Friday, December 06, 2013

The Desolation of Smog!

Year of The water Dragon 1952 / 2012
I did not know any of this before I began this post. I simply researched it all in the last few hours... The Chinese Water Dragon Cycle: 1952 and 2012 .. and what do they have in common?

The killer London smog of December 1952 !!

Posted January 13, 2013
Smog Not Smaug

2013 Year of The Chinese Water Snake
I wrote the Chinese Water Snake posts at the beginning of January, 2013. The time of the Kelts in Scotland, Ireland and across Europe (before the Romans) .. of the crossing / transition from December to January was a time of SEEING. At the crossing point I looked into the mirror / portal and I saw grey mists.

I know my drawing looks a lot like a Dragon .. but snakes / serpents and dragons have a lot in common and I always draw what comes visually into my mind. I do not rationally decide what to draw. If the visual impression does not come into my mind then I don't make a drawing. I only draw what I see.

At the same time there is a very good Geomantic reason why the year of the Snake follows the Chinese Dragon year! These nature forms were used in ancient times to act as signatures to real forces and as a way of "drawing" real cycles. The images of the dragon .. snake and horse etc .. are pictographic signatures of complex forces and highly complex cycles. This is why there are also cycles of wood - fire - earth - metal - water. January 31, 2014 to February 18, 2015 is the Chinese Year of the Wood Horse! I will go into that in January, 2014...

Dark Grey Mists...
New Year’s Day stems from an ancient Roman custom, the feast of the Roman god Janus – god of doorways and beginnings. The name for the month of January also comes from Janus, who was depicted as having two faces. One face of Janus looked back into the past, and the other looking forward to the future.

Posted January 1, 2013: Mist Fog & Volcanoes
China have had some serious problems with mist .. pollution .. smog and heavy dense fog in 2013 - just as London had in 1952. Worst of all seems to currently be extreme dense fog in Shanghai .. where the problem is so bad there is a complete shutdown of the city.

The problem is not only in China. Fog pileup: Extreme fog led to 130 motorway car crash in Belgium... "Hundreds crash in dense morning fog". We do not have the really bad smog seen in Shanghai .. but since the temperatures dropped dramatically beginning of November .. every day has been dull .. dark and grey. It's just no fun! Every day the skies are covered with dense misty fog dark smog clouds. In fact! They are not even clouds... The skies are covered with a grey blanket of featureless fog.

Then true to the snake's form of undulating and often sudden unexpected change a large hurricane storm (158 kilometers and hour) rages across Northern Europe .. sucking cliff side chalets out to sea along the Atlantic coast. At the same time it is very grey and bleak .. misty and foggy .. cold and dark .. just add a little snow to that picture. So! My Serpent-Dragon drawing is actually quite colourful and bright considering the outer reality .. as we move towards the end of December !!

Time to make lots of ginger, garlic and lemongrass soup.

In a way it is somewhat strange and funny (in a funny kind of way) that on December 2, 2013 there was the World Premier of Peter Jackson's second Hobbit movie: The Desolation of Smaug. What I really want to get close to is the real nature of the Earth-Cycles and the practical reason for understanding GEOMANTIC CYCLES. Because .. they happen for a REASON...

The Great Smog of London in 1952 .. even though December, 1952 was the Chinese Water Dragon and December 2013 is the Chinese Water Snake! There are similarities and Geomantic parallels. In terms of their natures Dragons and Serpents have a lot in common. In my view it is not a co-incidence that dragon and snake years follow each other. The cycles follow each other and spread out in similar ways over these natural cycles.

I would have to have another incarnation to understand this... Or visit the ancient Masters of the Past! However, there is a natural science to these Geomantic cycles .. covering hundreds of years .. if not thousands of years.

The karmic aspect is simple to understand. The snake teaches us about personal inner states of mind .. attitudes and our relationship to the world around us [including Nature]. This is also a serious warning to all humans on Earth. Twelve year cycles that play out over sixty year cycles. We have 60 years to change how we produce energy.

The entire world has developed into an energy hungry Planet.

THIS is the REASON for my drawing... I drew the Dragon-Serpent and as I was drawing I was watching the signature of the image appear. I was studying its nature and wondering what is the meaning behind it. I was not really wondering as much as I was understanding. Why is a smog dragon so colourful?

The answer is really simple and it underlines our total lack of understanding of Nature and for Nature. You know! EVERYTHING that surrounds YOU !! So .. you are under a grey blanket of smog and all you see is grey. But .. the dragon shows that the blanket of smog is made out of everything.

Pollution (smog) plays a part .. but this is not only about pollution! Air is involved .. the Planet's rotation is involved .. water is involved .. sunlight is involved .. the layers of the atmosphere are involved .. the sky is involved .. temperatures are involved .. volcanoes are involved!

Why volcanoes? Because major eruptions such as the April 2010 eruption of Iceland's Eyjafjallajoekull .. that shut down all of Europe has a long term lasting effect on the atmosphere of the entire Earth. Volcanoes can effect weather .. temperature .. precipitation and atmospheric flows over HUNDREDS of years.

This is where human beings have to have some humility and seriously waken up .. and get their heads out of their BUTTS... We can no longer afford to produce energy for an energy hungry world in the way we do today with the fast approaching "Volcano Cycle". Basically, because volcanic ash and volcanic particles alter how pollution interacts with the atmosphere over our heads. Noting to do with "global warming" .. just forget that one ;- )

This is more serious than global warming!

If temperatures gradually increase Nature can adapt and adjust... But if things get really wild then it is very hard to adjust. Extreme and sudden swings in temperatures. Swings in severe to mild weather. Storms .. flooding .. drought .. heat .. cold. You get the picture! The extremes are the danger.

Now! Volcanoes are like dragons! They are very dangerous!

I may be wrong? But .. I would say human beings on Planet Earth have minimum 60 years to sort out their energy problems and create clean non-polluting energy for an energy hungry Planet. If we do not begin to sort it out in the next 12 to 60 years then the 120 year cycle will be in place. And .. you just don't want to go there!

Once the volcanoes get active .. as they do from time to time on this Planet .. then the life / atmospheric Dragon-Serpent will interact with human created chemistry [pollution] in ways no one today can even begin to imagine.

If you don't want to breath the Shanghai smog today?
Then! You will not survive its sixty year return!