Monday, November 04, 2013

God(s) of Migration / Creation

Migration - move / change .. to change .. to go move
Migra - to leave one place and wander to another...
Principle(s) of Migration / Creation
This first pictogram sketch of migration / creation is pretty refined .. I was happy to capture this one in a pretty refined state. I sketched this over two days .. with a pretty clear picture of what I wanted to convey. So, this post: The Gods of Migration / Creation is the result of many years of observation and awareness .. observing Nature.

In 2011 / 2012 I began to understand a fundamental basic principle of the Universe .. only by observing trees, mushrooms, grass, dandelions, birds, weather, stars and animals. And! No! I do not take any kind of substances .. I was born like this :-)

As a little kid I watched everything .. and more! I observed grass, birds, trees, leaves, sunlight, water, clouds .. with a silent mind. And do you know what I saw? I saw eternal migration(s) ...

The stars in the sky .. the Sun .. the Planets migrate (move) through infinite Cosmos. But the key to understanding came from the weeds, grasses, wild flowers, mosses, mushrooms and the germinating seeds of trees! Creation / Migration !!

I somehow have this deep Celtic (ancestral) awareneness to observe Nature. I do this everywhere I go... For example, on my last journey .. sitting out a one hour drive from the airport .. I was aware of sandy dehydration of the surrounding topsoil for 30 minutes and suddenly we crossed an invisible line and the next 30 minutes further North revealed organic preservation of a rich volcanic topsoil.

According to the natural circumstances the sand/desert migrates according to long term changes in weather / climate .. altering the plant species in the area over time .. then the insects .. trees and birds .. and fruiting fungi .. based on the unseen changes in soil mycelium (mass of branching fungi / fungus).

I am getting ahead of myself.

Each time I go out .. I look at the green plants .. the soil .. the weather and (over time) what happens - what is happening without thinking / thought. I simply observe... I see quite dramatic but totally natural migrations of types of grasses, weeds, wild flowers and mushrooms across whole cycles (Spring to Winter) on patches of roadside and in the cracks at the sides of roads.

I call these wild plant migrations "enrichments".

As I tried to show in the pictogram everything in the Universe is in a natural state of migration and is all connected as one unified force. With Celtic dry humor I called this post: Gods of Migration / Creation .. because whoever altered the Earth-human DNA on this Planet understood this fundamental mysterious universal life principle of migration / creation !!

Climates Migrate...
The Sun and Planets are moving (migrating) through the Universe. Solar flares migrate to Earth. Climates migrate around the Earth over vast time scales! Change happens :-)

Climate / local weather is the template for change! Birds, animals, insects, grasses, moss, fungi, trees, weeds, wild flowers and humans are genetically programmed to follow "the migration principle". It has happened before and it will happen again.

Universal Migration Principles
The basics of creation of matter (as well as spirit) is movement / migration / transmigration. The weather moves / changes .. the climate moves / changes .. the atmosphere moves / changes and we respond !!

Over many years of personal detailed observation year-on-year .. I have watched different grasses, weeds, mosses, fungi and wild flowers colonise patches of earth and move on. Do you know why it is so designed? Avoidance of disease / survival and soil nutrition .. feeding the soil.

The weeds .. grasses .. mosses .. fungi and wild flowers do not die out or disappear! They move on! Same with the Earth's climate and the weather .. adaptation is change.

To purify and clean the system there is adaptation. If biology cannot internally adapt it dies / disappears / is recycled. This is a living biological natural hi-tech system with its own in-built intelligence. Adaptation is survival...

Life adapts to whatever environment (including interdimensional travel) and if the life-forms cannot adapt they cannot survive / long term. So, I humbly suggest that humans stop killing weeds, insects, pests, destroying forests, wild plants, ecology of the oceans .. because we are one and you are only killing yourselves / long term.

Your own mindset is the key to your survival!

You inwardly show the love and compassion to the natural world as an intelligent way to also protect your own spirit incarnation from the insanity of the destructive world. You do not show the compassion simply to survive... It does not work that way :-)

You inwardly show the love and compassion because you genuinely care! The love and compassion is within you .. as you are first respecting yourself. This compassion extends to the natural world around you. Watch every blade of grass! And grow!