Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Zen Qi - Movement and Force

"I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once... I fear the man who had practiced one kick 10,000 times." - Bruce Lee

I have always respected my body! The physical human body is Nature. Not only trees .. and birds .. and grass .. and rivers .. and mountains .. and sky are Nature. The human body is an undivided part of Nature. When you respect the body .. you respect the Earth!

In the period of my life when I was experiencing Candida overgrowth - leaky gut - immune system collapse [I was a walking transit container for internal candida fungi and bacteria] .. I found that I could not do the simplest physical task without having circulation / heart and sweat issues.

My body was either putting on weight or my body was losing weight! My physical form was so fragile that my hands were shaking. Every muscle and tendon in my body ached if I attempted any slight physical activity. If I attempted to repot a plant .. my shoulders - back - butt - thighs and arms would internally ache '-) I would think: What do my thigh muscles and tendons have to do with a simple light upper body activity??

When my weight would increase with Candida fungal infection / overgrowth .. I could not do any exercise because my heart rate had taken on a life of its own out of proportion to the activity of my body. It was not exercise that got my body back into shape! It was beneficial probiotics like Threelac and kefir that got me back into shape!

I am aware that a lot of people do not like Threelac .. and also it is expensive. In my personal experience .. Threelac was the key to reversing all my weird symptoms and out of control body behaviours until I began growing my own kefir grains. I am not saying it will work for you! I am saying that it worked for me!

The most important point is that it was not physical exercise that created balance of weight issues in my body! It was the gradual return of beneficial gut and colon probiotic bacterias and related full body detox that returned my weight to its natural healthy state. Rapidly gaining weight and rapidly losing weight were no longer a problem.

When the major organs and the colon cannot remove / detox waste and toxins from the body .. the toxins get stored in the body as fat to neutralize them until a time when they can be effectively removed from the body. What are toxins? Anything the body considers a threat or danger including heavy metals, chemicals and various forms of "medication". Anything that creates acidity or over-acidity is stored / neutralized as fat .. fatty tissue.

The One Punch Form
For me! Physical exercise has always been spirit-body coordination. I have never been interested in mechanical physical training activities. I do not like to work my body to the point where everything hurts and I have to take three or four days to recover...

"Use the amount of weight that you can handle without undue strain." – Bruce Lee

In my recovery state of Candida overgrowth and leaky gut I decided to design my own exercises that also gave me inner resonance and peace of mind - peace of being. I did not want to "exercise" .. I wanted to channel the flow of chi through my muscles .. bones and tendons in a powerful but natural way.

I filled a bathroom washcloth with rice and I hung the bag on the wall at shoulder height. This was to be my exercise punch bag .. Zen style without exertion. I applied the simplest form of Karate-Do Kyohan: Front Punch (Oi-suki) - attack (punch) of the right fist and following attack (punch) of the left fist - with the correct body posture.

I worked my body to punch without hitting or punching the bag. Of course, you can gently punch the bag .. but that is not the focus of the exercise. The focus is gentle movement and relaxed muscles and tendons. Do not try this at home from my description .. because I know what I am doing. I taught myself these disciplines at 15 years old. I never harm my body or stress my body. I was born with this passion for physical-body / gentle movements: The One Punch Form

So, what I discovered is this: It takes my entire body to apply this simple exercise. At first I would do 11 punches [11 right-hand 11 left-hand counting two punches as one]. Then I would do 22 .. 33 .. 44 .. 111 .. 122 .. and so on. Either fast or slow did not matter as long as it was gentle and the muscles and tendons were relaxed.

I was working my whole body!

Fast can be dynamic! But slow and gentle is actually more intensive over the whole body than fast and sharp. I am still experimenting with this and learning every day. The most interesting effect is the way my body feels internally within its physical structure. No effort - deep response!

One Tendon
When you activate one tendon, you activate all tendons of the body. When you activate one muscle, you activate all muscles of the body. One bone .. all bones! Then there is the dynamic relationship between muscles .. tendons and bones. Different forms = one life force.

For me .. the unifying principle is love and compassion for the body.

The body teaches me: Okay! You have to have the love! First we have to feel compassion for the body that we inhabit in this life. Out of that compassion arises an incredible sensitivity. If we do not respect our bodies then we do not respect anything in life.

Everything in our body is elastic (hydrated)! The inner deep-space elasticity is coordinated throughout the entire body. The bones are elastic .. the muscles and tendons are elastic .. the skin and connective tissue are elastic .. the veins and arteries are elastic .. the nerves are elastic. Is the mind elastic?

When you move your arm .. the whole body moves with you! The bones - tissues - heart - veins - nerves - muscles and tendons all move or contract in relation to the movement of your arm or movement of the entire body. Extending or contracting is elasticity [hydration]. Probiotics hydrate and fungi dehydrate.

Zen Qi - Movement and Force
There was one time in my life as a child where I mysteriously experienced three days of strange phenomena. It always manifest at night .. and that is why I often say the light shines brightest in the darkness. The experience was like experiencing the Planet Jupiter totally gigantic in my mind .. and the smallest tiny micro-particle magnified in balance with the largest Planet. The gigantic planets magnified became the smallest particle magnified. They were one and the same. There was complete balance / harmony.

I now see the same principle within the body. The smallest particle .. the largest organ are one. The movement in the tendon in the shoulder does not take place without movement in the tendon in the foot. Even if you are sitting at a computer and you slowly punch your hand towards the computer screen .. you can feel the movement in your whole body including the relaxed tendon in your foot.

Any physical movement in the body is instant same movement of whole body = the heart is involved in each movement .. the bones are involved in each movement .. the tendons and muscles are involved in each movement. We just take it all for granted. Move one finger and you feel the movement reflected in your heart!

Monday, December 30, 2013

The Zen Qi Particle

Before the lotus blossom emerges from the water,
the roots enter the soil.

- ZenSu

Dark Light: Who are you before you are born?
"It took us until 2019 to fully develop the technology required to detect and observe dark light without distorting its presence.

We discovered that dark light likes to hide its presence within light when being observed... To further complicate our discoveries The Teachers insisted dark light is the key, they called: The center without a center."
- Crystal Tor

I use this Zen related aspect to highlight the often bizarre and seamless relationship between Qi (energy) - spirit and physical matter. Zen Qi life-force cannot be detected by physical sciences or physical technologies. The sciences of the physical world are based on detecting movement - impulses - reactions (waves) or bursts of energy. This is why I use the concept of dark-light to understand the background world physicists mistakenly label: Anti-matter!

A number of times in my life I have experienced my body being instantly (physically) moved .. almost like picked up and put down into safety - by an unknown force - faster than any measurement of time. I felt no physical pressure and no physical movement. Just before the point of my life being in danger I was "there" and in the same instant I was "over there" and out of harms way.

You have no sensation of being lifted .. there is no sensation of touch .. for a moment there is NOTHING and suddenly you are back in physical reality knowing what happened and yet not knowing what happened. There is no explanation for what just took place. The only thing that could effortlessly influence the physical light-based world is dark energy or dark light.

The Zen Qi Particle
I was never really interested in the physical sciences .. because they always seemed so primitive and stone-aged. I always wanted to find out things for myself and understand what makes life work. When I experienced Candida overgrowth and leaky gut I became aware - what makes life work and what does not make life work.

Life on a cellular level is an intricate puzzle of interconnecting pieces. Cells fit the nerves .. fit the bones .. veins blood .. muscles .. tendons .. glands .. electrical impulses .. immune system .. meridians or energy channels - where the intricate puzzle of connecting pieces and layers operate as a single unified organism.

Just take one factor: You fall asleep - you waken up! If you think about it that is pretty amazing and is also part of the interconnected puzzle. Then you can dream. Totally amazing .. and we generally take it for granted. When I had leaky gut and could not sleep .. I never took sleep for granted after that experience.

The way I discovered that beneficial probiotic bacteria are absolutely ESSENTIAL to the health of the whole body .. was by losing the healthy probiotic bacteria. The effect was so DRAMATIC .. that I had to get to the source! It was the best challenge that could have happened to me - as it brought me to a discovery and much closer relationship to my body.

Before my total body health crashed through my leaky gut '-) .. I could basically heal anything using Qi / Pranic life force / energy. I used garlic as a natural antibiotic or fresh ginger and turmeric to heal the gut .. both ginger and turmeric are anti-inflammatory. However .. it was always the high-level of my energy and training of the mind that did 80 percent of the healing.

The first thing I noticed with Candida overgrowth and leaky gut was that I could no longer heal these problems with energy and with my mind. THAT ALONE started to get me focused and also curious. I was a physical basket case and yet I was observing everything with total curiosity and a desire to understand and learn.

I now begin to understand what I call the Zen Qi particle [it could also be called the Zen Qi Principle]. This is an unknown phenomenon that seamlessly interacts with Qi (life force) and physical dimension (cells / cellular structures). I do not need to discover whether the Zen Qi particle exists or not .. I know it exists. I feel that this is the phenomenon behind Chinese knowledge of meridians and acupuncture.

The Zen Qi particle is like a bridge or a circuit breaker alternating between Qi energy life-force and physical matter. We can observe electrical charge / energy within matter and within the cells .. but we cannot measure nor detect Zen Qi using physical sciences / technologies.

The next important thing to understand is that the brain /the mind can detect and interact directly with Zen Qi. The brain is much more sensitive and much more advanced than we humans currently understand or appreciate. Part of that interaction includes understanding of the meridians and acupuncture. The human mind intelligence can work with Zen Qi without form or measurement.

Kefir Grains
I would say that the many forms of probiotic bacteria are gateways between Zen Qi and living cells .. physical cellular structures. I will try to explain this in a way that makes sense! For example, I use concept of "Zen Qi" .. because I like to paint beautiful pictures with words that the mind can instantly understand.

I grew these live kefir grains in milk (although I never drink milk - because I am lactose intolerant) .. and then I either drink the live probiotic kefir milk or the live kefir grains. The kefir grains are slightly lemony in taste and are easy to grow.

The beneficial probiotic bacteria not only reversed and healed the Candida overgrowth leaky gut within the colon! They also reversed the multi-symptom damage to the rest of my body. It took time .. but in the first three months I noticed significant improvements in my health - as well as a symptom-by-symptom elimination process '-)

I had also noticed - with Candida fungus overgrowth - there was increasing stiffness (and inflammation) between my tendons .. joints and connective tissue. The natural elasticity of my body had been replaced by connective tissue dehydration / acidity .. joint pain and inflamed tissues. Then within 6 months .. a year .. a year and a half .. I was experiencing total gentle reversal of joint stiffness and pain .. stiff tendons .. swelling of joints in my hands and a return to elasticity of my muscles.

The severe food allergies were gone! I can now eat any food I want and I do not have any kind of even mild allergy reaction. The pollen allergies are gone. Joint swelling has gone. The fatigue has gone. My heart is calm. I began to understand that there is a unseen living connector between matter and energy.

As I grow the kefir grains I also study them and try to understand them .. the process .. the dynamics .. the fundamental principle that the physical sciences cannot measure or detect. At first you receive not even twenty tiny kefir grains to start your culture - and in no time the kefir grains are growing faster than you could ever imagine.

The kefir grains slowly repopulated my gut and colon with beneficial probiotic bacteria. Not only within the gut and colon! Probiotic bacteria are essential to body and tissue health. These mysterious bacteria interact with blood - bones - glands - the nervous system - organs - lungs and heart!

This is what I mean by Zen Qi .. a primordial life force that is both Qi and physical matter. A life force that effortlessly inhabits both worlds and bridges the path between Qi (energy) and matter (cells).

Life Essential Probiotics
We humans are so complex that we often overlook the smallest and most powerful aspects of health and well-being. We do not understand how the smallest particles can easily effect or alter the functions of the largest organs. In today's world we think the large can affect the small and we do not consider how the small can affect the large.

Not only science but the modern human psyche is obsessed with SIZE!! If you are interested in the Solar System and Galaxies .. you go research on websites and they are showing you HOW BIG the Sun is in relation to the Earth and HOW BIG the Galaxy is in relation to the Solar System!

If a small comet hits the Earth it would have a BIG EFFECT .. right!!

I have a technician's mind where I can take apart and repair electrical components since I was a child... The same technical mind is able to look into and understand the inner workings of the body. Basically, everything we build technologically is based on the electrical and physical principles of the human body. As above, so below! As within, so without! We exist in a one-dynamic Universe!

Zen Qi has three principles when applied to the understanding of energy .. cells and physical matter:
1. Zen - immeasurable force
2. Qi - life force (compassion) the bridge / the connector
3. Energy and matter interaction is the base of the triangle (pyramid)

The natural body intelligence is part of an intricate energetic system that maintains life within matter until the point where the physical organism dies and comes to an end. Whoever or whatever designed this living system is beyond intelligence and beyond comprehension. It is just beyond brilliant!

I feel that the whole complex living system is based on the smallest particle or the smallest principle. In other words .. the health of the largest organs in the body depend on the smallest elements. I don't know how to explain this! We have to go into and study the areas of probiotics and fermentation to even begin to understand this phenomenon...

The world of man developed and became obsessed with everything ALCHEMICAL = the way of chemistry. To the point where human obsession in chemistry has lead to a world of chemical imbalance. Humans make use of chemistry AS A RESOURCE! I have a funny thought in the world of yin/yang balance: Perhaps Candida overgrowth and leaky gut exist in order to teach us and bring us humans back into balance!

Humans have been fermenting and eating probiotic foods for thousands of years! Only recently .. in the entire history of mankind has something change!! It is called PASTEURIZATION!! I call it: Past-ur-eyes! The yoghurt .. the kefir .. the sauerkraut and fermented vegetables bought at the store have all been heated = pasteurized = the living probiotic "enzymes" and cultures have been destroyed.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Mycelial Candida Fungus: A Bad Trip?

I have never taken drugs .. I do not like strong alcohol .. I never smoked cigarettes nor taken any kind of medication or hallucinogenics.

Yeast to Mycelial Candida Fungus
I did some research into an area that I call: Candida yeast's "altered state" .. where the benign yeast shape shifts into its fungal form: Candida yeast to mycelial Candida fungus .. also known as mycelial candida. Mycelium is the vegetative part of a fungus consisting of a mass of branching, thread-like hyphae.

After changing from yeast into a fungi - with a developed mycelium - Candida ventures to spread beyond the intestinal walls by rooting through (penetrating) the walls of the colon (mucosa) and entering the bodies tissues and organs. Once the walls of the intestine have been punctured (leaky gut) .. microbes and yeast invade the blood stream.

Candida can compromise the bodies major organs and glands.

From my own experience the rest is a roller coaster ride .. something of a "bad trip" for the entire body as well as the nervous system and brain. Fluctuating blood sugar levels .. fatigue .. immune disorders .. allergies .. affecting lymph and adrenal glands .. the heart .. organs .. blood and central nervous system.

Like A Bad Trip!
I am back to this concept of the smallest particle affecting the large: How the micro-particle affects the larger system / the larger organs! In my research I discovered that intake of Psilocybin mushrooms can result in .. feelings of nausea, jitteriness and a mild increase in blood pressure, heart rate, and breathing. Psilocybin mushrooms do not generally cause dangerous physical reactions...

Candida fungus does cause dangerous physical reactions - and this is something researchers probably have not considered. Having experienced Candida overgrowth and leaky gut it comes to me that Candida is an extremely dangerous and toxic "micro-fungi" that creates havoc with the body leading to a roller coaster ride of bad trips!

If Candida overgrowth is similar to having a toxic fungi overdose (except the fungi are living and growing inside the body) .. then to what extent could the disruption of the nervous system be "hallucinogenic"? A toxic nerve hallucinogen!

Descriptions of the use of Psilocybin mushrooms often include: Experience of death or feelings of dying. The bodies metabolism goes into a slower state almost like an active form of suspended animation. On my worst days dealing with Candida overgrowth that is how it felt .. like dying!

Sometimes I would wake up in the middle of the night or early morning - barely breathing - with extremely low heart rate [sometimes it was extreme heart rate and other times next to no heart rate]. I could barely get out of the bed to go to the toilet - as I was drinking a lot of water to detox... My whole body was like a sack of bones held together with thin strings of lifeless tendons.

I have to admit .. it almost felt like death.

When I fell asleep at night I was never sure if I would waken up the next day. When I woke up I felt like death warmed up .. hahahaha .. my mind was sometimes foggy and drifting. It was sometimes like waking up out of a wall of fog. To what extent was my body on a bad toxic fungi trip as a result of the waste produced by Candida and other leaking bacteria - microbes and yeast?

I also noticed that internal effects and symptoms would change with the weather. One to two days before a change in weather the joints in my shoulders - arms and legs would become inflamed and painful. Cold damp weather was not good! Warm dry weather was less of an issue.

In nature, bacteria and fungi growth cycles change with surrounding weather .. local temperatures and the time of year. If fungi and bacteria are growing inside my body they are still going to live out their various growth cycles. I imagine that there are times when the bacteria and fungi are less active and less toxic .. and there are times when the bacteria and fungi are extremely active and very toxic!

The point I am trying to make is that overgrowth of fungi and bacteria inside the body shit out toxins and chemicals that are not only highly acidic .. but interfere with or alter the natural chemical and hormonal balance of the human body. Apart from the fact that this micro-toxic waste is a danger to tissue - glandular and organ health.

Because this idea is new to me - I am not really finding the right words to express what I feel and what I am seeing. One part of me wants to call Candida fungus a "psycho-toxin" .. but that is the wrong word. To me... That is how I see it!

What I am trying to say is that there are psycho-active fungi. I am asking: Is Mycelial Candida Fungus a psycho-depressant fungi? In other words .. it interferes with the natural healthy function of the cells .. nervous system .. the brain .. the glands .. and respiratory system!

Does Candida change into its fungal state when the bodies healthy probiotic bacteria are wiped out? Is the absence of beneficial gut bacteria a "death signal" in Nature. Is that when the trip begins? I will address this in my next post: The Zen Qi Particle!

Systemic Candida Fungal Infection

systematic Overgrowth of Candida Fungus Mycelium
Stages of development of systemic Candidiasis

Symptoms of systemic fungal infection do not appear constantly, but periodically as a result of exacerbation of the disease, for example, during and after antibiotic treatment, as a result of a diet rich in processed carbohydrates and at every weakening of the immune system. After the basic symptoms decrease or even disappear, the body begins to make up for the loss and eliminates some of the fungi.

Parts of them remain as a trace of systemic infection, which at the time the body was not able to fight and eradicate. In this way, any aggravation of the fungal effect on the body will gradually lead to the systematic overgrowth of Candida Fungus mycelium in the organism. In the process of development of Systemic Candidiasis (Candida Fungi infection) five characteristic stages can be distinguished:

Stage I
Just a momentary weakening of the immune system as well as the weakening of the tissue lining cells in the colon creates a sufficient opportunity for Candida Yeast to germinate and grow into the mycelium and initiate the disease process, known as fungal colon. It is a kind of prelude to systemic fungal infection, since the lesions made by fungi in the mucosa are the gates of infection, by which microbes from the large intestine including of course the Candida Yeast invade the bloodstream. As long as the immune system is not too laden fighting infection elsewhere, the body, through the extension of small blood vessels (changing color of the lining from mat to bright red) accumulates near the gates of infection, a large number of white blood cells that destroy micro-organisms in the place of infection, not allowing them to infect the whole body. This very important step to overcome the barriers separating the environment of the digestive tract from the rest of the body and changing from symbiotic Candida Yeast into the aggressive Candida Fungus-parasite, usually runs parallel with Candida Colon, and therefore the symptoms of this Colon Candidiasis , should be regarded as the launch of systemic Candida Fungal infection.

Stage II
At this stage, using a temporary weakening of the organism, Candida Yeast penertate through the gates of infection (usually in the intestines), without encountering resistance from the immune system, and are being carried in the the blood stream throughout the body, where they look for a place to germinate and turn into Candida Fungi. Although not all the patients’ symptoms are the same in the initial period of development of systemic Candida Fungal Infection, the most common include:

oral thrush,
urinary tract infection,
fungal vaginitis,
increased premenstrual syndrome (PMS),
skin rashes and acne,
allergies to food, dust, mold, and common chemicals used in household and to the chemicals contained in aerosols, as well as the smell of cheap perfume,
dry cough,
frequent bronchitis,
chronic runny nose, sinusitis,
fungal pneumonia (usually wrongly diagnosed as bacterial, and antibiotics used accelerate the development of Systemic Fungal Infection).

At this stage the other, seemingly not linked to one another symptoms may also occur:
muscle and tendon pain,
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,
rheumatic pains.

Unfortunately, all the problems and illnesses occurring in the second stage of fungal expansion are treated by the academic medicine as separate diseases not linked to each other diseases.

Stage III
This is a stage, in which, using a further weakening of the immune system, Candida Yeast germinates in different places of the body, growing mycelium which emits toxic by-products of its metabolism, that poison the brain. Emotional and mental symptoms are characteristic for this stage
impaired concentration and inability to focus,
loss of acquired abilities, such as playing instruments
not following the flow of conversation,
loss of words,
poor comprehension, using words in the wrong context,
absent-mindedness and forgetfulness,
unreasonable anger,
excessive aggression ,
difficulty in remembering and memory loss, thoughts of death,
deep depression and suicidal thoughts,
anxiety and nervousness,
snoring and breathing disorders, sleep apnea.

Because of these symptoms and their progression, patients are subjected to psychiatric treatment. By default they are diagnosed with manic depression, psychosis and schizophrenia. Often, patients are hospitalized for this reason. Standard medication such as sedatives and antidepressants are used.

Stage IV
At this stage of disease progression, the work of the internal organs and the functions of the endocrine glands are often interrupted. Gastrointestinal symptoms, such as bloating, gas, vomiting, diarrhea or constipation are often predominant. Chronic fatigue syndrome may be so intense that often the patient is unable of any physical or mental performance, and in extreme cases he is not able to keep his head at the appropriate level. Skin rashes of different form and different intensity may also appear. The number of Candida Yeast cells in the blood may be so large that they can block blood vessels capillaries. This will result in toxemia of the system, with its symptoms such as low body temperature, cold sweats, arrhythmia and acceleration of the heart rate (tachycardia), shortness of breath, acceleration of the breathing (hyperventilation), and panic attacks. In this stage, the capacity of the immune system usually drastically declines. The organism is almost completely defenseless, vulnerable to viral and bacterial infections.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Toxic Colon: Looking Into The Abyss

The body was shaking...
Magnetic energy flow in my hands was weak.

All my life from a small child I could just do stuff! Things I was never taught .. things I taught myself. Like the magnetic energy field bouncing off the palms of the hands. Within moments of facing the palms of my hands towards each other a powerful magnetic orb would form [like bouncing two magnetic poles off each other].

Totally on its own a harmonic cycle of energy or Qi would move back and forward - left to right - like a figure of 8 eternity sign .. and I would calmly watch this. I was not doing this with my mind .. the energy was doing this on its own.

However, I quickly became aware that with Candida overgrowth and toxic colon the energy field in my hands was weak .. the powerful magnetic field was non-existent .. the harmonic I used to heal was not there. The power was gone or compromised!

That for me was the worst thing that could happen...

Most of my life I had healed others and myself with this natural Pranic energy or Qi. A Gypsy woman once told me that an incredible energy field flowed from my hands. So, I began to understand that I was not only observing and experiencing nervous stress - fatique - exhaustion and circulation collapse! Something was disrupting the flow of Qi in and around my body.

Toxic Colon: Looking Into The Abyss
There is something in the glands that transports Qi - perhaps in association with the bodies meridians. Either it is a primal liquid or original sexual life force .. the force that maintains the immune system as well as the function of the major glands: Pineal, pituitary, hypothalmus and prostate.

It is all very well to say that the meridians carry energy throughout the body .. but we overlook the fact that these energy lines have to interact directly with the bodies physical dimensions. In my view the bridge between energy flow and physical cells has to be liquid and related to the glands .. entire glandular system.

Okay! So there was next to no magnetic field flowing between the palms of my hands! I was looking directly into the abyss. How much was this related to my ever changing physical symptoms caused by a Candida overgrowth and toxic colon? If the colon was toxic then so were the glands and so was the blood.

Everything in life happens for a reason. This was a new challenge.

In the last two posts you see how I was able to reverse the leaky gut .. brain surges .. loss of concentration .. nights sweats and extreme volatile changes in weight. Within 6 months to a year of probiotics and colon detox (including colloidial silver) the powerful energy field between the palms of my hands had returned.

Sometimes I have strange dreams at night where all kinds of things happen... I can fly! A few nights ago I held little dead birds that someone brought me and they came to life and flew out into the surrounding trees. Then I woke up! In my dreams people call me: "Master of Energy" (there - not here '-)

Power of Silent Mind
All I had left was a silent mind [the power of silence] .. and I guess silent mind is a power beyond the physical realm and is not dependent on the physical structure of the body and flow of Qi? With silent mind I began to look and see .. listen .. and trust.

For those of you who are interested in energy and Buddha mind .. it appears there is spirit energy / mind within and surrounding the body that is unaffected by the troubles of the material physical dimensions. As I said: Everything happens for a reason!

I had to take steps to work with and heal the physical body. But! It was not really like "heal the body". I think one day in the future the concept of heal the body will seem like stone-age. Within silent Buddha mind it was more about opening up or freeing energetic pathways. There is no other way to explain it.

Why did beneficial probiotic bacteria work for me healing and detoxing the colon?

I feel that healthy probiotic bacteria are switches or a bridge between energy and matter. In electrical terms you need a circuit breaker [sorry I am a technician] .. an electrical switching point or a transformer to allow the current to flow correctly and interact with the light bulb or the computer or the electric heater. When circuits break apart energy does not flow.

So, Candida is a fungus .. and fungi are the physical medium that break down and digests matter after death. Fungi and bacteria digest the fallen leaves of trees or the fallen trunk of a tree. Fungi and bacteria digest living matter after death of the animals .. birds .. insects or fish.

Essentially, fungi and bacteria are programmed to interrupt the electrical or magnetic flow that holds / bonds physical matter together and return cellular structures to their primordial earth state. It is my theory that when fungi and bacteria overgrow within a living biological system their key cycles are activated within that living system.

The body works to detox and keep the intruding fungi .. mold .. yeast .. bacteria and parasites in their place - in order to maintain life of the whole organism [electrical flow]. The fungi and bacteria simply exist to carry out their key task = the breakdown of matter! They are not "attacking the body" as such .. they are simply carrying out their programmed task.

In my case .. I began to realise that the natural energy flow of the meridians and the bodies electrical Qi field was being internally disrupted. Of course, it was! Because the destruction or elimination of beneficial probiotic bacteria leaves the ground wide open for the growth of Candida fungus and bacteria already present within .. but existing in balance within the gut and intestines.

The element few people understand or even realise is that fungus .. mold .. yeast .. parasites and bacteria eliminate waste products. As they grow and live out their cycle within a living body they excrete pee pee .. waste that is extremely toxic to the entire human body. Worms and parasites excrete waste .. do some research.

Beneficial probiotics digest and detox Candida Albicans .. the kidneys and colon send the waste out of the body. If you detox too fast you get what is called a "healing crisis". The toxic waste from the dying yeast .. bacteria and fungus can sometimes be too much for the kidneys and the body to detox. So! Gentle is always superior to FAST!

The magnetic energy field resonance in my hands has returned .. and I am deeply grateful to the challenge I faced .. because it made me stronger .. healthier and more compassionate.

Candida Fungus Immune System & Hormones

What is Candida? innateintegrity.com

‘Candida’ is the popular term for an overgrowth – Candida albicans lives in all our mucus membranes, i.e. intestines, eyes, ears, bladder, stomach, lungs, vagina, etc. It is one of the billions of other friendly organisms that serve a useful purpose in the body. One of candida albicans’ important functions is to recognize and destroy harmful bacteria and toxins.

However, candida is not intended to overgrow and get out of control while the body is still living. When we are healthy, candida lives (in its yeast form) in our intestines where it competes with bacteria for room. Like bacteria, it is aerobic i.e. it needs oxygen to live.

Candida (like all yeast) can survive without oxygen by changing into its fungal, anaerobic form. It spreads rapidly into the area vacated by the dead bacteria, putting down roots into the walls of the intestines, and sporing through the gut wall into the rest of the body. When Candida is allowed to get out of control it changes its shape and starts branching out raising large families called colonies.

Donna Gates writes in her book Body Ecology:
"When the immune system is weak, Candida easily overruns the intestinal tract and the vagina, sinuses, and surfaces of the tongue. It also can burrow deep into various organs. A carpet-like mass will wrap around the spinal cord and the nerves and often accumulates at the base of the brain. It can mass around the heart and liver, and it can affect the reproductive organs, even causing endometriosis in women.”

These Candida colonies excrete over 79 different types of toxins (chemicals) which circulate throughout the body weakening the immune system and causing numerous symptoms and dysfunctions throughout the body. These chemicals cause all of the cells in the body to go rigid, even white and red blood cells.

Flexibility is very important for the functioning of cells, allowing nutrients and hormones to go in, and waste materials to go out, as well as other important activities. When red blood cells become rigid the transport of life-giving oxygen to all the tissues and organs is impaired. This causes the tissues and organs to lose their ability to function.

White blood cells fight infection, their job is also impaired as they are no longer flexible enough to envelop foreign bodies. When cell membranes are damaged insulin will have trouble doing its job – and insulin levels may have to be increased. This causes low blood sugar levels (hypoglycaemia; also called insulin reaction) resulting in low energy. Over manufacture of insulin exhausts the pancreas, causing it to dysfunction as well.

Rigid cells can also result in hormone imbalance, nutrient malabsorbtion and electrolyte imbalance. Basically the entire function of the body is impaired.

The substances that candida releases, decompose cell membranes, providing food for other microbes. That change is only intended to happen when the body dies, to assist decomposition, when candida’s functions and characteristics change for the purpose of breaking the body down.

If its present in large numbers, this means that your immune system has an unremitting battle to keep it under control – a battle which takes a terrible toll on your health.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Leaky Gut Candida Overgrowth Stress

Even when out of balance - the body maintained balance.
- ZenSu

Calm Nerves Strong Body
My entire life I never had to deal with serious illness .. no allergies and no hay fever. I always helped people to heal themselves in various ways. I was calm .. had strong nerves .. even in the most dangerous situations. High in the mountains in life or death situations - I always remained calm as more experienced people around me would lose their nerve. I had the ability to calm people around me and take the lead in getting everyone to safety [even as a child].

One case of leaky gut syndrome and Candida overgrowth and I was a basket case!

In my late forties I began developing skin rashes .. severe food allergies and pollen allergies. With no change in my low fat vegetarian diet - where I had never gained weight my entire life - I was suddenly getting fat. Stomach .. thighs .. knees .. arms and neck were adding on fatty tissue - almost overnight!

I started to notice my knees were swollen and beginning to ache .. my hips were aching in the joints .. so were my shoulders and then my hands. My fast walking pace slowed down to a crawl. I could barely walk into town. What was happening to me? As a person who never needed doctors - I suddenly needed specialists.

Well! Whats the problem? Well! EVERYTHING .. my whole body is the problem '-)

I soon realised that there are specialists for this organ and specialists for that organ .. but there are no Whole Body Specialists. All they could tell me was: At your age this is normal. No! There is no cure for panic attacks and stress .. allergies and aches and pains. Learn to live with it! Deal with stress differently!

I never had to deal with stress... Or was it Candida yeast overgrowth and leaky gut symptoms? So, I began to pay attention to my body .. observe what was taking place and as no one could help! I had to help myself. At the end of the day my body and I only had each other .. and together we were about to figure it out.

Lightning Showed Me The Way...
Why was I previously so healthy and allergy free when people around me were suffering all kinds of medical problems .. aches and pains? As a kid I reacted to antibiotics [that also wipe out the friendly gut bacteria together with killing the bad bacterial infections]. My whole life I never took antibiotics and therefore my beneficial gut bacteria [immune system] were strong and healthy.

To keep it short .. I had Candida overgrowth that had grown through the lining of my gut [leaky gut] and the toxins .. fungus .. bacteria were entering my body and effecting my metabolism - muscles - tendons - joints - glands and organs.

Not only was I heating up and sweating like crazy (especially at night - soaking the bed with sweat) .. but I could also feel lightning strikes seconds before the lightning flash. I became electro-sensitive .. but worst of all was feeling the electric charge before the lightning strike as the charge ran through my whole body. It never harmed me .. but it was kind of scary.

I later discovered that fungus and bacteria react to electrical charge differently than cells of the human body. What I mean by that is .. a healthy human body has a natural resistance to electrical charge. But in my case - with leaky gut and candida fungus and bacteria all over my body and growing in the joints (expanding during thunderstorm type weather changes) - the electrical charge was being transmitted through my body as though I had no natural resistance.

This is the funny part! I was seeing something take place through the lightning charge that was revealing what was happening inside me in terms of toxins and the extent to which they were expanding in the tissues and joints. How do I know this? Because I did an experiment...

I carried out a gentle but long term detox of my colon and entire body as I repopulated the gut with beneficial probiotic bacteria .. and after about 6 months I was 100% no longer electro-sensitive and the lightning charge sensitivity also disappeared.

Nervous Anxiety and Stress
The other thing that was happening with leaky gut was that my body was a nervous wreck. I would waken up in the early hours of the morning shaking and sometimes my heart was beating rapidly .. and I had no control over this. I never knew a heart could beat that fast!

Then I was also having really weird loss of confidence - like a loss of nerve. I was having these strange mood swings that were coming right out of my nervous system and affecting maybe my hormones ?? Also, affecting my brain and my normal state of well being. It was like a total body stress. Sometimes I would be shaking uncontrollably .. sweating hot or shivering cold. All that ended when I no longer had Candida overgrowth and leaky gut.

All that was bad enough and it went on [on and off] for months up to maybe a year .. until I figured things out and just tested ways to heal myself and detox. The worst thing .. because I have always been active .. was my loss of physical strength and vitality as well as increasing fatigue.

I could not change a medium sized potted plant without breaking out into a hot sweat all over my body - even to the point where the sweat would be pouring down my face and getting in my eyes doing the simplest task. If I had to move something around or lift a heavy object .. I would be soaked in sweat. My muscles and tendons would hurt or ache. Sometimes my heart was pounding for no apparent reason.

It took 6 months to a year .. but all that ended when I detoxed Candida gradually using probiotics and I can re-pot plants without having sweat attacks and aching muscles.

At the worst point (for months) I could only eat white Basmati rice and drink water - because even herbal teas were causing leaky gut allergic reactions - and yet I was putting on weight. Duh! Even changing from 38 jeans to 40 jeans .. I could not close the button or zip up the zip .. and then it was size 42. I was becoming a little fat Elf !!

I was being careful not to trigger a healing crisis as probiotics detox Candida Albicans as the gut is repopulated with beneficial gut bacteria. Yet! I was gradually losing weight although I was beginning to eat normally again. At first my weight crashed and I seemed to have no strength. Gradually, even size 38 jeans were falling off my hips and I needed belts to make the jeans tighter.

I did not do any diets .. although I did use a gentle colon cleanse. I ate normally.

The weirdest thing was on bad days where I would have a toxic reaction to something I ate and my muscles and tendons would shrink and actually twist .. especially in my hands and fingers. All that ended once my body was able to remove the leaky gut toxins that had spread throughout my body.

What I noticed .. because I carefully observed my own body .. is that the chemical imbalance caused by the fungus / bacteria created what I call body stress. Maybe body-brain stress .. over which I had no control. No matter how calm I remained I was shaking inside as though I had lost my nerve. The fact that I stayed calm shows that I had not lost my nerve .. I hope that makes sense!

Gradually .. over 6 months to a year .. the pain in my knees and joints disappeared. The swelling around my knees disappeared and the weight loss returned to balance. I could eat normally again without putting on any extra weight. I no longer had allergy reactions. I could lift heavy objects without experiencing body stress. I was no longer experiencing extreme night sweats.

The Body Mind Structure
This is why I began to develop my One Body understanding. Before my Candida overgrowth experience and leaky gut experience: If I caught a cold - I would treat the cold. If I got a gut virus I would treat the gut. If I had food poisoning I would treat the food poisoning. Later I began to realise or understand that when the body gets one part sick the whole body is affected and the whole body acts as one to heal.

I have this theory that beneficial probiotic bacteria are not only in the colon .. but probiotic bacteria are all over the body and are an essential component of health and are vital to a healthy immune system. In fact, the probiotic bacteria probably are the immune system!

These undetected healthy bacteria are essential to bones - tendons - muscles - tissue - skin - organs and glands [the glandular system]. Now! I became aware that the first thing to collapse with leaky gut was my whole glandular system. It got so bad at one point that I could feel the glands through my whole body. Sometimes it was painful .. very unpleasant.

Yet! The glands responded first to the daily probiotic intake and then the rest of the body began to put itself back together again. I have this theory that some kind of probiotic liquid is essential to the glands creating pathways for an energetic system .. an interconnected communication system. Maybe healthy body probiotics transmit signals in similar ways to the nervous system. My theory is that stress is the collapse of this subtle inter-body pathway connection (signals).

We think of the brain .. our thoughts and state of the mind when we try to understand stress and stress related illness or harmonic imbalance. I feel that the glandular system is vital to full body relaxation and harmony. Not the brain in the skull .. but the body brain. Because my experience of direct stress and deep anxiety was actually in the body .. it was not in the brain.

The other factor to add to this is that I always had abilities to move energy .. create harmonic peace and calm state using my mind. I discovered with leaky gut and once the glands were compromised that I could not actively use my mind to calm what seemed out of control nervous body stress. I could relax in my mind and remain calm .. but I had to let the body shake out its stress and then it would stop on its own.

I feel that we overlook that the body has a "mindset". Really difficult to explain!

Do probiotics regulate harmonic balance in the entire physical body? I have to think more about this and try to understand in more depth. It is related to Universal principle that the small is the large. The smallest particle regulates the largest particle or organ. Maybe this is moving more towards Homeopathy...

Candida Thyroidism Heart & Glands

All I had to lose .. was my life !!  '-)
- ZenSu

This post is simply my own personal experience .. as I describe it to you .. and is in no way a guide to health or anything like that!! I have unique relationship with my body that is between me [my spirit] and the physical body / incarnation.

That is all it is !!

My whole life I was blessed with good health .. strong vitality and ability to maintain health through my mind and inner transfer of energy. I could quietly heal other people using Pranic long-distance energy healing techniques. If I got a bad flu or a bad stomach bug .. my main healing force was mind / energy as well as herbs and spices.

Then .. one day .. all that changed!

The sudden and total collapse of my health seemed out-of-the-blue... But! Later I understood that the total and dramatic collapse in my bodies health was not really out-of-the-blue! It had been growing in my gut over many years .. and then months .. and then weeks.

I later discovered the source of my health problems was Candida Albicans! That comes later! Let me first describe to you the bizarre symptoms...

The Lowest Point
Be aware that this is a personal description of my own experience(s) .. and that experiences cannot be translated into a general ??? whatever ... The lowest point came totally out of nowhere - or so it appeared to me at the time. I woke up in the early hours of the morning .. heart racing!

I never experienced anything like this in my entire life...
... And .. I thought I was having a heart attack!

My heart was beating right-left / right-left like a small bird in panic .. desperate to leave the area of confinement. I thought I was having a heart attack. I can laugh now .. in hindsight .. but in that moment I called emergency services!

Emergency services came and did some kind of "test" .. nothing was wrong with my heart!

Later down the road no doctor or specialist could explain this bizarre experience .. other than "stress" .. "food allergies" [you cannot heal allergies - you will have to live with this for the rest of your life !!! ] ... Duh!

All I had .. at the end of the day .. was my beloved body [intelligence] and my mind.

"Learn to live with it..." was (for me) NEVER an option...

I was not afraid to die... I am not afraid of death... Therefore, I began to search for SOLUTIONS. Why not! I had nothing to lose! So, what were my symptoms? I was always vegeterian (25 years) .. but all I could eat without having severe food allergy reactions was: white basmati rice and kefir (probiotics).

Any kind of fruit or vegetable would - within hours - create a sever gut / colon or severe skin allergy reaction. But worse than that were the collective body symptoms! I gained weight .. every gland in my body hurt .. I knew the location of every gland due to the associated pain.

My neck was swollen .. my glands were swollen .. there was pressure in and behind my eyes .. my eyesight was deteriorating [get the picture .. this was effecting my whole body] .. brain fog .. nervousness .. night-sweats .. shivering .. too much heat then loss of body heat [what the f#ck ??].

Heart rate too fast .. heart rate too slow ?? Joint pain .. extreme fatique .. I could hardly walk... symptoms changed and exchanged every day. One day good .. one day bad. Weight gain and then extreme weight loss. My arms seemed as thin as the bones inside my arms. I never lost faith in my body intelligence.

Be aware .. this is simply my own personal experience.

I learned to love .. trust and respect my body .. to show respect! To listen!

At the worst period my throat was swollen .. my energy was low .. my heart was racing .. my glands were painful .. my digestion was severely compromised .. I was rapidly gaining weight and rapidly losing weight .. I was having anxiety attacks .. chills and night sweats .. sudden fatigue .. digestive disorders and constipation .. irregular heartbeat .. gas and abdominal bloating .. ringing in the ears .. pain in the joints .. swelling in joints of the hands .. could it get much worse ?? ...

Since I was a kid I taught myself healing techniques of food - herbs and Qi / Pranic energy healing .. but this was new body phenomenon of multiple symptoms... I did research and I found this comprehensive site: Candida Free .. listing all my unable to diagnose many bizarre symptoms... I really had nothing left to lose .. other than my life !!

I had many years of knowledge researching problems with the gut / intestines and testing out different theories: Living Foods .. Dr. Norman Walker [Death Lies In The Colon] .. Dr. Ann Wigmore .. Hulda Clark .. Mantak Chia .. Maria Treben... Those are the basics!

Healthy Probiotic Gut Bacteria
Once I encountered information on Candida Albicans overgrowth inside the colon and related fungal [toxic / acidic] growth in the colon with the resulting dangers of acidic bacterial infection and loss of friendly probiotic colon bacteria .. I began testing out my alternatives.

My test was to order Threelac probiotics .. although later I began to cultivate my own Kefir grains .. that I find many times more effective in growing and supporting healthy colon friendly probiotic bacteria [I eat the self-grown / self cultivated Kefir grains as well as sometimes drink the Kefir milk].

Before I discovered probiotic Kefir grains I used Threelac for 3 months .. 6 months .. 1 year .. 1 and a half years .. 2 years. In the first three months of my experiment many of my "symptoms" decreased or completely disappeared. Between 6 months to 1 year all skin and digestion / food allergies disappeared.

Pressure in the eyes .. swollen eyes reduced within 6-12 months using probiotics.

Food allergies were .. in my personal experience 100% reduced within 1 year of probiotic activation of the gut and colon. I also noticed that the glands returned to normal. I no longer had these extreme glandular swellings / pains where I was aware of every gland in my body = under the arms .. breasts .. joints .. hips .. kidneys .. throat.

Nervous Anxiety !!
There was never a point in my life where I could not deal with nervous anxiety! I was from childhood a calm child .. and this Buddha like calm continued throughout my life until my internal nerves went berserk and chaotic - with no apparent logic to the anxiety meltdown(s).

At the worst point I could not sleep peacefully .. and you have to understand that sleep has always been one of my relaxed primary functions. I would waken with painful glands .. rapid beating heart .. muscle cramps and general anxiety.

Why would my body no longer respond to my calm mind intelligence meditation?

I tell you why .. from my own experience .. because probiotic bacteria are an absolute ESSENTIAL interface between bodies physical existence - energy - chi - mind and physical biological health. The ancient Qi Masters of never had this problem .. because they lived in times of physical purity.

Healthy probiotic bacteria are in the stomach .. in the gut / colon .. are in the blood .. skin .. bones .. nerves .. organs .. glands .. heart .. tissues .. muscles .. tendons .. bones .. bone marrow .. brain tissues .. and fluids of the entire body.

I tested the probiotics and I also drank ESSIAC tea - to cleanse out the glandular system.

The results were: No more food / skin allergies .. no more dramatic weight gain / weight loss .. no more swelling / glandular pain .. no more night sweats .. no more rapid beating heart .. no more fatigue .. sleep loss .. breast .. joint and hip pain. No more anxiety and no more bizarre mood swings!

This is simply my own personal experience !!
My own personal / experience / relationship with my body...

I think: I am not afraid! I think: I am prepared to give everything for my body! We live and die together. We were born into physical life together and we come to the end of physical life together. There also has to be some form of compassion towards the fragile physical body from the incarnate spirit.

So, I feel the love and I cultivate the love...

I am grateful to the body-mind intelligence for guidance .. out of which health was created. My heart .. my glandular system .. my colon .. gut .. nerves and even my bones were melting under this mysterious internal acidic-toxic reaction.

In my case this was Candida fungus overgrowth and leaky gut .. where the highly acidic fungi .. yeast .. mold and Candida created toxins that took out the natural function of my glands .. blood .. organs .. colon!

After 6 months to a year of gently adding probiotic bacteria into my colon the internal pressure to my eyes decreased .. my glands were no longer painful and swollen .. my fatigue was gone .. irregular heartbeats returned to normal .. muscle and tendon pains / aches disappeared.

Everything the doctors told me I had to LEARN TO LIVE WITH were GONE !!

And .. to my BODY...
Thank you so much! I thank you from my HEART! Thank you for protecting me!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Three Forces - Heart Lungs & Qi

AIKI is the marvelous functioning of breath.
Secret Teachings of AIKIDO
Morihei Ueshiba

Breath Connects Matter & Spirit
At last this new set of drawings are coming together .. this is so exciting! I always wanted to draw arms - as I did in the first picture. Those later drawings did not work .. because the first drawing was a template! I had to follow the signature of the drawings as they developed. I could understand everything other than the two right and left forms where the arms should be.

Those are the lungs! Breath!

The lower (upward moving) harmonic life force is breath combining with Qi at the navel. The lungs [combining with Heart] are the wings of the heart. You have a central combination of five forces: The foundation of the Mind. The way the five forces interact affects the mind - just as the mind affects the balance of the five forces.

The mind exists before the genes and DNA combine and re-combine. Therefore, man is in a continual state of growth and re-growth .. transformation and change. Thought sees the genetic code as static = IT FORMS like building a stone house. The human genetic code is anything but fixed.

As technology advanced the designers and technicians were able to build aircraft using auto-pilot! However, auto-pilot and auto-navigation already exists within the human being. Humans have an in-built auto-pilot system that takes care of them until the point where a human can take the reigns and direct their journey on the path of life.

When I was a very small child [like four years old] .. tall energy beings came to me in the garden under the trees .. and they said to me: You are not going to live on auto-pilot. We will teach you! Do EXACTLY what we say!

To some of you who desire "freedom of choice" .. that last one might sound a bit rough. "Do EXACTLY what we say!" The problem is that we humans are not born in an awakened state .. that exists on other Planets and Dimensions. Once auto-pilot is switched off one needs some level of "guidance".

We then begin to understand how to use the inner navigational compass.

Life is a multidimensional co-operation between forces and living forms [physical existence]. Take breathing .. which we do every day. We all rely on that breath for life / existence! The breath supports every action we do from birth to death and beyond.

Breathing is so subtle we do not notice that we are breathing! We only become aware of breathing when something hurts or the lungs get sick... Something so vitally important to our day to day existence [also during sleep] .. is so gentle and almost invisible to our awareness.

Three Forces - Heart Lungs & Qi
The western material sciences simply imagine that the lungs breath physical air .. while the eastern sciences have said humans breath Qi - Prana - Life Force. From the new series of drawings I would say that the Qi outside the body is compatible with the dynamic Qi stored inside the body - that supports all life functions.

Morihei Ueshiba .. the founder of AIKIDO .. said that with right state of mind (harmony) humans can breathe Universal Qi - coming into contact with compassionate wisdom [my interpretation]. The first small step of compassionate awareness is already manifest inside you in the form of your breath. You are breathing every day and the force is so gentle you hardly notice its power.

Humans need water and food .. but they first need breath / breathing to find the food .. eat the food .. drink the water .. digest the food .. water detoxifies the body [that requires breath]. Really, the heart is also breathing! But! By the time the breath enters the heart chambers it has been converted to a more subtle Qi.

The heart is an energy converter.

The first principle of physical existence is breath .. Qi .. then comes water and food (energy). I think there is a subtle difference between Qi and energy. I could be wrong? I think that the body first needs Qi to convert energy so that the body can function.

Trees are powerful Masters of Qi... They reach into the sky like external branches of lungs. Trees are transformers of Qi. Their roots are the lungs of the earth and their branches are the lungs of the sky.

We humans are really Qi resonators! Transforming planetary life force in terms of this free-energy charge and then later comes the water and the food .. and shelter / keeping warm. The free-energy principle is the Qi .. then we internally transform the external Qi into all the cells of the body to maintain life (charge).

I would say that MIND is the force that directs Qi.

The physical cells of the body are also internal cells of mind [body-mind]. The physical cells and their functions are both mind and body. This is why so much of what takes place within the body is happening on its own at root level. The cells and organs know what to do to function. You do not have to THINK to move your arms and your legs .. muscles and tendons. You just move!

Mind energy and Qi have to be part of one force .. they also communicate and have compatible frequencies. Mind can consciously direct Qi within as well as around the body [energy field]. As easily as your physical body can interact with and manipulate the surrounding physical world .. the mind can interact with - direct and move Qi.

The lungs breathe? Right? Internal air pump and extractor!

Meditate and go inside your lungs .. inside your breath .. listen .. observe .. feel each breath. You may see the life force inside the lungs that never leaves. A force that remains through the in-breath and the out-breath. It can happen that as you listen to the lungs breathing you end up in your mind (the brain) without knowing how or why.

The next factor of One Body may be: The Energy of Movement!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Healing The Body-Brain Signature

"Human beings are born with a finite amount of energy,” don Juan said, “an energy that is systematically deployed, beginning at the moment of birth, in order that it may be used most advantageously by the modality of the time..."

"The modality of the time is the precise bundle of energy fields being perceived..."

"I believe man’s perception has changed through the ages. The actual time decides the mode; the time decides which precise bundle of energy fields, out of an incalculable number, are to be used. And handling the modality of the time— those few, selected energy fields— takes all our available energy, leaving us nothing that would help us use any of the other energy fields."

The Power of Silence - Carlos Castaneda
Zen Qi
It often takes me weeks (sometimes months) to write in words what I see .. really what I am shown. First comes the energy - or the Qi... Then comes a visual concept in energy form that I can only draw with silent mind. So, the drawing already exists in energy form and the mind can see that "energy pictograph" .. and then the mind without image(s) can put that signature onto paper.

This signature is new to me .. and the drawing is a little more refined .. but is not as refined as I want it to be. However, it does begin to convey the essence of this new information. The scanner magnifies / thickens the lines .. never mind !!

The body-mind .. as we now come into 2014 .. things may get much more turbulent in the world around us and also in the inner world. But it is a challenge! Outer circumstances are not the key factors when incarnate in physical material form. The key factor is the inner circumstance manifest as mind within physical form.

What is the first thing we do as children? For some reason we focus outside - and very quickly I WANT forms... The earliest connection to the material world of the child's mind is: I want! Be aware .. first the mind signature forms and then the physical follows (grows around) the mind and the inner attitudes.

Western science claims that experience forms the character of human beings and that genetics play a major role in how humans respond to outer experiences. However, western science seems to be all about not taking responsibility for the inner signature that defines how we behave towards the world and towards Nature and the Planet we live on.

In reality .. the mind forms before the genetics! Human science is so obsessed with the physical manifestation they cannot see the subtle background out of which all physical existence grows. In other words: You do not have physical existence - physical bodies - without mind! One could say the body grows around the mind (intent). But! That is moving onto higher Zen Principles of being '-)

Higher Mind = Energy
After the 2nd World War there was a growing hunger for Esoteric Sciences and a renewed search for Higher Mind or Enlightenment. The West dug into the ancient knowledge of the East to try and find an answer to their growing appetite for self-destruction.

Looking for personal enlightenment is a misunderstanding of the most ancient teachings of the Masters. Some of the most disturbed people I have met in my life were seeking personal enlightenment .. and most of them were extremely wealthy individuals. Maybe all of them??

One day .. I was climbing zig-zag on a high mountain pass (alone) .. I came to a high point where a few scattered pine trees grew high on the path across the side of the mountain. I was climbing slowly around boulders when suddenly I felt a very strong presence. It was a deep presence of peace .. of silence .. and of deep mediation.

Right above me .. sitting quietly on the branch of a pine tree at the side of the path .. was a large black crow. I did not need to look around .. I simply looked straight at the crow as soon as I felt the presence. This crow was pretty old and had an extraordinary powerful energy signature.

The crow had been watching me make my way across the high mountain path.

As I looked up - in awe - at the bird... The crow was observing me with such compassion. I had a profound feeling inside of me .. almost as though the crow and I were destined to meet. Almost as though the crow was sitting there waiting for me to appear on the path. Almost as though I was climbing the path just to meet this bird and experience this extraordinary moment.

We looked at each other for a long time and then I slowly moved on across the path leaving the crow sitting silently on the pine tree .. watching me. That moment not only changed my life .. it transformed my life.

Mind is energy!

The problems we humans have is not enlightenment or no-enlightenment .. the problems are simply how we use energy and the loss of energy. Focus on the physical material world is a black hole for energy. You cannot focus nor indulge in the physical material world and accumulate energy. The more energy you lose the more you lose your mind.

The 2013 Snake Year has been transformative in and of itself .. but the Snake Year has not been an easy passage. Snake energies are challenging and they are a karmic window in which we see ourselves and where our actions affect us far into the future. We reap what we sow.

Healing The Body-Brain Signature
I am not totally understanding this drawing .. but I kind of understand it! The physical body is not the dominant factor in Earth Incarnations. The genes do not form outside of the energy/mind. The DNA are not fixed forms .. the DNA are designed to change and transform in relation to mind/spirit. The incarnate spirit re-designs the genetic code and the DNA as the body grows from childhood into adult form.

There are two ways to lose vital energy [life-force] .. either through excessive indulgence or through obsessive self-denial. This would be explained as being either excessive yin or excessive yang. The yin is out of balance or the yang is out of balance. But! What is the driving force? The MIND!

It is my feeling that yin and yang are most strongly aligned with the mind and with inner state of mind! Which comes first? Which is primary? Energy or mind? I think the signature of this drawing is an attempt to convey mind-energy-body as one principle. The heart is very important .. the Qi is very important .. energy signature is important and the mind is outside the body.

Healing the body-brain signature may be heart-energy-body interacting with mind .. where mind is similar to spiritual or cosmic internet [connection]. If you look carefully .. in the drawing you have three forces interacting in multiple ways! The lower and the side forces .. the central forces and the side and higher force. Even the central and the higher force [mind].

The next dynamic principle shown to me is that we do not SEE the outer world as a reality separate from ourselves... We SEE ourselves reflected in the outer world [like a mirror]. I do not mean self-image or ego-self .. I mean something much more fundamental and pure. No matter how out of balance we may be - we are always interacting INTIMATELY with ourselves. Our relationship with the outer world is really our relationship with ourselves.

When you have good relationship with yourself you are going to heal the world.

The simplest and most important energy accumulator is gratitude. When we inwardly silently express gratitude [especially in negative or bad situations] .. this inner-energy signature affects the frequency of the body as well as effecting and transforming the genetic structure of the body-mind.

"Thank you so much! I thank you from my heart!" Gratitude!

Very simple - but powerful inner Zen Qi ...

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Morphing Black Sky Object(s)

After writing my .. "Connective Tissue - One Body" post .. I went out to get some food from the local store. The Sun had just set and the sky was a bright cloudless light blue on the horizon with variations of deep blue and purple hues setting higher with one faint star beginning to appear and no Moon.

I always observe Nature and look up at the sky wherever I go .. even when there are clouds or hazy grey skies. I do not just observe the sky above .. but I observe intensely the light .. the colors .. the birds - especially the crows flying and I watch the planes taking off or passing high in the atmosphere above.

On this evening there were no planes in view .. only low flying crows and the varying hues of light to deep dark blue as the Sun set below the horizon. Then out of the blue this dark object appears right in my view looking like high flying heron or a drifting raptor. Only problem was .. the dark shape was morphing .. changing shape .. appearing and disappearing as is slowly crossed the sky above.

I have recently seen these dark (black) smoothly drifting objects before .. also during the day. The totally weird thing is that no one looks up. No one appears to see them. Okay! I admit 99 percent of humans do not look right/left up or down within a 20° field of vision. I did some research and humans apparently have a 120° Binocular field of vision and a 50-55° vertical field of vision [without moving the head].

When you think you do not see! When you see you do not think!

At first I was watching this object that seemed to be a large bird flying very high from West to East. The bird was black against a bright light blue cloudless horizon. But! As the bird moved over my head from West to East and began to enter the deeper shades of evening blue... Not only did the object get larger and darker! But the object began morphing large and small .. changing shape .. changing size .. disappearing and reappearing. Against the evening sky the object was such an intense black!!

The object was not only morphing .. changing angle .. shape and size... The object had a special rhythm similar to birds and yet totally not the rhythm of high flying birds. The object looked like a bird .. but it was not a bird.

This was a wide open space where anyone on the ground could immediately see this object in the sky .. and I was the only one who stopped to look up and observe this unusual and captivating dark / black morphing phenomenon. Who knows? Maybe no one else could see it up there !!

Oh! No! I did not have my camera!

I was going to take my video camera with me to do some early evening shots .. and I decided last minute not to take the camera. As I looked up at this object I thought .. MY CAMERA!!! At the same time watching an object and filming an object are two totally different experiences. As I did not have my video camera with me I had to pay attention and observe [direct observation] .. which is much more intense.

Having the camera would only have distracted me .. and the human eye is much more superior in its direct observation than a camera [other than infra-red]. The black morphing object began to move significantly higher .. totally disappearing .. then reappearing .. shape shifting .. getting larger .. getting blacker .. doing all kinds of things unknown to man.

Then the object did the classic UFO type stuff... Even though the object was deeply black / dark with no lights and no flashing lights. These were organic flight movements and not human artificial static flight characteristics. The morphing dark object pulsed larger and smaller - larger and smaller as it significantly (and smoothly) moved deeper and deeper out into the outer atmosphere.

Then there came this characteristic final moment where it was gone.

There comes a moment where these objects simply switch off and disappear in front of your eyes in a nana-instant. The eye can see them .. see them .. see them and next moment the phenomenon totally disappears faster than the eye can blink. Not only do you see it disappear .. but you FEEL it disappear.

I quietly walk away and I am the only person who saw this !!

This event is not new .. it has happened before since the beginning of 2013. This event was simply the most spectacular and elusive of the many elegant and alluring mysterious dark morphing objects appearing .. and these are NOT human designs! I have even recently seen them during the day .. and no one else appears to be aware of them.

When you go into Nature .. do not only use the wide periphery of your eyes. You know! Seeing with the corners of your eyes rather than staring focused straight ahead of you. But! Also use the vertical axis of your eye-mind vision and observe what is around you outside of your thoughts .. as the human field of vision is not only visual .. it is also within the mind .. the psyche. In fact! The psyche is the most important factor of all.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Connective Tissue - One Body

In this post I am sharing my own experience of life... This information is not a guide to treatment or healing of the body '-)

This drawing is a rough sketch of a much more expanded concept of Connective Tissue - One Body. Because the visual impression is new to me .. it is a bit rough and not so refined. I also had dreams about this inner-outer connectivity of the physical human body .. the design of the body as a reflection of universal principles.

Sometimes to have problems is a good thing .. because it challenges you to look deeper and understand what is going on and causes you to find solutions and maybe facing problems can have a life changing effect that can be positive or negative - depending on one's character. When the mind finds balance the effect is neither positive nor negative: The yin and the yang become one.

I personally discovered from observing my own body... If I eat something and it causes a mild allergy reaction .. the toxins can end up in my connective tissue! I then lift something heavy or twist around parking the car and I get some muscle / tendon injury and then it can get inflamed and they tell you: There is nothing you can do .. just take pain killers and be patient - it will heal over time.

I do not take pain killers and I could not accept to "wait" 6 to 8 weeks for the pain-injury to go away. First I made the drawing and then I was trying different herbs and spices like cayenne pepper and mint oil... These treatments just made it worse and so I decided after a few days to try healing clay.

Usually, we humans always want to do something ACTIVE to heal the body if we get hurt. Either that is anti-inflammatory treatments or painkillers or herbs and spices. We rarely think of gentle treatments that can have powerful effects. For example, I always grow Aloe Vera plants and I take the leaves and put the jelly of the leaves straight on my skin.

I stopped the active treatments I was doing and I began putting Aloe Vera from fresh leaves onto the connective tissue injury. Then I cut a large plastic bag into squares (as I needed the plastic to keep the clay moist). I put sticky bandage tape around the edges of the plastic and I put a thick layer of wet healing clay onto the plastic and stuck it over the muscles and tendons that were most painful.

Within 24 hours the inflammation and the pain were 70 percent reduced!

I did not keep one wet clay patch on for 24 hours .. I gave the skin a 6 hour rest after 8 hours, because the toxins are drawn out of the deeper tissue by the clay and the skin can get a little red and irritated. So, I took the wet clay off after 8 hours and put Aloe Vera juice on the skin for 6 hours. This way I rotated the wet clay patches .. and for me it works !!

In my view that's one simple way to remove pain (inflammation) from the body.

Connective Tissue - One Body
I was looking at my drawing .. because first I draw with the silent part of the brain. For example, I do not think when I draw .. but I do have visual impressions and see things when drawing. Later I look at the drawings and I begin to understand things and have new ideas.

It came to me that our ancient ancestors understood the principles of oneness - the code of the Universe. They understood the mystery of one principle creating many forms. What I mean by this is that the same force behind the formation of muscles .. tendons .. bones and nerves is a reflection of the much larger (but equally simple) force creating Suns - Planets - Galaxies...

You could say there are tendons and connective tissue in deep space .. but in a form that our eyes and minds do not recognise. But! The eye or the mind of the artist sees the invisible background structure of the Universe. We humans - physical body - are a smaller reflection [design] of that much larger force creating the whole Solar System and/or Galaxy.

When we understand that invisible force .. we heal ourselves differently!!

What I discovered for myself .. personally .. is that there are the same forces in the juice of the fresh Aloe Vera leaves (especially if you grow them yourself) .. and there are the same forces in wet clay (earth). I also use grated raw potato or ground fresh cabbage leaves in the same way I use wet healing clay...

I have observed the effect on my own body .. an effect that is not as simple as wet clay physically "drawing the toxins and inflammation" out of the muscles .. deep tissue and tendons. There is a connectivity between the life force (magnetism) within the human body and elements of Nature. They interact as ONE FORCE. This is very difficult to explain in words .. as I see it visually through the artistic mind '-)

I am thinking .. when we hurt bones - tendons - muscles or deep tissue .. does the injured area lose "magnetic resonance" / coherent life-force .. Qi? Is the bodies magnetic resonance disrupted or fragmented when we have an injury?

At the same time I have been observing an even more difficult to explain phenomena of the body that is beyond the fragmented physical sciences we have today. This observation runs counter to modern science .. but has its roots in a much older ancient wisdom of our ancestors.

The rational analytical mind splits the physical body up into bones .. veins .. muscle .. nerves .. tendons .. blood .. organs .. brain .. skin .. connective tissue etc... But! Through many years of experience and observation everything is connected. It is not that the organs are separate from the bones .. but the organs and the bones are functioning parts of one organism and of one system.

If you hurt the bones the effects spread to the blood .. to the tendons .. to the muscles and nerves. Then all of it effects our state of mind and our state of mind effects the whole body. So, within us we have this ongoing balance between the forces of yin and yang! A sort of inner magnetic resonance. I may do another drawing at some point !!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Temple Carpenters of Japan

An amazing video about this beautiful 1,300 year old wooden temple in Japan [the East Tower] and the story of the Temple Carpenters seriously brought tears to my eyes. In my imagination .. because we are precious children of the ancestors! Just imagine you were one of the people who built the original tower and 1,300 years later you return to Earth and you can read = you can understand the mysterious language of the original carpenters .. and connect to rebuild the Temples

Traditional Temple Carpenter People [...of Japan]
日本文化 寺院 お寺

Friday, December 06, 2013

The Desolation of Smog!

Year of The water Dragon 1952 / 2012
I did not know any of this before I began this post. I simply researched it all in the last few hours... The Chinese Water Dragon Cycle: 1952 and 2012 .. and what do they have in common?

The killer London smog of December 1952 !!

Posted January 13, 2013
Smog Not Smaug

2013 Year of The Chinese Water Snake
I wrote the Chinese Water Snake posts at the beginning of January, 2013. The time of the Kelts in Scotland, Ireland and across Europe (before the Romans) .. of the crossing / transition from December to January was a time of SEEING. At the crossing point I looked into the mirror / portal and I saw grey mists.

I know my drawing looks a lot like a Dragon .. but snakes / serpents and dragons have a lot in common and I always draw what comes visually into my mind. I do not rationally decide what to draw. If the visual impression does not come into my mind then I don't make a drawing. I only draw what I see.

At the same time there is a very good Geomantic reason why the year of the Snake follows the Chinese Dragon year! These nature forms were used in ancient times to act as signatures to real forces and as a way of "drawing" real cycles. The images of the dragon .. snake and horse etc .. are pictographic signatures of complex forces and highly complex cycles. This is why there are also cycles of wood - fire - earth - metal - water. January 31, 2014 to February 18, 2015 is the Chinese Year of the Wood Horse! I will go into that in January, 2014...

Dark Grey Mists...
New Year’s Day stems from an ancient Roman custom, the feast of the Roman god Janus – god of doorways and beginnings. The name for the month of January also comes from Janus, who was depicted as having two faces. One face of Janus looked back into the past, and the other looking forward to the future.

Posted January 1, 2013: Mist Fog & Volcanoes
China have had some serious problems with mist .. pollution .. smog and heavy dense fog in 2013 - just as London had in 1952. Worst of all seems to currently be extreme dense fog in Shanghai .. where the problem is so bad there is a complete shutdown of the city.

The problem is not only in China. Fog pileup: Extreme fog led to 130 motorway car crash in Belgium... "Hundreds crash in dense morning fog". We do not have the really bad smog seen in Shanghai .. but since the temperatures dropped dramatically beginning of November .. every day has been dull .. dark and grey. It's just no fun! Every day the skies are covered with dense misty fog dark smog clouds. In fact! They are not even clouds... The skies are covered with a grey blanket of featureless fog.

Then true to the snake's form of undulating and often sudden unexpected change a large hurricane storm (158 kilometers and hour) rages across Northern Europe .. sucking cliff side chalets out to sea along the Atlantic coast. At the same time it is very grey and bleak .. misty and foggy .. cold and dark .. just add a little snow to that picture. So! My Serpent-Dragon drawing is actually quite colourful and bright considering the outer reality .. as we move towards the end of December !!

Time to make lots of ginger, garlic and lemongrass soup.

In a way it is somewhat strange and funny (in a funny kind of way) that on December 2, 2013 there was the World Premier of Peter Jackson's second Hobbit movie: The Desolation of Smaug. What I really want to get close to is the real nature of the Earth-Cycles and the practical reason for understanding GEOMANTIC CYCLES. Because .. they happen for a REASON...

The Great Smog of London in 1952 .. even though December, 1952 was the Chinese Water Dragon and December 2013 is the Chinese Water Snake! There are similarities and Geomantic parallels. In terms of their natures Dragons and Serpents have a lot in common. In my view it is not a co-incidence that dragon and snake years follow each other. The cycles follow each other and spread out in similar ways over these natural cycles.

I would have to have another incarnation to understand this... Or visit the ancient Masters of the Past! However, there is a natural science to these Geomantic cycles .. covering hundreds of years .. if not thousands of years.

The karmic aspect is simple to understand. The snake teaches us about personal inner states of mind .. attitudes and our relationship to the world around us [including Nature]. This is also a serious warning to all humans on Earth. Twelve year cycles that play out over sixty year cycles. We have 60 years to change how we produce energy.

The entire world has developed into an energy hungry Planet.

THIS is the REASON for my drawing... I drew the Dragon-Serpent and as I was drawing I was watching the signature of the image appear. I was studying its nature and wondering what is the meaning behind it. I was not really wondering as much as I was understanding. Why is a smog dragon so colourful?

The answer is really simple and it underlines our total lack of understanding of Nature and for Nature. You know! EVERYTHING that surrounds YOU !! So .. you are under a grey blanket of smog and all you see is grey. But .. the dragon shows that the blanket of smog is made out of everything.

Pollution (smog) plays a part .. but this is not only about pollution! Air is involved .. the Planet's rotation is involved .. water is involved .. sunlight is involved .. the layers of the atmosphere are involved .. the sky is involved .. temperatures are involved .. volcanoes are involved!

Why volcanoes? Because major eruptions such as the April 2010 eruption of Iceland's Eyjafjallajoekull .. that shut down all of Europe has a long term lasting effect on the atmosphere of the entire Earth. Volcanoes can effect weather .. temperature .. precipitation and atmospheric flows over HUNDREDS of years.

This is where human beings have to have some humility and seriously waken up .. and get their heads out of their BUTTS... We can no longer afford to produce energy for an energy hungry world in the way we do today with the fast approaching "Volcano Cycle". Basically, because volcanic ash and volcanic particles alter how pollution interacts with the atmosphere over our heads. Noting to do with "global warming" .. just forget that one ;- )

This is more serious than global warming!

If temperatures gradually increase Nature can adapt and adjust... But if things get really wild then it is very hard to adjust. Extreme and sudden swings in temperatures. Swings in severe to mild weather. Storms .. flooding .. drought .. heat .. cold. You get the picture! The extremes are the danger.

Now! Volcanoes are like dragons! They are very dangerous!

I may be wrong? But .. I would say human beings on Planet Earth have minimum 60 years to sort out their energy problems and create clean non-polluting energy for an energy hungry Planet. If we do not begin to sort it out in the next 12 to 60 years then the 120 year cycle will be in place. And .. you just don't want to go there!

Once the volcanoes get active .. as they do from time to time on this Planet .. then the life / atmospheric Dragon-Serpent will interact with human created chemistry [pollution] in ways no one today can even begin to imagine.

If you don't want to breath the Shanghai smog today?
Then! You will not survive its sixty year return!