Friday, November 01, 2013

The Superior Body Brain...

Gland(s) *gwele- "acorn" (oak) :-) root: acorn/oak
Superior Brain!
You .. the spirit being .. incarnate in physical matter interact with everything in your body. Your incarnate spirit energetically interacts with the bodies blood, the bones, the bone marrow, the organs, the brain, the glands, the nervous system, the mind...

As I explained in the earlier: "Nodes! The Spirit Glands!" blog post... The glands are a key essential (fundamental) part of the body-brain .. and are a vital essential part of the spirit energy matrix .. an essential part of your incarnation!

You have to be your INCARNATION !!!

You are who you are across space / time ... This core acorn fact is the core reality people on Earth totally miss. People do not realise the core principle of the oak / acorn .. the seeds .. the glands .. the oak tree .. the tree of life!

The basic problem in psychic spirit awareness is ego-self-image that man is superior to nature / the natural world. Man is isolated from nature!! Therefore, the nature of man is isolated from his/her own nature.

You people out there have to realise that man and women .. male and female .. yin and yang are one... So, if you want to destroy yourselves .. conflict is within you! If the man oppose the woman and the woman oppose the man .. the conflict is inside YOU .. it is not outside you !! The male female conflict is inside the incarnate human.

Inside the male is the feminine / female and inside the female is the masculine / male .. and so if the Earth-bound female human and the Earth bound male human fight and are at war .. then this is sign of inner imbalance.

Enlighten Your Glands...
Inner enlightenment of the incarnate spirit is deeper inner enlightenment of the superior body brain. All the glands .. the glandular system .. are direct dark-enegy manifestation of total body brain. Including bones .. bone marrow .. blood and the nervous system.

The key is inner awarenesss...

If you do not apply / have inner superior awareness then you cannot efficiently interact with the natural outer world and other life forms. The glands are the key!

Outer conflict is inner conflict.

There is a magnetic supernatural / psychic energy to inner and outer conflict / division .. where the magnetic phenomenon returns to the base self = what you send out returns!

People are attacking themselves ...

Imagine your glands are both physical, spiritual, psychic and mind... like the oak tree. You grow - lifetime after lifetime from the self created oak tree of your own journey across space time. You are and become the future you create.

Inner compassion is the key to your journey!