Monday, May 13, 2013

The Law of Plants

The "Law of Plants" is founded on genetic diversity.

Federation of Sovereign Europe
- May 13, 2113

History of The European Freedom Constitution

Q: Looking back historically to that era, it seems hard to believe that people at that time in Europe would try to reduce the genetic diversity of plants, their food source.

A: Well, ultimately .. it was good for Europe. When power is focused predominantly in the hands of a few there will always be a re-set.

Q: You say this was a good thing, ultimately?

A: Historically, yes! As this led to the formation of our Federation.

Q: Really, that sounds quite funny in retrospect, that plant seeds led to the foundation of our current Freedom Constitution.

A: Yes! Indeed!

Q: SOS! Save Our Seeds! Was the call at that time.

A: The Federation of Sovereign Europe and our present European Freedom Constitution, could accurately be said to have arisen from the: Save Our Seeds movement, which began in earnest around May, 2013.

A: The seeds saved us!

A: That is correct. Historically, plants and humans evolved together and have a powerful relationship. This natural and mutually beneficial relationship was behind the development and survival of Europe over thousands of years.

Q: The entire world! However, this unique relationship was to become a "superior genetics" power struggle by the early 21st Century.

A: Going back in time to that era, it appears that small and powerful corporate interests were easily able to make use of the chronic political desire to govern and regulate everything. Human populations were highly regulated at that time, and the obsession grew to regulating seeds and plant growth, plant DNA and genetics, as well as controlling genetic adaptation.

Q Yes, it sounds like the "perfect human", the "perfect plant"...

A Exactly!

Q: At that time they missed the point entirely...

A: Yes! That so-called cultural "perfection" is the seed of genetic diversity and natural adaptation. Not only for life on Earth; but for life in the Universe. They did not understand that the natural and diverse inbuilt adaptation mechanism is the key to sustaining life.

Q: It seems they simply saw this natural genetic adaptation signature as a means to take control of the plants, animals and themselves.

A: Life was viewed as a mechanical compound, they were "alchemists" without heart.

Q: Your understanding, is that this perversion of the human plant, seed relationship led to the later foundation of a Sovereign Europe!

A: Once that point was reached, there was nowhere else to go but down. So, people at that time had nothing to lose. Humans are designed to gather and plant seeds. The plant human relationship is not an accident.

Q: You are saying this is not a relationship by chance; but by design.

A: That was exactly our research. Human relationship to seeds, plant cultivation and to plants in general is as powerful as human to human relationship. It is a basic survival instinct; but it is more than a survival instinct.

Q: You say in your book that this relationship also has powerful spiritual connections.

A: Yes, that is what we found.

Q: I want to go back to Europe, because of the Freedom Constitution.

A: The European Federation, Freedom Constitution also germinated from a powerful spiritual seed - if I can put it that way.

Q: Spiritual seed?

A: Yes! Awareness, self-responsibility .. and also love .. unrestricted connection with the Earth. Spiritual diversity.

Q: In a way the sense of "danger" became stronger as more and more petty restrictions were placed on the actions of sovereign individuals.

A: This was the initial base collective awakening across Europe, that led to the need and the demand for our current: "Freedom Constitution". The desire to preserve and protect the actions of sovereign individuals within the larger body of a Sovereign Federal Europe.

Q: The choking point was Corporate and Institutional greed?

A: In essence, by 2013, greed and corruption was at its highest point ...

Q: Reading your book, it seems that Corporate and Institutional service-only-to-self environment at that time, led to greater and greater control of all and any human activity.

A: Corporations embedded in a bad relationship with Government's "King Canute" psychosis and desire for control.

Q: You mentioned that earlier in the book, King Canute .. Cnut The Great .. commanding the ocean's currents and tides to advance no further.

A: This was due to my own sense of humor in seeing the equally comical attempts by EU bureaucrats to command the genetic diversity of seeds and plants to advance no further [whispers] except under their control.

Q: In a similar way, we know today that this failed.

A: But at the time, back in 2013, these people were deluded enough to believe that they had this power.

Q: In hindsight, it is quite frightening to think that such people would control and direct legislation.

A: [Laughter]

Q: The law of Plants! You write: The "Law of Plants" is founded on genetic diversity. Would you say the same applies to the future of The Federation of Sovereign Europe, today?

A: Historically, this was and is the genius behind the writing of the European Freedom Constitution or what we know today as "The Freedom Constitution". These men and women, who together gave birth to a foundation for a genetically diverse Europe philosophy, were able to encode the laws of Nature .. the Laws of plants .. into their Constitution.

Q: You say the seeds of our sovereign freedom today came from a deeper understanding of natural genetic adaptation?

A: Indeed! If you look at the development of humankind over the last few thousand years, plants gave humans the freedom to move around and develop. The freedom of migration opened up all the possibilities that our ancestral human families turned to their cultural advantage as well as survival. Plants, seeds and open source genetic diversity, adaptation and survival made our advancement possible.

Q: Ultimately, sovereign freedom is part of this Planetary Open Source Genetic Diversity?

A: Freedom is diversity!

Q: An amazing book... I certainly enjoyed this talk with you. Thank you so much.

A: Thank you!

Open Source Time Travel 2013 Copyright, Earth-Changes 11: The Law of Plants