Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dark Matter Is A Torus

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2013 is the Chinese Year of The Water Snake .. and these energies are related to the spinal column, the third-eye .. as well as consciousness and awareness. In saying this I am not diverging from my: "Dark Matter Is A Torus" post!

Although I am currently writing on a BROKEN PLATFORM .. I will [future tense] move to a more advanced [safer] platform... However, this information is important and so I write it here for now !! Dark matter is a TORUS .. the Universe is a Torus.

I am briefly going to say this: Conventional physics [Haha Haha .. ] try to claim: "The Universe is flat" !! Stars and Galaxies are expanding away from each other. Duh! No! As the truth is they are ROTATING.

Observe Nature
Nothing in NATURE expands away from itself in unlimited and self destructive ways... Look all around you! Everything is contained! Everything is defined! Everything is connected! Do the cells in your body explode and expand away from themselves? Never forget .. as above .. so below.

I recently read a media idiots guide to the Universe: Dark Matter Theory [a simple donut-shaped electromagnetic field]. It's not a "donut" it is a TORUS .. and the basis of matter and anti-matter rotate on the same basis as the Universe and Galaxies.

Until I build a new Blog I will keep my posts short on this unstable platform...

Universe Is A Torus
The whole Universe orbits / rotates like a Torus. This is why current "Flat Universe" science claims that Stars and Galaxies are rapidly moving away from each other .. endlessly expanding! The current mindset call this theory: The Big Bang...

Toroidial Space

Then also consider torroidal / Taurus / relationship to Buddha!

I have not yet considered these connections...

Imagine that the Universe is rotating endlessly around a torus shaped orbit. Would it not appear that the Galaxies were expanding and moving away from each other as they rotated within the Torus Universe?

In my theory .. Moons orbit Planets .. Planets orbit Suns .. Suns Orbit Galaxies [center] and Galaxies orbit the Galactic center [Torus]. The Sun is the center of the Solar System and the Galactic center is the center of the Galaxy .. and the Universal Galactic center is the centre of the Universe [where all are rotational Torus].

On Earth the human blood cell is shaped like a Torus.

In my view Dark Matter is a Torus!