Sunday, November 24, 2013

Buddha's Dark Field Technology

First .. the little bird was shivering and shaking ...
... And then .. I was shivering and shaking ...

Dark Fields
A Spiritual Technology

Buddha's Dark Field Enlightenment
I took this photograph on the 22nd of November, 2013 .. just because of the morning light hitting the Buddha at the right angle. This one image visually reveals what I am trying to convey about The Dark Field .. Dark Energy and Dark Field Technology.

This information is the result of years of work .. and then months of intense work to understand .. as well as the result of a lifetime's work. As a small kid I was just the way I am now .. always trying to figure things out [outside of the box].

I am trying to share a "Whole Concept" that enters into mind .. psyche .. spirituality .. physical technology / energy .. health and healing .. inner well-being. I am trying to show that it is all ONE. Dark Field Enlightenment enters into the physical world as well as the psychic world .. the mind .. spiritual life and is part of how we deal with our own lives .. how we effect the world.

Dark Field Enlightenment - as I see it - is not YOUR or MY ENLIGHTENMENT.

I use energy .. my computer uses energy .. my Internet connection uses energy. This energy does not belong to me. BUT! The use of the energy transforms my life .. changes my life and changes your life too. That is what I mean about this concept I have of Dark Field Enlightenment! The energy we use is always flowing .. flowing and we do not stop the energy flow and say: THIS IS MINE!

We have to have a sense of humor! If ego-self is born of impulses of light then Dark Field Enlightenment .. The Dark Field is the end of the ego-self. Within the darkness we discover "The Light" of the spirit .. of the mind .. of compassion .. and love!

Jing Qi & The Injured Bird...
Please forgive me .. I make up this concept of Jing Qi .. not really knowing what I am talking about. I know hands-on .. but how do I put this into words? If you had to describe to someone each detail of swimming in the sea .. it would sound pretty stupid! Right? If I can share with you a colorful visual impression .. then maybe you think: Hey! I can do that! Seeing is doing!

I took the photo of the Buddha on November 22, 2013 and I go to my car in the afternoon of November 24, 2013. I see this small little bird huddled beside one of the back wheel tyres of my car. I think .. oh no .. not another injured bird... Why do injured birds always end up seeking safety somewhere close to physical objects I own? Like my car ??

I throw things into the car and lock the door .. and I return to the small adult bird .. which appears to be injured (but not by a cat). The bird looked in a state of shock .. like that it got hit or knocked by a car on its way flying across the road.

I knew this was not looking good as I easily picked up the small bird .. which did not attempt to move or resist or escape. The small bird did not move its wings at all. With one little eye closed and a totally shivering body .. the small fragile bird allowed me to take it into my hands. Birds are so light! My physical hands seemed so heavy "physical" and the feathers of the bird seemed so light-energy "spiritual".

I don't know if this bird was a barn swallow or a finch? The darker bluish wing feathers and tail were like a swallow .. but the under-body was yellowish like a finch. The head of the bird was a beautiful varied sheen of reddish gold. When you see bird feathers up close they are more colorful and much much finer and more beautiful than you see in any photograph. Of course! I was focusing more on the bird's health than its colors!

We have two local cats who like to catch birds! So, I could not leave the bird at ground level. I tried to climb higher up onto a built-up level of grass and weeds .. but I could not get up there with one hand .. and so I decided to take the bird into my apartment and put it onto an Indoor Ginger Plant container .. until I return home.

The really strange thing is that once I get into my apartment and let the bird loose .. to allow it to sit on the earth of the growing plants .. the bird's claws hold tight onto my fingers and it wont move. The bird won't let me go .. and so .. the small bird sits on my open hand grasping my fingers and the one bad eye opens and the bird starts "talking to me" .. moving its beak.

The teachings of the Dark Field included healing. I was told that people can heal using dark-field energy. I accept this .. but how does one even go there as we cannot detect dark field energy using light impulse technologies !!

I have various hanging Tibetan Buddhist Thangkas .. and I decide to transfer healing life-force to the small bird. I focus and ask the Buddha to help me to heal this injured bird. I pray to Buddha to heal the bird. I do not know what I am doing .. but I gather inner Jing Qi (chi force) to transfer to the bird through my hands. I surround the bird with this Dark Field Energy and a little golden-yellow Buddha appears in my hands around the bird.

Then I take the bird outside again .. and then back to the apartment .. because I do not know what to do. The bird just holds onto my fingers with its tiny feet. I know this is a good sign .. because at first the bird's feet were scrunched up in a ball frozen .. the bird just could not move. The wings and tail could not move .. one eye remained closed and looking like in pain.

On the second visit back to my apartment .. the Buddhist Thangkas and the ginger plants .. I opened my hand again and the bird sat there for a long long time .. but with open eyes and then it tried to fly up to the window. I quickly took the bird back down to the trees and grass .. but still it would not let go of my fingers. I could feel that the bird had full use of its claws and feet.

I held my hand down onto the rich soil under some young fir trees and I waited for the bird to decide to go out under the trees on its own. But .. the bird held tight to my hand and we just looked at each other. The bird did not move .. it only tipped its head and spoke with its beak and looked alert / but calm .. watching me with its eyes. There was a lot of compassion and deep understanding and friendship.

More than anything on this world I wanted that bird to fly...

Then .. in less than a nano-second the small bird shot off toward the same higher ground that I had tried to climb to place the bird into safety. It was flying! The funny part is the bird showed me: THIS is how you DO IT !! The bird flew so fast I could not follow it with my eyes. This bird was master of the air .. master of the skies! They move like inter-dimensional time travelers .. they are so fast.

I share this with you to show real world application of a mysterious science .. a mysterious dark field spiritual technology. All I had was what lay inside of myself. I had to connect with the inner dark field spiritual technology of the life-giving sexual life force that is the basis for all life. We have this powerful healing-force inside us!

All I wanted to share was life!

There is a lot more that I cannot put into words... Like .. where bird and human become friends. There is powerful inter-species communication. Animals understand us .. plants and trees understand us .. life understands us! This little bird knew exactly what I was doing and it looked at me in a way of existence of no TIME / BEYOND TIME. Birds are more ancient than us Earth humans...

Did the human heal the bird or did the bird heal the human?

I can tell you .. birds are so ultra-intelligent. We humans cannot compare to this level of intelligence. Birds are their own "technology" .. they can fly because that is who they are. We humans have to extract resources .. design and build technology to be able to fly or move faster than our legs can carry us!

Birds can migrate over thousands of kilometers in record times from the power of their own inner being. They are their own complete natural biological advanced technology. Also, with astonishing INTELLIGENCE. I was a long long time waiting with open hand before the wild bird took off into natural flight. The bird stayed with me for a reason... And! YOU are that reason!

Buddha's Dark Field Technology
You have to look inside yourself to find what I just described to you. Because, we humans are part bird .. part animal .. part tree .. part fish .. part plant .. and much much more. We have to find the Dark Field Technology inside ourselves! Which is COMPASSION!

I try to convey this in simpler terms...

I love my indoor ginger plants! I do not grow them for the ginger root .. although I do get ginger corms from my plants! I grow the ginger because of a deep inner relationship to the plants. They are better than house plants to me. I grow indoor ginger for their presence and soul. They nourish me 24/24 growing close to me in my environment .. and I do not want to harvest them. This creates a "spiritual love field".

The "Dark Field Technology" is to use that love and compassion to heal ourselves and other life forms. To create balance. To create harmony. To create connections lifetime after lifetime. I also planted Turmeric roots and Galangal from the local Asian store ;-)

I still have strong green indoor Galangal plants growing in pots [in Europe].

The key words are love and compassion .. because as soon as I held the small bird close to the ginger and turmeric plants that I so love .. the bird's bad eye opened and looked at me. Then the bird's claws grabbed tight hold of my fingers. So, my assessment is that we humans have to create a physical Earth Paradise that benefits animals .. birds .. insects and micro-biological flora for all that is life on this Planet.

That is my view of Buddha's Dark Field Technology! Bringer of LIFE!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Dark Sky World(s)

Human societies developed from horse and cart to the motor engine... Dark sky intelligence developed from landmass to the living in the skies!
- Never Stop DREAMING!

True Basis of Market Forces on Earth
I could write a 200/300 page book on "market forces" and economic growth and decline .. or I can draw one picture that sums up my whole view of developing economy .. developed economy and economies in decline!

This pictographic model applies to the past as well as to modern societies...

Take the expansion and decline of the early Roman Empire! The Romans built and built .. conquered landmasses / resources .. trade routes .. colonised materials (commodities) and expanded. The growth period of the Roman Empire was taking control of resources and building roads .. towns .. houses .. bridges .. armies. Most of this was done using cheap labor / slaves.

Once the Empire was built out they then went into decline .. simply because they reached the end .. the limit of their "technology" for expansion. Once the Romans had built out their Empire (based on the limited tools / technology they had at their disposal) the growth went into decline.

In the pictograph .. Economic Growth for DumMiEs I try to show a basic overview of how any market based society grows .. reaches the apex of development and declines. If you are going to expand you need land! You need control of resources. Using the land you have you need to build .. and build .. and build .. and keep building!

So! What happens next ?? You run out of land and you run out of resources. The way we mine resources today is different to the way the early Romans mined / had access to key resources .. and this is why the Roman Empire met its demise earlier and faster than today's DEVELOPED WORLD!

Developing nations grow economically by building roads .. by building infrastructures .. by building towns and cities .. transport .. energy .. agriculture .. supply of water .. further expansion of towns and cities .. more roads .. and more and more and more - until humans run out of practical space.

I could say a lot more .. but I decide to take the "way of Zen" ... Right! PEACE ;-)

I try to convey simplest dynamics in the simplest way .. the way of NATURE. The issue facing Earth humans is that we have expanded beyond the WAY of NATURE. Not only are humans DOMINANT on the PLANET .. but they are highly destructive. Do you know why ?? Humans learn to physically expand beyond the natural laws of Nature. This is not good for humans and it is not good for the PLANET...

Expand .. expand .. expand .. expand = destruction !!

Don't get me wrong! But there is a massive depopulation of humans coming to this Planet Earth .. and I am not talking about anything outside of NATURE and the natural laws of NATURE. This is something totally outside of human control. At the same time human beings have set this in motion. What I mean by this is that the human mind .. the human psyche .. the human spirit is part of the natural laws of the Universe.

On a basic human level the unseen dark-energy mysterious reality lifetime after lifetime is that: Sperm .. conception and the growth of the physical organic human body is directly related to soul-spirit .. psyche .. energy and who we are! Who we really are! You cannot define that subtle work of art through any form of the PHYSICAL SCIENCES. The forces of creation have protected the source of intelligence from the base physical manipulation(s) of logic and thought / the rational mind.

Earth humans are a work of ART in motion !!

Intelligent Dark Sky
I showed you the pictograph of the last few thousand years of basic human existence on Earth... I do not want to spell it out .. but we are CLEARLY running out of physical SPACE !! Earth humans cannot continue to destroy in order to build... That basic principle is obvious.

Earth humans are facing a lot of problems .. but in the next 1,000 to 3,000 years we can work together to create not only a Planetary Community .. but we can work to create an Interplanetary Community! This requires co-operation. The next level! To live in the skies!

You may say why do I show you the future to live in the skies when today we do not have the technological nor spiritual intelligence to do this now? Like .. in this moment! Simply because .. we are the past .. the present and the future .. NOW !!

I still have to digest and understand the recent information that the soul-spirit is not divided from the sperm .. birth .. the psyche .. the physical organisim and energy. Then add to that .. where did humans come from? Did humans come from the Stars? What is Atlantis REALLY? Who are we REALLY? Why are we here on Earth?

The only solution I can see is Intelligent Dark Sky (technology) where physical Earth humans migrate to star cities in the sky [within the Earth's atmosphere] and then gradually migrate beyond the Stars into other dimensions over time.

The basic dynamics behind these migrations is NATURE at all levels of being.

I see NATURE (the guidance) within micro-organisms .. within Nature .. within biological cells .. within Stars .. Galaxies .. water .. all natural life forms as well as manifestation of intelligence and spirit migrations across the depths of time and space [where time = movement].

If Earth humans continue to expand .. expand physical presence on Earth over and over again .. as we are doing now .. we cannot continue as a species. Because, each expansion reaches contraction. The physical space and physical resources are limited. This is a fact.

In the future / maybe an alternative future .. I see the next revolution [creating its own natural restrictions] .. floating cities in the skies .. allowing the physical Earth below to heal... You cannot kill a Planet! The past is the present is the future... Spirits who destroy Planets have that energetic signature encoded.
Destroy the Planet and you destroy .. yourselves!

I am optimistic about future of Earth...

I see cities in the sky!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Dark Wave Technology

This is a total revolution in science!

A New Dark Energy Technology
We Never Saw It Coming!

The Dark Wave Approaches Mankind
For those of you following my Dark Energy series in Asia Atlan...

I hope you enjoy my funny sense of humor in my introduction quote: Dark Energy! We never saw it coming! Soo soo funny!! I hope my sense of humor is not too subtle ??

This drawing / pictograph is a rough semi-elegant depiction of a Dark Wave... The dark wave is the next level of my journey into dark energy and dark light. I will explain this later!

Okay! This is where I get "political" with my Celtic sense of humor... Here we have (on Earth) the world religions of THE LIGHT .. [THE RIGHT] .. and we have the politics of THE LIGHT .. and we have the SCIENCES of THE LIGHT! And .. all of them are blind. You have no idea how funny I find this after what I have been shown!

Even more funny is that they are ALL ARGUING .. they are ALL DIVIDED .. NO ONE knows where to go .. NO ONE has any sense of direction [INSIDE THE LIGHT]. Our Planet is in a mess that we created. Nature suffers .. animals suffer .. plants suffer .. water suffers .. insects suffer .. fish suffer .. birds suffer .. all infected by HUMAN SUFFERING. After thousands of years fighting for THE LIGHT human existence gets darker and darker and darker as we all fall into the abyss.

My "political" statement is this: The world is a mess because we are out of balance!

Yin Yang / Darkness Light
Before I explore the dark wave theory .. I have this to say... It came to me early this morning in the way I am about to write it... You have for thousands of years the people of the yang opposing the yin .. the people of the light opposing the darkness. So, yang grows big and strong and yin grows equally big and strong. The light expands and grows strong. So, darkness expands and grows strong equal to "the light".

You can never create more yin than yang in a Universe based on duality... In a Universe based on the absolute balance of duality. This means Darkness and light .. male and female .. hot and cold .. large and small. For example, you have the microbiological world in balance with the giant Suns and Planets .. Galaxies .. and the Universe. I saw that as a kid... In the same moment I experience magnified giant planets and magnified tiny microbiological particles .. and they were ONE !!

The Dark Wave(s)
I actually think that my drawings more accurately convey the real meaning of what I see / am shown than the words. But! I try to paint in words what I draw in visual art. Then also, the drawings teach me. I see the drawing visually and information comes to me that helps me to put these concepts into words.

Above you see the dark wave as it was drawn onto photo-paper using fine color pens. Then I turned the drawing around to see which is the best visual presentation of the design. I found that all of them are the best visual presentation of design and meaning!

North South East West !!

I tried to show this concept in a composition rotation of the same pictograph rotated in four directions. THAT is the DARK WAVE... When I draw my rational mind goes into subservient mode .. it becomes a tool of the creative mind. But! Just as with yin and yang the balanced rational mind is perfectly reflected in the creative mind.

The two work as ONE...

Many people are afraid of the "darkness"... But! As a child I sat at the edge of dark waters on the shores of lochs in Scotland .. in the middle of nowhere .. in the middle of the night .. with no lights .. in total and complete darkness .. and a fluorescence would sparkle like tiny stars on the surface and deep within the rippling dark waters.

I was never afraid of the dark .. the night. Because .. at night I could see so many things hidden to me during daylight .. where dreams are deeper more vivid and more real. At night there are many more colorful variations of the dark wave than during daytime. For example, the Sun contains dark light. Perhaps more of the Sun is dark energy than there is visible light. The Sun and Stars contain dark matter.

I visually rotated the drawing of The Dark Wave = North / South / East / West. I can turn the drawing in my hand .. but how do I turn it for you? This is one of the few drawings I have created where I find that all directions make sense ;-) .. and this is what I mean about yin and yang / darkness and light. This is what I mean about BALANCE.

Power of The Dark Wave...
The power of the dark wave is dark energy. But! As I have said many times the power of light is in the darkness and the power of dark energy is within the light. The people way in the future know what I am talking about. Go deep deep into the depths of space where darkness prevails and you can see so clearly as you never could see on Planets surrounded by Suns.

In the deepest darkness the light shines brightest of all ...

I am giving you clues... I am writing the way I draw... It is the only way I know how to write. I do not want to program you! I do not want to convince you! I do not care if you read this or not! I do not care what you think about dark energy! I simply write .. the way I draw .. the way I see it... The way it is shown to me!

In the future there are giant circular ships hovering above the Earth within the Earth's atmosphere mostly over the oceans of the Planet .. but some sky islands float above the physical land mass. These massive floating sky islands are powered by dark light / dark energy .. and that is the coming dark wave of enlightenment. A completely new energy technology that frees mankind from the suffering we see on Earth today.

Let me share with you what ENLIGHTENMENT means in terms of where I originate from... The dark energy of enlightenment is not only a psychic / spiritual / mind-body experience .. but it is a total societal and planetary experience shared by all and equal to all. Nirvana is not a state-of-mind .. it is a state-of-being.

What is dark enlightenment? This is where dark energy .. the dark field .. illuminates the world. This is where dark light illuminates the technology .. the energy .. the power .. and it creates LIGHT. Dark waves embody the Universal principles of yin and yang. They bind the duality as one. Are you still with me ??

By now many of you will see the golden thread running through all Asia Atlan posts.

Our minds .. our consciousness is balance of two forces intertwined so deeply that the two forces are one force with one origin. The only way I can draw this for you is to say that within the brightest light is the deepest darkness and within the deepest darkness is the brightest light. Within light energy is dark energy and within dark energy is light.

BUT .. because we are born in duality we perceive darkness and light as separate energy forms. And .. they are not separate! It is the SAME ENERGY !! It is the same with the inner human mind. The mind is also following the basic Universal laws of duality. But! The mind is ONE.

So .. we see light and we see dark .. we see sunlight and we see shadow! But .. if you pay attention to what you see then try to visually define the border between the shadow and the light. The moment you try to define the separation of shadow and light you see both equally.

I give you a clue! It is the same balance with DARK ENERGY !! Hahahahaha ...

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Masters of Dark Energy

And ... They fought for the LIGHT!
... And ... They fought for the DARKNESS!

- Chronicles of
The Lost Brotherhood

Power of The Dark Field(s)
This is going to be my new book .. where I will try to show (as best I can) what was shown to me over the last year and nine months. Then there came a moment in my life where that all came together - like crushing me.

Not the crushing force of fear and not a heavy crushing force .. but a barely perceptible gentle force. It was so gentle .. I was giggling and laughing .. not even knowing what was taking place. That is what I mean by "The Dark Field".

The power of light can totally blind you... It can send you out on a high... It can spook you out of your body and send you on trips into other dimensions. You come back to this Earth plane and you do not know what you saw.

The "Dark Field" is like really cool! You don't know it is there! There is nothing to see! Nowhere to go! Nothing to find! You are here and now .. right smack in the middle of this reality with your own mind at your own level of being. AND THAT is why humans are afraid of "THE DARK" !!

Human beings are afraid of themselves...

I am happy .. giggling .. having lots of fun just laughing! I don't have a clue what is coming down the path towards me. Well! By the time I realised .. the gentle crushing force had already passed. I did not even know I was crushed. I did not even know that something had taken me apart .. leaving nothing behind .. emptied out everything and put me back together again.

So .. people around the world are thinking they want to be Enlightened .. they want to see God .. they want to experience Nirvana! But outside of who I am now! Right? Better than who I am now! Right? More compassion? More illumination? More spiritual power? Maybe you can change the world? With that power?

The superior force is simply inside you... That's all!!

The Dark Mirror!
The dark mirror is shy .. elusive .. gentle .. very humble .. very pure. It is hidden .. very well hidden! You may think that you catch something out of the corner of your eye for a nano-second and suddenly it is gone. Whatever that was catching your attention has disappeared. So .. you think you imagined it! Something .. a fleeting shadow that was never there!

Two drawings of the same force in this post. Which drawing came first? Which eye is open and which eye is closed? These two drawings alone signify the Dark Mirror of The Dark Field. Elusive .. mysterious .. silent .. deep .. reflecting .. unseen.

Jiddu Krishnamurti asked why we never ask the impossible question?

Now I am thinking how do we see the unseeable? How do we see the unseen?

This is the funny thing: I write this post Spirit World Tsunami 2010 - 2013 - in March 2009. To be honest! I don't have a clue. I just see something and I write it and then I forget it all. I think it sounds really cool...
The 2013 March Equinox is the last moment of the receding wave, where humanity will look around and realise they have been moved from the shore on which they had built their previous existence.

What the Ancients call: A New Beginning.
Here we are in 2013 and I catch the last part of the wave .. I am happy .. giggling. I have no clue what has just happened to me. Then I think to myself: Wait a minute! Did I not write something about transformation in 2013? It took a while to find it!

The Dark Wave
As "The Chronicles of The Lost Brotherhood" do not yet exist .. I am going to summarize what I have been shown so far. Return of Atlantis? Yes .. but not in physical form. Someone is about to kick #ss and humans today do not really want to meet those teachers!

You have two out of control extremes on this Planet that basically got themselves into a big mess over a few thousand years. The brothers of the blinding light who are fighting the brothers of the blinding darkness. And .. neither of them can see .. and all of them are blinded by their own belief(s).

This Universe we live in is a Universe of duality. But really .. it is a Universe of balance of duality. Yin and yang .. darkness and light .. yin is in yang / yang is in yin .. darkness is in light / light is in darkness. Neither is good .. neither is bad. It is just the way it is.

If you only go to the light and shut out the dark, you cannot see. If you only go to the dark and you shut out the light, you cannot see. We created this imbalance .. and we live 24/24 in this imbalance and we accept it. The loss of balance and the fragmentation of duality takes place inside mankind.

The dark mirror reflects back to us who we are and what we have become.

No one has an advantage inside this kind of psychotic anxiety of fragmented mind of humanity. Everyone on the planet is effected by this neurosis. The funny part of it all is that the problem lies inside the human being. That is where the problem is created .. not outside .. but inside.

Maybe the gentle dark mirror haunting the soul of man is too gentle .. too elusive .. too loving .. too silent to be discovered or noticed? Or .. maybe the dark mirror is so gentle and so silent because we have to find ourselves within those reflections? I hope that last sentence was not too subtle...

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Dark Field Enlightenment

Determined To Pursue The Path...
The Journey and The Path Are One!

This is a photograph of a "dark energy field" ... In terms of human knowledge cats know nothing about Tibetan art and the Buddha .. in terms of cognitive human understanding. The cats would go to key places at key times in their own mysterious ways!

Here is the bad boy Ninja cat found peacefully sleeping next to the Tibetan Buddha Thangka .. on his own .. and photographed at the time everyone returned home. He had four days to position himself next to the Thangka .. but his timing was an indication of the mysterious and powerful "dark field" .. the mystery .. the unknown!

The mysterious dark field is constantly interacting with us! Connecting with us! Teaching us! However, animals .. all of Nature seems more in tune with this synchronised intelligence than humans. I don't know why that is?

Mysteries of The Dark Field
Here is another cat reference to an event of the dark field... We came back from a "field trip" near the end of our short journey together .. and there was a situation out in the field where we gathered (in pouring rain) quartz stone, pine cones .. cut bamboo fallen on the ground that had been used to plant a forest layer of hundreds of new pine trees. This one piece of bamboo was left lying on the grass. The rain was just falling from the heavens and the whole situation was just mind altering magical !! Words cannot describe it...

So, Elven cat knows nothing of this powerful situation... But she surprised us all ;-) ... When we put the gathered objects from our trip down Elven cat jumped up and lay on top of the quartz .. the bamboo .. the ?? herbs and pine cone and whatever else was there!

I call this a "dark energy" event .. because this is what I understand it to be in the light of 4 / 5 days training from a mysterious force that pounded us with some power that is almost impossible to describe. This same force had shown me in dreams the events that would unfold .. but the real events within the physical world dream were even more astonishing .. almost surreal! Following the path of the dream within the dream is an art .. the art of attention!

Sharing this with you is how I try to convey the dark field and dark energy in a way that makes sense. Hidden in the light .. hidden in plain sight .. is the dark field / dark energy. This force is there for the illumination and enlightenment of mankind. Within the light is the darkness and within the darkness is the light.

I am being taught about the eyes and dark light / dark energy .. and I suddenly now find this photograph from the journey .. taken without a flash .. of Elven cat sitting on top of "The Field" ... This is the high resolution image of the original photograph: Eleven-DarkField

I do not know what the fuzzy effect is... The still shot was taken with the Panasonic HC-V500 Full HD [50x Zoom] - no flash was used. This camcorder has never taken such strange fuzzy type images .. even in bad light. The stills are always sharp and clear. Reflected in the cat's eye is me taking the photograph caught within a strange rainbow circle of light!

This is the second high resolution photograph seconds later: Eleven-DarkField02

In the first image you see the photographer appear as a "dark field" within a perfect circle of rainbow colour light in the reflection of the cat's eye !! With Elven cat sitting on objects we had gathered in a very special place .. getting soaked with rain wearing summer clothes. Even though there was no protection from the rain we were still gathering these objects in the pine forest.

Dark Energy Rainbow Fields...
Even if you cannot see the rainbow! It is there!! Dark energy rainbows exist in the Universe. Dark field rainbows .. deep pools of dark colours .. light within the deepest darkest waters .. darkness within the brightest light reflections. If you look carefully .. especially on water .. there is darkness reflected in the light and there is light reflected in the dark fields. This is what I mean by "Dark Field Enlightenemnt".

Love and compassion are dark fields reflected inside the light. Yin and yang balance where dark fields and light fields are balanced. Why has the human mind forgotten this most basic fact of physical and spiritual existence. The light is not good and the darkness is not bad! They are one and the same force. Out-of-balance within the mind of mankind!

Dark Energy Enlightenment
I will write more about this later... Essentially, the mind of man has to come back into balance .. and Nature is synchronising with the human mind to help bring us back into balance. Nature is challenging us .. pushing us .. demanding our undivided attention. The dark field is calling us back from the abyss.

It is not in anyone's interest to fall into the abyss!

Within the eyes lies a powerful dark field! Within the mind lies a powerful dark field! Connected to Nature lies a powerful dark field. Within the dark field (the mystery) lies dark energy enlightenment! This is not good or bad .. this is totally uncompromising !!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Deep Pools .. Dark Energy Eyes

To see is to know!
Deep Dark Energy Pools
The physical sciences are blind! They are blind to true knowledge. This may be because knowledge does not come from dissecting physical structures and identifying cells and molecules. To truly know you have to see .. and to see you have to have courage and integrity and not be afraid.

One has to have ancestral mind of the Aikido Masters or the Masters of Zen .. of the Martial Arts. Interact with the force as the force interacts with you.

Since I was a child I do not use my eyes like other human beings. I am very shy and I always try to disguise the way I use my eyes. I can see all around me that other humans do not use their eyes .. those deep pools of dark energy. Gathering and receiving energy.

The world of man descended into a very basic .. materialistic .. physical-matter consuming physical-matter. I have this theory that our early human ancestors drank more than they ate. Early humans fermented all kinds of grains, vegetables, fruits and also fish and meats .. and this was not alcohol .. these were highly nutritious fermented liquid foods.

There is another level of dark energy nutrition that feeds / nourishes the body .. mind and spirit. Human beings totally misunderstand the darkness .. dark energy and its relationship to light. One could say: Blinded by the light! If you have one part of yin and yang totally out of balance .. then the whole world is out of balance.

Wherever I go in the world .. towns or cities .. all the people look at each other. People are very insecure and looking out into the world with a mind full of emotional activities. One reason I use my eyes differently is to protect myself from these neurotic energies. People are frightened .. insecure .. aggressive .. defensive .. hurt .. and mostly drugged with some combinations of emotions that eventually form their "characters" and suck out all their energy.

My own natural instincts together with the invisible worlds taught me how to shift energy using my eyes .. or to shift energy in the way I use my eyes. Creating an inner harmony between the mind and the eyes. So, I shift my focus from the world while being aware of the world. It is not that you do not see the world .. but you do not focus on the world and so it does not capture you and weigh you down.

Our Eyes Capture Dark Energy...
Everything in life is energy! Perhaps the most powerful of all is dark energy. The human mind is a highly efficient repository of Universal dark energy. Currently, the whole world is obsessed with what they can see visually using light .. and measuring impulses .. measuring visual scanners .. picking up visual impulses from the human body and from space.

They are all blinded by the light .. they are not seeing anything!

Everything in life .. including cancer fungus .. imbalance in the human body .. candida overgrowth in the colon .. has a "dark signature". That signature has a "sound". The human eyes do not only see .. but they hear and they feel and they touch. So, be careful how you use your eyes .. because you are being effected by how you use your eyes while living in this world!

I do not focus on humans .. but I scan the surrounding environment: The sky .. the trees .. the grass and weeds .. the plants in the cracks in the roads and at the side of buildings. I see them and touch them and there is an exchange of energy. In the moment you see them they see you. You become one.

The human eyes gather energy as well as sending energy.

But! What do you have at the center of your eyes? Complete and total darkness! Even better than that .. you can see the darkness in the center of your eyes. How can you see darkness??? I am sharing with you puzzles within puzzles .. a mystery .. a hidden power. We live with that power every day and we are not aware of it. We do not see what is right there in front of our eyes.

We gather and send energy signatures through the eyes. How you use your eyes is an art all of its own... Because, your eyes are part of movement .. balance .. co-ordination .. our mindset .. command of the emotions .. part of who we are. Part of our intelligence. How we use the eyes is very important. It either frees or conditions the mind.

The eyes are very special in the human body .. because they mirror the outer Universe.

Most of the Universe is dark with a few Stars and Galaxies! Inside the human being is the same dark light .. the same dark energy. One could say the whole Universe is reflected within the eyes. I see in the darkness... Daylight is flooding into your eyes and should be blinding you. BUT .. the dark energy within the eyes gives order and constraint to the overpowering light. There you have "The Master".

It is difficult to put into words what I see. I have to watch and observe myself .. and then find a way to convey the essence that I find easier to draw or paint. My whole life I draw and I do not know what I am drawing. I don't have to know .. because I am drawing it .. I see and it makes sense to me.

Then something says to me: How are other human beings going to discover this for themselves?

Hidden in the darkness is the light... Hidden in the light is the darkness...

All I can say right now is that your eyes see both light and darkness. The eyes see light and they see dark energy / dark light. It is based on internal yin and yang. It is always about balance. For example, sound is a form of dark energy! Frequency and vibrations are forms of dark energy.

The eyes see frequency .. they see vibration .. they hear sound! They touch and feel!

Hidden deep within the design of the eyes is a powerful vision of life .. the Universe .. connection with spirit .. the visible and the invisible .. darkness and light .. balance .. yin and yang .. love .. creation .. mystery .. space .. our signature .. who we are !!

To better explain what I am trying to share with you I went outside .. it is dark .. it is night .. and I looked up at the stars in the night sky. I look at the moon shining brightly in a cloudless night sky and I look at the stars shining brightly in the dark sky above .. but what I am trying to say is that most of it is darkness and I can see the dark sky !! How can I see darkness ??

Go outside and look up at the night sky and look at the darkness ...
... And you can see it ;-)

Saturday, November 09, 2013

Kinetic Chi Superior To Physical Force

When O Sensei was in good form, he could jump as high as five feet off the ground --- his arms and legs would tuck in as though he looked like a ball in the air. It was so unusual. You had to relate it to the warrior Yoshitune's legendares feat of leaping over eight boats in the course of a battle. People say that O Sensei would radiate vigour, as if he were possessed by the spirits and filled with mystical powers.

Kisshomaru Ueshiba - A Life In Aikido

:-) We currently live in a world of "physical force" .. and to this I would also add nuclear energy / atomic energy as well as coal .. oil and gas !! These are all physical fuels .. physical force(s). In terms of basic human behavior we live in a basic world of physical force .. where physical force appears to dominate and overcome all forms of energy (interactions) in our world !!

The problem is that base level physical force considers every other superior kinetic force as a "threat". Simply because .. the kinetic forces are naturally superior to physical force !! It is that simple ...

Because of this base level physical obsession .. humans are afraid of (and destroy) birds .. sea creatures .. animals .. insects .. trees .. grasses and weeds .. planetary interactive life forms such as healthy probiotic bacteria(s), algae, soil bacteria and healthy soil micro-organisms. Solid humans have a heavy footprint!

Kinetic Superior Force!
The problem I have in sharing natural and superior kinetic chi force is that it has always been an unusual and mysterious force .. appearing in my life as nano-second and immediate totally unexpected phenomenon that transforms me as it touches me .. as it acts like a superior martial arts Aikido type force !!

I have been lifted off the ground many times in my life when I was in danger!

So, I wanted to learn (teach myself) .. since I was a child .. high level karate and high level martial arts. But, the invisible guides moved me to inner psychic martial arts! The invisible guides are extremely of the highest intelligence. They do not explain one single thing to you .. but they guide you and leave you to find out for yourself.

This is like the silent and superior kinetic mind...

The superior mind is hard to describe! I can tell you that my original passion was to learn and command the physical martial arts... But some inner awareness connected me with the superior inner kinetic force .. including compassion! I have to admit that I would probably not have comprehended or understood this inner art form if I had ignored the guidance and said: "Forget it! I am going my own way!"

The ancient ancestors know all of us very well in the deepest depths of our souls .. and what motivates us .. our weaknesses .. our passions .. and our fears !! But humans are lacking the inner commitment to apply themselves to extraordinary laws of Nature and transformation of personal inner being. We humans are really most afraid of ourselves.

Personal Transformation
In the past .. in past lives .. the student respects the teachers .. both physical masters and the invisible worlds. I had this passion to learn Gichin Funakoshi's Karate Do .. and that was way back when all I had was the money to buy the book that I held in my hands. I was 13 / 14 years old .. no TV .. no films .. I don't know where it came from.

The reason I tell you this is to show how the ancestors .. the invisible guides sort of pushed me into a corner. They took away the physical element and told me to learn / teach myself the martial arts disciplines of the mind .. the psyche .. and by that I do not mean "fighting" or psychic defense.

So, my whole passion for the discipline of the martial arts was squashed into an inner psychic understanding and application of what I now call "kinetic energy" .. a powerful non-physical energy .. of the inner mind .. the impossible force. Later I attended the Talks of Jiddu Krishnamurti and he was the master of that inner non-physical psychic force we call compassion.

Do not think that compassion is some passive force .. compassion is dangerous.
It changes you!

Masters of The Impossible
The Masters of The Impossible left the Earth a long time ago .. at least in that they stopped teaching humans the fundamental principles and application of kinetic energy. The whole of mankind descended into this base physical material level of existence .. based on mindless fear!
Fear [the root meaning] - to try, to overcome, go through .. trial, risk.
In a way fear is the door or doorway / passage and inner fire (passion) is the passage of Initiation. We always come through the passage to ourselves.

So, each one of us has an inner lineage .. and each one of us has connection to the ancestors in the form of art as kinetic energy-creating landscape of the soul. I can draw this concept easier than I can put it into words. I study and study the inner art of psychic wholeness. I write Crystal Tor and I am surprised by this concept from the guides that we are starving and we come here to eat...

If you look at the world it is clear that humans are greedy for food .. and you are only greedy when you are "starving". If you are not starving .. then you are not greedy for food. Physical human beings caught on the lower base levels of physical material reality are eating and eating .. consuming and consuming MATTER because they are inwardly starving of something much deeper that makes them real / alive.

Kinetic Chi Superior To Physical Force
I teach myself very simple physical movements combining chi within the body and my own "martial arts". Because, I do not want to hit anyone or hurt anyone or fight. Even as a child I always practice alone in nature and the only thing I fight / overcome is the weather .. the cold .. snow and ice of Winter and the rain of Spring / Autumn and the heat of the Summer!

I put a rice-bag on the wall hanging on a screw .. and I try to apply this inner cohesion of physical existence with inner kinetic / psychic force. The invisible guides say to me: Be careful how you hit the rice-bag .. you do not want to crack the wall. At first I think they are joking with me .. but later I am really careful how I use my mind .. because I am sure they are not kidding !!

Basically, that is what this whole post is about...


How do we use our minds? If a small number of people begin to use inner discipline to understand this impossible question... That application is the impossible power of Inner Kinetic Chi within the human being. There were Masters of The Impossible on Earth in earlier times .. and they could touch stone with one finger and the whole stone would simply fall apart.

I knew all this since I was a very small kid .. and I wanted to get straight into it as soon as I could walk... I was very impatient ;-) [...charged up with energy] .. But! The invisible guides said to me: You are going to learn / teach yourself inner silent force!

The Art of Inner Transformation - where thought / ego is "the stone" ...

Monday, November 04, 2013

God(s) of Migration / Creation

Migration - move / change .. to change .. to go move
Migra - to leave one place and wander to another...
Principle(s) of Migration / Creation
This first pictogram sketch of migration / creation is pretty refined .. I was happy to capture this one in a pretty refined state. I sketched this over two days .. with a pretty clear picture of what I wanted to convey. So, this post: The Gods of Migration / Creation is the result of many years of observation and awareness .. observing Nature.

In 2011 / 2012 I began to understand a fundamental basic principle of the Universe .. only by observing trees, mushrooms, grass, dandelions, birds, weather, stars and animals. And! No! I do not take any kind of substances .. I was born like this :-)

As a little kid I watched everything .. and more! I observed grass, birds, trees, leaves, sunlight, water, clouds .. with a silent mind. And do you know what I saw? I saw eternal migration(s) ...

The stars in the sky .. the Sun .. the Planets migrate (move) through infinite Cosmos. But the key to understanding came from the weeds, grasses, wild flowers, mosses, mushrooms and the germinating seeds of trees! Creation / Migration !!

I somehow have this deep Celtic (ancestral) awareneness to observe Nature. I do this everywhere I go... For example, on my last journey .. sitting out a one hour drive from the airport .. I was aware of sandy dehydration of the surrounding topsoil for 30 minutes and suddenly we crossed an invisible line and the next 30 minutes further North revealed organic preservation of a rich volcanic topsoil.

According to the natural circumstances the sand/desert migrates according to long term changes in weather / climate .. altering the plant species in the area over time .. then the insects .. trees and birds .. and fruiting fungi .. based on the unseen changes in soil mycelium (mass of branching fungi / fungus).

I am getting ahead of myself.

Each time I go out .. I look at the green plants .. the soil .. the weather and (over time) what happens - what is happening without thinking / thought. I simply observe... I see quite dramatic but totally natural migrations of types of grasses, weeds, wild flowers and mushrooms across whole cycles (Spring to Winter) on patches of roadside and in the cracks at the sides of roads.

I call these wild plant migrations "enrichments".

As I tried to show in the pictogram everything in the Universe is in a natural state of migration and is all connected as one unified force. With Celtic dry humor I called this post: Gods of Migration / Creation .. because whoever altered the Earth-human DNA on this Planet understood this fundamental mysterious universal life principle of migration / creation !!

Climates Migrate...
The Sun and Planets are moving (migrating) through the Universe. Solar flares migrate to Earth. Climates migrate around the Earth over vast time scales! Change happens :-)

Climate / local weather is the template for change! Birds, animals, insects, grasses, moss, fungi, trees, weeds, wild flowers and humans are genetically programmed to follow "the migration principle". It has happened before and it will happen again.

Universal Migration Principles
The basics of creation of matter (as well as spirit) is movement / migration / transmigration. The weather moves / changes .. the climate moves / changes .. the atmosphere moves / changes and we respond !!

Over many years of personal detailed observation year-on-year .. I have watched different grasses, weeds, mosses, fungi and wild flowers colonise patches of earth and move on. Do you know why it is so designed? Avoidance of disease / survival and soil nutrition .. feeding the soil.

The weeds .. grasses .. mosses .. fungi and wild flowers do not die out or disappear! They move on! Same with the Earth's climate and the weather .. adaptation is change.

To purify and clean the system there is adaptation. If biology cannot internally adapt it dies / disappears / is recycled. This is a living biological natural hi-tech system with its own in-built intelligence. Adaptation is survival...

Life adapts to whatever environment (including interdimensional travel) and if the life-forms cannot adapt they cannot survive / long term. So, I humbly suggest that humans stop killing weeds, insects, pests, destroying forests, wild plants, ecology of the oceans .. because we are one and you are only killing yourselves / long term.

Your own mindset is the key to your survival!

You inwardly show the love and compassion to the natural world as an intelligent way to also protect your own spirit incarnation from the insanity of the destructive world. You do not show the compassion simply to survive... It does not work that way :-)

You inwardly show the love and compassion because you genuinely care! The love and compassion is within you .. as you are first respecting yourself. This compassion extends to the natural world around you. Watch every blade of grass! And grow!

Friday, November 01, 2013

The Superior Body Brain...

Gland(s) *gwele- "acorn" (oak) :-) root: acorn/oak
Superior Brain!
You .. the spirit being .. incarnate in physical matter interact with everything in your body. Your incarnate spirit energetically interacts with the bodies blood, the bones, the bone marrow, the organs, the brain, the glands, the nervous system, the mind...

As I explained in the earlier: "Nodes! The Spirit Glands!" blog post... The glands are a key essential (fundamental) part of the body-brain .. and are a vital essential part of the spirit energy matrix .. an essential part of your incarnation!

You have to be your INCARNATION !!!

You are who you are across space / time ... This core acorn fact is the core reality people on Earth totally miss. People do not realise the core principle of the oak / acorn .. the seeds .. the glands .. the oak tree .. the tree of life!

The basic problem in psychic spirit awareness is ego-self-image that man is superior to nature / the natural world. Man is isolated from nature!! Therefore, the nature of man is isolated from his/her own nature.

You people out there have to realise that man and women .. male and female .. yin and yang are one... So, if you want to destroy yourselves .. conflict is within you! If the man oppose the woman and the woman oppose the man .. the conflict is inside YOU .. it is not outside you !! The male female conflict is inside the incarnate human.

Inside the male is the feminine / female and inside the female is the masculine / male .. and so if the Earth-bound female human and the Earth bound male human fight and are at war .. then this is sign of inner imbalance.

Enlighten Your Glands...
Inner enlightenment of the incarnate spirit is deeper inner enlightenment of the superior body brain. All the glands .. the glandular system .. are direct dark-enegy manifestation of total body brain. Including bones .. bone marrow .. blood and the nervous system.

The key is inner awarenesss...

If you do not apply / have inner superior awareness then you cannot efficiently interact with the natural outer world and other life forms. The glands are the key!

Outer conflict is inner conflict.

There is a magnetic supernatural / psychic energy to inner and outer conflict / division .. where the magnetic phenomenon returns to the base self = what you send out returns!

People are attacking themselves ...

Imagine your glands are both physical, spiritual, psychic and mind... like the oak tree. You grow - lifetime after lifetime from the self created oak tree of your own journey across space time. You are and become the future you create.

Inner compassion is the key to your journey!