Thursday, December 26, 2013

Three Forces - Heart Lungs & Qi

AIKI is the marvelous functioning of breath.
Secret Teachings of AIKIDO
Morihei Ueshiba

Breath Connects Matter & Spirit
At last this new set of drawings are coming together .. this is so exciting! I always wanted to draw arms - as I did in the first picture. Those later drawings did not work .. because the first drawing was a template! I had to follow the signature of the drawings as they developed. I could understand everything other than the two right and left forms where the arms should be.

Those are the lungs! Breath!

The lower (upward moving) harmonic life force is breath combining with Qi at the navel. The lungs [combining with Heart] are the wings of the heart. You have a central combination of five forces: The foundation of the Mind. The way the five forces interact affects the mind - just as the mind affects the balance of the five forces.

The mind exists before the genes and DNA combine and re-combine. Therefore, man is in a continual state of growth and re-growth .. transformation and change. Thought sees the genetic code as static = IT FORMS like building a stone house. The human genetic code is anything but fixed.

As technology advanced the designers and technicians were able to build aircraft using auto-pilot! However, auto-pilot and auto-navigation already exists within the human being. Humans have an in-built auto-pilot system that takes care of them until the point where a human can take the reigns and direct their journey on the path of life.

When I was a very small child [like four years old] .. tall energy beings came to me in the garden under the trees .. and they said to me: You are not going to live on auto-pilot. We will teach you! Do EXACTLY what we say!

To some of you who desire "freedom of choice" .. that last one might sound a bit rough. "Do EXACTLY what we say!" The problem is that we humans are not born in an awakened state .. that exists on other Planets and Dimensions. Once auto-pilot is switched off one needs some level of "guidance".

We then begin to understand how to use the inner navigational compass.

Life is a multidimensional co-operation between forces and living forms [physical existence]. Take breathing .. which we do every day. We all rely on that breath for life / existence! The breath supports every action we do from birth to death and beyond.

Breathing is so subtle we do not notice that we are breathing! We only become aware of breathing when something hurts or the lungs get sick... Something so vitally important to our day to day existence [also during sleep] .. is so gentle and almost invisible to our awareness.

Three Forces - Heart Lungs & Qi
The western material sciences simply imagine that the lungs breath physical air .. while the eastern sciences have said humans breath Qi - Prana - Life Force. From the new series of drawings I would say that the Qi outside the body is compatible with the dynamic Qi stored inside the body - that supports all life functions.

Morihei Ueshiba .. the founder of AIKIDO .. said that with right state of mind (harmony) humans can breathe Universal Qi - coming into contact with compassionate wisdom [my interpretation]. The first small step of compassionate awareness is already manifest inside you in the form of your breath. You are breathing every day and the force is so gentle you hardly notice its power.

Humans need water and food .. but they first need breath / breathing to find the food .. eat the food .. drink the water .. digest the food .. water detoxifies the body [that requires breath]. Really, the heart is also breathing! But! By the time the breath enters the heart chambers it has been converted to a more subtle Qi.

The heart is an energy converter.

The first principle of physical existence is breath .. Qi .. then comes water and food (energy). I think there is a subtle difference between Qi and energy. I could be wrong? I think that the body first needs Qi to convert energy so that the body can function.

Trees are powerful Masters of Qi... They reach into the sky like external branches of lungs. Trees are transformers of Qi. Their roots are the lungs of the earth and their branches are the lungs of the sky.

We humans are really Qi resonators! Transforming planetary life force in terms of this free-energy charge and then later comes the water and the food .. and shelter / keeping warm. The free-energy principle is the Qi .. then we internally transform the external Qi into all the cells of the body to maintain life (charge).

I would say that MIND is the force that directs Qi.

The physical cells of the body are also internal cells of mind [body-mind]. The physical cells and their functions are both mind and body. This is why so much of what takes place within the body is happening on its own at root level. The cells and organs know what to do to function. You do not have to THINK to move your arms and your legs .. muscles and tendons. You just move!

Mind energy and Qi have to be part of one force .. they also communicate and have compatible frequencies. Mind can consciously direct Qi within as well as around the body [energy field]. As easily as your physical body can interact with and manipulate the surrounding physical world .. the mind can interact with - direct and move Qi.

The lungs breathe? Right? Internal air pump and extractor!

Meditate and go inside your lungs .. inside your breath .. listen .. observe .. feel each breath. You may see the life force inside the lungs that never leaves. A force that remains through the in-breath and the out-breath. It can happen that as you listen to the lungs breathing you end up in your mind (the brain) without knowing how or why.

The next factor of One Body may be: The Energy of Movement!