Saturday, December 28, 2013

Toxic Colon: Looking Into The Abyss

The body was shaking...
Magnetic energy flow in my hands was weak.

All my life from a small child I could just do stuff! Things I was never taught .. things I taught myself. Like the magnetic energy field bouncing off the palms of the hands. Within moments of facing the palms of my hands towards each other a powerful magnetic orb would form [like bouncing two magnetic poles off each other].

Totally on its own a harmonic cycle of energy or Qi would move back and forward - left to right - like a figure of 8 eternity sign .. and I would calmly watch this. I was not doing this with my mind .. the energy was doing this on its own.

However, I quickly became aware that with Candida overgrowth and toxic colon the energy field in my hands was weak .. the powerful magnetic field was non-existent .. the harmonic I used to heal was not there. The power was gone or compromised!

That for me was the worst thing that could happen...

Most of my life I had healed others and myself with this natural Pranic energy or Qi. A Gypsy woman once told me that an incredible energy field flowed from my hands. So, I began to understand that I was not only observing and experiencing nervous stress - fatique - exhaustion and circulation collapse! Something was disrupting the flow of Qi in and around my body.

Toxic Colon: Looking Into The Abyss
There is something in the glands that transports Qi - perhaps in association with the bodies meridians. Either it is a primal liquid or original sexual life force .. the force that maintains the immune system as well as the function of the major glands: Pineal, pituitary, hypothalmus and prostate.

It is all very well to say that the meridians carry energy throughout the body .. but we overlook the fact that these energy lines have to interact directly with the bodies physical dimensions. In my view the bridge between energy flow and physical cells has to be liquid and related to the glands .. entire glandular system.

Okay! So there was next to no magnetic field flowing between the palms of my hands! I was looking directly into the abyss. How much was this related to my ever changing physical symptoms caused by a Candida overgrowth and toxic colon? If the colon was toxic then so were the glands and so was the blood.

Everything in life happens for a reason. This was a new challenge.

In the last two posts you see how I was able to reverse the leaky gut .. brain surges .. loss of concentration .. nights sweats and extreme volatile changes in weight. Within 6 months to a year of probiotics and colon detox (including colloidial silver) the powerful energy field between the palms of my hands had returned.

Sometimes I have strange dreams at night where all kinds of things happen... I can fly! A few nights ago I held little dead birds that someone brought me and they came to life and flew out into the surrounding trees. Then I woke up! In my dreams people call me: "Master of Energy" (there - not here '-)

Power of Silent Mind
All I had left was a silent mind [the power of silence] .. and I guess silent mind is a power beyond the physical realm and is not dependent on the physical structure of the body and flow of Qi? With silent mind I began to look and see .. listen .. and trust.

For those of you who are interested in energy and Buddha mind .. it appears there is spirit energy / mind within and surrounding the body that is unaffected by the troubles of the material physical dimensions. As I said: Everything happens for a reason!

I had to take steps to work with and heal the physical body. But! It was not really like "heal the body". I think one day in the future the concept of heal the body will seem like stone-age. Within silent Buddha mind it was more about opening up or freeing energetic pathways. There is no other way to explain it.

Why did beneficial probiotic bacteria work for me healing and detoxing the colon?

I feel that healthy probiotic bacteria are switches or a bridge between energy and matter. In electrical terms you need a circuit breaker [sorry I am a technician] .. an electrical switching point or a transformer to allow the current to flow correctly and interact with the light bulb or the computer or the electric heater. When circuits break apart energy does not flow.

So, Candida is a fungus .. and fungi are the physical medium that break down and digests matter after death. Fungi and bacteria digest the fallen leaves of trees or the fallen trunk of a tree. Fungi and bacteria digest living matter after death of the animals .. birds .. insects or fish.

Essentially, fungi and bacteria are programmed to interrupt the electrical or magnetic flow that holds / bonds physical matter together and return cellular structures to their primordial earth state. It is my theory that when fungi and bacteria overgrow within a living biological system their key cycles are activated within that living system.

The body works to detox and keep the intruding fungi .. mold .. yeast .. bacteria and parasites in their place - in order to maintain life of the whole organism [electrical flow]. The fungi and bacteria simply exist to carry out their key task = the breakdown of matter! They are not "attacking the body" as such .. they are simply carrying out their programmed task.

In my case .. I began to realise that the natural energy flow of the meridians and the bodies electrical Qi field was being internally disrupted. Of course, it was! Because the destruction or elimination of beneficial probiotic bacteria leaves the ground wide open for the growth of Candida fungus and bacteria already present within .. but existing in balance within the gut and intestines.

The element few people understand or even realise is that fungus .. mold .. yeast .. parasites and bacteria eliminate waste products. As they grow and live out their cycle within a living body they excrete pee pee .. waste that is extremely toxic to the entire human body. Worms and parasites excrete waste .. do some research.

Beneficial probiotics digest and detox Candida Albicans .. the kidneys and colon send the waste out of the body. If you detox too fast you get what is called a "healing crisis". The toxic waste from the dying yeast .. bacteria and fungus can sometimes be too much for the kidneys and the body to detox. So! Gentle is always superior to FAST!

The magnetic energy field resonance in my hands has returned .. and I am deeply grateful to the challenge I faced .. because it made me stronger .. healthier and more compassionate.