Sunday, October 06, 2013

Dual Psyche Within Free Energy

We travelled back in time .. to share with our past selves ...
The psychic art of inner-energy transformation!

We Walk Through Tall Doors...
The most important factor to understand in developing free energy devices .. is the psychic factor. Balance of the psyche. The paranormal nature of free energy .. and the transformation of the human psyche in relation to this psychic force.

I was once invited - in a dream / astral dream - to observe problems a secrect area was having with newly developed anti-gravity mass transporter similar to a modern train.

This astral-dream took place many years ago...

I am not sure if the astral dream took place in this psychic time-zone .. or if it took place in future time-zone. You see, it is not well known to man today that all time-zones communicate with each other and are connected.

The past .. the present .. the future time-zones communicate as one organic / psychic whole. To understand this .. simply imagine various time-zones to be similar to the energy and cells inside your physical body.

Energy seamlessly connects all time and space across all dimensions. The physical connection is psychic field that upholds the fundamental integrity of every cell in the physical and energetic / astral body.

In the astral dream I was being asked to observe and understand problems they were having with free energy / anti-gravity human transporters... One of the problems .. in a series of problems .. was the human mind :-)

I wont go into details .. other than to say Wilhelm Reich's Orgone Energy and Tesla's discoveries .. in our present and chaotic world .. would have to be shielded from psychic disturbance in man ( ... and that is not possible).

I may write more about this? But .. this is a very complex area: Relationship between man .. the psyche of man .. energy .. the paranormal electrical-field and the astral / psychic. We all use the psychic every day! However, people are not aware of this factor. The psychic functions mostly on auto-pilot .. currently on Planet Earth.

In a nutshell .. the problem facing mankind is either you pay cash for base-level energy = coal .. gas .. oil .. bio-fuels! Or you transform inner psyche to level of free energy .. that is actually more complex than " base-level" energy :-)

Psychic Transformative Energy of Atlan Water Snake
Geomantic Chinese Water Snake - February 10, 2013 - January 30, 2014 .. in which there will be passing of comet ISON (the comet of the century) .. reaching its point closest to the Sun on November 28, 2013.

I have become aware of recent reports suggesting that comet ISON is "dying" or disintegrating ... But that is what sperm does as it unloads its paket of energy into the womb / egg .. Sun / Earth !! The sperm / comet .. dies .. only to be transformed .. reborn into a new form .. such is the duality of life and death :-)

All of you reading this post began life as a tiny little sperm swimming through and within a watery environment .. similar to a comet .. reaching perihelion .. the closest point to the Sun / Egg in the womb .. and why do astronomers call a comets closest point to the Sun: The comet .. "reaching its climax" ??? Duh !!!

"We know exactly when comet ISON will reach its climax .. @ 1:41 PM EST .. November 28, 2013... When the ice packed comet ISON ( = WATER !! ) .. reaches perihelion - the point closest to the Sun.

The point that I am trying to make is this: The duality of free-energy is human mind / psyche in eternity / phi symbol with energy of the Planet and Sun.

Our ancient ancestors knew this! They also knew + understood the dangers involved !! You can use the free-energy and you can also destroy yourselves with the free-energy...

The ancient geomantic Chinese Water Snake is about psychic and energetic transformation... Where the duality of free-energy is both within the psyche of man and is manifest outside = in the physical world...

Inner Transformation(s) ...
As above .. so below .. outer comets graze the Sun as sperm grazes the Sun/Egg within the womb ... The Universe is within us .. just as the whole Universe surrounds us !!

Always be thankful .. show gratitude.

The duality of Planetary "Free-Energy" is within you and is also without you... Without you (in English) also implies that free-energy exists "without you" = you are not an essential part in the existence of the free-flow-of-energy !?

The essential mystery key .. is that you are the:
Past .. Present and the Future !! As One :-) NOW