Monday, March 25, 2013

Cultivate A Calm Mind

We are spirit navigating through physical Universe

Across the entire world, the least understood and the least valued asset that you have is a calm mind. One of the most powerful assets you have, is the ability to cultivate a calm mind. One of the most transformative assets you have is the ability to manifest a calm mind.

A calm mind is inner living technology.

The metal man, the mind of the metal man that has built this world as we see it today, is very dense .. like lead. The mind that has built everything we are in this world today, is a mind that heavily depends on metal, structures, what you can touch, feel, make use of, build with. Fire! You take wood or coal and you light a fire! Nuclear energy .. metal and fire (heat), water (steam).

One could say that the unseen spirit inside man has fallen into a very heavy state .. very dense .. like metal. The human being begins only to think of themselves as physical-material and the mind is also very dense, heavy, seeking security in matter, resources, structures, what we can put our hands on.

Over the last two thousands years, we humans have not really invested much energy into, what is behind matter? Who are we, really? What force moves the physical body? Where is the mind? Is thinking merely a physical process? On a global scale, the mind is rarely calm. We judge each other: I am right and you are wrong. I am good and you are bad.

A Racing Heart
In a crisis .. personal or in society as a whole .. what is the first thing that happens? The mind panics, the heart races. We have a bad stomach. The nervous system goes into meltdown. Thinking enters its meltdown stage. Turmoil within the mind increases...

With our heart racing, few of us think:
Hey! This is a good time to practice calm mind!

A World In Chaos
I was seventeen years old by the time I was out in the world working. Until then I had lived a very protected life in terms of spiritual awareness. I preferred being in Nature, spending most of my time in the garden with the trees. I taught myself to grow food at an early age. I planted cabbage, spinach, strawberries, potatoes, carrots. Later I went out into the world.

I found the world a crazy place.

The most astounding thing to me, at the time, was the mental state of the people I was dealing with on a day to day basis. All they talked about was the past. Each day people re-lived their troubles, as though these problems were alive. The energy of the mind became the problem as they re-lived their turmoil over and over again.

Very quickly, this began to wear me out.

I could not understand why people lived in such negative states of mind, and why they would indulge in these unhealthy states. This is what people do, for various reasons. People do not realise that they can easily come out of these negative states, by changing how they use energy. You see, energy, and mind, and thought are all interrelated and interlinked. When you see the energy - your life energy - pouring into negative states of mind. When you see it! The energy transforms.

You could call that awareness or intelligence .. a higher state.

A Calm Mind Changes the World
You may wonder... Well, how is a calm mind going to change anything? If the world is in chaos and I am calm .. it still does not change the state of the world around me.

When you plant a seed, you do not sit right there at that spot and tell the seed to grow. You do not sit on top of the seed and say: Are you growing yet? Hurry up and grow. Dig up the seed to see if it is growing. It is the same with life!

There was one day that I was walking home with a cloud of other people's negativity hanging around me. All this stuff people were carrying and passing along was just sticking to me. All I remember was that I was no longer aware. I did not even see what state my mind was in. I was carrying this heavy dense state of mind, looking at the ground.

I did not see the tall man who was walking towards me. The town was closed, I was late leaving work and the streets were empty. All I recall is that I walked through the old part of town, that I liked to do. Old buildings, rich architecture, with a strong atmosphere of the past, cobblestone passages and archways between the buildings. My mind was inwardly clouded.

I only realised the man was walking past me when he woke me up out of my sleep. This was a tall humanoid, over six feet tall, a young man with partly bald head and long hair on the back of his head. In the moment he clicked some sound, I saw/felt him in his entirety. The powerful, totally undisturbed state of his calm mind affected me in that moment. There was no movement in his mind, only awareness, and this field of awareness was gigantic .. it surrounded him like the aura of a Planet.

As he walked past, his state of mind effected my consciousness in an instant. As he walked past me, it was like a Solar flare removing all the clouds that were sticking to me in that moment. I stopped walking and froze .. what was that?? And I turned to see who ar what this man was. He was a real physical presence, he was not a ghost or a spirit being. I have to admit that he disappeared, like a time traveller goes back through a portal.

Sharing this calm state of mind transformed my own mind. It has never left me. This inner state is the natural state of the human mind. The negativity and sorrow is the unnatural state of the human mind. But, today human beings have got it the wrong way round. Humans believe that negative state is our inheritance and higher state is something we have to struggle towards. It's not true!

What I am trying to say is: You are the seed.

You are the seed you plant yourself. Your life, your outcome, your states of mind, the way you live, your energy, how you use this energy, who you are, why you are here... All that is contained within the seed you plant yourself when you are born on this Earth. You are the seed, you are the gardener, you are the earth, the nutrients and the outcome.

The seed is TRANSFORMATION .. alchemy .. it is not fixed.

The seed of your life is there for you to do whatever you do with it. This is where the process of the calm mind comes into our lives as an alchemical tool to work with and transform. Inner calm state of mind, awareness, intelligence, compassion, dreams, energy. This is all within the seed.

You may say, I wish I could meet such a man and complete a transformative process inside myself. The moment I tell you about it, you have already met such a man. That which transformed my life has now transformed yours. Once that happens, it is only a matter of what you do with it. The energy never dies.

Everlasting life, is not physical.

It is physical in terms of Nature, renewal, transformation and the growth cycles: Birth, transformation and death. It is not physical in individual terms. Spirit that gives life to matter knows no death; but physical material processes are bound by the three forces of: Birth, transformation and death.

Once you know that, it is possible to cultivate a calm mind. The forces are inside the seed the moment you are created. The calm mind is already there. Calm mind accompanies you throughout your life. When you become aware that your mind is in turmoil the energy of the mind changes without you having to actively change it. Awareness, is the key to cultivating a calm mind. A mind free of fear.

People have near-death-experience and they say: It was so peaceful, there was such beauty, they felt so calm. You return to that natural calm state when the physical body dies. The next thing I want to say is, we all have support from higher realms. We are not alone down here. We humans have a spiritual back-up team (spirit family) who work with us no matter what. The mind has to be quiet to understand the implications of this.

Friday, March 22, 2013

European Union Just Wrecked The Euro

A project is equal to the sum of its parts.

In times of great wealth there is the potential for everyone to get greedy, unless the people apply principles of compassion and fairness, discipline (self restriction) and balance in all things. This may sound unrealistic and Utopian .. but the energy that flows into greed and service-to-self is the same energy that can be just as easily applied to self-restraint, honest and integrity.

Without those principles a society will always - at some point - crash. These principles cannot be applied from outside .. they have to come from inside. Which means, the intelligence to see that when I [me] act only for my own welfare - it is selfish and against the welfare of the greater whole. When everyone looks out only for their own welfare, there is war in society.

Being aware of the danger of excess greed and selfishness helps to avoid going in that direction. We have today, in our world, societies of external laws, ruled by the severe father ruler Saturn = restriction imposed from a higher power, punishment, outside controls, conservative principles, the passage of time "karma", limitation, orthodox consequences, paying a price, the rule of law.

These Saturnian principles, on their own .. in isolation, cannot maintain order, social cohesion nor impose essential inner disciplines based on compassion, awareness and intelligence. Saturn [what Saturn stands for in Geomantic terms] is not to blame for the resulting chaos. The way humans have used these principles is to blame for the chaos that we create for ourselves.

Principles of fairness and compassion, sharing and co-operation, honesty and trust do not exist in the dogmatic use of Saturnian principles to control individuals and society. Without compassion and deeper sense of human values, the principles of imposing disciplines by law, restrictions by law and punishment by law also lead to abuses by law.

In other words, out of balance, Saturn can drive "lawmakers" insane.

European Union Just Wrecked The Euro
To understand what just happened, one has to understand the social psychology of events. In this sense social psychology is the study or insight into the energy behind events and why they happen the way they do. I do not get this insight from reading books. The insight comes to me when I observe the greater psychology of human behaviour. This is where the Saturnian principles of discipline only comes alive when there is compassion.

You could say that the rule and restriction of Saturn [in Geomantic terms] is the firewood and compassion is the flame that lights the fire of understanding. Without discipline, compassion has no real application. Discipline allows us to find and apply the solutions .. to build and to share. To overcome crisis. To live intelligently.

I was thinking about what just took place in Cyprus .. which is a direct reflection on the Euro .. and is a continuation of the way political institutions have molded events since the crisis began. Until March 21, 2013 the European train kept moving along with the potential to grow and develop - adjusting to change. This appeared to be what was taking place .. while, on the sidelines .. China was watching, America was watching, Russia was watching...

I don't know what is wrong with European Institutions. They have a chance to build something and the whole energy collapses into greed, excess greed, über-excess greed and more greed. There is just something rotten to the core, where everyone involved ends up fighting, building resentment, looking for their own advantage and seeking to push others off the cliff.

There seems to be an endemic core of greed that destroys anything touched by Europe .. including destroying themselves. The nature of the psychology is self-destructive. As soon as European Institutions feel they have POWER .. it seems to act like a drug inducing madness, where the rest of the world becomes demons they have to bring under their control. After two World Wars .. this seems to be a serious form of deep rooted social psychosis.

Any sense of power to European Institutions: Political, economical and religious .. seems to cause some kind of mass aggression. Maybe it is like an aggressive Alpha Male/Female hormone? I think it is an endemic state of mind. The collective mind is unbalanced and incapable of managing power.

To certain states of mind power is like a drug - if it cannot be managed / balanced / disciplined from within.

The Social Psychology of Greed
Right up to the 2013 Ides of March Cyprus Incident, the Euro developed totally in the wrong way, where the Cyprus event was rooted in a social psychological development / reaction to the existence of the Euro. This is how it went...

Imagine there are European families from North to South who have a rich uncle. The rich uncle is Germany. This rich uncle has billions. The uncle uses his billions to control the extended family and in return he gets power. The rich uncle is very very rich! He does not care about that .. he has the money. What he wants is power. He wants to influence. On some level to do good, create order, create growth, be number one.

In return for this power, the rich uncle allows all his European extended family unlimited access to his bank accounts. However, the whole extended family does not have the rich uncle's Teutonic self-discipline, hard working, self-taught, very conservative discipline. The whole family do not impose on themselves this Germanic self-restriction mindset. It is not in their blood. In a way the extended family across Europe cannot be blamed for what happened next.

The extended European family of the rich uncle began to create credits out of debt, putting the uncle's card on the table. Every bank and creditor was happy = No! Problem! As, the rich uncle was the sturdy, hard working, rich Founder of Europe. It's Happy Time! Everyone is happy !!

Then, everyone is also very greedy! This is where you have to understand the social psychology behind what happened next .. leading to the catastrophic Ides of March Cyprus Incident. Everyone got in on the act. Rich uncle backed credit lines became extended bank credit lines. Ten euros credit to the European families, became a thousand euros credit from bank to bank. All leading back to the rich uncles accounts.

No one is really to blame .. this is a direct result of social psychological conditions at the time .. effective until today. Then comes SATURN, restriction, punishment, control, externally imposed discipline, crime, law, payment. If you do not understand the whole picture and that no one is to blame = everyone is to blame .. then the problem will continue .. creating "war".

Desire To Be Loved
The big uncle extends his power throughout Europe making everyone happy and rich. It is a big party. All of Europe loves the big uncle. He is generous and he creates this big wealth for everyone. You have happy power! People are happy to love big uncle. Families are happy to give him more power .. he is so generous. He wants to be loved. He is a natural "leader". He genuinely wants to benefit others, share his wealth, share his success, make people happy.

I don't think this is a CONSPIRACY. I don't think it was planned this way. These events are the unfolding of deep sub-conscious root psychology that has existed in the human mind over thousands of years. It manifests in our world in the form of social psychology creating events. We live in the world we create for ourselves.

The families of Europe have endless credit lines of Euros...

This is the most important part to understand. The Germanic mind does not really understand this, because their mindset is different than the rest of Europe. The VALUE of money .. the value of the Euro. The social psychology behind what happened when all of Europe realigned themselves to the Euro. It has no value !! That is why this disaster is unfolding even as I write.

To all of Europe, outside of Germany, the Euro was like Monopoly money. The psychology in using the Euro and creating endless lines of credit is based on the lack of value to the countries using this monetary exchange. This is really important to understand as the whole mess unwinds.

Before the Euro became the currency of all European countries, each part of Europe had to value their own currencies in terms of their own resources, production, exports, imports and hundreds of years of understanding the real value of their own currencies based on the trade dynamics of restriction and exchange [worldwide].

The Social Psychology of Value
What gives anything value? Obviously, the psyche... If I need a knife to cut vegetables and cook food, and the knife makers are almost not existing - the agreed value of a knife is defined by the psychology of trade. Both the seller and the buyer value the knife as rare and high on the list of necessary items.

Before the Euro spread across Europe .. the French, the Spanish, Italians, Greeks, Irish, Cypriots understood the agreed on collective values of their own currencies based on the value psychology of trade and exchange. The value was defined by real world disciplines of agreed values. What I am trying to say is this: THAT was the restriction.

The agreed on trade values of the currencies, was the restriction placed on the social understanding of what is and what is not possible. People in France, Spain, Italy and Greece understood this. On a social psychological level their own currencies had values that each of them understood. THAT is the social psychology of VALUE.

The most important factor to understand in looking at this current mess in Europe, is that the Euro has no real value to the people across Europe using that currency. The Euro is like toy money, it is like Monopoly money that is given out by the big rich uncle. The Euro is unlimited, it has no value other than that big uncle is the last creditor of risk.

You might say, what about the U.S. Dollar?

That is another story due to the American Dollar being the world reserve currency. The loss of value in printing more debt rests on the fact that the whole world valued the U.S. Dollar in terms of trade [import / export exchange]. Real value was no longer a choice in terms of real world trade discipline and exchange. Only, when the USD is no longer the world trade currency will they face the same value, debt and currency issues as we see in Europe today.

This whole mess in Europe is not a thought-out well planned conspiracy... It is a deep rooted quantum / social chaos of a mind that cannot assess real value, where all restrictions are removed. The social psychology of value is always equal to the various levels of exchange in the real world. The Euro is a one-size-for-all fit based on Germanic Northern European values.

The problem for the rest of Europe, is that real value (they can understand) has been removed. No one is to blame for this and Saturn cannot fix it. The Euro has now created a mass psychosis of greed. Everything is more, pay more, earn more, sell more, get more, have more... There is now this out-of-control greed forming in peoples minds, because real value no longer exists.

The social psychology of value is self-regulating. It comes into effect through the mechanism of trade and exchange. For thousands of years people have agreed on various levels of exchange. Trust is the basis of that agreement. Where there is no trust - there is no value.

Recently, Greece and Spain were attempting to attract investments and buyers from Russia and China. These Governments have been making a genuine attempt to find realistic answers to their debt problems. The solutions require TRUST between all parties. The agreements between Greece, Spain, China and Russian investors and buyers have to be based on mutual trust.


Who is going to invest into a situation where accounts can be frozen, taxed or completely wiped out? This is where the whole situation is moving out of control .. when trust is lost. The foundation of the social psychology of value rests on trust between all parties. From there you build up, you trade, you exchange, you import and you export.

The current MINDSET of values is wrong and this is why people are not creating nor finding solutions to this problem.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Spiritual Tsunami: Beyond 2013

Don't hit your friends! They may hit you back!
- The Guidance

See: Spirit World Tsunami 2010-2013

On a real world level I have studied Social and Political Science. However, I prefer to view and observe world events through the eyes of Buddhist Philosophy or Taoist Philosophy. I use the understandings of Political and Social Science like a screwdriver - to take apart and understand the mechanics inside the box.

I a way I am a Buddhist/Taoist spiritual technician!

I like to take things apart to understand how they work... But, my understanding comes from a deeper spiritual level as I view the inner workings of the social and political events we humans face and have to deal with on a daily basis. On that basis, spirit understands the passage of time and how/why the human psyche repeats the same problems over and over again.

The timing of events, as well as the breakdown of the timing of events can tell us a lot about our world .. ourselves .. and the out-of-control changes happening around us. For example, Solar flares, meteorites and the weather are out of our control. The world of spirit and how it affects our 3D world is out of our control... The energy-of-events are totally out of our control.

A Taoist Master would realise this, and such a realisation would promote wisdom, care of movement and perhaps deeper sense of compassion.

Beware The Ides of March
The Ides of March is a day in the Ancient Roman calendar corresponding to March 15. The date of the assassination of Julius Caesar in 44BC. The death of Caesar made the Ides of March a turning point in Roman history. On the earliest calendar, the Ides of March would have been the first Full Moon of the New Year.

We are currently in 2013 - a Chinese Water Snake year... That, to my perception, requires great care, awareness and extreme caution. In my view the Snake is also a Karmic force, is an unpredictable energy / spiritual force. It is not a year to try to take out or try to undermine a political opponent. On a historical level, playing these kinds of occult games can seriously backfire .. altering the future course of history.

The current chaos we are seeing is - in a way - part of an energy release that has long term consequences. Because energy changes matter, energy fields can suddenly reverse. We humans are energy / spirit inhabiting matter, the material world. Spirit inhabits (brings life to) the physical world of matter and we humans are ruled by energy [the laws of spirit].

The most important factor is that we are currently within the effects of what could be called a Spiritual Tsunami .. that is not a bad thing. We are spirit within matter. That is like saying we are water molecules within water. Change is a natural process of cleansing and it is a natural process of renewal. Nothing to be afraid of.

In Buddhist philosophy you live and you die .. it is all quite a natural process.

As you live, you have to be careful and pay attention to how you live. To understand that there are forces totally out of our control and that it is dangerous to try to play around with or try to manipulate those forces out of self-interest or greed.

This energy is going to bring about change whether we like it or not.

The real problem facing human beings is not the spirit force / the energy force .. but the real problem facing human beings is themselves. Humans often create chaos where there is no need for chaos. We destroy ourselves artificially. We make a problem where there is no problem .. often out of selfishness.

...Beyond 2013
There has to be a totally new approach. There will be a totally new approach, whether people today want it or not. The only factor facing us, when you take apart the events to understand why they broke down, is how to remove the broken part. The deterioration within human society is often the MINDSET.

Rather than go to war .. people would have to realise: We are the wrong MINDSET and step aside.

The spiritual energy wave moving humanity exists no matter what .. and the only question for us is how do we deal with this? Do we humans keep going as we have for the past two thousand years? Do humans give themselves to the spiritual energy without resisting this inner transformation?

Change is coming .. whether we like it or not .. whether we want it or not!

This energy of change = people are going to have to work together. It's not like we have a choice. There really is no choice. Human beings on this world are going to have to work together and stop fighting each other. Stop destroying the Planet we inhabit. Change does not ask you if you would like to change! It strikes you like a snake, out of the blue.

In many ways 2013 is a dangerous year - not something to play around with.

The spiritual energy of the snake is associated with enlightenment, higher awareness / the third-eye .. this also offers the potential for deeper understanding and wisdom. The snake is cunning and this can also translate into knowing what is right action and knowing what is wrong action.

The snake can be hidden in the grass watching you and you will never know. The deeper question is then self-awareness and the human beings relationship to the higher energy, the unseen world of spirit and to the ancestors. Forces watching us, forces that are hidden from our senses, forces that can suddenly and unexpectedly affect us.

This unseen wave of spiritual energy affects every human being on Earth.

Some people may react in a negative way, because the energy changes their status or power to rule. Other people may react more positively, because the energy opens understanding and co-operation with each other. Mankind is a social animal whose strength lies in co-operation, exchange, trade and sharing.

Within human consciousness, the mind/consciousness is also represented through the energy of the snake .. through the transformation of consciousness, awareness, insight, seeing and understanding. Not simply to be clever and look for ones own advantage .. but to use the higher energy of the mind together with compassion.

I think the key to the future is compassion!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Nucleorites: Cold Fusion Bonded Nuclear Ice

Gentlemen, let us honor the artist;
let us thank him, let us drink his health!

- Nikola Tesla

Those of you who read my Blog regularly, know that I am obsessing about deep space water, that water does not only exist on and around Planets .. but that water is the essential force behind all life in the Universe. I am beginning to consider that there is more water in the Universe, in Galaxies, than there is fire... The so-called "dark matter" is an unseen and unrecognised form of water.

So-called "black holes" are based on the principals of water...

Why is this so important? Because, if you want to understand the Universe - you have to understand WATER... The elixir of life!

Have you ever sat in front of a camping wood fire at night? When you build the fire, the wood you gather cannot be too wet. If the fallen branches lying on the ground are too wet .. they cannot produce fire/heat. Within the balance/ratio of wet and dry .. there is a struggle between the elements if the wood is too wet.

At the same time! Wood burns better and more evenly, if there is a basic ratio of water (resin) within the wood. The deep space Universe in which we live is a perfect balance between water and fire. If the Galaxies and Nebulae within the Universe were predominantly fire .. then no life would exist!

In my mind the fire exists within and is contained by "the water"...

At the same time, I consider that deep space and Galactic water / dark water .. are not forms of water we humans recognise nor understand. An analogy to clarify this is the variation between fish and humans. Fish in rivers, lakes and oceans do not recognise / nor adapt to Earth atmospheric water [as water]. In a similar way, we humans do not recognise deep space water, as water...

Nucleorites: Cold Fusion Bonded Nuclear Ice
"The invisible mass of our galaxy or our universe may be in the form of 'nucleorites', nuggets of hadronic matter containing similar numbers of up, down and strange quarks. The mass of a nucleorite may range from a few Gev/c*c to the mass of a nucleon star. The speaker, S. L. GLASHOW, describes what happens when nucleorites of different masses hit detectors of different sizes."

Encounters of Planet Earth with quark-matter:
Festschrift Sakharov (Andrej Dmitrievich)

I woke up early this morning .. still writing this post over the last week or so. In my mind I was considering that meteorites / shooting stars are deep space frozen nuclear bonded ice of various sizes .. and that when we see these shooting stars burning so bright across the starry night sky, we see the fire of deep space frozen ice / dark water.

I do not think this deep space dark ice / frozen water is as simple as the water on Earth. I have a feeling that this water is the essence of life itself - on a physical plane. Rather than call them meteorites .. I decided that this deep space ice is nuclear bonded .. and so I called them "nucleorites".

Then I decided to search for nucleorites .. to make sure that the word/concept "nucleorites" does not exist...

Unfortunately, I discovered that: "...The invisible mass of our galaxy or our universe may be in the form of 'nucleorites', nuggets of hadronic matter containing similar numbers of up, down and strange quarks."

This is most disappointing!! I am going to go ahead and describe my perception of meteorites and shooting stars as ice nucleorites. Simply, because these tiny to medium to large seeds of ice hitting / entering the Earth's atmosphere (from deep space) contain primordial nuclear life-force energy. It may be the essence of cold fusion.

Let me explain what I see...

You see a shooting star cross the night sky, and what burns up? The way I see it is this: Let's say a Solar System Planet gets totally destroyed and becomes an asteroid belt. Like a holographic image or like a genetic DNA, inside each fragment you have the entire essence of the Planet.

This is really difficult to explain!

Imagine that everything the Planet was has imploded / is bonded in fragments as nuclear water/ice. Some primordial living cosmic/universal planetary force bonds the remaining fragments into an alchemical form of matter, energy and water. The energy holds/bonds the fragments together through nuclear-magnetism using water/ice.

This is where it gets a bit strange... Nothing goes to waste in Nature. Nothing gets lost. Matter and energy are transformed. Using that as a base, one could consider that the DNA essential life-force of the destroyed planet enters the Earth like cosmic sperm. Those are the shooting stars. That is life. Universal life.

The male and the female are universal principles / reflecting deep cosmic alchemy.

Deep Space Nuclear Ice
I don't know why I have this concept of "nuclear ice".
Nucleus, head of a comet .. central part or thing, about which others cluster. Atomic meaning for central point of an atom.
When a shooting star enters the Earth's atmosphere .. I imagine 80 to 90 percent is water/ice bonded through nuclear life-force. That may be what humans currently call ATOMS. I don't think that is accurate! Nucleus is more accurate: Beginning, bud, center, crux, embryo, focus, foundation, germ, heart, hub, kernel, matter, nub, pivot, premise, principle, seed, spark.

The powerful light we see when a shooting star crosses the night sky, is the release of the tightly bonded deep space nuclear water/ice. We are seeing the essence of life from another Planer being released (back) into the atmosphere of the Earth. In my view, the Earth is an undivided part of cosmos - just as cosmos is an undivided part of the Earth.

When physical material (metalic) fragments called a meteorites hit the surface of the Planet .. these tiny metal fragments are probably less than 10 percent of the total body entering the Earth's upper atmosphere. Together with the deep space water/ice, the rest of the shooting star is probably bonded gas, fire (nuclear) and other unknown elements.

It is the same basis for a human being = energy/spirit - life .. water .. metal/earth .. physical material. The essential factor missing from our world understanding is the importance of water/ice and the relationship to spirit/energy .. life. For some reason the metal man has focused on solid 3D metal compounds to the exclusion of all other factors that create and maintain life.

As above so below!
The human body is more than 60 percent water. Blood is 92 percent water and the lungs are nearly 90 percent water. The brain and muscles are 75 percent water. Body fat contains 10 percent water and bones contain 22 percent water.