Sunday, October 20, 2013

All Human Activity Is Energy

All monetary activity is an exchange of energy.

The biggest mistake made by western countries over the last thousand or so years has been to lack any kind of fundamental understanding as to the nature of energy.

As the world turns in the eternal yin yang balance .. the dragon energies of the East are rising after thousands of years of "decline". But, by decline I do not mean misfortune or going down. I mean a withdrawal of energies as the powers of the West increased over the same period.

As a result all people in the East became more "western" .. more materialistic .. more egocentric .. because this shift in energy affected the whole world .. the whole planet.

My earlier Asia / Atlan posts were to show that there was a fundamental understanding of energy in the West and that the builders left their signatures across the western landscape for their children of the future.

Masters of Energy In Matter
The first thing western science lacks is the understanding of energy in matter .. and that is why everyone depends on oil, gas and coal to power human activities such as growing food, transport and trade.

We live in an energy Universe that is dependant on energy for all material processes such as: Suns .. Galaxies ..Planets .. density .. movement .. air .. clouds .. water. So, rock may seem solid - but in reality rock is a contained energy matrix .. and is a highly effecient energy container!

This is why energy - like water - can flow inside physical structures (and soak into them) as well as flowing around the external structures.

For example, your physical body is interacting with and absorbing energy 24/24 .. and when the body can no longer do this / absorb and contain the energy then the incarnate spirit leaves.

Spirit is eternal .. but matter cannot exist without energy.

Dark Energy
Dark energy is more matter friendly power source than light-particles. So, look at and study the night to understand this. And as an interesting side note it is interesting that both crude oil and coal are dark .. black !! These ancient energy resources have provided humans with abundance of energy / fuel.

In comparison, nuclear fuel and solar panels are almost a waste of energy to produce. If some analytical genius took time to deeply analyse what it takes to produce nuclear and solar power in relation to energy produced .. including materials .. building and human energy - then I am sure the effort would be in minus.

You may say that the Sun provides energy?
No! The Sun provides life...

There is a perceivable difference between energy .. matter and life. The human body needs energy, and at the same time it is alive. Planet Earth needs energy, and at the same time the Planet is alive. Water is a source of energy, and at the same time water is alive.

There is no co-incidence to the fact that coal and crude oil are dark and are such a good source of value in producing power. On the other hand solar panels bleed more light than they produce energy.

Collecting energy (power) using flat solar panels is like trying to collect rainwater using a flat panel. Like water the energy (light) pours around the solar panel .. and the leprechauns are laughing :-)

The human eye is a powerful collector of light .. and acts as a highly efficient containment vessel .. because if the eye could not contain the light there would be no physical sight. What colour is the pupil? Dark! Black! Like looking into the Universe!

Dark matter and dark energy are more efficient sources of power / energy .. containment and transformation. You see, we humans also have to transform the energy into usable frequencies. Dark Universe is energy frequency transformer.

All human activity is based on energy .. including trade .. financial markets .. exchange .. resources and exchange of money. It is not that money is energy. It is the other way round! Energy is money!

All material processes require energy. Production is human energy intensive: Growing food .. farming .. clothes .. building .. travelling .. exchanging goods and services.

The banking sector feed off and totally depend upon energy .. and the exchange of human energy in the real material world. But the banking sector became removed from the real world .. sort of like the King of France or a Pope in the Middle Ages.

In very ancient times the "king" or "emperor" was a servant, there to serve the whole society. Same with money exchanges and trade... To serve the greater whole and healthy society makes one healthy!

People will begin to realise that energy is key .. and that trade is a product of energy and everything else in life depends on energy. So, energy becomes a key factor in our lives. We do not focus on base matter / materials .. but we pay attention and are grateful for a key (Qi) fundamental essential factor that connects all our lives.

When these realisations became part of my life it was not during the day .. it was at night. The Sun had set and it was getting dark. I lay on the stone platform under the ancient stone wall of the Gothic church and could see the energy hidden in the darkness.

During the day light is hitting us all the time and it is hard to see. But in the darkness .. at night .. the mind becomes incredibly sensitive and can really start to see .. and to understand.

Humans are looking in the wrong places for renewable energy resources. The answers are right in front of us everywhere and even within our own bodies.

There is energy in matter and this is why energy frequencies can flow through matter. And metal wires are not the best conductors of frequency (energy) .. plants / plant matter is the most efficient conductor of frequency outside of stone and crystals. And if you want to go to "the root" .. well .. this is where the idea of wires originated!