Friday, December 27, 2013

Leaky Gut Candida Overgrowth Stress

Even when out of balance - the body maintained balance.
- ZenSu

Calm Nerves Strong Body
My entire life I never had to deal with serious illness .. no allergies and no hay fever. I always helped people to heal themselves in various ways. I was calm .. had strong nerves .. even in the most dangerous situations. High in the mountains in life or death situations - I always remained calm as more experienced people around me would lose their nerve. I had the ability to calm people around me and take the lead in getting everyone to safety [even as a child].

One case of leaky gut syndrome and Candida overgrowth and I was a basket case!

In my late forties I began developing skin rashes .. severe food allergies and pollen allergies. With no change in my low fat vegetarian diet - where I had never gained weight my entire life - I was suddenly getting fat. Stomach .. thighs .. knees .. arms and neck were adding on fatty tissue - almost overnight!

I started to notice my knees were swollen and beginning to ache .. my hips were aching in the joints .. so were my shoulders and then my hands. My fast walking pace slowed down to a crawl. I could barely walk into town. What was happening to me? As a person who never needed doctors - I suddenly needed specialists.

Well! Whats the problem? Well! EVERYTHING .. my whole body is the problem '-)

I soon realised that there are specialists for this organ and specialists for that organ .. but there are no Whole Body Specialists. All they could tell me was: At your age this is normal. No! There is no cure for panic attacks and stress .. allergies and aches and pains. Learn to live with it! Deal with stress differently!

I never had to deal with stress... Or was it Candida yeast overgrowth and leaky gut symptoms? So, I began to pay attention to my body .. observe what was taking place and as no one could help! I had to help myself. At the end of the day my body and I only had each other .. and together we were about to figure it out.

Lightning Showed Me The Way...
Why was I previously so healthy and allergy free when people around me were suffering all kinds of medical problems .. aches and pains? As a kid I reacted to antibiotics [that also wipe out the friendly gut bacteria together with killing the bad bacterial infections]. My whole life I never took antibiotics and therefore my beneficial gut bacteria [immune system] were strong and healthy.

To keep it short .. I had Candida overgrowth that had grown through the lining of my gut [leaky gut] and the toxins .. fungus .. bacteria were entering my body and effecting my metabolism - muscles - tendons - joints - glands and organs.

Not only was I heating up and sweating like crazy (especially at night - soaking the bed with sweat) .. but I could also feel lightning strikes seconds before the lightning flash. I became electro-sensitive .. but worst of all was feeling the electric charge before the lightning strike as the charge ran through my whole body. It never harmed me .. but it was kind of scary.

I later discovered that fungus and bacteria react to electrical charge differently than cells of the human body. What I mean by that is .. a healthy human body has a natural resistance to electrical charge. But in my case - with leaky gut and candida fungus and bacteria all over my body and growing in the joints (expanding during thunderstorm type weather changes) - the electrical charge was being transmitted through my body as though I had no natural resistance.

This is the funny part! I was seeing something take place through the lightning charge that was revealing what was happening inside me in terms of toxins and the extent to which they were expanding in the tissues and joints. How do I know this? Because I did an experiment...

I carried out a gentle but long term detox of my colon and entire body as I repopulated the gut with beneficial probiotic bacteria .. and after about 6 months I was 100% no longer electro-sensitive and the lightning charge sensitivity also disappeared.

Nervous Anxiety and Stress
The other thing that was happening with leaky gut was that my body was a nervous wreck. I would waken up in the early hours of the morning shaking and sometimes my heart was beating rapidly .. and I had no control over this. I never knew a heart could beat that fast!

Then I was also having really weird loss of confidence - like a loss of nerve. I was having these strange mood swings that were coming right out of my nervous system and affecting maybe my hormones ?? Also, affecting my brain and my normal state of well being. It was like a total body stress. Sometimes I would be shaking uncontrollably .. sweating hot or shivering cold. All that ended when I no longer had Candida overgrowth and leaky gut.

All that was bad enough and it went on [on and off] for months up to maybe a year .. until I figured things out and just tested ways to heal myself and detox. The worst thing .. because I have always been active .. was my loss of physical strength and vitality as well as increasing fatigue.

I could not change a medium sized potted plant without breaking out into a hot sweat all over my body - even to the point where the sweat would be pouring down my face and getting in my eyes doing the simplest task. If I had to move something around or lift a heavy object .. I would be soaked in sweat. My muscles and tendons would hurt or ache. Sometimes my heart was pounding for no apparent reason.

It took 6 months to a year .. but all that ended when I detoxed Candida gradually using probiotics and I can re-pot plants without having sweat attacks and aching muscles.

At the worst point (for months) I could only eat white Basmati rice and drink water - because even herbal teas were causing leaky gut allergic reactions - and yet I was putting on weight. Duh! Even changing from 38 jeans to 40 jeans .. I could not close the button or zip up the zip .. and then it was size 42. I was becoming a little fat Elf !!

I was being careful not to trigger a healing crisis as probiotics detox Candida Albicans as the gut is repopulated with beneficial gut bacteria. Yet! I was gradually losing weight although I was beginning to eat normally again. At first my weight crashed and I seemed to have no strength. Gradually, even size 38 jeans were falling off my hips and I needed belts to make the jeans tighter.

I did not do any diets .. although I did use a gentle colon cleanse. I ate normally.

The weirdest thing was on bad days where I would have a toxic reaction to something I ate and my muscles and tendons would shrink and actually twist .. especially in my hands and fingers. All that ended once my body was able to remove the leaky gut toxins that had spread throughout my body.

What I noticed .. because I carefully observed my own body .. is that the chemical imbalance caused by the fungus / bacteria created what I call body stress. Maybe body-brain stress .. over which I had no control. No matter how calm I remained I was shaking inside as though I had lost my nerve. The fact that I stayed calm shows that I had not lost my nerve .. I hope that makes sense!

Gradually .. over 6 months to a year .. the pain in my knees and joints disappeared. The swelling around my knees disappeared and the weight loss returned to balance. I could eat normally again without putting on any extra weight. I no longer had allergy reactions. I could lift heavy objects without experiencing body stress. I was no longer experiencing extreme night sweats.

The Body Mind Structure
This is why I began to develop my One Body understanding. Before my Candida overgrowth experience and leaky gut experience: If I caught a cold - I would treat the cold. If I got a gut virus I would treat the gut. If I had food poisoning I would treat the food poisoning. Later I began to realise or understand that when the body gets one part sick the whole body is affected and the whole body acts as one to heal.

I have this theory that beneficial probiotic bacteria are not only in the colon .. but probiotic bacteria are all over the body and are an essential component of health and are vital to a healthy immune system. In fact, the probiotic bacteria probably are the immune system!

These undetected healthy bacteria are essential to bones - tendons - muscles - tissue - skin - organs and glands [the glandular system]. Now! I became aware that the first thing to collapse with leaky gut was my whole glandular system. It got so bad at one point that I could feel the glands through my whole body. Sometimes it was painful .. very unpleasant.

Yet! The glands responded first to the daily probiotic intake and then the rest of the body began to put itself back together again. I have this theory that some kind of probiotic liquid is essential to the glands creating pathways for an energetic system .. an interconnected communication system. Maybe healthy body probiotics transmit signals in similar ways to the nervous system. My theory is that stress is the collapse of this subtle inter-body pathway connection (signals).

We think of the brain .. our thoughts and state of the mind when we try to understand stress and stress related illness or harmonic imbalance. I feel that the glandular system is vital to full body relaxation and harmony. Not the brain in the skull .. but the body brain. Because my experience of direct stress and deep anxiety was actually in the body .. it was not in the brain.

The other factor to add to this is that I always had abilities to move energy .. create harmonic peace and calm state using my mind. I discovered with leaky gut and once the glands were compromised that I could not actively use my mind to calm what seemed out of control nervous body stress. I could relax in my mind and remain calm .. but I had to let the body shake out its stress and then it would stop on its own.

I feel that we overlook that the body has a "mindset". Really difficult to explain!

Do probiotics regulate harmonic balance in the entire physical body? I have to think more about this and try to understand in more depth. It is related to Universal principle that the small is the large. The smallest particle regulates the largest particle or organ. Maybe this is moving more towards Homeopathy...