Thursday, January 31, 2013

Fukushima: Protect Yourself From Radiation

Protect Yourself From Radiation - Part 3

Fukushima Video by The Japanese College of Intravenous Therapy
Published May, 2012
The government of Japan has failed to protect its people and is hiding the dangers of radiation from Fukushima. There are options for radio-protection that have not been disclosed. When people cannot avoid radioactive contamination there are safe radioprotectants that can help prevent the damage.

I have done many years of personal research on issues related to radiation, cancer, fungi, yeast, candida and electromagnetic radiation .. all of which are connected. My research is related to plants, essential probiotics, beneficial probiotics, fungi and cellular health, kefir grains and probiotic cultures. I tested all this out on myself over many years ... health begins in the gut.

The video above confirms my own observations about Vitamin C [and my own research on Sodium Bicarbonate], all of which I tested in the bio-chemistry lab of my own body. I am not a specialist .. I am not a health practitioner .. I am not a scientist .. I am an intelligent woman !!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Future Self Organising Quantum Computers

In a future life .. I grow computers!

When I have these geek-future insights, I get very excited. You might think that if we cannot build something now then what is the point? That! Is exactly the point! The spirit does not die .. we are connected to ourselves across space and time. Earth's ancient past was not some stone-age without technology. For example, the human being is an advanced form of living technology ..

We are hi-tech!

A lot of our current resource problems today exist because countries need hard to extract resources to create energy, human shelters, transport, technologies and computer networks as well as grow food and make clothing. Everything we do in life is resource dependent. If millions of people suddenly had to live in the wilds without any technology .. they would still require resources!

The entire world organises itself around sharing or competing for limited resources. Metals as well as plastic are necessary to build computers .. as we build them today. Silver .. as well as quartz .. are essential in today's hi-tech world. Magnetic compounds as well as Rare Earth Metals look to be the resources of the future.

Our world cannot shift to magnetic energy without a drastic change in how we understand the quantum physics of matter and reinvent how we source the relevant resources for those technologies. Digging metals out of the ground is no longer the answer!

The answer is plant technologies and plant fiber technologies!

Computers and all technologies - including transport - will be self-organising .. growing from the quantum level a bit like how matter organises itself in the womb or in a seed. Take a dung beetle .. the ancient Egyptian scarab! The female lays the eggs inside the dung-womb-provision-tomb, within which the tiny beetles will develop and hatch. Life comes out of quantum space and is self-organising on the cellular level.

Recently, scientists discovered that dung beetles navigate using the Milky Way as a guide. What I am saying is that this ability is granted to them as part of their sub-atomic creation. The beetles are born with the ability to navigate by the stars. The ancient Egyptians depicted the scarab in relation to the heavens as the scarab guided the soul of the Pharaoh into the afterlife.

Hathor, the cow goddess, associated with the Milky way .. was said to welcome the dead into the afterlife. Hathor - cow - dung - Milky way - scarab / dung beetle navigates straight to the Milky Way! Anyway, I got a bit off track...

What I described is one example of understanding a complex self-organising system, depicted as "mythology", based on a much deeper understanding of physical matter and quantum physics. Just as we are digging metals out of the ground .. we humans are still at the stage of picking up and studying physical beetles, without understanding the higher dimensions. That is why we don't grow computers today.

Humans are still too focused on heavy lead physical dense materials.

The out of balance male (yang) .. yang/fire .. yang/metal .. yang/earth .. ignoring the yin elements. The elements are not out of balance; but the way we currently use elements is extremely out of balance. All elements contain both yin and yang elements in balance. Otherwise, there would be no cohesion.

Self Organising Quantum Technologies
To grow a computer in the future, all you need is a quantum womb and a basic understanding of self-organising growing systems. The computer can be grown from its quantum level using basics of fungi and plant technologies. The blueprint is in the seed and the manifest computer is self-organising and interacts with the environment like plants and trees. There is not going to be all these wires and mainboards.

The shell and the interior of a house can be grown in the same way. Transport and network systems can be grown in the same way without using any kind of metal. There are strong yin elements to these future technologies that will require humans to be inwardly and spiritually balanced.

This is why you see gods and goddesses depicted in all the ancient cultures; because no planetary society is going to develop advanced systems unless there is balance. It takes male and female to create life in the third dimension. When the masculine and the feminine are not balanced .. societies and cultures destroy themselves.

The destruction is currently staring us in the face... Populations growing to increasing demands for declining physical resources. Drinking water / fresh water is one rapidly declining physical resource under pressure from its use in "F#cking" gas, conflicting with the agricultural use of water as well as individual human needs.

Before we can grow quantum self-organising computers, we have to inwardly self-organise and (like the scarab beetle) use our "navigation" system. Watch the stars crossing the night sky. They are showing us how to navigate!!

Cellular plant technologies will allow local community based production and development. It is more like an Open Source Technology that anyone and everyone can use. It would allow local communities to work on, develop and utilise plant technologies within the community to support all aspects of community life. It is possible to create materials harder and more durable than metals using plant fibers. Hemp and other plants will unlock this secret for us.

Imagine the walls of your house grow from advanced cellular plant technologies, they are alive in the same way leaves are alive, and the walls of the house regulate heat and cold as well as photosynthesising light as an energy source stored within the structure of the house. That gives a new meaning to a Hemp House!

The plant world is very close to the female .. the feminine .. and women are an essential part of unlocking the secrets of this world. It is possible that the "metal man" is afraid of all this control being taken out of his hands. Because, yang can have tremendous crushing force over yin and falsely feel "powerful" like a king.

This out of control metal & fire yang imbalance in the world is destroying natural habitat, destroying birds, fish and animals. However, metal and fire out of control ultimately destroys itself. The Universe is about balance, and when basic forces go out of balance they come back into balance through self-destruction. Even within the out of balance yang is a seed of yin seeking balance.

In the future, the next thing self-organising plant technologies can do is to clean up the environmental pollution, including radioactive contamination. We cannot do this today, because it is not on our radar. Also, because out of balance yang aspect mindset cannot discover yin/yang balanced solutions. It is not only about discovering plant technologies; but knowing how to use them.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Winter Haze - Europe's Air Stinks!

Haze - an atmospheric phenomenon where dust, smoke and other dry particle concentrations obscure the clarity of the sky. Fog, ice fog, mist, smoke, volcanic ash, dust, sand and snow form a haze.
Only by direct observation, can you understand...

First I made my 2013 January 1 post: 2013 Mist Fog & Volcanoes
Then my 2013 January 13 post: Smog Not Smaug

It is January 22, 2013 .. and in Europe we are experiencing the same humidity/fog/haze density as China .. not as extreme .. but, with different manifested effects. Teaching us that weather is a planetary phenomenon and not an isolated local phenomenon.

The weather pattern creating the extreme smog/pollution trap in China, is the same weather pattern that is creating the cold, wet, icy weather across Europe!

Winter Haze - Europe's Air Stinks!
Let me explain! The last few days in Europe have seen extreme snow and ice, created by excess humidity .. excess low atmospheric water .. freezing temperatures .. leading to snow, black ice, atmospheric haze, rain and snow...

We do not have China's fog or smog .. but we do have a stinking atmospheric haze .. trapping the moisture, water humidity, atmospheric haze building particle .. creating ever changing levels of snow, ice, rain and snow!

In the last few days I have observed light snowfall, cold winds, ice on the ground, warm winds, rain, black ice, frozen snow .. melting snow turn to ice .. but most of all an unusual endless grey .. overcast .. atmospheric haze that stinks !!

This low lying haze blankets all of Europe!

I could smell the stink in the air today... But, the intensity of the smell depends on the weather conditions at the time. Most of the time the smoggy smell cannot be detected in Europe, because the air conditions keep the air moving.

Ice and Snow On The Trees
In the last few days I have seen [within grey high humidity atmospheric haze] .. snow, melting snow on ice, tree branches covered in ice, snow lying heavy on icy tree branches, melting ice and snow, rain, melting snow, ice, fresh snowfall...

I am happy not to be breathing dirty fog and smog!!

Is the air any different here than it is in China?

I don't think so!

This is where human beings have to seriously work together and realise that they are one. The Earth is teaching us and showing us that we are a Planetary society .. a Planetary race. It does not matter what our unique genetics are... Humans are humans no matter what.

Europe's haze may be high in the atmosphere .. but it stinks!
It is time to harmonise with our Planet!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Meteor Showers Invisible Dark Fields

Aristotle .. 384 BC–322 BC .. thought that meteor showers were part of a phenomenon that affected the Earth's atmosphere and the weather. He named the phenomenon, meteors [the Greek word for sky]. Meteorology means: The study of the weather.

Meteor showers are said to be created from the Earth's orbit passing through remnants of ice and debris from a comet's tail. Meteor showers [shooting stars] are observed as bright streaks of light crossing the night sky as small meteoroids enter the Earth's atmosphere.

Aristotle was right!

The cosmic interaction between the Earth's atmosphere and the space-field the Earth is passing through, create atmospheric phenomenon (meteor showers) that most probably affect the weather in ways we do not yet totally comprehend.

Meteor Showers Invisible Fields
Let me now try to explain the meteor showers "invisible fields". I was going to write "invisible particles" but they are not diverse particles. As the Earth's orbit passes through a field of particles and vapor. Only! We cannot detect the vapor!

Part of the reason we do not detect the unseen vapor fields, that are a major aspect of meteor showers, is because the Earth has so much moisture in the atmosphere. How do you measure water entering watery planet? The Earth's atmosphere immediately soaks up the invisible field, and all we see are the bright streaks of shooting stars within that field.

This is part of my theory: That deep space is wet and that space, Galaxies, Solar Systems and the Universe are watery environments. That this water is in forms that we do not yet recognise. I think the water of Planets and Moons comes directly from the Universe.

Apart from 2013 being a great year for spectacular comets, this year will also be a good year for meteor showers. I suspect that depending on the Earth's orbit interaction cycle, meteor showers can be medium, poor or somewhat spectacular.

One of the reason scientists do not consider that meteor showers and comet tails affect the Earth's atmosphere and the weather / climate .. is because they think all there is to a meteor showers are a few shooting stars.

Tiny fragments that burn up brightly in less than a second.

This does not make sense! What is holding these tiny fragments together in orbit? There has to be a more powerful unseen and invisible medium, and that is the "watery field". I say "water"; but this is not water as we know it.

There has to be a high level of moisture (or nuclear water) in the bright burn up of meteorites as they shoot down through the atmosphere. Why does modern man worship matter and ignore water? Is water feminine? The Universe is probably more water than matter.

Let's say there is an invisible field associated with meteor showers and comets that has not been detected by man on the Earth. It is essentially life giving, bringing cosmic breath into the atmosphere of the planet. This field interacts with the atmosphere in profound and life essential ways.

To try and make this more down to Earth...

Solar System & Human Creation
Imagine that the Planet is like a womb and the meteorites are like sperm. If you could magnify a single sperm and you did not know what is was, you would never think or consider that this sperm seed can cultivate the body of a human being.

Sperm is carried within a fluid.

It is the same with meteorites and perhaps with comets. The meteorites are like cosmic sperm, seeds from space, and they are carried within a fluid .. which I call "the field". Who knows what mystery lies behind those tiny shooting stars!

Even if one knows that sperm+egg=life .. it is still an amazing phenomenon that only raises more questions than answers. Trying to figure out the genetic mechanisms alone, is like trying to look at the night sky through a pinhole.

The human was created from the Universal Template.

Human bodies have to follow universal creation laws. So, you have this creation mystery expanding thought space-time, just as you have the principle of creation on a smaller level within the human form. We are a micro-cosmos within the greater cosmos!

Sparks Within The Field
The way I see it, meteorites are the visible part of Earth's interactions with an invisible flowing field. Meteorites are the sparks within the field, the energy (fire) that sparks and shows us something is happening. Meteorites are the bright part of the interacting field. The rest of the field is probably Dark Matter or what I call Dark Pools, as they contain presently unknown forms of water.

Feminine water and male fire combine, creating physical matter! Therefore, matter contains both a yin and yang aspects belonging to male (yang) and female (yin) forces combining. Within material life there would then be endless variations of the yin yang balance.

For example, the Sun contains water and fire [in my theory], and is in itself a major creator and sustainer of life. The Sun keeps the Solar System alive, as well as maintaining Planetary life down to the most microscopic level.

Does the fire of meteorites (yang) travel with its companion, the watery field (yin) .. bringing unseen elements to Earth and seeding the Earth with life?

Instruments cannot detect the dark field; but the human mind can!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Smog Not Smaug

Ancient cities sprung from marshes, researcher finds
For more than a century, archaeologists have believed that ancient Mesopotamian cities – places like Uruk and Ur – were born along the banks of the great rivers of the Middle East and depended mainly on irrigation of surrounding deserts for their survival.

Dr. Jennifer Pournelle, a research assistant professor in the School of the Environment at the University of South Carolina, has a different theory. She believes that the great cities of southern Iraq grew and thrived in vast lowland marshes fed by those rivers, not along the banks of rivers themselves.

On January 1, 2013 I wrote about mists and fog .. it is still too early for the volcanoes. I saw it visually, and I later tried to understand what I saw. My understanding brought me to: natural cycles. We live in cycles within cycles.

Why is this so important to understand?

It is something we should learn about, study, be aware of and not be afraid of these natural cycles. Our early ancestors understood this, and I feel that we - as planetary humans - are returning to that understanding of the natural world on which we depend.

Beijing is having the worst fog, smog and air pollution they have ever had and the smog is so bad the Government have warned people to stay indoors and not breathe the bad air. In fact the heavy smog conditions, the worst on record for the city, are said to be lasting until Jan 15 and that people should avoid going outside (where possible).

Cycles Within Cycles
I don't know this to be a fact; but I am thinking from my observation of Nature that these cities are built on or around marshland. I am not a geologist and I do not know if this is the case .. but from my observations I would say that a lot of the air and smog problems are badly designed cities build across marshes.

London is another example of a badly designed city built on marshland. Marshes contain everything mankind needs to survive. Marshes channel much needed water, they are flatlands, they allow ease of movement and prosperity. Marshes are/were rich in natural resources .. both plant and animal, fish and birds. It is not so good to build on them .. and that is why I say "badly planned cities."

In certain cycles you are going to have mist, fog and smog lying low on marshlands. I would imagine that marshlands naturally emit / breathe out gasses, under certain climatic circumstances.

People living in these locations are living in damp wet and cold/moist conditions where the air can be still and hang for days or weeks over the breathing marshes .. energies that are locked under the foundations of marshland cities!!

That is another aspect of what I call "bad planning". Like architecture for DuMMiEs (or by dummies) .. where cities like London blocked, destroyed and paved over all the rivers, waterways and small streams offering land irrigation.

Don't think that because you build over waterways, marshes and streams that the water and the water vapor just goes away. The climatic cycles and atmospheric water/land relationship still exist above and below those cities! It doesn't just go away.

Year of The water Dragon 1952 / 2012
I did not know any of this before I began this post. I simply researched it all in the last few hours... The Chinese Water Dragon Cycle: 1952 and 2012 .. and what do they have in common?

The killer London smog of December 1952 !!

This is what I mean about natural cycles .. cycles within cycles. Maybe, someone should research and understand the actual science behind the Chinese wisdom of nature and the elements of the Lunar Year Cycles. Hidden in these traditions is a form of Geomantic Alchemy!

The Great Smog [Not Smaug]
The Great London Smog of 1952, created by a period of cold weather, combined with an anticyclone and windless conditions, caused severe air pollution that affected London over 5 days in December 1952.

Although they blame pollution for the deadly smog .. in reality .. it is air vapor doing what marshes do and trapping pollution particles within the natural cycle. The man made pollutants increased inside the natural weather / climate / marshland cycle.

January, 2012 .. the end of the Chinese Water Dragon cycle. The city of Beijing, that I imagine is built on marshlands and flatland waterways, is hit with one of the most severe smog / pollution events to be experienced by the city. The event is so severe, the Government tells the Beijingers to "stay indoors" !!

Year of The Water Snake 1953 / 2013
If the ancient Chinese masters left humanity a legacy of accurate Geomancy and Alchemy, then could volcanoes play a role in the mists and fog? I don't know!

I did some research and something came to me involving the 1953 Ruapehu and the Tangiwai New Zealand disaster, that took place in December of that year.

At 8 p.m. on Christmas Eve 1953, the debris at the outlet of Crater Lake collapsed. About 340,000 cubic metres of water poured into the head of the Whangaehu River and swept down the valley, picking up sand, silt and boulders as it went. Soon after 10 p.m. this volcanic mud flow, known as a lahar, smashed into the main trunk railway bridge at Tangiwai. The concrete piers were knocked out and the bridge partially collapsed.

Mt Ruapehu, did not erupt .. but the outer crater of the volcanic lake suddenly collapsed, causing the release of a lahar [a mass of water, ice, volcanic rubble and ash]. The long flow of quickly released water and the long body of the train caught up in the disaster; both follow the signature/energy of the snake.

The snake is low lying, serpentine and 2013 is the signature of the water snake. That may include the image of water serpents .. breath, vapor, mist and shrouds .. that which is hidden .. unseen .. unexpected .. is slow moving .. that can suddenly and unexpectedly transform!

Of course! Matter is a form of energy!

You don't have matter without energy .. as energy/magnetism holds matter together in its physical bonded state. Release the energy and matter no longer holds it physical form.

Humans build extensively and without thought on flatlands that were marshlands; but when we waken up to the dynamic nature of the world we live on .. then perhaps humans will build totally different living areas in harmony with the dynamics of Planet Earth. Harmony begins within us!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Thank You: "My Body"

Either death transforms us .. or it kills us!
Death is both ending and beginning...

I was born with a good mind! No matter what hardships befell me .. even as a young kid .. I always retained a gentle view of the world. A good mind was my blessing in life.

Outer events brought from me a gentle compassion. I rarely reacted to outer events, other than with understanding, a good mind and a gentle compassion. With these abilities .. of which I did not think .. I could affect those around me .. bring calm to people's hearts, end panic and initiate healing.

Most of all I was hardest on myself!

Perhaps because of the spirit of my good mind .. I always had a healthy body. A body I listened to and took care of. Even as a young child, when my body communicated to me that it did not agree with meat or medication .. I listened.

By the time I got sick, much later in life, I knew nothing really about "sickness". The body was always respected... no substances, no bad food, no medications and I maintained clean energy and a healthy clean mind. I took care of the body and the body took care of me.

Until I got sick, I took all of this for granted!

I focused on helping people around me. I used my good health to help others. I often helped others to the detriment of my own well being. In my early life people often used me to dump all the problems and negativity they collected .. and the sadness, their sorrows and fears.

There seemed to be no end to peoples problems and fears...

Most of all I wanted to help. I wanted to "serve". To make the world a better place to live in. To support my fellow man. Create peace and to heal humanity.

Then .. one day .. I got really sick!

Compassion for Your Own Self
My body was my friend and I never really knew it! I never really paid attention to the physical body. Most of my energy was in my mind and was focused on the higher states of the world around us.

I was always healthy and fit .. without having to do anything physical to make the body fit and healthy. But! Over time .. the body can only do so much .. before it needs our love and attention...

The first time I got very sick, I thought I was going to die. That was partly due to the fact that I almost never got sick .. and to the fact that I would recover from any flu virus in next to no time, super fast, with little suffering. I was a healer who never needed to be healed.

Therefore, getting sick and feeling bad was like death to me.

If I was feeling weak and sick then I knew I had to be "dying".

The flu virus .. on that occasion .. was so bad that even my bones hurt. That was all I was: A sack of bones tied together with loose tendons and painfully aching muscles. It never occurred to me at the time that this was a sign that something was wrong with the colon (the bodies major immune and detox organ). I had a flu virus! Right!

On the worse night of the flu, I woke up in the early hours of the morning and the tendons and joints were so painful that I physically could not move. I just lay there thinking: This is the end!

Out of the blue, there came an unexpected inner change in my own attitude to myself. You know! When we get sick the first thing we do is think how bad it is. Our thoughts complain and think: This is so painful, this is so bad, why am I suffering .. and that is where our focus is drawn .. to the "pain".

Maybe, because this kind of physical suffering was new to me? Something totally new took place! An inner transformation that came out of nowhere and surprised even myself. Out of the blue, I suddenly respected and trusted my body. For the first time in my life I said: "Thank You!!"

Thank you so much! Thank you for protecting me!

That was when the body looked back at me .. very difficult to describe. In that moment I saw that the physical body is no different than a loyal cat or dog .. an animal who loves us .. we the spirit .. and who is loyal to the spirit to the last moment of breath.

Thank You: "My Body"
In the very early hours of the morning, often worse for any flu symptoms, I suddenly felt compassion for my body. It is not like the inner compassion went step 1 - step 2 - step 3 in linear time. Everything happened at once! In an instant! Although, it took physical time to express the deep inner realisation. I was awake many hours .. and that is the time it took to correct a lifetime of taking my body for granted.

For the first time in my life I experienced genuine love, compassion and gratitude for my own physical body. I could see that the body's immune system was doing everything it could do to keep me alive. The body was a living animal with its own unique intelligence. A living divine temple for the inhabiting spirit.

I thanked the body .. and I expressed deep felt gratitude. I told the body that no matter what .. even if we died .. that I was deeply grateful for the journey we had shared together. For the first time, I expressed compassion for my own self that otherwise was only part of my outer world experience. For the first time in my life, I was truly taking care of "myself".

How can we love others, if we do not love ourselves?

The Body Loves You
The most amazing thing, to me, was the sudden opening of a window into my own inner being and its relationship with the physical body. The animal body...

Humans think animal is like "beast" and trees, plants, fish and birds are lower life forms. Only man, is superior. So! Why are we here? Why are we so destructive? Equally destructive to ourselves? If we are so superior...

The human body has its own unique intelligence and the body really loves us in the same way cats or dogs love humans. One could say that the human body is in love with the spirit. We are born together into this world .. we are one.

After that there was no turning back or falling into forgetfulness. Feeling the presence of death had woken me up inside myself .. not outside .. but inside!

Then came true respect and love.

I learned to listen and to pay attention to the bodies intelligence, the communications and the exchange of love, gratitude and compassion. Treat your body with respect and the body will respond in ways it was designed to do.

You could call it Initiation and Transformation? As we travel physically through life, we travel inwardly in relationship to the body-temple-spirit awareness.

People love their houses, apartments and cars more than they love their own bodies. People feel more appreciation for their cats and dogs than they feel for their own bodies. We are not taught to love our own physical body or to consider the body as "a friend".

A lifetime friend! Right!

It is not enough to "know it" .. you have to feel it and express it... Thank you so much. I thank you from my heart. Thank you for protecting me.

The negativity comes to an end when the mind is used to express deep felt gratitude and love (and friendship) for the physical body .. the human animal. Spirit is not an animal .. spirit is something else. But! Do not be afraid of animals!

You love the little birds, the beauty of a Summers day. You love the mountains and the rivers and the sea. You love the people around you and the beauty of life. Everything outside of you .. you love.

Now it is time to learn to love yourself!

Friday, January 11, 2013

2013 Water Snake Alchemy - Inner Awareness

Alchemy is art .. is transformation

2013 is the year of the Chinese Water Snake or the Black Snake, from which come all kinds of analysis "ancient" and modern .. mostly modern. However, I am going to suggest something new .. although it is very ancient way of looking at the world and at ourselves.

The lost Alchemy of Chinese wisdom.

In ancient China there may have been a more general accepted explanation for the Lunar cycles; but at the same time there must have been a deeper, hidden understanding of these cycles .. especially in relation to mankind - to ourselves.

Each Chinese Lunar Cycle represents Nature, cycles of the Earth, climate/weather and human / plant / animal cycles. Which may insult a lot of people who do not want to consider that human beings are born into and live within small and large planetary and Solar / Lunar cycles.

No matter how elaborate or how sophisticated interpretations of the Lunar Years are .. there is something missing. We have the hieroglyphs of Ancient Egypt, the glyphs of the Maya and many other written forms of ancient hieroglyphic art (knowledge) that seem to be translated into modern language in reduced and unrecognisable forms. The "translations" do not seem to make much sense at all.

Simply, because the missing piece of the puzzle is ALCHEMY.

Either we are Alchemists or we are ??? I don't know!

2013 Water Snake Alchemy - Inner Awareness
If you forget everything that was ever written (in modern times) and you take deep consideration of the snake .. what does it mean outside of physical structures and material existence?

I think that this is the real art behind the Lunar New Year .. it is a form or guide of Inner Alchemy. The original masters of this art did not write down their teachings .. like Zen Masters they taught directly. Only, later was it written down and codified.

I seriously doubt that individual personal "predictions" were made according to the Lunar Cycles; but that the students of the Masters learned Inner Alchemy of the cycles, just as in Ancient Egypt and lost cultures unknown to us today.

Power is how one meets the event / meeting what is.

In our world today people are programmed to focus on and be influenced by or believe in the power of external events. You and your personality are a result of ongoing external events that flow and affect you of your control.

I don't think so!

Although the Water Snake can bring a year of challenges and changes, this does not mean the energy of transformation is out of our control .. or more accurately, is out of our reach.

The Alchemy of energies or energy cycles are related to Inner Alchemy. We are a part of the outer and the outer is a part of us. There is a connection. Nothing happens by chance.

The energies of the snake (the serpent) are powerful and secretive. These are not external energies. This is a time of inner decline/weakness or of inner harmony/strength. Snake energies, especially related to water, are inward looking and reflective.

Snake is also the spine/vertebra circulation of chi/life force.

People imagine that the snake is "deceptive"; but the snake is cunning, silent, hidden and extremely aware. When snake energies are powerful within an individual, you do not see them. I imagine that the water snake is even more powerful in this respect.

In Ancient Egypt you see the snake appearing at the forehead or third-eye. This sign/symbol would be the Inner Eye affecting matter in unseen and hidden ways. This is also caution as to how we use our inner powers.

The higher form of Alchemy would not be outer transformation; but would be inner transformation and awareness. The snake does not just rush out and do things. The snake is highly aware, watches, observes, moves slowly .. although, is ready to strike in less than a nanosecond.

The snake never wastes energy!

Imagine an outer "serpent monster" like a symbol of Initiation. Where do we overcome or pass beyond this challenge? Inside! Not outside! The energies demand inner strength .. or inner cohesion .. a deeper inner balance between forces of Yin and Yang.

Humans are so far removed from the balance of the Yin/Yang or inner/outer cycles. The Earth's climate is outside challenging the inner force (awareness, spirit). In other words: Earth Changes affect us inwardly.

What if your soul/spirit has many thousands, tens of thousands or millions of years of Inner Wisdom? What if the human soul has infinite wisdom beyond time? How do you access that wisdom? How do you use that wisdom?

First, you have to know it exists!!

If I was an ancient master teaching students how to apply themselves to the cycle of the snake. I would say: Be calm, pay attention, move slowly and be aware at all times. Look inside and find your true spirit. Look inside and find your true nature. Do not be afraid! Be strong! Know yourself!

The snake is a symbol of higher and lower energies united!

The snake moves serpentine along the ground .. the snake moves like water! Yet, the snake is a creature of high awareness, is cunning and silent. Be aware! Cunning and silent go hand in hand...

I once met a real snake on a Summers day deep in the woods. That is a meeting I will never forget. The snake was hidden under the trees in the long grass. It did not move and yet I saw it.

It is hard to describe how powerful these creatures are. I was so large (as a human), and the snake was so small and fragile, so close to the ground. Yet, I was so inwardly small and the snake was so powerful in terms of energy, composure and awareness.

In terms of applied Inner Alchemy, one has to meditate and be aware, pay attention, see oneself as one sees a snake. Use the center of the mind. Remain balanced and hidden. This is very powerful Inner Alchemy of awareness.

The real danger of the snake is in its speed.

Transformation can hit you faster than the speed of light!

Friday, January 04, 2013

Infinite Mathematics

This is going to be one of my more challenging posts, as it is really not that easy to explain insights into Infinite Mathematics.

First! Do not try to imagine that I am a mathematician. I am not good with numbers and I reverse 21 to 12 .. but I am good with numbers like: 11, 22, 33, 44 etc .. reverse 22 and it still looks and sounds the same.

The next problem I have is 2 + 2 = ?
It is very easy .. 2 + 2 = 22

That is how my mind works !!

There ia another kind of mathematics unknown to most humans living on the Earth today. A small number of people may know about "Infinite Mathematics"; but they generally do not talk about it out of fear of being considered "dumb" "stupid" or worse.

As I am not afraid of being dumb, stupid or worse .. I can consider the dynamics of what I call Infinite Mathematics °-)

It is not that hard to understand. It is a sort of applied mathematics or what I call multi-dimensional mathematics. The same basic rules apply; but they transform infinitely between the dimensions and even within this dimension.

In my theory, Einsteins claim that the speed of light is fixed .. is essentially wrong. Standard fixations for the speed of light are simply a working model limitation of Infinite Mathematics, because the system has problems dealing with INFINITY and an INFINITE number of INFINITE systems.

We humans apply: "Keep It Simple Stupid" dynamics to our calculations.

Infinite Mathematics
Take Einstein .. or any mathematical model of the Universe, of physical matter, in physics or distances in space (whatever). Humans come up with Quantum Theories, that have to be mathematically proven .. or are shown to exist.

It just came to me today, that we take Infinite Mathematics and we draw or define mathematical structure / limited structures within the Quantum Field of Infinite Mathematics. I hope you are still with me!

For example, Einstein could design his own limited mathematical structures and calculations within the larger field of Infinite Mathematics, because smaller and larger theories fit into Infinite Mathematics when they follow the rules of Universal Mathematical Structures.

As you can see this is difficult to explain!

Imagine you are Van Gogh and you have a canvas in front of you. That blank canvas stands between you and the landscape you are painting. Van Gogh follows certain laws of Nature and laws of mathematics .. perspective, depth, colour and design .. to abstract the actual living landscape and put it or interpret it onto the canvas.

Einstein did the same! He extrapolated from the source of Infinite Mathematics!
Extrapolate: To infer (an unknown) from something that is known.

To those who claim that Time Travel is not possible and the speed of light is a fixed constant? Sure! For them that is true, because they are looking at the "landscape" through a particular defined mathematical model.

It is the same with Einstein as with Van Gogh .. one paints a masterpiece onto canvas using the medium of paint. Only! Van Gogh knows what he is doing and does not claim that his paintings are absolutes! As, the other (Einstein), paints a mathematical canvas .. but claims his lines are absolutes. That is the problem with science today!

3 + 3 + 3 = 333
What I am trying to say is that you have this Infinite Mathematics supporting limited applied mathematical models on Earth, as long as the human mathematical models fit into the Infinite Mathematical Fields.

From my own perspective, you have Einstein or Newton and other Quantum models fitting into a much larger Infinite Mathematical Field, and these models work as long as the limited theories fit into the inter-dimensional quantum mathematical landscape.

It is not so much that Einstein is/was a genius .. but that Einstein could fit his models into the landscape of the Infinite Mathematical Fields.

One example of this is that Einstein's models work mathematically, although he was wrong about the speed of light. It is the same with Newton... Some Newtonian equations work and some do not work. But do you know why some of it does not work? It is very simple!

Van Gogh did not say: My painting of Starry Night is what all of you will see when you go out and look up at the stars on a clear and moonless night. Van Gogh did not set a constant for his work. He simply applied his structure within the order of Infinite Mathematics.

Another example of this is building bridges. As long as the structure of a bridge applies to the constant of physical mathematics, the structure will stand. The mathematical laws of building a bridge structure are constant? Right?

No they are not!

The structure of a bridge has to interact with and survive changing constants .. including structural aging as well as changes in the outer environment. Although changes in the environment can be compensated for in the design .. heat & cold .. there are many more levels of changing constants we humans do not compensate for.

One level is: It may be too expensive to build an indestructible bridge!!

Nature overcomes that problem by, death and renewal...

Artists know they are painting a representation of Infinite Mathematics as applied to their own understanding of what they are seeing, within a living moving field. No artist says, I have just defined "reality".

The mathematical theories that work, in terms of applied mathematics, are simply the theories that structurally fit into the greater field of Infinite Mathematics.

What happens .. then .. when we realise this?

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

2013 Mist Fog & Volcanoes

New Year’s Day stems from an ancient Roman custom, the feast of the Roman god Janus – god of doorways and beginnings. The name for the month of January also comes from Janus, who was depicted as having two faces. One face of Janus looked back into the past, and the other looking forward to the future.

I have said before in earlier Blog Posts that the end of December / beginning of January is - for me - not a time to be jumping around celebrating. It is a quiet time I use to meditate and look into "the mirror". Not a physical mirror; but a cosmic / planetary mirror made from converging energies.

In cycles of death and rebirth the Winter turns to Spring turns to Summer turns to Autumn, and December 31 / January 1 (any year) is like the umbilical chord of the next cycle.

In the northern hemisphere it is a time of standstill, where the trees lose their leaves, animals hibernate or become quiet and the energies withdraw back into the Earth preparing for Spring.

Just as you see everything reflected in a clear still lake of water, you can see what is reflected upon the mirror of still and reflective energies.

Once you teach yourself to see into Earth energy mirrors, then the same mirror shows you your own Buddha Self. Awareness instantly transforms the mind, and so the moment one sees what is, one is instantly transformed into another state of being.

One cannot see a higher state unless one is in that state.

The reason to love the Earth, love Nature and love Oneself .. is due to the resonant frequency connections necessary to alter consciousness and transform the mind.

The world we have today is a result of the human mind being stuck in a very small limited pool of activity, where ego identity is the chain keeping humans bound to this very small pool. The more people who join that pool the worse it gets.

If you have one or two people in a disturbed pool of water (particular stream of consciousness), it is bearable and the water does not get dirty so fast. But! When you have millions or billions actively joining a very small pool .. the effects can be overflow of psychic pollution.

Many of the worlds problems are not physical overpopulation; but are psychic pollution of too many minds in very small pools of activity, where all activity is PSYCHIC [P x P = P] .. Pool times Psyche equals levels of Pollution.

2013 Mist Fog & Volcanoes
I think you can easily guess what I saw... I saw heavy fog or mists shrouding the Planet or shrouding the way ahead. Then I had to figure out what I was seeing.

When we pay attention and listen, the Earth speaks to us in advanced hieroglyphs. The Native Peoples called these Earth / human communications "signs". They would pray, meditate and receive signs that they would have to figure out. Someone would have to understand the sign, understand the hieroglyphic language.

One aspect of mists is related to humidity. Fog is formed from a high concentration of tiny liquid water droplets, where high humidity exceeds 95 percent .. meaning water saturated air. A mist is formed from particles, forming a haze. That could also be volcanoes. Both mist and fog are caused by microscopic water droplets suspended in the air.

Mist is a phenomenon caused by small droplets of water suspended in air. It can occur as part of natural weather or volcanic activity, and is common in cold air forming above warmer water. The only difference between mist and fog is density and its effect on visibility. A cloud that reduces visibility to less than 1 km is called fog, whereas if visibility is between 1 and 2 km it is called mist.

The key to this puzzle seems to be humidity. I have my own ideas about potential changes in humidity and how it can affect the weather conditions on Earth. Other, more mysterious factors, are comets. Two major comets will be a defining signature of 2013.

Comet PANNSTARS will be visible from the southern hemisphere in the first two months of 2013. By the beginning of March the comet will begin to swing northwards, becoming visible in the northern hemisphere by mid-March.

Comet ISON will be visible at the end of 2013 .. and could be truly spectacular in its brightness. Since it is very well placed for viewing from the northern hemisphere, this Comet could be one of the best and brightest comets of the past several centuries.

Because I have this theory that the Sun keeps the Planets "wet" .. I would tend to think that the Sun's activities in 2013 may contribute to changes in humidity, perhaps volcanic activity and maybe have an effect on the layers of the Earth's atmosphere.

The way I see it is this: The Sun and the Planets are ALCHEMISTS .. they create and sustain life. They are also Alchemists of change and transformation, of which (we) their children, have to keep up and adapt. The Planets keep us alive and aware through adaptation.

Animals, birds, fish, plants and trees all have to adapt to changing conditions in some way or another, and so do we humans! Nothing remains the same. Life is in a constant state of renewal.

I have this theory that the Sun, comets, water, the Earth's atmospheric layers, the sea, volcanoes, humidity and the jet streams would interact in complex ways to create specific cycles on Planets in the Solar System.

Another understanding of the time of mists, is that when fog covers the land "slow down", when mist shrouds the air it is not wise to continue at the same pace as before. When the air is clear and all can be seen .. then walking ahead at a fast pace can be justified. When heavy mists or fog shroud the surrounding countryside then is it wise to stop and reflect on current circumstances.

High in the mountains the landscape can be beautiful and inspiring on a clear dry sunny day .. or even on a clear dry star filled night. When the mountains suddenly fill with misty fog, nothing can be seen clearly and the atmosphere can become sullen and inwardly reflective.

Meeting mist in the high mountains can be a life changing event, as it forces us to consider inner values and feelings as the mist cuts off all external panoramic views and ease of travel.

Trained mountain people will know to sit out bad weather high in the mountains. The mists do not last forever. Choice is either ended or is restricted. One is pushed back into a reflective state that lasts as long as the mists remain.

Therefore, in relation to mists, the ruling force is external to oneself and comes or descends from outside. We would have to have the intelligence to look inside and reconsider all things in the light of the natural situation manifesting outside of our control.

When related to comets, the misty tail as seen from Earth is often experienced as a dramatic and life changing event. There is much beauty in a comet, and no one really knows how comets affect life on Earth. Once more there is an outside event, shrouded in beauty, potentially manifesting change.