Friday, December 27, 2013

Candida Thyroidism Heart & Glands

All I had to lose .. was my life !!  '-)
- ZenSu

This post is simply my own personal experience .. as I describe it to you .. and is in no way a guide to health or anything like that!! I have unique relationship with my body that is between me [my spirit] and the physical body / incarnation.

That is all it is !!

My whole life I was blessed with good health .. strong vitality and ability to maintain health through my mind and inner transfer of energy. I could quietly heal other people using Pranic long-distance energy healing techniques. If I got a bad flu or a bad stomach bug .. my main healing force was mind / energy as well as herbs and spices.

Then .. one day .. all that changed!

The sudden and total collapse of my health seemed out-of-the-blue... But! Later I understood that the total and dramatic collapse in my bodies health was not really out-of-the-blue! It had been growing in my gut over many years .. and then months .. and then weeks.

I later discovered the source of my health problems was Candida Albicans! That comes later! Let me first describe to you the bizarre symptoms...

The Lowest Point
Be aware that this is a personal description of my own experience(s) .. and that experiences cannot be translated into a general ??? whatever ... The lowest point came totally out of nowhere - or so it appeared to me at the time. I woke up in the early hours of the morning .. heart racing!

I never experienced anything like this in my entire life...
... And .. I thought I was having a heart attack!

My heart was beating right-left / right-left like a small bird in panic .. desperate to leave the area of confinement. I thought I was having a heart attack. I can laugh now .. in hindsight .. but in that moment I called emergency services!

Emergency services came and did some kind of "test" .. nothing was wrong with my heart!

Later down the road no doctor or specialist could explain this bizarre experience .. other than "stress" .. "food allergies" [you cannot heal allergies - you will have to live with this for the rest of your life !!! ] ... Duh!

All I had .. at the end of the day .. was my beloved body [intelligence] and my mind.

"Learn to live with it..." was (for me) NEVER an option...

I was not afraid to die... I am not afraid of death... Therefore, I began to search for SOLUTIONS. Why not! I had nothing to lose! So, what were my symptoms? I was always vegeterian (25 years) .. but all I could eat without having severe food allergy reactions was: white basmati rice and kefir (probiotics).

Any kind of fruit or vegetable would - within hours - create a sever gut / colon or severe skin allergy reaction. But worse than that were the collective body symptoms! I gained weight .. every gland in my body hurt .. I knew the location of every gland due to the associated pain.

My neck was swollen .. my glands were swollen .. there was pressure in and behind my eyes .. my eyesight was deteriorating [get the picture .. this was effecting my whole body] .. brain fog .. nervousness .. night-sweats .. shivering .. too much heat then loss of body heat [what the f#ck ??].

Heart rate too fast .. heart rate too slow ?? Joint pain .. extreme fatique .. I could hardly walk... symptoms changed and exchanged every day. One day good .. one day bad. Weight gain and then extreme weight loss. My arms seemed as thin as the bones inside my arms. I never lost faith in my body intelligence.

Be aware .. this is simply my own personal experience.

I learned to love .. trust and respect my body .. to show respect! To listen!

At the worst period my throat was swollen .. my energy was low .. my heart was racing .. my glands were painful .. my digestion was severely compromised .. I was rapidly gaining weight and rapidly losing weight .. I was having anxiety attacks .. chills and night sweats .. sudden fatigue .. digestive disorders and constipation .. irregular heartbeat .. gas and abdominal bloating .. ringing in the ears .. pain in the joints .. swelling in joints of the hands .. could it get much worse ?? ...

Since I was a kid I taught myself healing techniques of food - herbs and Qi / Pranic energy healing .. but this was new body phenomenon of multiple symptoms... I did research and I found this comprehensive site: Candida Free .. listing all my unable to diagnose many bizarre symptoms... I really had nothing left to lose .. other than my life !!

I had many years of knowledge researching problems with the gut / intestines and testing out different theories: Living Foods .. Dr. Norman Walker [Death Lies In The Colon] .. Dr. Ann Wigmore .. Hulda Clark .. Mantak Chia .. Maria Treben... Those are the basics!

Healthy Probiotic Gut Bacteria
Once I encountered information on Candida Albicans overgrowth inside the colon and related fungal [toxic / acidic] growth in the colon with the resulting dangers of acidic bacterial infection and loss of friendly probiotic colon bacteria .. I began testing out my alternatives.

My test was to order Threelac probiotics .. although later I began to cultivate my own Kefir grains .. that I find many times more effective in growing and supporting healthy colon friendly probiotic bacteria [I eat the self-grown / self cultivated Kefir grains as well as sometimes drink the Kefir milk].

Before I discovered probiotic Kefir grains I used Threelac for 3 months .. 6 months .. 1 year .. 1 and a half years .. 2 years. In the first three months of my experiment many of my "symptoms" decreased or completely disappeared. Between 6 months to 1 year all skin and digestion / food allergies disappeared.

Pressure in the eyes .. swollen eyes reduced within 6-12 months using probiotics.

Food allergies were .. in my personal experience 100% reduced within 1 year of probiotic activation of the gut and colon. I also noticed that the glands returned to normal. I no longer had these extreme glandular swellings / pains where I was aware of every gland in my body = under the arms .. breasts .. joints .. hips .. kidneys .. throat.

Nervous Anxiety !!
There was never a point in my life where I could not deal with nervous anxiety! I was from childhood a calm child .. and this Buddha like calm continued throughout my life until my internal nerves went berserk and chaotic - with no apparent logic to the anxiety meltdown(s).

At the worst point I could not sleep peacefully .. and you have to understand that sleep has always been one of my relaxed primary functions. I would waken with painful glands .. rapid beating heart .. muscle cramps and general anxiety.

Why would my body no longer respond to my calm mind intelligence meditation?

I tell you why .. from my own experience .. because probiotic bacteria are an absolute ESSENTIAL interface between bodies physical existence - energy - chi - mind and physical biological health. The ancient Qi Masters of never had this problem .. because they lived in times of physical purity.

Healthy probiotic bacteria are in the stomach .. in the gut / colon .. are in the blood .. skin .. bones .. nerves .. organs .. glands .. heart .. tissues .. muscles .. tendons .. bones .. bone marrow .. brain tissues .. and fluids of the entire body.

I tested the probiotics and I also drank ESSIAC tea - to cleanse out the glandular system.

The results were: No more food / skin allergies .. no more dramatic weight gain / weight loss .. no more swelling / glandular pain .. no more night sweats .. no more rapid beating heart .. no more fatigue .. sleep loss .. breast .. joint and hip pain. No more anxiety and no more bizarre mood swings!

This is simply my own personal experience !!
My own personal / experience / relationship with my body...

I think: I am not afraid! I think: I am prepared to give everything for my body! We live and die together. We were born into physical life together and we come to the end of physical life together. There also has to be some form of compassion towards the fragile physical body from the incarnate spirit.

So, I feel the love and I cultivate the love...

I am grateful to the body-mind intelligence for guidance .. out of which health was created. My heart .. my glandular system .. my colon .. gut .. nerves and even my bones were melting under this mysterious internal acidic-toxic reaction.

In my case this was Candida fungus overgrowth and leaky gut .. where the highly acidic fungi .. yeast .. mold and Candida created toxins that took out the natural function of my glands .. blood .. organs .. colon!

After 6 months to a year of gently adding probiotic bacteria into my colon the internal pressure to my eyes decreased .. my glands were no longer painful and swollen .. my fatigue was gone .. irregular heartbeats returned to normal .. muscle and tendon pains / aches disappeared.

Everything the doctors told me I had to LEARN TO LIVE WITH were GONE !!

And .. to my BODY...
Thank you so much! I thank you from my HEART! Thank you for protecting me!