we react to physical reality .. our moods, attitudes, opinions, our fears, joy of life, sorrow, suffering and personal self-interest.

Who is the captain, navigator or pilot of the physical body experience?

Clearly! You are the pilot of your own existence.

The set-up is brilliant beyond belief. Here you have sovereign unique life forms, who have the space to be who they are lifetime after lifetime .. until each unique life form decides to manifest change, inner-enlightenment, transformation, compassion, synchronicity with the ONE .. the wholeness of life.

The wholeness of life is not some weak intellectual Esoteric idea... The wholeness of life is the point of origin. Something so real that it is beyond transient physical human or biological existence. This is where the mysterious inner life / psyche of humans comes to meet physical existence .. the point where spirit meets matter meets psyche.

We currently live in a three dimensional world. A world where spirit meets physical matter meets psyche [mind]. Spirit gives life to physical matter! The psyche is the interface between spirit and matter.

It may surprise you to know that there is psyche within the leaf of a tree .. there is psyche within a seed .. there is psyche within the scales of a fish or within the feathers of a bird. Everything is interconnected. The scales of a fish understand water. The feathers of a bird understand air. The atmospheres of space understand the magnetic fields of Sun and Earth... Soil understands a plants roots and a plants roots understands soil.

Water understands land, rock, soil, air, roots, skin, cells, brain, blood, feathers, fire... Fish cannot breath outside of water, river, oceans .. and humans cannot breath outside of Earth's atmosphere.

Everything is inter-related...