Thursday, June 20, 2013

Live On Blogger ?? No Dead !! Ha Ha ..

Jiddu krishanmurti said: "Truth is a pathless land."

It is June 20, 2013 .. and each time I log into this f#ing Blogger platform there are another and endless technical problems created by [incompetento] tech teams trying to change and add BLOGGER platform to GOOGLE+ [I Am MOVING... ]

I am not a "herd animal" I do not want GOOGLE+ .. nor do I want FACEBOOK .. nor do I want TWITTER .. nor do I want any kind of social platform created to increase the $$$ revenues of those companies trawling YOUR behaviour to sell adds...
To make money - at your expense...

What the h#ll kind of world are we living in ??

I like to "stay positive" and focus on my work .. but I am also a Tech Geek .. I love the Internet and the collaboration of people's minds that make the Internet work. There are forward looking Tech guy, who create new and unique platforms .. only to be bought-by-google $$$ Ha! Ha! [Pathetic]

1. Why would Tech Giants like Google buy other Tech creations?
Answer: Unique and independent programmers are creative and alive.

2. Live on Blog ..
That is what I see when I log in to this archaic Blogger platform...

ALIVE ?? No! Blogger is DEAD .. it is already an ARCHAIC DINOSAUR ..

ARCHAIC is when you have to spend 80% of your time trying to fix the Technical "update" mess created by ?? [no comment] .. on a basic Blogger platform that was once-upon-a-time stable. That was before Google bought the whole package and are now completely destroying it.

Google Destroyed Blogger & YouTube
I don't like to waste my time with these kinds of "analysis" posts .. but .. Google sucks! Okay! Blogger and YouTube are only two examples of highly advance platforms BOUGHT by Google [$$$] .. and slow-kill destroyed.

I can't take it anymore .. Google completely destroyed the most loved PICNIK platform .. that is clear! Picnik was a "fast death".. Blogger and YouTube have been an agonising slow-death.

Eggs In One Basket!
For now .. I am going to be subtle here .. "eggs in one basket" ...
All of you .. all of us are the "eggs" in one Google-basket...

However, that is NOT the REAL Internet...

I was using the Internet in the "early years" when there was no Google and there were no ads, no advertising, no trawling users behaviour, no snooping, no collecting data, no media, no weather services, no banking services... It was raw basic!

I am not talking 1,000 - 2,000 years ago [although that is how it feels]
The basic Internet was not political .. it was not about trawling information .. trawling $$'s .. it was not about companies - governments or institutions...

Artists / the artistic mind was first presence on the Internet.
I have this THEORY that wherever ARTIST gather so the "money makers" follow!

Geek Tech Analysis
On a technical level I noticed that as Google recently attempted [haha] to move the Blogger platform to Google+ [in order to trawl your information] .. In one nano-second the whole stable Blogger platform fell apart. In the month(s) .. May-June 2013.. I have gone into the technical platform of Blogger trying to fix the endless f#ck-ups .. and you would not believe what I see as I try to fix the Google+ mess.

[For you Tech GEEKS] .. the technical platform(s) on Blogger changes, shifts, disintigrates, and re-disintigrates in micro-seconds of trying to correct the unstable platform [presentation] as a result of many levels of Google attempting to force their archaic system $$$ onto the Blogger platform.

It is now 2013 and YouTube is a total mess...

In the same time Google try to force Blogger platform into G+ they try to force YouTube into G+ .. and both platforms are unstable and are a total and complete mess technically and physically [presentation].

I mean! Not only are these guys NOT CREATIVE .. otherwise .. why do they have to buy unique platforms such as Blogger, YouTube, Picnik etc and so on ?? But even better! These guys are TECHNICALLY INCOMPETENT!

The whole point is this... Google and all these crap Internet Institutions ARE NOT the FUTURE of the Internet!! Do not think that this is "the future". Unless, you want to believe that CRAP is the future of the planetary human race !!

I have found a solution .. that I will post later !!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dark Matter Is A Torus

I am moving my Blog to another platform... Blogger sucks !!

2013 is the Chinese Year of The Water Snake .. and these energies are related to the spinal column, the third-eye .. as well as consciousness and awareness. In saying this I am not diverging from my: "Dark Matter Is A Torus" post!

Although I am currently writing on a BROKEN PLATFORM .. I will [future tense] move to a more advanced [safer] platform... However, this information is important and so I write it here for now !! Dark matter is a TORUS .. the Universe is a Torus.

I am briefly going to say this: Conventional physics [Haha Haha .. ] try to claim: "The Universe is flat" !! Stars and Galaxies are expanding away from each other. Duh! No! As the truth is they are ROTATING.

Observe Nature
Nothing in NATURE expands away from itself in unlimited and self destructive ways... Look all around you! Everything is contained! Everything is defined! Everything is connected! Do the cells in your body explode and expand away from themselves? Never forget .. as above .. so below.

I recently read a media idiots guide to the Universe: Dark Matter Theory [a simple donut-shaped electromagnetic field]. It's not a "donut" it is a TORUS .. and the basis of matter and anti-matter rotate on the same basis as the Universe and Galaxies.

Until I build a new Blog I will keep my posts short on this unstable platform...

Universe Is A Torus
The whole Universe orbits / rotates like a Torus. This is why current "Flat Universe" science claims that Stars and Galaxies are rapidly moving away from each other .. endlessly expanding! The current mindset call this theory: The Big Bang...

Toroidial Space

Then also consider torroidal / Taurus / relationship to Buddha!

I have not yet considered these connections...

Imagine that the Universe is rotating endlessly around a torus shaped orbit. Would it not appear that the Galaxies were expanding and moving away from each other as they rotated within the Torus Universe?

In my theory .. Moons orbit Planets .. Planets orbit Suns .. Suns Orbit Galaxies [center] and Galaxies orbit the Galactic center [Torus]. The Sun is the center of the Solar System and the Galactic center is the center of the Galaxy .. and the Universal Galactic center is the centre of the Universe [where all are rotational Torus].

On Earth the human blood cell is shaped like a Torus.

In my view Dark Matter is a Torus!

Saturday, June 08, 2013

Earth & Beyond: Spirit Matter

Deep in the eternal cave of the Buddhas
They were chanting...

The eternal caves of the Buddha(s) experience happened a few days ago .. but I took time to consider what I saw [and heard]. This is why I say that imagination is key to ones past and future always connected in the now. Imagination is the individual spirit navigation system and the SOUL is the GPS or Cosmic Positioning System.

We can position ourselves using natural mind/brain inbuilt Global Positioning System / Earth Positioning System or we can position ourselves by using Cosmic or Universal Positioning System(s). I would say that all life systems from sub-atomic particles to trees, plants, birds animals, Suns and Planets use Universal or Cosmic positioning systems.

I don't want to get too advanced technical; but this is how it works... Each particle, insect, plant, bird, tree, fish, human orientate their existence through positioning in Universal space-time. If this positioning did not take place in relation to the Universe all of life [atoms] would be in chaos and crunch up together or fly apart in volatile ways.

The thing that makes you [and all of life] truly special is the in-built LPS .. Life Positioning System .. that allows any life form to position itself into - let's say - the Galactic Operating System, that translates all the way down to the Earth Operating System [as one example].

Caverns of Thousands Years Chanting
I had to do something on the Spirit levels .. and this is the level where mind is guided by higher spirit forces and invisible world beings who seek to guide mankind to higher levels of existence. When I work like this imagination becomes the key to opening the door .. or the key to navigating the mysterious invisible realms.

A cave or cavern suddenly appeared before me, where I saw many beautiful cave paintings of many Buddhas and in the deepest part of the cavern I saw a giant Buddha sitting. Of course, energy transformation is done to help someone and not to help oneself. The whole concept of "self-enlightenment" is not exactly accurate.

When you use imagination to bring love to the Planet, you know what you have to do in energy terms .. but you do not know where you are going to end up. One has the intention to transform for the good of mankind .. but the active force comes from the Invisible Worlds.

I could see and feel the cave in the high mountains, I could see the beautiful paintings on the walls of this cave and I could hear chanting [which surprised me]. Related forces then work with us to transform. Well, they work and we sort of pray !! All the time I was listening to this amazing chanting coming from and through all the walls of the cave.

When you serve mankind .. when you serve others .. you are transformed!

Never think about yourself. The self is not the transforming factor. You - in all your innocence - are the transforming factor. Difficult to convey; but it is really simple to apply. Imagine that Invisible Worlds speak to you and you speak to a friend. You do not say to this friend, who may need your help, the Invisible Worlds are talking to me now... Hahahaha !!

In the moment you are just like a telephone. A telephone does not say to you: I - the telephone - am talking to you on behalf of the caller / your friend.

Inside the cave of the Buddhas, I was hearing the chanting and I began to listen very carefully. As I listened, images and impressions came into my mind and I could see beyond the cave walls, beyond the immediate now moment through all of Earth history.

This was the time of the wholeness of one .. which still exists. At first I could hear the Tibetan chanting tones .. and then I could distinguish Native American, Celtic, Basque, Japanese, Middle Eastern, etc... I could hear harmonic tones and sounds that are extinct today, originating from lost civilisations.

Complete Harmony of The One
The point is .. all these beautiful tones of Tibetan, Celtic, Native American origins [and many many more] were in total and complete harmony. Try to imagine layers of unique harmonic sounds whose tones perfectly match.

These chanting tones were emanating a one world harmonic.

I mean "one world" like the oceans of the world, like the soil and trees of the world. Like the sky above and the stars in the night sky. Like the clouds shared by all continents of the world. I mean the natural world, to which mankind and the mind of man is connected.

I then had the impression that our ancestors of the entire human race are not in conflict and are not fighting each other. They sing to the Planet the sound of harmony. I also had the impression that they are not too impressed with what we are doing on this Planet, right now.

When you hear thunder rolling through storm clouds! The harmonics of that sound is covering a vast distance on many levels. When you hear the sound of thunder, you are actually hearing the depth and distance of those deep sky harmonics. You hear and you are connected to that sound, that harmonic.

It is the same with the harmonics of the chanting of one humanity.

Earth & Beyond: Spirit Matter
I had a difficult time with the title introduction to this Blog Post !! Suddenly, it came to me that the basic harmonic is BEYOND EARTH. There we have the concept of spirit beyond matter .. and also the concept of spirit matter [which surprised me] .. how can spirit be matter?

I don't know if you have ever been in situation where you hear a real sound from something that does not exist? Maybe you feel a real feeling, from a source that should not exist or does not exist in 3D terms? That is spirit matter [in essence].

Matter cannot transform between physical matter and spirit .. but spirit can transform between spirit and matter. In technical terms, spirit is simply a superior Operating System. Energy transmits between physical 3D matter and spirit. Sound can transmit between spirit and matter! Just think about it!

Let's say: You are spirit incarnate / inhabiting physical material existence...

There is your primary connection !!