Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Connective Tissue - One Body

In this post I am sharing my own experience of life... This information is not a guide to treatment or healing of the body '-)

This drawing is a rough sketch of a much more expanded concept of Connective Tissue - One Body. Because the visual impression is new to me .. it is a bit rough and not so refined. I also had dreams about this inner-outer connectivity of the physical human body .. the design of the body as a reflection of universal principles.

Sometimes to have problems is a good thing .. because it challenges you to look deeper and understand what is going on and causes you to find solutions and maybe facing problems can have a life changing effect that can be positive or negative - depending on one's character. When the mind finds balance the effect is neither positive nor negative: The yin and the yang become one.

I personally discovered from observing my own body... If I eat something and it causes a mild allergy reaction .. the toxins can end up in my connective tissue! I then lift something heavy or twist around parking the car and I get some muscle / tendon injury and then it can get inflamed and they tell you: There is nothing you can do .. just take pain killers and be patient - it will heal over time.

I do not take pain killers and I could not accept to "wait" 6 to 8 weeks for the pain-injury to go away. First I made the drawing and then I was trying different herbs and spices like cayenne pepper and mint oil... These treatments just made it worse and so I decided after a few days to try healing clay.

Usually, we humans always want to do something ACTIVE to heal the body if we get hurt. Either that is anti-inflammatory treatments or painkillers or herbs and spices. We rarely think of gentle treatments that can have powerful effects. For example, I always grow Aloe Vera plants and I take the leaves and put the jelly of the leaves straight on my skin.

I stopped the active treatments I was doing and I began putting Aloe Vera from fresh leaves onto the connective tissue injury. Then I cut a large plastic bag into squares (as I needed the plastic to keep the clay moist). I put sticky bandage tape around the edges of the plastic and I put a thick layer of wet healing clay onto the plastic and stuck it over the muscles and tendons that were most painful.

Within 24 hours the inflammation and the pain were 70 percent reduced!

I did not keep one wet clay patch on for 24 hours .. I gave the skin a 6 hour rest after 8 hours, because the toxins are drawn out of the deeper tissue by the clay and the skin can get a little red and irritated. So, I took the wet clay off after 8 hours and put Aloe Vera juice on the skin for 6 hours. This way I rotated the wet clay patches .. and for me it works !!

In my view that's one simple way to remove pain (inflammation) from the body.

Connective Tissue - One Body
I was looking at my drawing .. because first I draw with the silent part of the brain. For example, I do not think when I draw .. but I do have visual impressions and see things when drawing. Later I look at the drawings and I begin to understand things and have new ideas.

It came to me that our ancient ancestors understood the principles of oneness - the code of the Universe. They understood the mystery of one principle creating many forms. What I mean by this is that the same force behind the formation of muscles .. tendons .. bones and nerves is a reflection of the much larger (but equally simple) force creating Suns - Planets - Galaxies...

You could say there are tendons and connective tissue in deep space .. but in a form that our eyes and minds do not recognise. But! The eye or the mind of the artist sees the invisible background structure of the Universe. We humans - physical body - are a smaller reflection [design] of that much larger force creating the whole Solar System and/or Galaxy.

When we understand that invisible force .. we heal ourselves differently!!

What I discovered for myself .. personally .. is that there are the same forces in the juice of the fresh Aloe Vera leaves (especially if you grow them yourself) .. and there are the same forces in wet clay (earth). I also use grated raw potato or ground fresh cabbage leaves in the same way I use wet healing clay...

I have observed the effect on my own body .. an effect that is not as simple as wet clay physically "drawing the toxins and inflammation" out of the muscles .. deep tissue and tendons. There is a connectivity between the life force (magnetism) within the human body and elements of Nature. They interact as ONE FORCE. This is very difficult to explain in words .. as I see it visually through the artistic mind '-)

I am thinking .. when we hurt bones - tendons - muscles or deep tissue .. does the injured area lose "magnetic resonance" / coherent life-force .. Qi? Is the bodies magnetic resonance disrupted or fragmented when we have an injury?

At the same time I have been observing an even more difficult to explain phenomena of the body that is beyond the fragmented physical sciences we have today. This observation runs counter to modern science .. but has its roots in a much older ancient wisdom of our ancestors.

The rational analytical mind splits the physical body up into bones .. veins .. muscle .. nerves .. tendons .. blood .. organs .. brain .. skin .. connective tissue etc... But! Through many years of experience and observation everything is connected. It is not that the organs are separate from the bones .. but the organs and the bones are functioning parts of one organism and of one system.

If you hurt the bones the effects spread to the blood .. to the tendons .. to the muscles and nerves. Then all of it effects our state of mind and our state of mind effects the whole body. So, within us we have this ongoing balance between the forces of yin and yang! A sort of inner magnetic resonance. I may do another drawing at some point !!