Monday, October 07, 2013

The Key Is Energy

Everything in our lives is core primordial energy !!
The Qi is energy .. once you understand.

Once you understand that the key to everything in life is energy .. this frees you from the base illusion of physical matter! Everything you do .. everything you are is energy.

Your thoughts .. your actions .. your life .. your body .. preparing - eating and digesting food .. your activities .. when you sleep .. when you waken up requires energy!

Your sorrows and your fears use energy! Your joys and your balanced state of mind are founded on energy! Nothing exits without energy... Love is energy .. compassion is energy!

Why do we take energy for granted and only focus on the base physical reality? And why do we not show gratitude to this energy of life? The same mysterious energy that allows you to live in physical body on Earth is same energy in plants, in a growing tree, in growing wheat and growing rice...

It is the same energy in the animals .. birds .. fish and insects. The same energy powers the bees .. the flowers .. the grass .. the essential seaweed on the shores of the oceans.

It is the same energy that is in the Sun and Planets!

There you have the key to "free energy".

Countries Trade Energy
The whole fundamental behind world economies .. trade .. commodities and food IS ENERGY. You don't have anything in this life without energy! All markets .. all trade .. all economic human activities are based on energy. There are no markets .. there is no food to trade without energy !!

This one key factor behind all human activity is why the world will see Asia - dragon energy - rise to be the leading world power over the next thousand years... Because .. no one understands the core principles of energy better than China and the East.

I am not talking about coal .. gas and oil !!

You cannot grow anything without energy... It does not matter whether crops are ploughed using human with animals pulling the plough .. or whether the fields are sown no-till (Fukuoka) .. or whether tractors are powered with diesel fuel. It all requires energy of some kind.

It is the same with our daily lives.

The whole world ignores and is blind to this fact .. that the key to economies .. trade .. markets and our existence is ENERGY. Nothing exists without energy. Only once we understand this .. and appreciate it .. will we change our relationship to this energy.

The key words are "appreciate" and "gratitude".

Many people today talk about UFOs .. Unidentified Mysterious Objects .. Anti-Gravity .. Free Energy! But those UFOs are alive and aware. You go inside and the energy inside (that surrounds the craft) is aware of you! How about that to freak someone out??

When you have your own awareness it is not a problem.

This is very ancient philosophy originating in the East that has a very real and practical application in the physical world: Energy moves matter.

Also .. energy is aware!

So, when you eat that animal or that fish .. you had better be grateful. Same with the grains and the vegetables. Do not take for granted the energy that powers your world both inside you and outside of you.

So, you build up respectful relatonship with energy and energy will teach you. Because energy is aware... Both inside you and outside. This is the key to the future of mankind.

Free Energy?
It is popular today to talk about "free energy" and "anti gravity" .. but what no one realises are the materials required to hold that energy in a usable form similar to the human body.

The material has to be "alive" :-)

Sure! Free energy is all around you .. but there is just one thing! People talk about Nikola Tesla and his achievements .. but Tesla's experiments transmitting wireless energy was mostly out of control .. blowing out circuits and electrifying the ground for miles around.

The reason it was out of control? Materials!

It is not about generating free-energy .. but about containing that energy in a usable and safe manner. For that little trick humans need certain materials and an understanding of awareness.

You see .. when certain materials absorb free-energy they exhibit / eminate a feeling of awareness or a sense of awareness. Unless humanity changes their inner relatonship with the world ...

The materials will be more aware than the humans .. hahahaha!