Friday, May 31, 2013

Dark Matter Is Water

In the future .. I know I am right!

Now and then I watch research type conference videos on the Universe and Dark Matter...

I have to admit that I quickly get bored... and as a result my own imagination kicks in and I find myself imagining the origins of life and the dynamics of the Universe. I write this to encourage you to trust your own dynamic imagination and to go ahead and probe the mysteries of life around you on every level !!

Dark matter is water .. although this water is in forms that we humans currently do not recognise.

Humans need water for just about everything they do on Earth... Water is essential to the functions and the operation of nuclear power stations as well as being essential to all of life on this planet [including your Internet Access]. How does a dynamic and explosive energetic Universe keep cool? It has to be water!

We have here the most ancient force of male [fire] and female [water] as revealed in all the ancient art and hieroglyphs of the pre-modern world we know today. Yin and yang .. everything in balance .. earth and stone .. metal and wood .. fire, air and water. The signature of water is written everywhere around you. Its signature is so subtle you do not see it.

The current "metal male" .. being born of fire and explosive energy .. does not want to relate to nor address the power of water [feminine] in the Universe. Even the metal male has 77% water in his brain. However, there are also too many females on this Earth who manifest the psyche of the herd = the aggressive metal-male.

Over the last 2,000 years the female has become heavy-metal-masculine energy. Out of balance the heavy metal male seeks his / her own satisfaction .. survival .. pleasures .. desires.

Dark Matter Is Water
I look into a deep dark pool and I see myself!
We live in a Universe of reflections. If you look into glass mirror or into a pool of water you see reflections of the world around you as well as yourself. Why does a glass mirror look similar to the surface of a pool of water .. water laying on the path ahead of you .. rain water lying on the concrete sidewalk?

Since I was a little kid I always look into pools of water. I look into the reflections on the surface of lakes, reflections on the surface or rivers, pools, rain water on the surface of roads and muddy pathways. I also look into the reflections of stars above our heads.

At night, after the Sun goes down, the Moon will reflect onto a pond of water, onto a flowing river, onto the surface of the sea or on a pool of water at the side of the road. The Moon will also reflect onto your skin [which contains water] and will also reflect into your eyes... Onto the lens of your camera...

We look up at the night sky and all the stars above .. reflected in dark waters!!

The human brain is currently said to be 77-78% water. Based on this [as above so below], I would imagine that 80% of the Universe is some form of water .. many forms / layers of interacting water. Water being related to consciousness, reflection, light, energy, interaction and instant communication .. moving faster than the known speed of light.

Faster Than The Speed of Light
Moving faster than the known speed of light.
The key words here are: Moving and known! Einstein fooled the world with the theory that NOTHING [no-thing] exceeds the speed of light. Einstein also said, "Imagination is more important than knowledge." Therefore if I can imagine faster than the speed of light .. which is true? The knowledge that nothing exceeds the speed of light or my imagination that this knowledge is extremely limited and lacking fundamental understanding?

The first key point is the known speed of light based on current scientific knowledge, and the second key point is moving. Nothing can move faster than light. That code is easy to break: No-thing = nothing moves faster than the known speed of light. For example, instant communication between energy particles on opposite sides of the Earth. Water is key to this invisible field. Instant contact with no physical time involved .. the connection that bonds and hold matter together.

The next factor to understand is that faster than the calculated speed of light is not "movement". Well, it is not movement as we know it, and this is where imagination comes in. Imagination is the field beyond "knowledge", beyond movement. Imagination only becomes confined [restricted] when we manifest imagination within the physical dimensions.

For example, Nikola Tesla imagined in detail all the working parts of his inventions. Yet, Tesla had to build those electronic coils, lamps, crystal oscillators inside the restricted physical world he inhabited at the time. You have this restriction when imagination becomes physical / knowledge .. one aspect being the materials available to you.

Above and beyond these restrictions at any point in time, water is a constant. The field of water in the entire Universe is the background operating system in which life functions, exists and survives. If Tesla is born 300 years in the future, he would have technically advanced materials to work with [based on development of his work and influence in the early 1900s], where the materials change but water is a fundamental constant.

My current theory is that water [unknown forms of water] are a constant [are present] on all the dimensions. Let's say there are 13 dimensions that we know of in this current 3D state. The fundamental factor allowing contact, communication and travel between the dimensions would be water. I would say water carrying sound and light. In that sense water is related to gravity or water is gravity.

Imagine wireless telecommunications or Internet connection to your computer. What contains those wireless energy signals? What stops the signals being just out of control and unreadable? In other words, what stops the signals entering into a state of total chaos? Water is the key to that question. We all live in an invisible highly structured environment. A structure so profoundly simple it allows for life in all its forms throughout the entire Universe.

That structure is water. We do not really understand true nature of water.

This field allows all things to exist and is so subtle it does not interfere in their unique and individual existence. For example, you exist! You share a world filled with great variety of life. Then there is the Sun and all the Planets. You also share space in a Galaxy, sharing space in a Universe of Nebula, Black Holes, Neutron Stars, Moons, Comets, Asteroids...

A primordial force or field maintains discipline and order in what would be potential exploding chaos. Why do deep space gas clouds hold form? It is the same force behind the existence and geometry of those deep space gas clouds as it behind the ordered transportation [communication] of a WiFi signal.

I do not yet have a telescope to look at the stars... But when I look into a pool of water at night I can see the stars reflected in those dark pools.

See Hill & Cox: Faster Than Light Travel