Sunday, December 01, 2013

Comet ISON - The Sun Sucks!

In a past Incarnation .. I was a Comet ;- )
Or !! Was that a cosmic sperm ??


Yeh! I have to admit .. I was one of the 27,000 viewers watching NASA's live Comet ISON feed / discussion - November 28, 2013.

I watched the live feed for three hours .. waiting and hoping for the comet to re-appear from its encounter with the Sun + all the prognosis...

As you can imagine .. I was kind of sad (gut feelings) to have an apparent visual confirmation that comet ISON did not survive its encounter with the Sun! I went to bed somewhat "depressed" .. simply because I had wanted to try to photograph comet ISON in December with one of my two cameras ;-)

I know! A somewhat selfish reaction to an amazing cosmic event...

I have to seriously laugh at myself .. as the one fundamental thought crossing my mind was... Ohh! Noo! I wont even get a chance to try and film the comet at the end of December !! Man! That SUCKs! That was the moment where I fell asleep and had a very bad night... Hahahaha

At the same time I was alive and curious .. and began to imagine what is happening out there in deep space? The first basic drawing I made could be called "Comet ISON Orbital Gravity Field". And .. I will explain this .. although I am not sure about the flawed theory of gravity. So, explanation number 1 is that comets are not "dirty snowballs".

In my drawing I attempt to show a magnetic orbital field that also applies to all of life .. including your thoughts! To me the drawing is self-evident in and of itself. But .. I will try to draw this visually in words .. as I see it. Let's say we have a six sided hexagon .. one can take any geometric form: A circle .. triangle .. square .. pentagon .. octagon .. pyramid .. cube .. sphere etc ...

The geometric dimensions apply to all physical space / objects / matter .. as well as gas .. energy .. fluids .. nuclear .. light .. dark .. harmonic interactions .. water .. air .. movement and unknown dimensions. Are you still with me? To show this I tried to draw multiple opposing magnetic rotations in two forms: A hexagon rotation (on the left) and a triangular .. three sided rotation (on the right).

Comets Are Not Dirty Balls of Ice
I was watching the NASA live streaming of comet ISON's encounter with the Sun .. and the most dramatic visual impression is of the comet directly approaching the Sun where the standard explanation is that the deep space Solar Obervatory Satellite technology (in yellow) is seeing oxygen. I hope I have that right!!

You know what! As a visual artists! Comet ISON approach .. nucleus and tail is the same color as the Sun on that frequency of Solar observation... So .. I begin to think .. WHAT AM I SEEING ?? Those of you who read my Blog... Always trust your OWN INSTINCTS .. and always trust your own internal awareness and observations .. no matter what! Because YOUR consciousness is part of cosmos and your journey is expression of spirit meets cosmos!

It takes me two days to figure out that comets are potentially "Sun fragments" or cosmic "Solar fragments". Also .. that comets do not come from some "Oort cloud". There is the potential that the nucleus of comets are Solar "nuclear" ... in the sense that the inner magnetic [orbital] field of comets are interconnected to an unknown energy that effects and binds matter into all its forms.

I watched the live streaming of comet ISON approaching the Sun and then totally disappears .. nothing .. nothing .. nothing .. where has it gone ?? The Sun sucks! The Solar winds or in my view the "Solar Tides" .. not only send out flares .. they suck-in [implosion]. This is similar to my drawing of opposing magnetic orbits around a core nucleus.

To understand this one has to consider magnetism .. nuclear magnetism .. opposing orbits [energy fields] and non-physical force creating and forming physical "matter". Then add WATER to the equation! Because .. the one force male / dominant yang totally overlooks is WATER !! At the same time [in Nature] water is both yin & yang.

In my view WATER polarises the UNIVERSE!

So .. do not look [focus on] the comets .. but look at the space surrounding the passage of the comets !! In my mind the brightness of the comets as they become visible .. is related to the Sun .. but not EXACTLY !! Because .. the theory that the comet emits a tail due to dirty ice and gas emissions is not true...

When you see the tail of a comet .. you are seeing SURROUNDING SPACE !!

Comets! Fragmented Suns?
As comet ISON passed close to the Sun the electrical / ionic energy interactions that took place revealed that comets are Sun fragments... My theory is that the Sun sucked out (implosion) the electrical / ionic / magnetic dynamics of comet ISON.

The energy + solar + water dynamics are so complex .. it requires a totally new science to place these physical / energy dynamics into structures / concepts that we can "understand" and use (apply) in our daily world. For example, orbital dynamics + energy power has a bi-polar orbit! Plus and minus are opposing orbital poles!

The imbalanced yang / male mind assumes that comets spew off / emit tons of gas and water (ice vapor) .. minerals and physical matter .. ejected out into space as the comet approaches the Sun! If you stop and think about it .. this does not make sense... Here you see my second drawing of comet ISON based on ancient Irish principles of three rotational forces. Here we have the triangular rotational force.

Never underestimate your ARTISTIC MIND .. your CREATIVE MIND...

Imagination is creation and creation is imagination... Comets are not giving off tons of exploding gasses .. and so on! Comets are interacting with the surrounding deep fabric of space .. what I call water. Comet ISON is revealing to you .. the observer .. the nature of surrounding space .. that in (my view) is an unidentified form of PRIMORDIAL WATER .. the source of life !!

Observers on Earth assume that the brilliant effects / gasses / light / vapors and colors of comets are emitted directly from the physical comets themselves! Nothing could be further from the truth. We do not live in a yang only Universe .. we live in a balanced yin / yang Universe where duality is balanced from of positive and negative .. male and female .. yin and yang !!

This is why the East will eclipse the West ...

If you base your sciences only on one principle .. ignoring all unifying principles .. you will create imbalance of natural forces. Therefore .. your slanted imbalance to yin or only yang will destroy the harmony of humans between Heaven and Earth. Cosmos [heaven and Earth] will always be balanced .. but humans may not survive in an imbalanced state.

Are Comets Sun Fragments?
If you observe the passage of comets .. it would appear that these fragments have a spectacular [almost Solar] effect in deep space. Forget everything you KNOW and allow your inner artistic mind to view the UNKNOWN. That is called PROGRESS!!

Are comets Solar / Sun fragments?

We have two options if this is true .. there is the option of primordial Solar explosions leaving behind tiny solar-nuclear fragments that behave as mini-micro Suns. These comet (Solar) fragments orbit the Solar System [periodically interacting with the Sun].

At the same time there is the unseen interaction-wave between the Sun-nuclear reaction of the fragmented comet and the WATERY environment of deep space... The yang male assumes that the visible light of the fiery comet is internal to the comet and has nothing to do with the interaction of the solar-nuclear fragment to the surrounding space environment = WATER !!

But! Look at all forms of man made nuclear energy in terms of nuclear "power stations" .. they always positions the nuclear power stations close to WATER .. right next to WATER SOURCES !! What has "nuclear fire" to do with WATER ??

As on Earth so it is in Heaven ...

Your body does not exist without WATER .. and so what do you think is outside Earth? In deep space? As above so below...

I begin to imagine that the bright visual effect of comets is mostly created by the SURROUNDING deep-space moisture / WATER [in deep space]. Male / yang science assumes that bright-light corona effect of comets are generated by THE SUN as comets burn up their internal dirty ice-snowball (gases) poop .. out into the surrounding Universe !!

I don't think so !!

It appears that the bright corona and the tail of visible comets are generated by the interactions of the surrounding [watery] deep space together with nuclear [fire] Sun like nuclear fragments.

Comets are fragmented Suns .. They interact dynamically with surrounding deep-space [water] in a spectacular way... The visible comet's tail is not 100% from the comet .. but is probably 60 to 80 percent from the comet's interaction with the surrounding DEEP SPACE environment / H20 !! WATER !!

This is going to take a follow-up post .. but the basics are that there is the potential that comets are fragmented Sun(s) .. and the rational for that is ?? the Sun can easily interact with and alter / change the magnetic and electrical polarity of comets...

In fact! The Sun is "The Master of Comets" !!

In my view the Sun can alter .. suck out .. disperse and reverse the magnetic / nuclear and electrical polarity of comets = the Sun is THE MASTER .. the Sun is KING !! I will try to explain this in the next post .. but basically we are seeing not PHYSICAL MATTER reactions between the Sun and comets. We are seeing magnetic / electrical / nuclear interactions beyond the physical.

In essence .. all physical matter is built and maintained in its physical state by energy (electrical polarisation) .. electro-magnetic field(s) and primordial nuclear geometric fields. Spirit interacts with physical matter (life force) in an energetic environment where WATER [in its many forms] is the key interface between physical matter and energy / spirit... Not so easy to explain ;-) ...