Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Healing The Body-Brain Signature

"Human beings are born with a finite amount of energy,” don Juan said, “an energy that is systematically deployed, beginning at the moment of birth, in order that it may be used most advantageously by the modality of the time..."

"The modality of the time is the precise bundle of energy fields being perceived..."

"I believe man’s perception has changed through the ages. The actual time decides the mode; the time decides which precise bundle of energy fields, out of an incalculable number, are to be used. And handling the modality of the time— those few, selected energy fields— takes all our available energy, leaving us nothing that would help us use any of the other energy fields."

The Power of Silence - Carlos Castaneda
Zen Qi
It often takes me weeks (sometimes months) to write in words what I see .. really what I am shown. First comes the energy - or the Qi... Then comes a visual concept in energy form that I can only draw with silent mind. So, the drawing already exists in energy form and the mind can see that "energy pictograph" .. and then the mind without image(s) can put that signature onto paper.

This signature is new to me .. and the drawing is a little more refined .. but is not as refined as I want it to be. However, it does begin to convey the essence of this new information. The scanner magnifies / thickens the lines .. never mind !!

The body-mind .. as we now come into 2014 .. things may get much more turbulent in the world around us and also in the inner world. But it is a challenge! Outer circumstances are not the key factors when incarnate in physical material form. The key factor is the inner circumstance manifest as mind within physical form.

What is the first thing we do as children? For some reason we focus outside - and very quickly I WANT forms... The earliest connection to the material world of the child's mind is: I want! Be aware .. first the mind signature forms and then the physical follows (grows around) the mind and the inner attitudes.

Western science claims that experience forms the character of human beings and that genetics play a major role in how humans respond to outer experiences. However, western science seems to be all about not taking responsibility for the inner signature that defines how we behave towards the world and towards Nature and the Planet we live on.

In reality .. the mind forms before the genetics! Human science is so obsessed with the physical manifestation they cannot see the subtle background out of which all physical existence grows. In other words: You do not have physical existence - physical bodies - without mind! One could say the body grows around the mind (intent). But! That is moving onto higher Zen Principles of being '-)

Higher Mind = Energy
After the 2nd World War there was a growing hunger for Esoteric Sciences and a renewed search for Higher Mind or Enlightenment. The West dug into the ancient knowledge of the East to try and find an answer to their growing appetite for self-destruction.

Looking for personal enlightenment is a misunderstanding of the most ancient teachings of the Masters. Some of the most disturbed people I have met in my life were seeking personal enlightenment .. and most of them were extremely wealthy individuals. Maybe all of them??

One day .. I was climbing zig-zag on a high mountain pass (alone) .. I came to a high point where a few scattered pine trees grew high on the path across the side of the mountain. I was climbing slowly around boulders when suddenly I felt a very strong presence. It was a deep presence of peace .. of silence .. and of deep mediation.

Right above me .. sitting quietly on the branch of a pine tree at the side of the path .. was a large black crow. I did not need to look around .. I simply looked straight at the crow as soon as I felt the presence. This crow was pretty old and had an extraordinary powerful energy signature.

The crow had been watching me make my way across the high mountain path.

As I looked up - in awe - at the bird... The crow was observing me with such compassion. I had a profound feeling inside of me .. almost as though the crow and I were destined to meet. Almost as though the crow was sitting there waiting for me to appear on the path. Almost as though I was climbing the path just to meet this bird and experience this extraordinary moment.

We looked at each other for a long time and then I slowly moved on across the path leaving the crow sitting silently on the pine tree .. watching me. That moment not only changed my life .. it transformed my life.

Mind is energy!

The problems we humans have is not enlightenment or no-enlightenment .. the problems are simply how we use energy and the loss of energy. Focus on the physical material world is a black hole for energy. You cannot focus nor indulge in the physical material world and accumulate energy. The more energy you lose the more you lose your mind.

The 2013 Snake Year has been transformative in and of itself .. but the Snake Year has not been an easy passage. Snake energies are challenging and they are a karmic window in which we see ourselves and where our actions affect us far into the future. We reap what we sow.

Healing The Body-Brain Signature
I am not totally understanding this drawing .. but I kind of understand it! The physical body is not the dominant factor in Earth Incarnations. The genes do not form outside of the energy/mind. The DNA are not fixed forms .. the DNA are designed to change and transform in relation to mind/spirit. The incarnate spirit re-designs the genetic code and the DNA as the body grows from childhood into adult form.

There are two ways to lose vital energy [life-force] .. either through excessive indulgence or through obsessive self-denial. This would be explained as being either excessive yin or excessive yang. The yin is out of balance or the yang is out of balance. But! What is the driving force? The MIND!

It is my feeling that yin and yang are most strongly aligned with the mind and with inner state of mind! Which comes first? Which is primary? Energy or mind? I think the signature of this drawing is an attempt to convey mind-energy-body as one principle. The heart is very important .. the Qi is very important .. energy signature is important and the mind is outside the body.

Healing the body-brain signature may be heart-energy-body interacting with mind .. where mind is similar to spiritual or cosmic internet [connection]. If you look carefully .. in the drawing you have three forces interacting in multiple ways! The lower and the side forces .. the central forces and the side and higher force. Even the central and the higher force [mind].

The next dynamic principle shown to me is that we do not SEE the outer world as a reality separate from ourselves... We SEE ourselves reflected in the outer world [like a mirror]. I do not mean self-image or ego-self .. I mean something much more fundamental and pure. No matter how out of balance we may be - we are always interacting INTIMATELY with ourselves. Our relationship with the outer world is really our relationship with ourselves.

When you have good relationship with yourself you are going to heal the world.

The simplest and most important energy accumulator is gratitude. When we inwardly silently express gratitude [especially in negative or bad situations] .. this inner-energy signature affects the frequency of the body as well as effecting and transforming the genetic structure of the body-mind.

"Thank you so much! I thank you from my heart!" Gratitude!

Very simple - but powerful inner Zen Qi ...