Saturday, May 11, 2013

Event Dreams

Dreams can radically alter the mind / brain ...
But, who is the dreamer? Who is dreaming?

I am not a scientist .. and the only research / test subject I have is myself !!

I would like to blur the event boundaries of how we define "dreams"... The whole cognitive process within humans interacts with reality like a dream process. By this, I mean that the mind interacts with 3D reality in an elastic way. The mind can move at any point in time across the four directions [North, South, East, West] mentally, emotionally.

The human mind can also instantly assess non-physical events in the same way with infinite speed = faster than the speed of thought. In this way .. if you carefully observe your own mind .. we simultaneously interact with many layers of reality instantly. Only, when rational thought comes in does time exist [psychologically].

Event dreams are ongoing. There is no rational time involved, only movement.

Event dreams are both shared as well as occurring on personal levels.

This now gets complex !! When we fall asleep and experience a dream, we are reversed .. like anti-matter. We experience ourselves within the dream / the mind. When we waken out of the dream we experience the dream [mind] within 3D reality. However, it seems there is a point where the two realities co-exist as one.

Fluid Psychic Interface
We humans live with our minds [the mind] throughout our entire lives .. and yet .. how many of us ever take time to observe, understand or explore the processes of our own mind? I do not mean "psychology" .. I mean hands on observation? More closely, Zen Master - where we are an undivided part of reality.

How familiar are you with your own mind?

When one takes time to observe the processes of the mind and how mind interacts with 3D reality .. it becomes clear that the mind is acting like water !! The mind is fluid .. it is difficult to contain .. it seems to wander off into its own little world of imagination from time to time.

The mind is aware of things far beyond our thoughts. One simple example of this: Go for a walk and using also periphery vision observe the path you walk on. Just watch every detail of the path and see how long you can keep the mind on that level (or those levels) of observation. The moment you do not try to force the mind .. but you just observe the mind .. you discover that it is fluid.

Fluid Dreams
When I fall asleep .. I have often tried to observe that moment where I fall asleep. I watch and watch - trying to capture that moment and I waken up in the early hours of the morning! Oh! When did I fall asleep? I try to go back and recollect that moment. The last thing I recall is trying to observe the moment I fall asleep.

The interesting thing is that the sleep is unusually deep .. as a result.

All I know for sure, is that I fall into sleep and I fall into dreams like a fish in water. The whole process of sleep and falling asleep is fluid, buoyant, liquid, permeable, expansive and has a sense of great depth. But, what about when we are awake? I think the big problem humans have today is that they have a sense that dreaming while asleep and sleeping while awake are two totally separate processes.

There is only one problem that few of us think of: It is the same mind. One's mind experiencing the dream is the same mind experiencing 3D reality. It is not what we experience; but HOW we experience that is important.

We waken up and come back onto the land [our physical life] and unobserved - by us - the fluid mind is still active. The dream is alive within us at all times. Imagination is always active !! Imagination does not go to sleep !!

When we humans experience events, each one of us views the 3D event [interaction] through a fluid process of imagination. We each imagine: What does he / she this event mean? Rational thought tells us that consciousness is linear, logical, realistic, 3D process and not some "silly process" of imagination. However, we are IMAGINING = "What is this... "

The dream never ends...

Success is not about controlling reality. Success is about navigation. How we navigate. Origin: 1325–75; Middle English succeden [Latin succēdere to go (from) under, follow, prosper] suc- + cēdere to go.

Hard metal cannot overcome water. Thought cannot overcome fluid consciousness. The one thing no one is taught in this 3D world we currently inhabit is how to navigate through life. It is hit and miss whether you figure it out or not. The art of navigation. The art of living.

There is one other important factor in learning to navigate and that factor is YOU. The one thing you have in life is yourself. This is the one factor we are told "scientifically" not to rely on... It is too "subjective". Right ??

How do you know how to dream when you get down to this planet? How does your mind know how to dream and how to interact with this reality? The fluid mind orientates itself inwardly, psyche, according to the four directions [North, South, East, West]. The four directions are not only physical compass.

The Psychic Event
The psychic event is the least understood exprience on our world.

The human psyche interacts seamlessly with 3D physical reality. The psyche is DESIGNED to seamlessly interact with physical reality. Our minds are designed to interact with matter.

Physical matter is designed to interact with our minds!

Events in themselves are not key to our life experience ...
The key is state of our own mind(s).

The path .. the way ahead .. lies within.

The path is all around you every step that you take.

When you dream you enter the path on a much more fundamental level, where dreams can alter process of the mind. When we are awake the path is ahead of us in many guises; but when we sleep we are within the path. Metamorphosis. Transformation. Illumination. Migration.

Migratory birds fly from one continent to another .. in same fashion the human mind migrates. Transforms. Migration of psyche is a tranformational life altering process.