Thursday, June 20, 2013

Live On Blogger ?? No Dead !! Ha Ha ..

Jiddu krishanmurti said: "Truth is a pathless land."

It is June 20, 2013 .. and each time I log into this f#ing Blogger platform there are another and endless technical problems created by [incompetento] tech teams trying to change and add BLOGGER platform to GOOGLE+ [I Am MOVING... ]

I am not a "herd animal" I do not want GOOGLE+ .. nor do I want FACEBOOK .. nor do I want TWITTER .. nor do I want any kind of social platform created to increase the $$$ revenues of those companies trawling YOUR behaviour to sell adds...
To make money - at your expense...

What the h#ll kind of world are we living in ??

I like to "stay positive" and focus on my work .. but I am also a Tech Geek .. I love the Internet and the collaboration of people's minds that make the Internet work. There are forward looking Tech guy, who create new and unique platforms .. only to be bought-by-google $$$ Ha! Ha! [Pathetic]

1. Why would Tech Giants like Google buy other Tech creations?
Answer: Unique and independent programmers are creative and alive.

2. Live on Blog ..
That is what I see when I log in to this archaic Blogger platform...

ALIVE ?? No! Blogger is DEAD .. it is already an ARCHAIC DINOSAUR ..

ARCHAIC is when you have to spend 80% of your time trying to fix the Technical "update" mess created by ?? [no comment] .. on a basic Blogger platform that was once-upon-a-time stable. That was before Google bought the whole package and are now completely destroying it.

Google Destroyed Blogger & YouTube
I don't like to waste my time with these kinds of "analysis" posts .. but .. Google sucks! Okay! Blogger and YouTube are only two examples of highly advance platforms BOUGHT by Google [$$$] .. and slow-kill destroyed.

I can't take it anymore .. Google completely destroyed the most loved PICNIK platform .. that is clear! Picnik was a "fast death".. Blogger and YouTube have been an agonising slow-death.

Eggs In One Basket!
For now .. I am going to be subtle here .. "eggs in one basket" ...
All of you .. all of us are the "eggs" in one Google-basket...

However, that is NOT the REAL Internet...

I was using the Internet in the "early years" when there was no Google and there were no ads, no advertising, no trawling users behaviour, no snooping, no collecting data, no media, no weather services, no banking services... It was raw basic!

I am not talking 1,000 - 2,000 years ago [although that is how it feels]
The basic Internet was not political .. it was not about trawling information .. trawling $$'s .. it was not about companies - governments or institutions...

Artists / the artistic mind was first presence on the Internet.
I have this THEORY that wherever ARTIST gather so the "money makers" follow!

Geek Tech Analysis
On a technical level I noticed that as Google recently attempted [haha] to move the Blogger platform to Google+ [in order to trawl your information] .. In one nano-second the whole stable Blogger platform fell apart. In the month(s) .. May-June 2013.. I have gone into the technical platform of Blogger trying to fix the endless f#ck-ups .. and you would not believe what I see as I try to fix the Google+ mess.

[For you Tech GEEKS] .. the technical platform(s) on Blogger changes, shifts, disintigrates, and re-disintigrates in micro-seconds of trying to correct the unstable platform [presentation] as a result of many levels of Google attempting to force their archaic system $$$ onto the Blogger platform.

It is now 2013 and YouTube is a total mess...

In the same time Google try to force Blogger platform into G+ they try to force YouTube into G+ .. and both platforms are unstable and are a total and complete mess technically and physically [presentation].

I mean! Not only are these guys NOT CREATIVE .. otherwise .. why do they have to buy unique platforms such as Blogger, YouTube, Picnik etc and so on ?? But even better! These guys are TECHNICALLY INCOMPETENT!

The whole point is this... Google and all these crap Internet Institutions ARE NOT the FUTURE of the Internet!! Do not think that this is "the future". Unless, you want to believe that CRAP is the future of the planetary human race !!

I have found a solution .. that I will post later !!