Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Using Brain In Different Ways

Do not be afraid to use brain in different ways...

In real life, when you meet someone who uses their brain in a different ways... It often comes as a shock !! This is what most people call "paranormal" or "extraordinary" presence. Well! The presence is not extra-ordinary in terms of Universal mind...

Unique and powerful mind presence is only extra-ordinary in terms of day to day base-metal life on Earth, as people perceive reality through low frequency consciousness vibration.

I give you a simple example !!

How many people observe, pay attention to or watch .. be aware of .. small birds? Birds are everywhere .. existing all over the Earth. How many people look at a small little bird as they walk though their physical world? I personally do pay attention to the many birds all around me and I watch the birds flying in the air each day !!

I pay attention to birds in same way as though I am seeing a UFO crossing the skies ... as something unusual ... something unique ... something totally new = do not let your "mind" grow old! Be aware! Pay attention!

Using Brain In Different Ways
What does watching birds have to do with using the brain in a different way? Simply, awareness .. observation .. is at the heart of the transformation of human mind. Not only of the human mind .. but also consciousness.

Brain is the 3D computer system of the SPIRIT using energy [Chi / Prana] as connection between spirit and matter. Energy / Chi .. is the matter .. anti-matter interface between spirit [consciousness] and physical material 3D reality.

Energy exists = activates both spirit world(s) and physical material 3D world(s). Also, energy relates to all 12 dimensions that we know of. The only thing that changes is the FREQUENCY of the energy! Energy is more dense on the 1st dimension and is more refined on the 12th dimension. The 12th dimension can observe and understand the 1st dimension; but the 1st dimension cannot observe nor understand the 2nd to the 12th dimension.

Extraordinary use of 3Dimensional mind has to come from the 4th dimension all the way to the 12th dimensions, interacting with our current reality. In other words, using the brain in different and unique way(s) .. connects us to other dimensions .. to other realities.

Our 3D world cosmos .. water .. air .. plants .. birds .. are also connected to the 12 dimensions. Where each layer or frequency supports all the other layers within a broader inter-dimensional system.

Awareness [consciousness] is the key to navigating and understanding this unique and complex Operating System. For example, you are usually not aware of the heart beating or of the movement of tiny blood vessels, of your glandular system... You are not aware of the movement of water in your body... Movement of the microscopic layers than allow you to physically inhabit Planet Earth.

If you meditate, you are aware !!

Using the brain in a different way is totally personal to a unique manifestation of one's own spirit inside physical 3D reality. Each person uniquely experiences life in their own way. Each spirit uniquely manifests awareness in their own way. Cosmos is a dynamic, living Open Source .. Intelligent Operating System.

Observing Nature You Observe Yourself
You pay attention to and observe the path in front of you. Observing the ground you walk on. Seeing the micro-plants growing in the cracks of the path as you migrate physically from location to location within this mysterious time-space. You are aware of the birds, plants, insects and light that exists all around you. Already, your mind has changed!

You look at the bird and the bird looks at you .. compassion is realised .. your life is transformed. The moment you look into the birds eyes, you become the bird looking at you! You are looking at yourself!

Self-Transforming Universe
We live in a transforming and transformational Universe, where the transforming energy [force] is SPIRIT .. consciousness .. awareness .. attention .. seeing .. compassion and inner connection to an original source.

Original source cannot be corrupted. It is like the power behind matter, the power behind mind, the power behind spirit .. the consciousness simultaneously inhabiting all layers of reality.

When you are aware .. the awareness transforms your mind.
Do not seek to transform others .. transform your own mind.
Use your brain in a different way ...