Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Dark Field Enlightenment

Determined To Pursue The Path...
The Journey and The Path Are One!

This is a photograph of a "dark energy field" ... In terms of human knowledge cats know nothing about Tibetan art and the Buddha .. in terms of cognitive human understanding. The cats would go to key places at key times in their own mysterious ways!

Here is the bad boy Ninja cat found peacefully sleeping next to the Tibetan Buddha Thangka .. on his own .. and photographed at the time everyone returned home. He had four days to position himself next to the Thangka .. but his timing was an indication of the mysterious and powerful "dark field" .. the mystery .. the unknown!

The mysterious dark field is constantly interacting with us! Connecting with us! Teaching us! However, animals .. all of Nature seems more in tune with this synchronised intelligence than humans. I don't know why that is?

Mysteries of The Dark Field
Here is another cat reference to an event of the dark field... We came back from a "field trip" near the end of our short journey together .. and there was a situation out in the field where we gathered (in pouring rain) quartz stone, pine cones .. cut bamboo fallen on the ground that had been used to plant a forest layer of hundreds of new pine trees. This one piece of bamboo was left lying on the grass. The rain was just falling from the heavens and the whole situation was just mind altering magical !! Words cannot describe it...

So, Elven cat knows nothing of this powerful situation... But she surprised us all ;-) ... When we put the gathered objects from our trip down Elven cat jumped up and lay on top of the quartz .. the bamboo .. the ?? herbs and pine cone and whatever else was there!

I call this a "dark energy" event .. because this is what I understand it to be in the light of 4 / 5 days training from a mysterious force that pounded us with some power that is almost impossible to describe. This same force had shown me in dreams the events that would unfold .. but the real events within the physical world dream were even more astonishing .. almost surreal! Following the path of the dream within the dream is an art .. the art of attention!

Sharing this with you is how I try to convey the dark field and dark energy in a way that makes sense. Hidden in the light .. hidden in plain sight .. is the dark field / dark energy. This force is there for the illumination and enlightenment of mankind. Within the light is the darkness and within the darkness is the light.

I am being taught about the eyes and dark light / dark energy .. and I suddenly now find this photograph from the journey .. taken without a flash .. of Elven cat sitting on top of "The Field" ... This is the high resolution image of the original photograph: Eleven-DarkField

I do not know what the fuzzy effect is... The still shot was taken with the Panasonic HC-V500 Full HD [50x Zoom] - no flash was used. This camcorder has never taken such strange fuzzy type images .. even in bad light. The stills are always sharp and clear. Reflected in the cat's eye is me taking the photograph caught within a strange rainbow circle of light!

This is the second high resolution photograph seconds later: Eleven-DarkField02

In the first image you see the photographer appear as a "dark field" within a perfect circle of rainbow colour light in the reflection of the cat's eye !! With Elven cat sitting on objects we had gathered in a very special place .. getting soaked with rain wearing summer clothes. Even though there was no protection from the rain we were still gathering these objects in the pine forest.

Dark Energy Rainbow Fields...
Even if you cannot see the rainbow! It is there!! Dark energy rainbows exist in the Universe. Dark field rainbows .. deep pools of dark colours .. light within the deepest darkest waters .. darkness within the brightest light reflections. If you look carefully .. especially on water .. there is darkness reflected in the light and there is light reflected in the dark fields. This is what I mean by "Dark Field Enlightenemnt".

Love and compassion are dark fields reflected inside the light. Yin and yang balance where dark fields and light fields are balanced. Why has the human mind forgotten this most basic fact of physical and spiritual existence. The light is not good and the darkness is not bad! They are one and the same force. Out-of-balance within the mind of mankind!

Dark Energy Enlightenment
I will write more about this later... Essentially, the mind of man has to come back into balance .. and Nature is synchronising with the human mind to help bring us back into balance. Nature is challenging us .. pushing us .. demanding our undivided attention. The dark field is calling us back from the abyss.

It is not in anyone's interest to fall into the abyss!

Within the eyes lies a powerful dark field! Within the mind lies a powerful dark field! Connected to Nature lies a powerful dark field. Within the dark field (the mystery) lies dark energy enlightenment! This is not good or bad .. this is totally uncompromising !!