Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Nodes! The Spirit Glands!

Quantum Nodes
Node O.E. cnotta –‘knot’, intertwining ropes or cords. A node is a networking. In communication networks a node is a connection point. Computer network nodes are a hub, bridge or switch. A node is a localised swelling, for example a gland.

Throughout the universe transit stems branch out, connect and reconnect through primary and secondary nodes.

Zen Su - Crystal Tor

Spirit Glands
I wrote Crystal Tor in 2010 and published in 2011 .. and now in Mercury Retro 2013 I am seeing these visions again / visual packets of information once more relating to "nodes". That means the human brain, glands and nodes forming one continuous network throughout the body .. spirit .. mind.

At the time of Crystal Tor I saw the information visually .. like a film or Remote Seeing .. and I had to describe this .. put this into words in a way that makes sense.

I could see many realities .. past, present and future connected through nodes. Sort of like a spirit incarnation network with the central hub being the soul where time travel is the soul/spirit's journey through dimensional space.

I did not really understand - at the time - what I was doing! But now I kind of understand as the visual dimensions visted me again and have gone one step further. This is what this post is about!

This morning I was shown the connection between the human brain .. the incarnate spirit .. the mind and glands / nodes... And I suddenly realised this is what I had been shown writing the second part of Crystal Tor: Naviga^Tor / Quantum Nodes .. and I will explain this here.

Basically .. key glands throughout the body are "brains". One could say tiny brains .. but they are not tiny - they are small but very powerful. Essentially, you have these extremely intelligent and powerful brains all over your body synchronising with the skull brain AND with the incarnate spirit and the mind.

... I call them "spirit glands" !!

Dark Light...
It is now October, 2013 and I have no idea what I wrote in 2010. The information came to me like a work of art and then .. I forget it.

But! It all came back new - in Mercury Retrograde - where together with the spirit nodes there was "dark light" or "dark energy".

This was a visual code or packet of information. So, I went back to check the PDF file and it was all there :-) ... Primary nodes and dark light!

Essentially, people think that the brain in the skull tells the rest of the body what to do using electrical impulses moving through the nervous system .. hahahaha!! And .. there is only one brain .. right? WRONG!

Briefly .. as this is very complex in its overall simplicity. The prostate gland - for example - is a brain. It is just that in terms of "modern science" this key gland is not in a form western science recognises as "a brain".

Key glands in the male and female human body act as nodes together with the brain in the skull using dark energy or dark light to co-ordinate and communicate instantaneously throughout the body .. inluding co-ordination of spirit/mind.

When one gland has a problem .. the whole body has a problem .. and the key glands effected may not be the source of the problem but are the warning signal. Here we enter into the realms of Traditional Chinese Medicine!

The glands and the brain in the skull synchronise and communicate using an unseen and undetected (almost supernatural) dark light. This is why faster than the speed of light has not been detected .. although it exists.

Bright light when bouncing off and caught in the light-matrix (sunlight / daylight) exhibits restrictions we can measure and call the speed-of-light .. where modern science claims the speed of light is a constant. Yeh! Sure! Visible light!

It is the same within the physical body .. where science detect and measure light / electrical impulses in the brain and nervous system. But, those measurements are only visible impulses based on a limited capacity to measure light-pulse movement within the physical body. Duh!

However, there is a cross pattern dark energy matrix used by the glands and brain in the skull where key glands make decisions and instantly send the information to the brain in the skull. Are you still with me? Hahahaha ...

I have to write this in more detail. What I do now is a rough sketch. It is the same process with the Earth .. daylight .. orbit and nightime. On the night side of the Earth during rotation there is dark energy or dark light = not total darkness...

Blood Is Dark Energy
The activtion of visible light on the side of the Earth directly facing the Sun also has its counterpart of non-visible light on the night side of the Planet. The night side of Earth is not in total darkness! The energy of the Sun folds around the Earth creating a tadpole like tail that rotates in a constantly moving spiral. This phenomenon creates dark light / dark energy.

Blood spirals through the veins in a similar way!

As a rough sketch .. the glands play a major key role in inter-body contact, communication and movement. Similar to the Sun .. the glands interface between spirit, energy and mind (brain functions). The design of the glands is so highly intelligent that science has no clue as to the multi-level functions (plural) of the glands.

Your brain is not just inside the skull!! The superior brain exists all over the body and the glands play a major role in decision making .. activation and slowdown / rest.

It is easy to be aware of .. study and understand the functions of the brain in the skull. It is almost impossible to understand the hidden body-brain intelligence within the glands.

The glands in the breasts of a woman are totally high-tech and extremely important. This is a highly advanced spiritual technology. The prostate gland in men is totally high-tech and extremely important.

A lot of the glands in men and women are similar .. but there are also differences .. and those key differences are of extreme importance. Those key glands are highly advanced key nodes that not only make males male and females female .. but they define how the incarnate spirit interacts with the body.

The brain in the skull is so large and so complex that it is obvious focus of the human mind in studying behavior. However, the glands are highly refined and simple nano-brains .. it is extremely hard to even begin to understand the brain within the gland!

I give you a clue... Dark light quantum holograph :-)

It will take 200 / 300 years for science to begin to partially understand this hidden brain in mankind. Our whole way of thinking is a one way dialogue with life. Each one takes their central stand .. central view .. and the dialogue with life is one way. It is flat linear dialogue.

Just imagine all the glands in your body communicating and hearing at once. Sending signals and receiving signals with total uncomplicated ease. Energetic .. physical (matter) and psychic (mind). Intelligence .. hidden in plain sight!